1867 Wall Map of Warren County
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1867 Wall Map of Warren County

"Map of Warren Co Ohio from actual Surveys by G. P. Sanford, J. Silliman Higgins & R. H. Harrison, Civil Engineers;
A. Warner Publisher; Philadelphia, 1867"

Clearcreek Twp, Deerfield Twp, Franklin Twp, Hamilton Twp, Harlan Twp, Massie Twp, Salem Twp, Turtlecreek Twp, Union Twp, Washington Twp, Wayne Township   1867 Map Home

  • Original copies of this map are on display at the Warren County Historical Society and at the Warren County Record Center and Archives.
  • A "nearly" full scale black and white reproduction of the map can be purchased from the Warren County G.I.S. department for $12.00.
  • The Warren County Genealogical society has color reproductions of the map (in sections) available for viewing in their library.
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Inset Maps
Blue Ball, Butlerville, Carlisle, Corwin, Dallasburg, Deerfield, Fort Ancient, Fosters, Franklin, Franklin Directory, Fredericksburg, Freeport, Genn Town, Hammel, Harveysburg, Henpeck, Hickoryville, Hopkinsville, Lebanon, Lebanon Directory #1, Lebanon Directory #2, Lebanon Directory #3, Maineville, Mason, Middleboro, Morrow, Mt. Holly, New Columbia, Osceola, Raysville, Red Lion, Ridgeville, Roachester, Socialville, Spence's Station, Springboro, Twenty Mile Stand, Utica, Waynesville, West Woodville
Other Insets: Distance Table, Irons & Lingos, Union School, A. G. Wright House


LEBANON [back to top]
SW Quarter: Range 3 North Township 4 East Section 5
NW Quarter: Range 3 North Township 4 East Section 6
SE Quarter: Range 3 North Township 5 East Section 35
NE Quarter: Range 3 North Township 5 East Section 36

Name Description
Mrs. Adams 3 acres
R. Boake lot
R. Boake lot
Mrs. Boylin lot
G. Coffeen _ acres
G. Coffeen lot + office
G. Coffeen 35 acres
Mrs. Collins 3 acres
Mrs. Egbert lot
C. Hayner lot
A. Keever lot
M. Koogle _ acres
J. Matthews 3 acres
J. Morris 2 acres
J. S. Peebles lot
Mrs. Roosa lot
Mrs. Roosa lot
Mrs. Roosa lot
Mrs. Roosa lot
Mrs. Stoddard lot
G. Watson _ acres
Bapt. Cem. lot
Bapt. Ch. lot 264 & 266
S. Braden _ acres
T. Corwin heirs _ acres
Evans House lot 58
Lebanon Cemetery _ acres
J. Luddle lot
M. E. Cem. lot
E. McFarland 5 acres
J. Miller _ acres
W. Morlatt _ acres
Planing Mill lot 62
Presb. Cem. lot
J. R. Pullen _ acres
Mrs. Ralston 4 acres
Tan Yard lot 81
J. F. Benham lot
E. Corlis lot
A. H. Dunlevy _ acres
A. H. Dunlevy _ acres
J. C. Dunlevy lot
Dr. D. Dyche lot
J. Koegel lot
O. C. Maxwell lot
A. G. McBurney 3 acres
Wm. F. Parshall lot
S. Pauly lot
J. C. Skinner lot
A. Smith _ acres
J. T. Taylor lot
A. Wright heirs 30 acres
A. G. Wright 16 acres
E. Wright 3 acres
African MEth. Ch. lot 138
African Union School lot
Bapt. Ch. lot 108
Emily Booth 15 acres
J. Boyles lot
H. Brinkman 2 acres
C. Colvin 7 acres
Cong. Ch. lot 97
Court House lot 218
Ann Crusan 6 acres
Cum. Pres. Ch. lot 25 & 26
B. Dawson lot 7
J. E. Dey _ acres
Sarah Douglass 2 1/2 acres
G. Dynes 2 acres
M. Earhart lot
J. Eulass lot 9
F. & AM IOOF lot 98
Ger. Rev. Ch. lot 142
H. Hall 2 acres
H. Holland 3 acres
Jail lot 218
Wm. Lewis lot 2
M. E. Ch. lot 121
Mech. Ins. lot 97
Meth. Ch. lot 49
E. Mormon 2 1/2 acres
Morris House lot 145
T. Oliver lot 1
Presb. Ch. lot 148
S. W. N. School lot
H. Semling 1 1/2 acres
J. Smith lot 5
Maria Smith 4 acres
J. Stowell 4 acres
T. F. Thompson lot
Union School lot [see engraving]
J. Wallace 2 1/2 acres
Warren House lot 210
Wash. Hall lot 44
Arne H Trelvik
30 June 2010


Name Description
J. Kelly O'Neall Attorney at Law, No. 61 Broadway
Wm. W. Wilson Attorney at Law, Court House
Lauren Smith Attorney at Law, No. 111 Main Street
T. F. Thompson Attorney at Law, Odd Fellows' Building, Broadway
D. Allen Attorney at Law, Masonic Building
J. M. & J. E. Smith Attorneys at Law, Masonic Building
Ford & Blackman Attorneys at Law, Corner Mulberry and Broadway, up stairs
James Scott Attorney at Law, No. 72 East Street
J. Morrow Attorney at Law, No. 65 Broadway
R. B. Wilson Attorney at Law, Masonic Building
Geo. R. Sage Attorney at Law, Cincinnati
A. G. McBurney Attorney at Law, No. 65 Broadway
W. C. Thorpe Attorney at Law, Lebanon, O.
Marion Dallas Egbert Attorney at Law, No. 65 Broadway
J. B. Owens Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon, Odd Fellows' Building, Broadway
James Anton and Wife Eclectic Physicians, Corner of Mechanic and Silver Streets
Joseph Braden Physician and Surgeon, No. 126 Broadway
Isaac L. Drake, M.D. No. 84 Mulberry Street
S. S. Scoville, M.D. Office and Residence on East St., Nos. 76 and 78, a few doors South of Court House
Jas. W. Ross Auditor
Wm. S. Dynes Auditor elect.
A. B. Gooch Recorder
J. S. Totten Clerk of Court
Wm. W. Wilson Probate Judge
R. Lackey Treasurer
N. V. Cleaver Sheriff
D. Allen Prosecuting Attorney
Collin Ford Prosecuting Attorney
Wm. H. Hamilton County Commissioner
Joseph S. Reese County Commissioner
Henry Sherwood County Commissioner
Hugh J. Death County Commissioner elect.
Geo. J. Smith Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, No. 142 Broadway
Durbin Ward United States District Attorney, 5th District, Ohio
O. C. Maxwell Assessor of Int. Revenue, 3d District, Ohio
Geo. W. Smith Chief Clerk, Assessor's Office, Masonic Building
B. Morgan Deputy Collector, Int. Revenue, Masonic Building
Samuel Pauley

