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Mrs. Tom Johnson
Killing of Charlie Bachelor
La Historia del Billy The Kid
History of Billy The Kid, in English
La Rubia
Laura H. Cahoon

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By Mrs. Gertrude Lea Dills
Source: Mrs. Tom Johnson
Kidnapping of A Ranchers Daughter
Paraphrased by C. W. Barnum
Counties: Grant
Surnames mentioned: Dills, Johnson, 

When I came here on April 2, 1889 we came in a covered wagon. Our first night, in Grant Co, we stopped first at Hudson's Hot Springs now called Faywood. The next day we drifted to Warm Hot Springs at that time the home of a wealthy Spanish Rancher. We stopped at his water hole for the night. The next morning my husband, Tom Johnson, was watering the horses when we heard a large confusion. Tom said, I'm going to the house to find out the trouble.

On going to the house the rancher said: My daughter, my daughter, has been kidnapped by one of my cowboy's. My men are all Mexicans, and I can't trust them alone to go after her. I'll pay you, pay you well to go after her, and furnish your horse, saddle, food, gun, and your pick of men. Tom said, Push them out here, I'm ready to go. Tom took the buckskin, horse and supplies furnished by the rancher, and chose two of his best men, and left in search of the girl.

As the ranchers orders were to bring the girl back regardless of the consequences to others Tom pushed his horse for two day's without thought to the horse. Whenever Tom and his men overtook the men and girls he ordered them to Halt. The cowboy with his companion opened fire on Mr. Johnson and his boys, using the girl as a shield. Tom scouted around to the other side of the campfire and took the boys by surprise, and got the girl to take back to her parents. The men never were heard of again or never left their camp site.

Tom returned the girl to Warm Hot Springs as the rancher said he was to do, and he asked no questions. The Spanish Rancher offered to pay Tom for the trip, but he wouldn't accept any pay, but when we left we found twenty dollar's in our supplies that we know he put there. Source: Mrs. Tom Johnson

Killing of Charlie Bachelor
By Frances E. Totty
Paraphrased by C. W. Barnum
Counties: Dona Ana
Surnames mentioned: Bachelor, Chisom (Chisum?), McComas, Cook, Lyons, Cambell

I was raised in Old Megilla. There was only one other white family in the town, we all spoke the Spanish or rather the tongue of the people in Megilla at the time which was nothing, but an Indian language mixed with Spanish. When we left Megilla we went to Fort Seldon fourteen or fifteen miles up the Rio Grande river from Megilla. While at the Fort we ran the ferry across the river. John Chisom has brought many a herd across the ferry at this point. John Chisom was always the worst dressed man on this crew. He as a general rule was dressed in old worn out overalls that not a one of his men would have worn. He looked as some ragged tramp that had bummed into the country, but was one of the prominent men of New Mexico as well as one of the wealthiest. Mr. Chisom was a man hospitable to everyone that came his way whether he be an outlaw or the most prominent man of the country; all were treated alike and were welcome to his ranch.

We left Fort Seldon and came to Burro Springs in the spring of 1878. We settled there and opened an inn as this was the only water between Gila and Silver City. Everyone came to the springs to spend the night as it was a place that the Indians seemed to stay from for they knew that the people were expecting them at all times and a guard were always on the watch.

One day Charlie Bachelor came into the camp with the stage and seemed to be nervous, he seemed to sense that there was trouble in the vicinity, and after eating decided to change his schedule in order that he cross the Ash Creek, a little northwest of Duncan, Arizona, after night; in order to cross the creek after night he stayed at the springs until three o'clock in the afternoon. When he left he requested that some one go with him is there wasn't any extra men at the springs and Charlie didn't have a man or passenger along so he had to go on the way alone.

When he was about three or four miles from the springs the Indians were hidden and opened fire on his team; shooting his white mule and crippling him. The next shot wounded Charlie in the thigh and arm, but he kept pushing his team on. Finally the Indians thinking that he was going to get away ran out and surrounded the stage and caused Charlie to turn it over in a small wash where reeds had grown up. This was an ideal place for the man to save himself, but in his fright he rushed out of the hole and up to the side of the hill thereby making himself a target for two Indians that were on the side of the hill. The Indians put two 45-70 bullets through a deck of cards that Charlie had in his shirt pocket when they killed him. There were five Apaches in the party and when they began to shoot their horses that they were riding escaped. The braves went down to the stage and raided it. They got a keg of whiskey and went a little farther on and got the keg open and proceeded to get good and drunk.

Just about dusk five horses came up the springs and we put them in the corral. In a short time a Negro soldier came into camp and we told him of the five horses in the corral and he remarked that Indians had been seen in the district and that he was going to guard the corral. It was my night to stand guard and I usually stayed in the shade of the houses on a moonlight night. I was sitting by the side of the house when I saw a shadow moving out by the corral, thinking that it might be the Negro I didn't shoot. Then I saw another shadow appear then I knew that it was the Indians, but as I raised up to shoot, I saw the barrel of the gun of the Negro sticking up in the air after he shot, and jumped and called Them were Indians, I saw them. I never wanted to kill anyone so bad in my life for he missed the Indians and caused them to get away before I had a shot at them and he was to scared to shoot anything. When he got to where I was his face was as white as mine and his eyes were popping out of his head as if he had seen a ghost. The Indians didn't come back to the springs, and in a few days the horses were all claimed by their owners that were cattle men in the vicinity.

