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Putnam County, New York

History of Putnam County
Chapter XXVII
Town of Kent

  • Settlement
  • Cole's Mills
  • Boyd's Corners
  • First Baptist Church (also lists some burials)
  • Episcopal Church
  • Richardville Chapel
  • Boyd's Reservoir
  • Farmer's Mills
  • Baptist Church, Farmer's Mills (also lists some burials)
  • Other Localities
  • Ludingtonville
  • Col. Henry Ludington
  • Second Baptist Church of Kent (also lists some burials)
  • Change of Boundary
  • Putnam County Bank
  • Union Cemetery Association
  • Mines
  • Supervisors
  • David Kent
  • Daniel R. Nichols
  • The Townsend Family
  • Coleman Robinson
  • Also see Chapter XXIX, Personal Sketches for Kent

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