Inspector, N. 14 Mechanic Street

J. F. Benham Assistant Assessor, No. 65 Broadway
Warren Co. Bank Parshall & Smith, No. 60 Broadway
First National Bank No. 59 Broadway
Arne H Trelvik
30 June 2010


Name Description
Kelsey & Johnson Dealers in Fancy and Domestic Dry Goods, No. 71 Broadway
Morris & Co. Dealers in Dry Goods, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Wall Papers, Queensware, &c., No. 61 Broadway
A. B. Carey & Co. Dealers in Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Furs, Dry Goods and Notions, No. 68 Broadway
Gilchrist & Benham Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Importers of Queensware, &c., No. 65 Broadway
Israel Levi Dealer in Ready-Made Clothing, No. 72 Broadway
D. P. Bennett Retail Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware, Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Yankee Notions, &c., No. 79 High Street
W. H. Sunderland Druggist, Corner Broadway and Mulberry Streets
W. Glenny Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, &c. No. 77 Broadway
Smith & Longstreth Agricultural Implements and Seed Store No. 129 Mulberry Street
J. P. Hathaway Dealer in Groceries, Produce and Notions, No. 113 Cherry Street
G. W. Sausser Proprietor of Grocery, Bakery and Confetionery, also Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 11 Mulberry Street
Dawson & Yeo Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and MAnufacturers of Tin, and sheet Iron ware, No. 113 Mulberry St.
Irons & Lingo Dealers in Hardware, Stoves, Iron Tin & Sheet Iron Ware No. 99 Mulberry Street [see engraving]
Hale & West Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Books, Jewelry, Plated Ware Notions &c. No. 115 Mulberry Street
J. W. Morris & Co. Books, Stationary and Notions No. 83 East Street, opposite the Court House
T. H. Tompkins Watchmaker and Jeweler, No. 122 Mulberry Street
Merchant Tailors
L. E. Schwartz & Co. Merchant Tailors and Dealers in Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Masonic Building
H. Doebler Merchant Tailor, No. 95 Broadway
Harley and Seeker Merchant Tailors, No. 82 Broadway
James Brown Merchant Tailor, No. 95 Mulberry Street
J. Schurtz & Brother Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers
Wm. E. Frost Boot and Shoe Maker, No. 73 Broadway
B. Applegate Boot and Shoe Maker, No. 116 Mulberry Street
B. F. Tucker Boot and Shoe Maker & Dealer 97 Mulberry Street
Fred Hebbler Boot and Shoe Maker __ & __ Mulberry Street
Arne H Trelvik
30 June 2010


Name Description
Clem Beechey Proprietor of Liverey Stable, at Evans House
Samuel Braden Proprietor of Liverey Stable, No. 59 Mechanic
C. S. Colvin Proprietor of Lebanon Livery and Sale Stable No. 70 Mechanic Street
John N. Oswald Cabinet Maker, Dealer in Furniture and Undertaker
J. R. Drake & Co. Carriage and Buggy Manufacturers, N. E. cor. Mechanic and Silver Streets
Thomas J. Hutchinson Manufacturer of Wagons, Carriages, and Buggies Repaired to order, No. 79 East Street
Monfort & Vinson Wagon and Plow Makers, Horse Shoeing Blacksmithing and Repairing done to order, No. 77 East Street
H. J. Greathouse Blacksmith, No. 246 Mulberry Street
Smith & Palmer Proprietors of Flouring Mills, and Dealers in Grain, Feed, &c. No. 28 Mulberry Street.
Nelson & Morlatt Proprietors of Steam Flouring Mills
E. Craver Proprietor of Lumber Yard, No. 42 Silver Street
A. S. Bennett Carpenter and Builder, also Proprietor of Steam Planing Mill, corner Silver and Sycamore Streets.
Smith & Conklin Bricklayer, Builder, &c., No. 114 Silver St.
John Simonton & Son Dealers in all kinds of Grain, Clover, Timothy and Flax Seeds, Nos. 140 and 142 Mulberry St.
N. C. Smith Agent of the Home Columbus Insurance Co.
A. H. Dunlevy Farmer. Residence on East Main Street
J. B. Pullen Nurseryman
Wm. H. Rockhill Citizen
A. F. Hinch No. 141, Corner of Warren and High Streets
Jacob Eulass Retired Farmer
A. Keever Citizen. Residence in Floraville
A. Holbrook Principla of South Western Normal School, No. 120 Broadway
S. W. Brown Editor of "The Western Star"
A. G. Wright General trader, Lebanon and Deerfield
John Andrews Proprietor of Andrews House, No. 101 Broadway
J. McFadden Photographic Artist, No. 121 Mulberry Street
J. S. Peebles One of the Proprietors of Belfont Nail Works, Ironton, O., and Ashland Coal Co. Ashland, Boyd County, Kentucky
John Butler Ex Sheriff, Cor. of Jackson and Warren Streets.
A. E. Stokes Es Sheriff, No. 106 East Street
W. B. Blackburn Saddler and Harness Maker, No. 74 Broadway
Abner L. Ross, Jr. Proprietor of Lebanon and Dayton and Lebanon and Cincinnati Omnibus Lines.
J. Schwartz Dealer in Italian and American Marble. Monuments and Tomsbstones of every description made to order.
G. Coffeen Manufacturer of "Coffeen's Chinese Liniment" - The GOLD MEDAL Liniment. The Great Medicine of the time to relieve pain.
J. R. Boorom Hatter, No. 118 Mulberry Street
N. K. Lytle Steamboating, No. 21 Mulberry Street
John Drake Turtlecreek Township Trustee
Joseph Jamison Turtlecreek Township Trustee
John Butler Turtlecreek Township Trustee
Geo. W. Carey Turtlecreek Township Clerk
Peter Boyd Trustee of Centre Family, Union Village
O. C. Hampton Teacher and Trustee of South Family, Union Village
Stephen Easton Trustee of North Family, Union Village
T. C. Kersey, M. D. Residence at Oregon, Sec. 1
Wm. T. Frazee Physician and Horticulturist, Sec. 4
John Harkrader Road Commissioner and Supervisor, Sec. 1
Arne H Trelvik
30 June 2010