The morning after the Indians came into the camp to steal the horses Jesus Duran came across the body of Charlie Bachelor and the stage and brought the mail on into town and notified the authorities. Jim Wood, a scout, led the soldiers to the place where the Indians killed Charlie, but they wouldn't follow the trail, instead they turned back to the old trail, when they could have soon captured all five of the warriors as they had been drinking all night and were still close to the place where they killed Charlie. I tell you we old-timers of 1879 sure didn't have much use for the soldiers for they did us more harm than good; they were all afraid of the Indians and the Indians knew that they were far more skillful in the fighting of the frontier than the soldiers and usually laughed at the modes the soldiers used. The Indians were sure that they didn't try to massacre a gathering of frontier men though. The day Judge McComas was killed and I shot the Indian in the shoulder the same band of Apaches stole all of the horses of Lyons and Cambell.

We went over on the Middle Gila, the present Red Rock, to gather corn for George Cook. My job was to ride around the field and keep the cattle out of the field as there weren't any fences at that time. I was riding one night when the wind happened to blow my way and I received a scent that told me the Indians were in the wood by the field. I had every sensitive sense of smell and to this fact I can attribute the fact that I am alive today for it has saved me more than once, when I smelled them Indians I turned back, and went to the side of the house for I was afraid to tell the men that I smelled Indians for they would give me the horse laugh, when morning came the Indians had stolen all the horses including the work horses. The Indians soon learned that I could tell when they were around and I didn't have any trouble with them.

La Hysteria del Bully the Kid     
By Ceaser Brook
Paraphrased by Annette Wasno (under revision)
Counties: Lincoln
Surnames mentioned: (See English Version following below.)

En el ano del 1877 llogy yo a San Patricio, Nuevo Mejico. Alos primeros dias de Otubre nombro una yamada el aguasil Brady para sigir unos bandidos. Y los allamos en siete rillos en el rancho de Henry Bakers. Alli los aristimos y los trajimos para la carsel de Lincoln.

En Noviembre fueron la jente del Penasco a sacar los bandidos de la carsel. En esa jente quo binieron del Penasco ay benilla el Billy the Kid. En ese misno tiempo fuimos al pajarito Fransisco Trujillo y mi hormano Juan Trujillo a la casa de bonados. Estavanos en la puerta del canon del pajarito desollando un collote, cuando bimos a dos pasar. Era el Frank Baker y Billy Mote uno era el bandido y lotro era el corporal del Marfe que tenia en sus ranchos el era un landron tambien.. Cuando ellos pasaron me dijo mi hormano banoaos esa era mala jente. Y de alli corimos agarar nuestros caballos y en sillamos los caballos ky salimos para la diricion de San Patricio cunando nos incontramos con los bandidos y la jente que benian de la carsel de Lincoln. Cunando los incontramos los bandidos rodiaron a Jaun mi hormano y yo me las saxo y me sigo el Billy the Kid gritandome que me parara. Entonces yo bolti la cara para tras y lo vide que me benia apuntando con el rifle.

Entonces yo brinco de mi calallo y le tendi me rifle a el. Entonces el se dobolbio para donde estabe la jento y lo puso el rifle a Juan mi hormono, Y le dijo si nose rindfe Fransisco te boy a matar ti. Entoncea me gritava Lucas Gallegos rindase amigit porque sono matan a mi compadre Juan. Entonces el Billy agare mi rifle donde lo avia puest yo, yo nos funimos para donde estava la jente entoces me diho el Billy ya cambiamos rifles ahora cambiarimos manturas. Y le dija ye bueno entonces agara el rifle y me dijo otro tejano prestalo to no lo necesitas. Entoces el d dijo Lucas Callegos a mi hermano dejema la pistola compadre. Entoces le entriego mi hermano la funda contoy pistola a Lucas. Y de ay not despidimos

de allos y nos benimos para San Patrici ca contra nuestra desdichas En Diciembro polio el Macky Skwin y el Marfe por la ley, tocante una tutela y le gano el Macky Swin en la corte la question. Mirandose el Marfe que avia perdido la question. Ordeno a sus asidores que mataran al Macky Swin oa unos de sus companerso. Saviendolsel Macky Swin la orden que avia dado el Marfe entonces el junto jente para su resguardo.

Entre la jente que junto el Macky Swin ay benia el Billy the Kid y el Charle Barbar y el Macky Nane.

Entonces a mas de estos tres hombres se juntaron seis hombres mas ye les iso la misea promesa el Macky Swen.

De darles un premio al qaue matara a uno de los Marfes, les davan 500 pesos de premio acada uno por cada Marfe que mataran. Y desde luego organiso su jente el Billy the Kid y salio en busca de Frank Baker yeel Billy Mote. Y los agaro en lotra vanda del rio de Pecos. Y los traiba para Lincoln. Y despues determinaron y pensaron matarlos. Y consulataron con los demas companeros para matarlos para no trailos para Lincoln.

Uno de sus companeros que se llamaba Macloska diho que major lo mataban a el que dejar matar esos hombres. No acabo de desir palabras cuando ya el tenia un valaso atras de una oreja. Y despues que mataron a Macloska sigieron matando Frank Baker y a Billy Mote. Y de ay so binieron para San Patricio. Y bino el Billy the Kid preguntando por Fransisco Trujillo parar entregarle su rifle. Y de ay bieron a un muchacho mejieano para que fuera a traile una provision de Lincoln. Y que les trajieron el premio queles avia prometido el Macky Swin, por los dos marfes que.

