Norwood's Blacksmith Shops & Horseshoers

The dates given are not the years of founding of the businesses — they are just the years of operation that can be verified; the total years of the business operation may be longer.

Under a spreading chestnut-tree
The village smithy stands;
The smith, a mighty man is he,
With large and sinewy hands;
And the muscles of his brawny arms
Are as strong as iron bands.

  • F. W. Docter - general blacksmithing and horse shoeing; new wagons and wagons repaired; listed as Main Avenue (or Montgomery Pike) and Smith Road (1914-16) and Smith Road and C.L.&N.Ry. (1919). (Since this is the same location of Thos. Howard, Jr.'s shop in 1911-12, it appears that Docter may have bought out Mr. Howard's business.)

  • Frank Gerde - horseshoer; 4920 Montgomery Pike (1909-10)

  • Heiselmann & Ruschmann - blacksmiths; s.w.c. Madison Road and Edwards Road (1909-10); by 1911, Frank F. Heiselmann appears to be the sole owner with the address 2683 Madison Road.

  • Thos. Howard, Jr. - blacksmith shop; corner of Montgomery Pike and Smith Road. (1911-12) (Since this is the same location as Jacob Risch's shop in 1909-10, it appears that Howard acquired Risch's business. By 1914, F. W. Doctor appears to have bought the shop.)

  • August H. Kamphake - blacksmith & horseshoer; s.e.c. Reading Road and Sherman Avenue; Phone: Elm 3736 (1909-10,1914)

  • P. Menefee Company - blacksmith; 2242 Harris Avenue (1909-10)

  • Jacob Risch - blacksmith & horseshoer; Smith Road and Montgomery Pike (1909-10)

  • W. L. Scott - horse shoer; Hopkins, west of Main (1896)

  • Frank M. Truax - blacksmith; 2218 Harris Avenue (1915-16); 2214 Harris Avenue (home address—possibly work address, too) (1920); also, see [wagonmakers]