MAINEVILLE; [back to top]
west half: Virginia Military District Survey #1548
east half: Virginia Military District Survey #3334

Name Description
Academy lot 61
P. D. Cottle lot 63
Mrs. E. S. Crane lot 66 - 4 acres
Mrs. E. S. Crane lot 68 - 3 acres
R. Dwinel lot 63
C. Ford lot 26
C. Ford Lot 50
C. Ford lot 54
N. Ford lot 33
Lot 64 W. T. Friend
Wm. C. Gilkey lot 26
T. D. Gilman lot 59
Mrs. Greeley lot 52
R. Hewitt lot 51
R. Hewitt lot 59
Mrs. J. Hill  
J. Hopkinson lot 55
R. Johnson lot 60
T. Lewis lot 62 - 2 1/2 acres
A. N. Lord lot 67 - 3 acres
J. McGill lot 27 1/2 & lot 28 + B.S. Sh.
Mrs. Meeder lot 63
Mr. Rhoderic lot 10 + store
School lot 58
Mrs. Shoemaker lot 9
Dr. N. H. Sidwell  
T. Spence lot 31 & 32
S. F. Stevens 2 acres
S. F. Stevens lot 62 - 4 1/2 acres
H. Sullivan lot 64
E. F. Tufts lot 15
Elias Tufts lot 11
John F. Tufts lot 12
M. Tufts lot 69 - 15 acres
S. G. Tufts lot 46 - 17 3/4 acres
S. G. Tufts

lot 7 & 8 + W. SH. & B.S.Sh.

H. T. Watkins lot 35
R. Watkins lot 34
_ Witham lot 29 & 30
G. W. Anderson lot 18
Bapt. Ch. + parsonage lot
Dr. N. W. Bishop 3 acres
Dr. N. W. Bishop lot 42
Dr. N. W. Bishop lot 44
Mrs. Clark lot 17
H. L. Clinton lot 16
Mrs. Crews lot 45
H. Eastman lot 6
H. Eastman 2 acres
Mrs. Fouch lot 23 & 24 + hotel
Wm. Israel lot 5
D. Kemper 3/4 acre
Mrs. Leever lot 46
T. J. Legg lot 46
A. N. Lord lot 47
M. E. Ch. lot 4
D. McHugh lot 19
R. M. Meddock lot
R. T. Nye lot 48
W. Owens lot 43
Mrs. Shoemaker lot 21 & 22
Mrs. Stitt lot 46
C. Townsend lot 25 & 38
B. Tufts 12 acres
S. G. Tufts lot 39 - 12 acres
D. Whitten 17 3/4 acres
_ Winan lot 37
Benj. Butterworth Lawyer
L. A. Cottle Physician & Surgeon
P. D. Cottle Auctioneer & Real Estate Broker firm of J. J. Wright & Co. Cincinnati Ohio
H. Eastman Trader, Farmer & Attorney at Law
Chas. Ford Merchant
Mrs. F. A. Fouch & Miss M. J. Tufts Milliners & Dressmakers
Frank Leever Grocer
Mrs. S. A. Leever Milliner
F. Meddock Citizen
N. H. Sidwell Physician & Surgeon
C. E. Spence Merchant
S. F. Stevens Merchant
Benj. Tufts Resident Farmer
Moses Tufts Resident Farmer
S. G. Tufts Wagon Maker & Undertaker
D. Whitten Resident Farmer
L. Baker Huckster & Farmer
Jno. Eltzroth Proprietor of Steam Saw Mill
S. Ertel Grower & Dealer in Sweet Potatoes Seed & Plants for Sale Loveland, Ohio
Eugene Hatt Truss Hoop Maker
Lewis Stock Boot & Shoe Maker & Nurseryman
W. H. Walker Variety Store at Murdoch
Wm. H. Walker Notary
Arne H Trelvik
30 June 2010

MASON; [back to top]
East Side: Range 2 North Township 4 Section 30
West Side: Range 2 North Township 4 Section 36