Despues de algunos dias benian de Lincoln el Macky Name el Frank Coe y el Ales Coe ivan para el Picacho. Quando enfrentaron el rancho del ojo. Ay les salieron el Marfes del rancho del oho. Agararon prisionero al Frank Coe y el dieron un balazo a Ales Coe en una pierna. Y salio el Indio Juan Armijo ataras del Makey Nane y lo mato.

Por orden del Roberto Baker Macky Nane era el capitan que tenia el Macky Swin para su resguardo. En poeos dias le yspieron causa al indio Juan Armijo y deputo el alguessil Brady a Jose Chavez para que isiera comparaeer a dicho, Armijo a la sorte. Entones dicho Chavez nonbro siete hombres amas de el para quo fueran con el a buscar a Armijo.

Entonces un hombre que se llamara Stock fue deputado por el Brady para sigir al Armijo. Y este hombre Stock levanto ocho hombres Americans y oeho mejieanos, y salieron al numbero diesies para siete rios. Y lo hayaron on lotra del rio de Pecos ay estava Juan y dos tenanos mas.

Cuendo legamas yo y Atanacio Martizez y el John Scroggin y el Billy the Kid a la puerta de la chosa entonees me hablo Juan Armijo me dijo como estas Kico. Entonees yo le dije sal para fuera Juan. Cuando el salio yo la pregunte tu matetes al Macky Name? Cuando yo le pregunte que si avia matado al Macky Nane y el me respondio si lo mate por orden de Roberto Baker per que si no lo mataba a el, el me mataba a mi. Entonces yo me eserque oon mi rifle dondestava el Macky Name y lo mate.

El Macky Nane estava astras de unos troncones parapatido poniendoles frente a los que staven tirandole de la casa.

Entonces cuando salimos de la chosa donde estava Juan iva Juan junto con migo y Jose Chavez y Chavez y mo dijo mone villas a dejar matar Kico. Entonces corimos para una loma por que vimos un cordon de jente que venia de Siete Rio de alli pescamos el lanno al rumbo de Roswell por lotra vanda del fio de Pacos, y bajamos el rio como dos millas evajo de Gurban. Ay propusieron el Billy the Kid, Jose Chavez y Chavez y el Stock ay propusieron matar al indio Armijo. Entonces les dije yo a Chavez malemas llevarlo que lo jusgen los leyes major que matarlo. Entonces me dijo el Charles Barger bente bamonos deja a esos.

Cundo yo me aparie con el Charle, boltie la cara para stras bide que triban al Indio Armijo en el medio muy despasito. Cuando nos retiremos yo y el Charle como sin cuenta yardas de ellos, vimos que se arendo el indio muy rieso para atras. Billy the Kid y Jose Chavez y Chavez sedevolvieron echandole valazos. Asta que lo tumbaron ai onde cayo el indio Armijo ai nos juntamos barios. Entonces dijo el Billy the Kid a mi ay esta tu montura que te devo Francisco. Entonces le dijo ya a Esiquio Sanchez que me isiera el favor de traime el cagallo que traiba el indio Armijo, para quitarle la ontura. Cuando le quite la montura al caballo de Juan dide que estava muy ensangretedo Me dijo el Doke dejamela a mi toma la mia yo la limpiare. Y cambiamon monturas. Ay nos juntamos todos y nos venimos a pasar el rio en jn vado que le nombran el vado de los indios. Y dorminos enfrente del Gurban desta vanda del rio Pecos. En la manana nos leventamos y venimos a Laleman al morzar.

Ay estava el Macky Swin en el rancho del John Chisme. Despues que armorsemos dijo dl Macky Swin entren muchachos a la tienda esta libre para ustedes para que sacen todo lo que quieran. Entonces pensaron poner de Capitan al Stock para resguardo del Macky Swin. De las ocho micanos que avianos cuatro quadraon para unirse con les americanos, y  ouatro no almetimos entonces dijo el Macky Swin para el Lunes me van esperar a Lincoln por que se que tampronto como llege va a ir el Brady aristarme, y no me vian adejar que me areste. Por que se siertemente ai me arestan en la nocho me van a orear. Y no uiere que me areste. Si Vds. matan al Brady tienen una buena recompesa. Entonces salimos de la Aleman para el Berendo. Ay asimos un baile y estavanos bailano cuando illego Don Miguel Maes y dijo ba'nase muchachos por que crorra llegan como sinquenta Marfes que biono siguiendoles. Dio orden el Capitan que se llama Estee enmillen muchachos dise bien este senor; Cundo ivamos nosotros como una media milla de alli ollimos los

tires y gritos que traian ellos esperence muchaches bamos a aquardarles aqui y despues de una media shora que estubimos aquardandenes y vimos qu3 no venian nos furimos al rumbo de la sierra Capitana y legames aclarando al agua negra alli lonchamos despues de que lonehamos no dividimos los Americanos sefueron para Lincoln y los Mejicanes so fueron para San Patricio otre dia en la tarde llegaron los Americanos a San Patricio que fue Domingo en la tarde. Entonces dijo el Billy the Kid a Jose Chavez y Chavez Vamos a echar una sedula aver quienes vamos a esperar al Macky Swin manana en Lincoln echaron la sedula y caio en el Charle Barver, John Milton, Jim French White, Entonces el Capitan dijo vamos muchachos vamos todos y fueron neuve pures Americanos. Entonces dijo el Billy the Kid ustedes muchachos mejicanos no ball niuna entonces dijo Jose Chavez y Chafez porque no quiero que ballan los mejicanos tu vi los otros Americans no son mas hombres que yo, entonces dijo el Billy the Kid no te enojes Jose, por esta causa, to dire por que Brady esta casado con una mujer mejicana. Ye ustedes les duelle su propia sangre.

