The British Era















Introduction A brief introduction to the era.
Administration Brief introduction to the administrative setup including names of the various Commissioners, Political Agents and others.
Residents Names of important people in the history of the country (in that era) along with the common man.
Businesses Businesses which existed within the country.
Cemeteries Christain, Muslim and Jewish cemeteries from across the country, including military and civilian ones
Cities City and province specific pages.
Communities Information relates to local communities including the Zoroastrians, Armenians and others.
Education Educational institutes started during this time.
Health Major health epidemics and hopitals. Also medical personnel.
History An outline of the dates and events.
Justice The justice system prevalient in the country. Includes the courts, police and jails.
Military Information includes on the various regiments that served in the area, their stations, forts, memorials, wars and personel.
Occupations List of occupations with brief descriptions where available.
Places Various cities and towns with name changes, plus districts and roads.
Places of Worship Churches, Temples etc - built and used
Records Brief outline of possibilities for records related to your family.
Social Life Clubs, Freemason Lodges, Newspapers etc
Transportation Includes railways, airways and ships
Articles Post 1947 articles on happenings and events from the era.
Books Books written about the period.
Links Links to other sites with information on the British within Pakistan
Family sites Websites by people whose relatives lived in the region during that time.
Photographs List of photographs and images available on this site.

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