Name Description
A. B. Bates  
Mrs. R. Bennett 5 acres + B. Sh.
R. H. Bennett lot 11
R. H. Bennett lot 14
R. H. Bennett 2 1/2 acres + store
R. H. Bennett & Fox heirs 1/2 acres
D. Bursk 3 acres + B. Sh.
J. Bursk lot 1 to e + W. Sh.
J. Crone heirs 102 acres
W. S. Dodds lot 1
T. Gladish 1/4 acre
C. W. Harvey lot 4
A. D. Mason 3/4 acres
Mrs. McVey lot 8 to 10
J. Nixon lot 13
Dr. J. G. Paulding 2 1/4 acres
H. H. Pray lot 4
T. Ammons lot 38
D. Baker Lot 2 + Saloon
Ballard Pottery lot 67
S. Barcaw lot 19
R. H. Bennett lot 45
R. H. Bennett lot 58
T. Bercaw lot 77 & 78
T. J. Blackburn lot 14 & 25 + P.O.
J. Bundy lot 8 & 40
Burch House lot 6
J. Bursk lot 4 + S. SH.
J. Burt lot 39 & 42
Cem. Lot 65 & 66
C. Cline lot 43
S. Corrington lot 3, 4, 37
J. Cox lot 22
M. A. Cox lot 49
R. H. Cunningham 1 3/4 acres
R. H. Cunningham 1 1/8 acres
R. H. Cunningham 7 acres
E. Dawson heirs lot 36 & 70 + W. Sh.
E. Dawson heirs lot 17
E. C. Dodds lot 17
E. C. Dodds lot 6
J. A. Dodds heirs 2 acres
J. A. Dodds lot 73 & 74
M. Dodds lot 54
W. S. Dodds lot 12 & 13
W. S. Dodds lot
W. S. Dodds

lot 1 + 1/2 acre

Wm. Fatutt lot 32 & 64
A. Grason lot 59
S. Gregory lot 15
Mrs. Guston lot 5 & 6
Ann Hall lot 3
Mrs. Hamilton lot 38
H. Houseworth 112 acres
H. Houseworth lot 55
A. Hursey lot 26
I.O.O.F. lot 15
A. Lowe heirs lot 4
M. E. Ch. lot 32
J. D. Martin lot 6 & 10
J. McCurdy lot 13 + store & tin sh.
D. McVey 1/2 acree
E. Mehan lot 18 & 23
E. Mehan 3 acres + S.S.M.
E. L.Mehan lot 27
E. L. Mehan lot 11 & 12 + Hotel
J. G. Mehan lot 28
B. Miller lot 62 & 63
R. Moore lot 2 + Harness Sh.
A. Morgan lot 8
J. B. Morgan lot 4
J. B. Morgan lot 7 + Pottery
Mrs. Morrison lot 34
J. C. Murphy lot + S. Sh.
A. Oatley 1 acre
A. Oatley lot 12 + 56
M. Parker lot 60
J. N. Perrine lot 47 + W. Sh.
Presb. Ch. lot 52
G. Rebold lot 75 & 76 + 1/2 acre
J. Roberts lot 50
W. G. Ross lot 44
School lot 18
W. Scofield lot 3
M. Seward lot 2
J. Shea lot 14 & 81
J. Thompson lot 3
C. Thompson lot 15 & 24
Ann Tompkins lot 68 & 69
W. Tompkins lot 20 & 21
W. Tompkins lot 33
W. Tompkins lot 71 & 72
W. Tompkins lot 79 & 80
Univ. Church lot 35
D. W. Vandyke lot 1 + Gun Shop
P. Walsh lot 13 + 57
F. S. Welton lot 5 & 9
Dr. Whitaker lot 46
T. White lot 7
G. Wikoff lot 47
P. W. Wikoff lot 53
P. W. Wikoff lot 1 + store
P. W. Wikoff lot 1
P. W. Wikoff 376 acres
P. W. Wikoff lot 18
Silas Ballard Potter
A. B. Bates Farmer
R. H. Bennett Merchant & Justice of the Peace
W. Burch Proprietor of the Burch House & Livery Stable
Joseph Bursk Jr. Blacksmith & Pow, Wagon & Carriage Maker
Richard M. Cox Township Trustee
Thomas Cox Retired Farmer
O. Crawford Carpenter
R. H. Cunningham Attorney at Law
Survetus Dawson Plow & Wagon Maker
Joseph A. Dodds Township Trustee
L. L. Dodds Mason
Jonas McCurdy Dealer in Groceries & Provisions
John McLain Retired Mechanic
E. L. Mehan Proprietor of the National House
Andrew Oatley Mason
J. G. Paulding Physician & Surgeon
J. M. Thompson Township Trustee
D. W. VanDyke Notary, Township Clerk, Gunsmith &c.
F. S. Welton Teacher
Peter W. Wikoff Township Trustee
W. S. Wikoff Dealer in Dry Goods, Queensware, Groceries &c.
Arne H Trelvik
2 July 2010

MIDDLEBORO (Edwardsville P.O.); Virginia Military District Survey #1552 [back to top]

Name Description
J. Baldwin lot 18 to 20
J. Baldwin lot 21 to 24
C. Bowman lot 9 & 10 + C. Sh.
G. Bowman _ acres
G. Bowman _ acres
S. Carver lot 29 & 30
T. Holmes lot 25 to 27
M. E. Ch. lot 6
E. McCarty lot 28
J. Mills lot 31
N. Moore lot 17
R. Temple lot 13 to 16
Arne H Trelvik
2 July 2010

MORROW; Virginia Military District Survey #1500 [back to top]
FREDERICKSBURG; Range 3 North Township 5 East Section 7