Entonces les dijo Chavez baince ustedes si acasco mos necastan nos llaman para darles auxillio. Entonces hablo un tejano ue se llamava Doke y dijo tambien ye tengo familia mejicana, Entonces tanpoeo yo no boy yo me quedo con los mejicancs. Entonces ordeno el Capitan Stock ensillen muchachos bamonos. Y se fueron para Lincoln. Y nosotros nos quedamos en neustros cases. Y el Doke, Fernando Hererra, Jesus Sian y Candoleria Hidalgo se fueron para el Ruidose. Otro dia por la manana salio Don Pancho Sanchez para Lincoln a tratar a la tienda de Lincoln. Estando el alli en la tienda come a las once del dia cuando allego el corello, illego en el corelle el Macky Swin. tanpronto que llege el corello salio el Brady y un tejano ue se llamaba George Hamilton cuando enfrento el Brady a la tienda alli estava el Billy the Kid, Jim French, Charle Barber, John Melton ellos estavan dentro de un corral de alli les tiraron dos a uno y dos a lotro y calleron.

Entonces brinco el Billy the Kid a garar el rifel de el Brady cuando se agacho a gararlo le tiraron un balazo de una casa que le deisan el choro.

Entonces llego el Macky Swin a su case. Alli se juntaron los nueve Macky Swins. Alli se juntaron los cuantro que estavan en el corral y cinco en lado del rio. Alli se estuvieron por el dia asta que bino la noche y de ay se binieron para San Patricoc Patricio

Otrio dia en la manana propusieron salir para la loma a esperar a los Marfes por si acaso avia una gera a serla afue a de la plaza para que no peligrar las families. En el misno dia ya metido el sol bieneron seis mejicanos arestar al Macky Swin y no llegaron a la plaza. Y se encompararon avajito de la plaza enremiedo de la sequia y del rio. Alli avia un jaral. Apose que ellos avian llegado los mejicanos se bino el Macky Swin con la jente que trivan se benieron a senar en la casa de Juan Trujillo ay tenia ellos su cuartel. Alli tenian un negro para que les isiers la comida. Despues de sena se divideron en diferentes casas de a dos y do a tres en cada casa. En una casa que estava a fuera de la plaza ay se snseraron el Macky Swin y un muchacho americano que se llanava Toma. Otro dia en la manana muy temprano andavan los seis mejicanos que avian bajado ese dia antes buscando al Macky Swin.

Cuando llegaron a la casa donde estava el Macky Swin salio Tomas ye le tiro un balazo al monton de mejicanos y le page a Julian Lopez en un brazo. Y salieron julendo para ariba del sero. Despues que avia pasado como una ahora que avia dade el balazo Tomas a Julian entonces bajaron como cuarenta Marfes a San Patricio matando caballos y gallinas. Entonces llegaron dos Marfes un mejicano y un Americano el mejicano se llamava Lucio Montoya y el americano se llamava Ale Cu. Entonces cuando los Macky Swins los sintieron les soltaron un discarge de los balazes y les mataron los caballos. A los dos Marfes y ellos salieron  jullendoppara San Patricio adonde estavan los de mas Marfes disetchando juna casa y todo lo de la tienda y lo tiraron afuera.

Y de alli se fueron todos les Marfes para Lincoln, y de alli se quedo todo muy silencio como por un mes. No tengo yo muy presente cuendo mataron al Macky Swin. El Macky Swin era muy persigide de los Mafres entonces el junto todos sus emigos y se fue para Lincoln y entro a su casa con ocho mehicanos y dos americanos y el y su esposa. Saviendolo los Marfes gue el estava adentro de su casa lo rodiron en su casa.

