Norwood's Automobile Dealers
by location

(1) Zeisler & Frey
In 1928, this business operated at 3759 Montgomery Road.
(2) Schmidlapp Motor Company, Inc.
In 1937 —and possibly as early as 1933— Schmidlapp sold used cars at 3813 Montgomery Road. In 1950, a new car show room was opened at this site. (See Listing Number 3 for other new car locations.)
(2) Hassan Motors Volkswagen
3813 Montgomery Road
(2) Northland Volkswagen
Moved to 3813 Montgomery Road in 1988.
(3) Schmidlapp Motor Company, Inc.
In 1937 —and possibly as early as 1933— Schmidlapp sold new cars at 3804 Montgomery Road. It may have been at 3800 Montgomery Road during the 1940s, until the grand opening of its new display room at 3813 Montgomery Road on January 7, 1950. It remained there until the late 1950s. (See Listing Number 2 for the used car locations.)
(3) Ralph E. Rockenfield
Rockenfield had a Nash dealership at 3804 Montgomery Road in the late 1940s to early 1950s. After moving out of Norwood it became a Kaiser and then a Ford dealership.
(3) Morten Motor Company
This dealership sold Oakland and Pontiac cars at 3804-06 Montgomery Road in 1930. This was four years after G.M.'s Oakland division came out with a lower-priced car called Pontiac. A year later G.M. stopped production of the Oakland automobile and in 1932, the division's name was changed to Pontiac Motor Car Company.
(4) Frank Schmidt Motor Car Company
Located at 3838 Montgomery Road in 1928.
(4) Simmons-Lange Oldsmobile Company
This Oldsmobile dealer was at 3838 Montgomery Road in 1930.
(4) The Matthews-Meakin Motor Company
Moved to 3838 Montgomery Road from 3844 Montgomery Road in 1932. (See Listing Number 5 for prior location.)
(4) Petry Auto Sales
From 1934 to maybe into the 1940s, this 3838 Montgomery Road dealership sold various now-defunct automobile brands, including Hudson, Terraplane and Packard.
(5) The Matthews-Meakin Motor Company
Located at 3844 Montgomery Road in 1930, but moved to 3838 Montgomery Road in 1932 (See Listing Number 4).
(5) Werk Auto Sales, Inc.
In 1932, Werk sold vehicles at 3844 Montgomery Road.
(6) Carroll Ruzicka
A Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler dealership at 3844 Montgomery Road.
(7) Oldsmobile Norwood Company
3850 Montgomery Road in 1928.
(8) Merle Motors
3858 Montgomery Road
(9) Raymond Imported Motors
Raymond Motors occupied the old Schmidlapp site at 3913 Montgomery Road in the early 1960s.
(10) Bales Motors
Sold used cars at 3908 Montgomery Road.
(10) Wayland Auto Sales
Sold used cars at 3908 Montgomery Road (across from Krug Circle).
(11) The Charles Schiear Motor Car Co.
In 1917, it was located at 3705 Montgomery Road (just South of Norwood) as a garage with a Hupmobile & Scripps-Booth dealership in downtown Cincinnati, later moved a dealership to Norwood. From at least 1928 to 1931, the company had an Essex & Hudson dealership at 3930 & 3932 Montgomery Road. In 1932, the dealership changed to offering Studebaker cars, including the Rockne model. By 1934, Studebaker was the only model sold; the Rockne (named after Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne) was made only 1932-33. The dealership's sole location was listed as 3930 Montgomery in 1937.
(11) Norwood Motor Mart
This dealership sold various models over the years at 3930-34 Montgomery Road. Starting with Hudson and Essex automobiles, they began selling Plymouths in the 1950s and Ramblers in the 1960s.
(11) Raymond Toyota
3930 Montgomery Road.
(12) Molloy Motor Company
This Graham-Paige dealership was situated at 3963 Montgomery Road from 1928-33.
(12) Lancett Motor Sales
A used car dealership at 3963 Montgomery Road (the current site of today�s UDF plant) starting in 1937.
(13) Jerry�s Auto Sales
A used car lot at 4034 Montgomery Road.
(14) Mutual Garage & Auto Co.
This dealership at 4114-16 Montgomery Road sold Buick cars and trucks starting around 1915. It may have been one of the first auto dealerships in Norwood.
(14) The Norwood Buick Company
4114 Montgomery Road from 1928-31.
(14) Sharpe's
4114 Montgomery Road in the 1930s and 1940s?
(14) Hageman Pontiac
4114 Montgomery Road, but directories recorded their showroom at 4120 Montgomery Road (the current location of the Firestone store) and their used car lot at the southeast corner of Montgomery and Cameron.