Name Description
A. Crawford 1 acres
C. Harrell 11 acres
Z. Jennings 138 acres
A. Kompf 2 acres
school lot
H. Snyder 7 acres
Cath. Ch. lot
Cemetery _ acres [Morrow Cemetery]
H. S. Clement 15 acres
W. H. Clement _ acres
J. S. Couden _ acres + C. Sh.
J. S. Couden _ acres + G.M. & S.M.
Dr. J. T. Couden lot
E. Fuller _ acres
E. F. Fuller 30 acres
C. Hupe _ acres
M. E. Ch. lot 55
Morrow House lot 25
Dr. J. L. Mounts lot 1
Presb. Ch. lot 116
Sawyer House lot 35
School lot
A. Shawhan _ acres
J. Thompson 210 acres
W. Whitacre 131 acres
E. W. Woodward _ acres
A. W. Cadwallader Resident Citizen
H. S. Clement Resident Citizen
Wm. H. Clement Resident Citizen
Frank Coddington Grocer & Grain Dealer
J. B. Donley Hotel Keeper
E. F. Fuller Resident Citizen
Edwin R. Grim Tin & Stove Dealer
L. F. Grim Dealer in Hardware & Groceries
Henry Haner Farmer & Stock Dealer
George Holzin Merchant Taylor & Clothier
Hopkins & Bro. Dealer in Dry Goods &c
Charles Hupe Gardener
Wm. Ludlum Dealer in Fresh & Salt Meats
E. D. Mansfield Statician
W. H. McKinney Farmer
J. S. Moore Physician
J. L. Mounts Physician & Surgeon
J. T. Roach Druggist
Wm. Roach Proprietor of Livery & Sale Stable
Ed Roube Stone Cutter
W. D. Sawyer

Proprietor of the Sawyer House

John Scheer Brewer
John C. Shotwell Carpenter
Smith & Whitacre Dealer in Dry Goods
T. R. Thatcher Attorney at Law
John Thompson Trader & Farmer
J. D. Wallace Attorney at Law
E. W. Woodward Pres. of L.M.R.R. Co.
Arne H Trelvik
2 July 2010

Mt. Holly; Range 5 North Township 4 East Section 21  [back to top]

Name Description
S. H. Archer 10 acres
P. Bank lot 5
J. Brunker lot
C. Clinger lot 2
E. Clinghan _ acres
E. Clinghan lot + B. Sh.
P. Copsey lot 14 & 15
P. Copsey lot 24
E. S. Cornell lot 3
J. Cornell lot
J. Cornell 4 acres
S. Cornell lot
S. Cornet lot 6 + S. SH.
J. Craft lot
O. Dolphin lot 18
J. Haines lot
W. Haley lot 7
S. Henley lot 23
J. Horsfall lot 25
J. Horsfall _ acres + B. Sh. & W. Sh.
C. & Jones _ acres
C. & E. Jones _ acres
C. Lucas lot 17
M. E. Ch. lot
J. W. Mallatt lot + store
J. W. Mallatt lot
A. Meeks lot 16
R. Miller 1 acre
G. Morris lot 13
J. Myers lot
E. Pence lot 8
E. H. Pence _ acres
E. H. Pence _ acres
E. H. Pence lot
J. Pence lot
N. Pierce lot 4
R. Pratt lot 1
G. Sims 1 1/4 acres
G. Veller lot
J. Craft Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c.
E. H. Pence Propr. of Grist Mill & Distillery
Arne H Trelvik
2 July 2010

NEW COLUMBIA - PLEASANT PLAIN P.O.; Virginia Military District Survey #3798 [back to top]

Name Description
N. T. B. Anderson 57 acres
C. P. Apgar lot 37
J. Bishop lot 10
J. Collins 1 1/2 acres
S. Craig 190 acres
S. Craig _ acres
E. Craig lot 33 + saloon
A. Friend lot 29 & 30
Goshen Pike Station lot 33 + depot
W. Greely

lot 35 + store, Po., warehouse, S.S.M. & S.G.M.

W. Greely lot 28
W. Greely 13 acres
T. Gregory lot 6 & 7
J. Harner lot 17 + Tin Sh.
T. Hill 90 acres
Hotel lot 7
J. Hutchinson lot 30
H. Morgan lot 26 + store
H. Morgan lot 4 & 5
_ Nettner? lot 15
School lot
Mrs. Seely's heirs 3/4 acre
J. Soth

lot 12 & 13 + B. Sh.

P. C. Spurling lot 36
C. Terrill lot
C. Tirrell lot 14
J. H. Titus lot 18
T. Wolfe lot 31
Walter Greely Milling & Lumber Business
Arne H Trelvik
2 July 2010

OSCEOLA; Virginia Military District Survey #2225 [back to top]

Name Description
J. A. Beinder lot 5
J. Carter lot 47
_ Case _ acres
C. Hunt lot 4
J. A. Keller lot 14 to 17
J. A. Keller

lot 28 to 31

J. McCarty lot 33
G. Veit _ acres
H. VonHagle lot 37
H. VonHagle _ acres
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

RAYSVILLE; Range 5 North Township 3 East Section 14  [back to top]

Name Description
M. Baird 2 acres
J. Brown 1/2 acre
W. Carmony lot
S. Crispin lot 6
D. Daiffie lot 2
R. Denlinger 2 1/2 acres
R. & W. Duke 1/2 acre + 1 1/2 acre & S.S.M.
A. Foulks lot 10
J. Githens 18 3/4 acres
J. Githens lot
T. R. Goodill 1 1/4 acres
F. Graham 1 acre
W. Hay lot 17 [War of 1812 veteran]
Mrs. Hays lot
J. Kilsner lot 7
A. Kirby lot 19
M. E. Ch. + cem lot 13 [known as Lytle Cemetery]
C. Monfort 6 acres
E. Montgomery lot 1
S. Montgomery (heirs) 81 acres
J. Pearson lot 17
I. & H. Roberts lot 9
E. Rockhill 1 1/2 acres
Wm. Rudd lot 21 & 22
V. Scott 2 1/2 acres
G. W. Sides lot 4 & 5
A. Stacy lot 14
H. K. Stiles lot 12
B. Underwood lot 20
M. W. Wharton 50 acres
T. Wharton 50 acres
M. Williams lot 18
R. W. Duke & Bro. Proprs. Steam Saw Mill
G. W. Sides Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries, &c.
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

RED LION; Range 4 North Township 3 East Section 15  [back to top]