Entonces los marfes biendo que no le podian aser nada. Y sieron benir une companis de soldedos y un canon de el Fuerte, el canon la abacaron para el rumbo de la casa del Macky Swin. El Macky Swin dio orden a su jente que tenia alli dentro de su casa que no fueran a tirar niun balazo a los soldados que estavan enrededor de su casa. Entonces los soldados aguardaron que se isiera oscuro, entonces los Marfeslle prendieron lumbre a la casa del Macky Swin por una puerta. Y se fueron los soldados para el Fuerte. Cuando se quamo el primer cuarto salio Ginio Salazar y Ignacio Gonazals a la puerta y los Marfes los tumbarc y se quadaron caidas. Muando el lumbre llego al cuarto del medio propuso salir un americano por la puerta de la cosina del lado del norte. Nomas brinco a lado de afuera lo tumbaron los Marfes. Y luego brinco Francisco Samora y lo mataron tambien. Y despues brinco Bisente Romero y lo mataron tambien a el y ali se quadaron los tres ensimados. Entonces propuso el Billy the Kid y Jose Chavez y Chavez de sacar al braso lo dos al mismo tiempo con la pistola, atirar para un lado y otro tampronto como aquallos tiraron salio Florencio Chavez agaro al Max Swin de al braso y le dijo que saliers. Entonces Max Swin agaro una silletz y la puso en el rineon y se siento y dije que alli so murilla el. Cuando el Macky Swin brinearon el Billy y Jose Chavez para la puerta de la medio uno en un lado y el otro en lotro lado. Entonces brinco Roberto Bakers y un tejano y dijo aci esta el Macky Swin Entonces saco su pistola y le dio tres balasoa en el pacho. Cuando le trio el ultime tiro dijo Billy the Kid aqui esta Roberta y le metic el rifle en la boca y Jose Chavez le tiro al tejano y le pago on un oyo. Entonces salio el Billy the Kid aqui j Jose Chavez para el rio y de alli so fueron para San Patricio. Pues alli se estavo el Billy the Kid en San Patricio un tiempo como en Octubre bino el Governador y puso campo on San Patricio y trais como siete solados con el y otoros suidadanos tambien En la tarde se levantaron y sefueran para Lincoln el Governador iva el desello de conser al Billy the Kid. Entonces el governador determino un hombre por el Billy the Kid a San Patricio y lo lleve para Lincoln alli tubo al gusto de estracharle la mano al governador. Entonces el governador lo estuvao aconsejando de que secitara de esa vida. En este tiempe bino la elecion general y salio el George Kimburl de alguasil mairo de el condado abfendose puesto bien on su destino por orden del governador le mando que ordenar un Melisia por capitan de la milisia. Estava Juan B. patron de capitan y Billy the Kid estava de primer teniente Billy the Kid estuvo viviendo en una vida muy pasifica por todo el ano de 79 estuvieron autuando is milisia. Como fines de Octubre del el miamo ano.

Mando una orden el govenador que saliera la milisia arecoger todos los bandidos del condade de Chavez y de Condado de Ere no allaron nada y se disbolvio la milisia. Entonces el Billy the Kid selio de aqui siempre muy pasifico y [?] monte.

Pere vino la corte de districto en esa tiempo y los squas del Marfe. Enos lo aqerellaron ordinaron al oficial Kinbrul por el y no lo trajo dijo el Billy the Kid que primero lo train muerto que vive. Y se quedo silensio per un teimpo el Pat Giar le ofrecio atrerto abia una recompensa.

Entonces telefoniaron al Governador que siavia una recompensa para trirlo que estava opuesto entonows el governador ofresio 500 pecos. Entonces el Pat Guiar se alisto el y 4 hombres mas para ir a trer al billy the Kid y lo allo a el y 5 muchachos mas alli los sitio el Pat Gar el su 4 hombros que traio por toda esa moche. En is manana muy temprane salio und de los muchachos que estava con el Billy the Kid con un bote por agua, este muchacho se llamava Charle Barker ye el Pat Guiar le tire y los demas le tiraron tambien y le dieron un balaso en el pescueso y tio el bote qu train y se motio para dentro. Y lo estuvo el Billy amarandole de orida con un trapo para que se le estancars la sangre.

Entonces el dijo a Charle toma tu pistola y algultala y le dices al Pat Giar que estes pendide y sacas tu pistola y lo matas.

Alcabo lla te vas a murir salio el Charle para donde estava el pat Guiar y le dijo estoy rendido al miso tiempo saco su pistola el Charle y la dirigio al pat pero no pudo tirarlo perque estava muy eredido en ese tiempo callo muerto. Pues Pat Guiar tuva al Billy ela los otros muchachos por tres dias enserados porfin en ambre y la se losio salir antregarse. Entonces el Pat Giar agaro al Billy the Kid porque nomas para el train el orden. De llevarlo y lo llevo para el caroel de Lincoln en ese mismo tiempo la corte estava suctuando y lo jusgaron y lo sente siaron al primer grado. En 30 dias lo yvan a oroar. Cuando faltavan tres dias para orcarle se salio. Binieron jentes de donde quiera aherlo murir.

El dia que el se salio de alli el noestava enserado en la carcel pero estava en un carato de la corte. Lo qidava el Oficial y el carcelero como ala ahora de al medio dia le dijo el caroe lero al deputado bete acomer tu y des ues ire yo y le traigo comida.

A este y se quedo el carceolero y el Billy the Kid solos. Entonces el Billy the Kid vido un papel en la vantana y lo agaro lle el se svia quitado los esposas no tenia mas que los [?]. Entonces se armio el Billy the Kid a donds estava el carcelero [?] el papel on las manog y le dijo al carcelero que estas palabra entonces el carcelero le dio su atencion al Bill y el Billy the Kid se esco la pistola a el de donde la train y lo mato con la misma pistola de el despues de que lo mato le quito la faga y la funda y se la fago el Billy. En el mismo cua to estava un rifle de munision y uno d 44 W.C.F. y los agaro el Billy the Kid los dos.

Cuando el deputado ollo los tiros el dijo seguro que lla el Bob mato al Billy the Kid y salio corriendo del Hotel para la carcel cuando llego que iva suviendo el esealera para ariva le ablo el Billy y le dijo hallo y el deputade levanto su vista por ariva. Enconces el Billy lo tiro un balazo con el rifle cuate. Entonces el Billy the Kid do alli salio per Hotel y lo dijo al Ben Esle ben quitame estas grios y el Ben se los quite y le dise Billy al Ben prestame un cagallo y ensiale to lo voy a dejar en San Patricio. Entonces el Billy the Kid se fu para San Patricio cuando llego a San Patricio le dijo el Billy and Juan Trujillo prestame tu caballo mora pera irme de aqui. Si aio mi caballo de alla to mando el tuic y este cavallo se lo entriegas al Ben. Salio el Billy the Kid de San Patricio y llego a la Bocilla onde estava un campo de el John Chisim era campo de Baceros, entre los trabajadores estava un amigo de el Billy Mote hombre avia dicho que donde quera que el incontrava al Billy the Kid el lo iva a matar porque avia matado a su amigo.