(15) Schulte Motor Car Company
Schulte stated selling cars at 2029 Hopkins Avenue in 1928. In 1930, the dealership moved to the southwest corner of Montgomery and Hopkins, selling Willys-Overland's Willys-Knight and Whippet brands of vehicles (used and new). The Whippet, which replaced the Overland model, was manufactured from 1926 to 1931. In 1932, Willys, Cord and Auburn were the models sold. From 1934-37, Schulte was a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership. Also, in 1937, the 2029 Hopkins Avenue located was again listed.
(16) Tingley Chrysler-Plymouth
A Chrysler-Plymouth dealership at 2027 Hopkins Avenue.
(17) Finance Used Car Sales
A used car dealership at 4205 Montgomery Road starting in 1937.
(18) Ray Lippert
Ray Lippert sold Dodge cars and trucks and Packard cars at 4310 Montgomery Road from 1928-35. (May have been selling Packards at this address as early as 1925).
(18) Lippert Buick Company
This Buick dealership was located at 4310 Montgomery Road from 1932-37. It used car lot was at 4743 Montgomery Road in 1937. A later address was 4314 Montgomery Road. It became Walter Sweeney Studebaker, when a new showroom was built across the street at 4301 Montgomery Road. Later, the dealership became Lippert-Schott Buick, Schott Buick and, finally, Mark Sweeney Buick Pontiac GMC before moving to Highland Avenue in Columbia Township. The 4301 Montgomery Road building is now the home to a KOI auto parts store.
(19) Lippert Buick Company
(see listing No. 18)
(20) Walter J. Sweeney
A used car lot at 4344 Montgomery Road in 1937.
(21) William & Carl Rathkamp
The Rathkamps operated at 4341 Montgomery Road in 1928.
(22) Norwood Motor Car Company
This early car dealership was located at the southeast corner of Montgomery and Madison in 1915. This is now part of the Surrey Square parking lot.
(23) Schumacher Motor Car Company
From 1928-37, William A. Schumaker sold automobiles at 4611 Judge Street, where he was also manager of Crescent Oil Company. Today, the site may be near the Sherman Avenue entrance to Surrey Square.
(24) J. V. Snow Motor Company
In 1937 this used car dealership was at the northeast corner of Station and Sherman Avenues.
(25) Diamond T. Motor Company
The dealership was situated at 4639 Smith Road in 1930-31, probably in conjuction with Schlotman Truck Sales Compnay at that address.
(26) Lippert Buick Company
(see listing No. 18)
(27) Wolf Auto Sales
2209 Norwood Avenue starting in 1937.
(28) The Economy Chevrolet Company
First listed as Economy Chevrolet Sales Company in 1928, this dealership was located at 4912 Montgomery Road. It was incorporated as The Economy Chevrolet Company in 1930.
(29) Chris Erhardt Sons Motor Car Co.
Montgomery & Highland (not sure which corner). Sold Studebaker autos in 1923.
(29) Burton Auto Sales
Listed in 1928-29 as a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership at 4940-42 Montgomery Road.
(29) The Meinking-Kumpf Motor Company
This Chrysler-Plymouth dealership was at 4940-42 Montgomery Road in 1930.
(29) George J. Brown Auto Sales & Service
From at least 1932-1935, it was located at 4942 Montgomery Road.
(30) Crawford Auto Sales
A used car lot at 4939 Montgomery Road.
(31) Pat Welsh, Inc.
A used car lot at 5003 Montgomery Road in 1937.
(32) Elliot-Wiedermann, Inc.
A used car dealership located at 5008 Montgomery Road in 1937.
(33) Co-Operative Auto Sales
A used car lot at 5035 Montgomery Road
(34) Sheppard
This may be in error.
This used car lot was at 5035 Montgomery Road. (Also, see listing Number 39 for its new car lot.)
(35) The Norwood Auto Sales
This longtime dealership sold new and used Fords at 5042-44 Montgomery Road starting in 1930 with Joseph H. Leonard, President. The location is currently the site of a NAPA store. They also sold used cars at across the street at 5037 Montgomery Road starting in 1932.
(36) E-Z Credit Car Company
A used car business at 5225 Montgomery Road.
(37) Alford Motors
A used car lot at 5600 Carthage Avenue.
(38) Lodder Motor Company
This auto dealership was at the northwest corner of Edwards Road and Garland Avenue (probably 3917 Edwards Road) in 1928-29.
(39) The Caldwell-Muhlhauser Company
This dealership was located at 3917 Edwards Road in 1930 to at least 1933. It was incorporated in 1924.
(39) Swanson & Sheppard
This dealership operated at 3917 Edwards Road from 1934-37. The owners were F. Edward Swanson and Joseph E. Sheppard.
(39) Sheppard
This dealership sold Studebaker and Mercedes cars at 3917 Edwards Road. (Also, see listing Number 34 for its used car lot.)

Other dealerships? Lloyd's and ...? We could use your help in identifying other dealerships and the years of operations, ownership, photos, etc. for all.