Name Description
J. W. Anthony 1/2 acre
W. H. Ballard lot
Wm. H. Ballard lot + match factory
Wm. H. Ballard 2 acres + store & P.O.
Mrs. Brown lot
J. Burns lot
Cem. lot [known as Red Lion Cemetery aka Zoar Methodist Cemetery]
H. Crampton lot + C. Sh.
S. R. Crane _ acres + Grocery & B.S. Sh.
E. D. Crossfield 3 acres
J. E. Crossfield 1/2 acres
Mrs. Davis lot
R. W. Davis 1/2 acre
H. Earnhart _ acres
J. Earnhart _ acres
P. C. Gallaher 1/2 acre
B. Gustin _ acres
Mrs. Gustin (heirs) 1 acre
J. L. Hastings 1/2 acre + Shoe Sh.
I. N. Heaton lot + WS.
T. Humphrey 1 1/3 acre
Mrs. Kapner lot
M. E. Ch. lot
J. Miller 1 acre
R. B. Mitchell 1/2 acre
R. B. Mitchell 1 acre
Scarff & Schaeffer 1/2 acre
School lot
J. Snuff 1/2 acre
Mrs. Swink lot
R. H. Todd _ acres
W. H. Ballard Notary Public
R. W. Davis Dealer in Groceries & Notions
Jesse Gustin Veterinary Surgeon Sec. 9
J. L. Hastings Boot & Shoe Manufacturer
Isaac N. Heaton Manufacturer of Farm & Spring Wagons Plows Revolving Hay Rakes &c.
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

RIDGEVILLE; Range 4 North Township 4 East Section 36   [back to top]

Name Description
D. Allyn lot 6 & 15
J. M. Bunnel _ acres
C. P. Bussum lot 21 & 22
W. Carey lot 23
S. Graham lot 20
S. Graham lot 5 & 16 + Store
N. Hormal lot 9 & 12
Dr. J. B. Huff lot 17
M. Kelsey lot 7 & 14
_ Kesling lot 10 & 11
M. E. Ch. lot [location of Graham Cemetery]
G. Pierce lot 3
D. Rees lot 8 + Hotel
A. Smith lot 25
C. Unglesbee lot 24
Union Ch. Lot 1
T. Wheaton lot 18
Samuel Graham Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Ready made Clothing &c.
Wm. H. Keever Physician & Surgeon Sec. 30 near Ridgeville
David Rees Proprietor of Blacksmith Shop & Rees House
C. P. Russum Citizen
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010
Salem Township

ROACHESTER; Virginia Military District Survey #1494 [back to top]

Name Description
S & R. Ackley 50 3/4 acres
S. Brandenburg lot 39 [also see 1838 deed  for lot 39]
E. L. Brown lot 28
M. Burris lot 19
B. Cadwallader lot 26
B. Cadwallader lot
H. Dempsy lot 17 & 18
E. Downs lot 14
Friends Church & Cemetery lot [now known as the Old Quaker Cemetery]
E. Fuller _ acres
R. B. Gilmore lot 30
J. Hammon lot 24 & 25
C. Hart lot
C. Hart lot 12
L. Lind lot 21 & 22
M. E. Ch. + cemetery lot [now known as the Roachester Methodist Cemetery]
W. S. Mickle lot 20
W. S. Mickle lot 27
Wm. S. Mickle 5 acres
C. Mims lot 13
D. Monce lot 1
Dr. J. Moore 271 acres
Dr. J. Moore lot 5
E. Mulford lot 33
J. Osborn lot 23
R. Patterson lot 3 & 4 + Grocery
J. Phillips lot
R. Rhodes _ acres
E. Ricket lot 12 & 13
J. A. Robinson _ acres
_ Shelton lot 11
_ Shelton lot 15
E. Sherwood heirs lot
R. Strange lot 31
E. Tribbey lot 6 to 10
E. Tribbey lot 29
G. M. Ward 271 acres
G. M. Ward _ acres
H. Winfield lot 2
J. Winfield lot 36 + Grocery
_ Young lot 16
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

Socialville; Range 2 North Township 3 Section 3 [back to top]

Name Description
T. Ballard 35 acres
A. J. Bennett 1/2 acre
J. Coddington _ acres
J. Crissey 1/2 acre
E. Crist 1/2 acre
S. Doty 2 acres
J. Jackson _ acres
J. Jones 1/2 acre
M. E. Ch. lot
J. Shepard 1/2 acre
Mrs. Tetrich 3/4 acre
J. L. Thompson _ acres + B. Sh.
J. L. Thompson _ acres + Store
J. L. Thompson 1/2 acre
P. W. Wikoff lot
P. W. Wikoff _ acres
Mrs. Wilkinson 1/2 acre
T. Ballard Horse Trader
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010


SPENCES STATION; [back to top]
West Part in Hamilton Twp: Virginia Military District Survey #3804
East Part in Harlan Twp: Virginia Military District Survey #3804

Name Description
A. Fryberger _ acres
T. Bowman _ acres
P. Doughman 1 acre
L. Fryberger _ acres [partly in Harlan Twp]
W. Hill 12 acres + Store
D. Quinby 1 acre + B. Sh. & Depot
P. W. Ross _ acres
D. Snell (heirs) _ acres [partly in Harlan Twp]
J. W. Spence 4 acres + Store [partly in Harlan Twp]
Will. P. Ross Agencies
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

SPRINGBORO; [back to top]
East Part: Range 5 North Township 2 East Section 7 
West Part: Range 5 North Township 2 East Section 13
:  The names Factory Street and State Street are reversed from what is found on modern maps