Entonces Billy the Kid dijo antes que tu me mates to voy a matar a ti y saco su pistola y el dio dos balasos y lo mato. Entonces el Billy the Kid delli salio para el Berendo all se estavo algunas dias en el Beraendo estava el Tomas y Tomas tria el caballo de el Billy the Kid pues de el Berendo lo mando el caballo Juan Trujillo de el Berendo se feu el Billy para. llego ala casa de Juan Patron el capitan de la milisia le dijo Billy a Juan Patron me balla estar unas dias aqui con le dise Juan Patron esta bien Billy yo te areglars un caarte para ti y tu companero all se estuvo el Billy algun tiempo en lagcasa de Juan Patron.

Con alos tres dias de estar alli el Tomas un compnere de el iva un baile y le dijo el Billy the Kid a Tomas ve al baile y mira que calse de jente alli. Aber si esta el Pat all entonces se fue el Tomas cuando iya in frente de unas casas despobaldos de all le tior el Pat Giar al Tomas y lo Tomas. Entonces el Billy supo el Pat avia matado a Tomas

de all se feu el Billy the Kid para la casa de Pedro Macky al bosoe grande con alos res cuartro dias al esatr on la casa de Pedro llego un tejane que se llamava Charle Willson este vino a al Billy the Kid. Avendose encontrado el y el Billy se saludaron muy caballeros. Entonces lo dise el Charle Willson al Billy bamos para la cantina a tomar unos trages. cantina alli avia como 6 or 7 personas. Entonces Charles al Billy bames apostando las copas para todos estos hombres el que mate primero un hombre hoy. Entonces el Charle le dijo al que pusiera los gragos para todos seelos hombres. Entonces el Charles les dijo que tomaran  copas de trago por el. Entonces dise el Billy the Kid al emntinere que bolbiera poner los tragos por el entonces el Charle saee su pistola y quievre todos los basos. Cuando llego al ultimo el Billy estava en la orio y tiro un ballso Billy y le paso por un sovaco y entonces el Billy saco su pistola y le dio dos balazos al Charle en el pecho.

Cuando el Charle iva caiendo le dise el Billy the Kid no te cejas pagame mis copas se mueron por no pagar. Entonces el Billy the Kid le didjo al cantinero que pusiera ontra ves los para todos acellos hombres debuelta y tomaran todos po el Billy the Kid. Enotonces secedo todo muy silencio por algunos dias. Asta que se iso Pat Giar de Pedro Macky para como le al Billy sin peligro. Cuando lla supo el Pat que todo estava areglado con Pedry se fue para el Bosco grande muy secreta monte.

Y metio Pedro Macky al Pat Giar a un cuarto serea de dunde durmia el Billy the Kid. en esa misma noohe el Billy durmio un rato y le dio ambre y se levante y echo lumbre entonces agano su navaga y su pistola y se fue a cortar carne de un animal que tenian alli en el cuarto., colgado.

Cuendo el estava cortando la carno ollo ablar en el otro cuarto y fue a la puerta la entre abric; y le dise Billy a Pedro quien esta con tigo Pedro le contesto es mi esposa. Pasa para dentro entonces el Billy abrio la puerta y entro. Cuando el Billy the Kid se paro en la puerta le tiro el Pat

Giar un balaso y le dio en el estomago. Y ocallo muerto. Y se estuve tirade por la noche y el Pat y Pedro Macky se fueron otor dia en la manana la pagaron a una mujer para que fuera aver que avia en el cuarto la mujer fue y entro y al Billy the Kid que estava muerto astravesado en la puerta entonces la mujer se dedolbio y les dijo que all en el cuarto estava un hombre muerto. Entrances  Pat Giar y Pedro Macky aberlo. Source: Francisco Trujillo, San Patricio, Lincoln County New Mexico.

May 10, 1937
Billy The Kid, English Version
As Told by Francisco Trujillo, 85 years
old, of San Patricio, Lincoln County, New Mexico.
Original written in Spanish.
Counties: Lincoln
Surnames mentioned: McSween, Bonney, Baker, Mote, Gallegos, Garrett, Gallegos, McLoska, Nane, Coe, Armijo, Chaves, Scroggin, Martinez, Bargar, Stock, Banche, Chisum, Milton, White, Trujillo, Monyota, White, Sais, Hidalgo, Romero, Kimbrall, French, Barber, Melton, Mote, Bargar (Barber?), Hamilton, Trujillo, Mackey, Macky

English Translation by A. L. White
Slight editing by volunteers at to fit this format.
Note: Capitan is a place in Lincoln County, and does not refer to a Captain, which is spelled differently. Also, McSween is the proper name of the Macky Swin in the story below. Other errors may exist. Ponasco probably refers to Penasco.

