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History of
New York
— with —
Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men

William S Pelletreau, A.M.

Published in 1886.

P. F. Goist
F. M. Gilbert
H.B. Hall's Sons
A. H. Ritchie
Samuel Sartain

NO, the entire book has NOT been transcribed here. What follows is a list of the chapters within the book and under each chapter is a listing of the topics found within each chapter. I'm also including a list of those names for which biographical sketches were included in the book. If you are interested in seeing a specific biographical sketch, please e-mail me with the specific request and I'll try to transcribe it and upload it to these pages. Please keep in mind that with a family and full time job, my hours at transcribing genealogical texts are limited. So, keep your requests limited to one topic at a time. When your topic has been posted, I'll send you an e-mail with a copy to the Putnam County mailing list.

Chapter I -- Introduction Chapter XVI -- Bench and Bar
Chapter II -- Adolph Philipse and his Patent Chapter XVII -- Medical History of the County
Chapter III -- The Philipse Family Chapter XVIII -- Education
Chapter IV -- The Division of the Highland Patent Chapter XIX -- Town of Carmel
Chapter V -- Wappinger Indians and Heirs of Adolph Philipse Chapter XX -- Town of Carmel (continued)
Chapter VI -- Confiscation & Sale of Share of the Patent belonging to S. Robinson and M. Philipse Chapter XXI -- Town of Carmel (concluded)
Chapter VII -- The Gore Chapter XXII -- Town of Southeast
Chapter VIII -- The Oblong Chapter XXIII -- Town of Southeast (concluded)
Chapter IX -- Settlement and Population Chapter XXIII -- Town of Philipstown
Chapter X -- Roads and Ferries Chapter XXV -- Town of Philipstown (concluded)
Chapter XI -- Political Division Chapter XXVI -- Town of Patterson
Chapter XII -- Establishment of Putnam County Chapter XXVII -- Town of Kent
Chapter XIII -- Claim of John Jacob Astor Chapter XXVIII -- Town of Putnam Valley
Chapter XIV -- During the Civil War Chapter XXIX -- Personal Sketches
Chapter XV -- Militia of Putnam County Lineage-Linked Surnames (while not part of the original book, it will be added here over time.)

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