Name Description
L. Anderson lot 79
N. Archdeacon lot 55
R. Archdeacon lot 50
I. Baner lot 7
J. J. Baner lot 8 & 9
J. Barnhart reserved lot
S. W. Barnhart lot 66
W. S. Bedford lot 43
J. F. Bennett lot 60 to 62
Wm. Carpenter lot
E. Cleaver _ acres + Slaughter House
O. Cussins Lot 1
M. Davis lot 11
M. Davis lot
G. Derbon lot 7 & 8
Mrs. Dretson lot
J. Duke lot 45
M. Duke lot 3 & 4
G. Filbert lot 72
Mrs. Fitz lot
T. Fitz lot 2 + B. Sh.
J. Ford lot 1
Ann Fox lot 136
Friends Ch. [Orthodox] lot [end of east Market St.]
J. C. Gilpin lot 75 & 76
W. Gregg lot
W. H. Gregg lot 57 to 59
J. Griffin lot 2
J. P. Griffin lot 67 & 68
_ Hadley lot 9 to 11
H. Hadley lot 82 & 83
J. Hadley lot 25
J. Hadley lot
F. Haffer lot 42 + S. Sh.
J. K. Haines lot 3 + C. Sh.
W. F. Hayner lot 57 to 59
A. Haynes lot 5 & 6
R. Hollingsworth lot 121
J. S. Hopkins _ acres
G. Huffman lot 12 to 15
M. Janney _ acres
S. Johnson lot 125 to 127
A. Keetley lot 2
Mrs. Kenoweth lot 80
_ Lacomy lot 20 & 21
E. S. Lilly lot 132
M. E. Ch. lot 32 to 34
D. Mering lot 138
J. Morton lot + Hotel
W. Morton lot 134
L. Mullen _ acres
A. Mullens lot 8 & 9
Mrs. Mullens lot
E. Nils lot 38 & 39
W. Nolder lot 47 to 49
G. Oakley lot 44
Thomas Pallen lot 29 to 31
P. K. Pence lot 133
M. Penrose lot 119 & 120
E. J. Peoples lot 78
S. Peoples lot 73 & 74
J. Potts lot 81
J. Potts 19 acres
N. Reed lot 9
R. Reed lot 1 to 6
W. Reed lot 1 to 5
J. Richel lot
R. Russell lot 41
_ Ryan lot 63 to 65
J. Schide lot 37
School lot 35 & 36
School lot [end of Market St.]
Dr. Sellers lot 46
J. Siegfried 9 acres
J. Siegfried lot 71
J. Simmons lot 3
M. Smith lot 40
J. Stansel & Son lot 4 & 5
J. Stansel & Son lot
J. Stansel lot 69 & 70
J. R. ?. Talmadge lot + store
J. Thomas lot 70 to 72
J. S. Thomas lot 122 to 124
Univ. Church lot
E. Vicars lot 51 & 52
J. Wachter lot 85
J. & A. T. Warwick lot 60 to 62
N. Webb lot 13 to 18
D. Weidner lot
J. Wood lot 128 to 131
J. Wood lot 7
D. Wooley lot 84
M. Wright lot 116 to 118
D. Alexander lot 89
H. B. Andrews lot 3
J. F. Bennett lot 2 + S. Sh.
S. Bigsly lot 12
Dr. J. Bruscup lot 145 & 146
B. Chase lot 147
E. L. Cleaver lot 106 & 107
E. L. Cleaver lot 110
Cleaver & Smith lot 101 + W. Sh.
M. Comer lot 111 & 112
W. Dangsdon lot 99
E. Eulass lot 109
Friends Ch. [Hicksite] lot [south side of West State Street]
German Reformed Church lot [Main & Mill Streets]
E. H. Hadley lot 93
J. Hadley lot 88
M. C. Hadley lot 94 & 95
R. Hurd lot 90
I.O.O.F. lot 108
J. Keefer lot 87
M. Layton lot 105
P. Lownes lot 92
M. E. Parsonage lot 114 & 115
Market House [Market Street west of Main Street]
F. McGriff lot 142 to 144
E. Parker lot 91
M. Penrose lot 113
S. Peoples lot 104 + B. Sh.
W. P. Peoples lot 98
H. Rees lot 102 & 103
J. Richel lot 100
J. D. Thomas lot 96 & 97
D. Weidner lot 4 & 5
J. Wood 7 acres
J. Wood lot 6 to 11
Dr. A. Wright _ acres
J. Wright _ acres
J. Wright _ acres
M. & J. Wright lot 100
Jas. F. Bennett Manufacturer of Carriages Buggies & Spring & Farm Wagons Repairing done to Order
Ezekiel L. Cleaver Dealer in Groceries Drugs Medicines Paints Oils Perfumeries Toilet Articles &c.
Jno. Hadley Proprietor of Flouring Mills
Joseph Morton Manufacturer of Farm & Spring Wagons & Proprietor of Blacksmith Shop & Morton House
W. P. Peebles Justice of the Peace
J. H. Reichel Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries Hats, Caps, Boots Shoes &c.
Jno. Seigfried Merchant Tailor
Moses Smith Physician & Surgeon
J. Wright & Co. Proprietors of Woollen Factory
M. & J. Wright Dealers in Dry Goods Groceries Hats Caps Shoes Shelf Hardware &c.
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

TWENTY MILE STAND; Range 2 North Township 4 Section 21 [back to top]

Name Description
J. Clendennin heirs 1 acre
S. Clendennin heirs _ acres + harness sh.
D. Espy heirs _ acres + toll house
D. Espy heirs _ acres
H. Foster 1/2 acre
Henry Foster 5 acres + P.O.
School lot [Twenty Mile Stand School; east side of Columbia Rd, S. of Rte 22/3]
Minerva Wescott 5 acres
Thirza Wescott 5 acres
James Scott Carriage Manufacturer
Arne H Trelvik
30 June 2010

Utica; Range 4 North Township 4 East Section 22  [back to top]