I arrived at San Patricio in the year 1877. During the first days of October sheriff Brady appointed a committee to pursue some bandits whom we found at Harry Baker's ranch at Siete Rios. There we arrested them and brought them to the jail at Lincoln. In November the people of Penasco went to take the bandits out from jail. Among the people coming from Penasco, was Billy the Kid.
At about the same time Francisco Trujillo, my brother, Juan Trujillo and I went to Pajarito to hunt deer. We were at the mouth of the Pajarito Canyon skinning a deer, when we saw two persons passing. One was Frank Baker, the other was Billy Mote. One was a bandit and the other a body guard whom Marfe kept at the ranch. The last one was a thief also. When they passed my brother said, "Let us get away quickly, these are bad people." So, we got our horses, saddled them and left in the direction of San Patricio. On the way we met the bandits and the people who were coming from the jail at Lincoln. The bandits surrounded Juan, my brother. I started to get away but Billy the Kid followed me telling me to stop. I then turned around and saw that he was pointing a rifle at me so I jumped from my horse and aimed my gun at him. He then went back to where the people were and aimed his gun at Juan saying "If Francisco does not surrender I am going to kill you." Lucas Gallegos then shouted "Surrender, friend, otherwise they will kill my compadre Juan." Billy then took my gun from where I had laid it and we returned to the place where the people were. Billy then said to me "We have exchanged guns now let us exchange saddles." I said that suited me picking up the gun when another Texan said "Hand it over you don't need it." At this point Lucas Gallegos interposed saying to my brother "Let me have the pistol, compadre." Then my brother gave Lucas the pistol in its holster. Then and there we parted and left for San Patricio to recount our experiences.
In December Macky Swin and Marfe went to court about a guardianship and a decision was rendered in favor of Macky Swin. When Marfe saw that he had lost out he ordered his men to kill Macky Swin or some of his companions. Macky Swin hearing of the order that Marfe had given gathered his people in order to protect himself. Among those he rounded up was Billy the Kid, Charley Barber and Macky Nane. In addition to these three men, six more got together and Macky Swin made them the same promise, to the effect that a prize of $500 was to be awarded to each person who killed one of the Marfes. It was then and there that Billy the Kid organized his people and went out in search of Frank Baker and Billy Mote whom he apprehended on the other side of the Pecos river and brought to Lincoln where it was planned to execute them. Later when they talked it over further with the rest, it was again decided to kill them but not to bring them to Lincoln. One of the gang named McLoska said that he preferred to be shot himself rather than to have one of those men killed. No sooner had he said this, when he found himself shot behind the ear. After they killed McLoska, Frank Baker and Billy Mote were promptly executed. From there Billy's gang left for San Patricio where Billy asked for Francisco Trujillo in order to deliver back to him, his gun. It was here that they hired a Mexican boy to go to Lincoln for provisions and to collet the reward that Macky Swin had promised for the Marfes whom they had just killed.
A few days later Macky Nane, Frank Coe and Alex Coe were on their way to Picacho from Lincoln. When they reached the Ojo ranch they were confronted by the Marfes. They made Frank Coe prisoner and shot Alex Coe on the leg, while the Indian, Juan Armijo, ran after Macky Nane and killed him. By order of Robert Baker, Macky Nane had been the leader whom Macky Swim had had for a guard. Within a few days a complaint was sworn against the Indian, Juan Armijo, and sheriff Brady deputized Jose Chaves to arrest him. Chaves then named seven men, beside himself in order that they should go with him to look for Armijo and he in turn deputized eight Americans and eight Mexicans and altogether they left for Siete Rios where they found Juan across the Pecos river, as well as two other Texans. When Atanasio Martinez, John Scroggin, Billy the Kid and I arrived at the door of the hut, Juan Armijo spoke up and said "How are you Kiko?" "Come on out" I said to Juan. "You have killed Macky Nane" to which he nodded in assent but adding that it was by order of Robert Baker under threat of being prosecuted himself, should he fail to carry out instructions. I then made my way to Macky Nane who had been hiding behind some tree trunks in an effort to defend himself against those who were shooting at the house, and killed him. When we left the hut, accompanied by Juan, he said to me "Don't let them kill me Kiko!" Seeing a string of people coming from Siete Rios we ran to nearby hill and from there towards the plains and then headed for Roswell, on the other side of the Pecos river, and came out two miles below at Gurban. It was here that Billy the Kid, Jose Chaves y Chaves and Stock proposed to kill the Indian, Armijo. I said to Chaves "Is it not better to take him in and let the law have its course?" Charley Bargar then came up to me and said "Come on Francisco, let us be running along."
As I came up to Charley, I turned and saw the Indian Armijo riding between them very slowly. When Charley and I had gone about fifty yards we noticed that the Indian had gotten away from his captors and was riding away as fast as he could. Billy the Kid and Jose Chaves took out after him and began to shoot at him until they got him. Several of us congregated at the place where he fell. Billy the Kid then said to me "Francisco, here are the saddle and trappings that I owe you." I then commanded Banche to do me the favor of bringing me the horse the Indian Armijo had been riding, in order that I might remove the saddle which was covered with blood. Noting my disgust Doke said that he would take it and clean it and let me have his in the meantime. And so, we exchanged. Our business finished we turned homeward and crossed the river at a point called "Vado de los Indios". At this side of the Pecos river, we slept. In the morning we arose and went to have breakfast. There we found Macky Swin at John Chisum's ranch. Breakfast being over Macky Swin told us to go into the store and take anything that we wished.