Name Description
H. Brandenburg lot
W. Davis lot
J. T. Earnhart lot + Store
A. Frazier 1 acre + W. Sh.
D. Graham lot
L. Grove 1 1/2 acres
B. Hathaway lot
H. Kirby 1 1/2 acres
L. Kling 1/2 acre + B. Sh.
L. Kling 1 acre
E. Marsh 3 1/2 acres
J. Merritt lot + C. Sh.
G. Pence lot
A. Point lot
School lot
E. & A. C. Thorn lot
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

WAYNESVILLE; [back to top]
South Part [left part of the map]: Range 4 North Township 4 East Section 6 
North Part [right part of map]: Range 5 North Township 3 East Section 1

Name Description
South Part [left part of the map]: Range 4 North Township 4 East Section 6 
T. L. Allen 3 acres
Cemeteries [Hickite & Orthodox Friends Cemeteries]
James Clark 55 acres
J. M. Fulton 160 acres
S. S. Haines lot 15
G. Hatton 3 acres
W. H. Heighway 3 acres
M. Henly 2 acres
Hicksite Friends Church lot 14
R. Holland _ acres
J. C. Hopkins lot 13
E. Jacobs 168 acres
J. W. Keys 2 acres + B. Sh.
G. Leak 2 acres + B. Sh.
M. E. Church Franklin - Lot 8
Orthodox Friends Ch. lot
Pottersfield lot
A. Puch lot
S. Rogers _ acres
W. Rogers _ acres
W. Rogers _ acres
_ Rushby _ acres
A. Satterthwaite _ acres
School lot [on High Street]
G. W. Sellers 4 acres
S. Taylor _ acres + G.M.
Union School Jefferson - lot 7 & 8
O. J. Wright  4 3/4 acres + G.M. & S.M. [partly in Section 1]
North Part [right part of map]: Range 5 North Township 3 East Section 1
A. Brown lot 17
B. Brown _ acres
I. Brown lot 16 [partly in Sec. 6]
L. Crane lot 13
R. Engle 14 1/2 acres
R. Haines lot 10
W. Haines lot 19
J. W. Keys _ acres
J. Rogers _ acres
S. W. Rogers lot 8
J. Sinclair 46 1/2 acres
O. J. Wright lot 3 + W. Sh. & B. Sh.
T. L. Allen Dealer in Dry Goods Boots & Shoes Groceries Hardware &c.
E. Bailey Resident Farmer
C. T. Cadwallader Clothing, &c.
C. F. Chapman  
Jas. G. Clark Merchant
Well ? Cornell Proprietor of Rogers House
T. T. Dodson Merchant Tailor Clothier & Dealer in Gents Furnishing Goods
E. Dudley Justice of the Peace, Merchant Tailor & Saddler
Joel Evans Surveyor & Notary Public
S. Gause  
S. S. Haines WholeSale Grocer Cincinnati
W. Haines  
W. H. Heighway Florist
C. Hisey Propr. of Grist & Saw Mill 4 miles S.E. of Waynesville
Houlden & Janney Dealers in Dry Goods Carpets Boots & Shoes Groceries Notions &c.
E. Jacobs Patentee of the Wrought Iron Plate Jail
C. L. Janney Horticulturalist e miles N.W. of Waynesville
J. W. Keys Cabinet Maker & Undertaker Justice of the Peace Notary Public & Insurance Agt.
G. Leak Dealer in Groceries & Provisions also buys Furs
W. Manington Manufacturer & Dealer in Boots & Shoes
S. McCune Tailor
A. Pugh Printer
S. W. Rogers Dealers in Dry Goods Groceries Boots & Shoes &c.
Wm. M. Stanfield Propr. of Baltimore Mills 6 miles East of Waynesville
Stokes & Harris Bankers
J. E. Taylor Propr. of Feed Store & Telegraph, Mills 2 miles south of Waynesville
S. I. Way Surgeon Dentist
D. Wharton Carriage Manufacturer
J. Wood Carriage Trimmer & Painter
O. T. Wright & Sons Proprs. of Grist & Saw Mills
Geo. M. Zell Pump Manufacturer
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

WEST WOODVILLE; Virginia Military District Survey #764 [back to top]
South Part of town is in Wayne Township, Clermont County

Name Description
Cemetery lot [known as West Woodville Cemetery]
Christ. Ch. lot [partly in Clermont County]
A. Crame lot [Clermont County]
C. Dudley lot [patly in Clermont County]
A. N. Dungon lot [Clermont County]
H. Ertles lot [partly in Clermont County]
H. E. Ertles lot + sorghum Mill [partly in Clermont County]
N. Fryberger lot + B.Sh. [Clermont County]
J. S. Hawkins lot [Clermont County]
S. Lever lot [partly in Clermont County]
L. Lyons lot
Misses Jamilten lot [Clermont County]
S. McClennan lot + Store & P.O. [Clermont County]
A. Myers lot [partly in Clermont County]
J. D. Ross lot [Clermont County]
School lot [Clermont County]
Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

A Table Showing the Relative Locations The Directions & Distances from Lebanon [back to top]

Butlerville, S. 38° 30’ E., 10.1 miles
Deerfield, S. 1° 45’ W, 4.1 miles
Fort Ancient, S. 77° E, 5.9 miles
Franklin, N 33° W, 10 miles
Harveysville, N. 62° 20’ E, 11.4 miles
Maineville, S. O° 30’ W, ? miles
Mason, S. 43° 45’ W, 7,3 miles
Morrow, S. 41° 15’ E, 6.5 miles
Springboro, N. 12° W, 8.2 miles
Union Village, N. 80° 45’ W, 3.7 miles
Waynesville, N. 40° 30’ E, 9.4 miles

Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

IRONS & LINGO'S [back to top]

Hardware Stove & Tinware Depot
No. 99 Mulberry St. Lebanon, O

Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010


Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

RES. of A. G. WRIGHT ESQ. LEBANON [back to top]

Arne H Trelvik
3 July 2010

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