At this point it was decided to leave the Capitan stock to guard over Macky Swin. Of the original eight Mexicans in the party, four were left to join the Americans, not having admitted the other four to do so. Macky Swin then asked us to meet him the following Monday at Lincoln because said he "As soon as I arrive, Brady is going to try and arrest me and you should not let him get away with it. If I am arrested I shall surely be hung and I don't want to die, while if you kill Brady you shall earn a reward." From here we left for Berendo where found a celebration in progress. We were enjoying ourselves very thoroughly when Don Miguel came up to us and said "Better be on your way boys because presently there will arrive about fifty Marfes who are probably coming here to get you." Esteco, our leader, agreeing with don Miguel, commanded us to saddle our horses. We had not been gone half a mile when we heard shouts and gunshots so we decided to wait for the gang and have it out. Our efforts were of no avail, however, as the gang failed to show up. We then pursued our course toward the Capitan Mountains and arrived at Agua Negra at day break and there we had our lunch. At this point the party broke up, the Anglos going to Lincoln, the Mexicans to San Patricio whence they arrived on Sunday afternoon. Billy the Kid then said to Jose Chaves, "Let us draw to see who has to wait for Macky Swin tomorrow at Lincoln. The lots fell to Charley Barber, John Milton and Jim French White, whereupon the leader decided that all nine Anglos should go. Bill thought that it was best for none of the Mexican boys to go and when Chaves protested saying that the Anglos were no braver than he, Bill explained that Brady was married to a Mexican and that it was a matter of policy, all Mexicans being sentimental about their own. Chaves being appeased urged the rest to go on promising to render assistance should a call come for help. A Texan name Doke said that since his family was Mexican too, he would remain with the others. Stock then gave orders to proceed. The horses were saddled and they left for Lincoln.
Doke, Fernando Herrera, Jesus Sais and Candelario Hidalgo left for Ruidoso. The next morning Don Pancho Sanches left for Lincoln to make some purchases at the store. Being in the store about eleven, the mail arrived and with it Macky Swin. There also arrived Brady and a Texan name George Hamilton. At this juncture Brady also arrived where he found Billy the Kid, Jim French, Charley Barber and John Melton. They were in the corral from whence two of the gang shot at one, and two others at the other, where they fell. Billy the Kid then jumped to snatch Brady's rifle and as he was leaning over someone shot at him from a house they used to call "El Chorro." Macky Swin then reached the house where the nine Macky Swins were congregated, the four who were in the corral and five who had been at the river. There they remained all day until nightfall and then proceeded to San Patricio. The next morning they proposed going to the hills should there be a war and so that it could be waged at the edge of town in order not to endanger the lives of the families living there. The same day, toward evening, six Mexicans came to arrest Macky Swin. They did not arrive at the Plaza but camped a little further down between the acequia and the river at a place where there were thick brambles. Shortly after the Mexicans arrived Macky Swin came with his people to eat supper at the house of Juan Trujillo, that being their headquarters, that also being their mess hall, having hired a Negro to prepare the meals. After supper they scattered among the different houses, two or three in each house.
In one of these at the edge of town Macky Swin and an American boy whose name was Tome locked themselves in. Next day early in the morning the six Mexicans who had been looking for Macky Swin showed up. When they arrived at the house where Macky Swin was Tome came out and shot at the bunch of Mexicans and hit Julian, about forty Marfes came down to San Patricio killing horses and chickens. At this point there arrived two Marves, an American and a Mexican. The American's name was Ale Cu, and the Mexican's Lucio Montoya. When the Macky Swins became aware of them, they began to fire and killed all the horses. The two Marfes ran away to San Patricio where the rest of the Marfes were tearing down a house and taking out of the store everything that they could get hold of. From there all the Marfes went to Lincoln and for about a month nothing of interest occurred. I don't recall exactly when Macky Swin, who was being hounded down by the Marfes, was killed but I do remember that he gathered together all his friends and went back home to Lincoln accompanied by eight Mexicans and two Americans, also his wife. When the Marfes found out that he was in the house they surrounded him but seeing that they were unable to hurt him they caused to be brought over a company of soldiers and a cannon from the nearby Fort. Notwithstanding this Macky Swin instructed his people not to fire. For this reason the soldiers had to sit until it was dark. The Marfes then set fire to the house and the soldiers returned to the fort. When the first room burned
down, Ginio Salazar and Ignacio Gonzales came out to the door but the Marfes knocked them down and left them there, dazed. When the flames reached the middle room, an American proposed to go out through the doors of the kitchen on the north side. No sooner did he jump than the Marfes knocked him down. Francisco Samora jumped also and he too was shot. Vincente Romero was next and there the three remained in a heap. It was then proposed by Billy the Kid and Jose Chaves y Chaves to take aim at the same time and shoot, first to one side then to the other. Chaves took Max Swin by the arm and told him to go out to which Mack Swin answered by taking a chair and placing it in the corner stating that he would die right there. Billy and Jose Chaves then jumped to the middle door, one on one side, and the other on the other. Then Robert Bakers and a Texan jumped and said "Here is Macky Swin". Drawing out his revolver he shot him three times in the breast. When the last shot was fired Billy the Kid said "Here is Robert" and thrust a revolver in his mouth while Jose Chaves shot at the Texan and hit him in the eye. Billy and Chaves then went along the river headed for San Patricio where they both remained for some time.
In October the Governor accompanied by seven soldiers and other persons came to San Patricio camping. Having heard about the exploits of Billy the Governor expressed a desire to meet him and sent a messenger to fetch him. The interview was in the nature of a heart to heart talk wherein the Governor advised Billy to give up his perilous career. At this point occurred the General Election and George Kimbrall was elected sheriff of the county.
Obeying the Governor's orders he called out the militia having commissioned Sr. Patron as Captain and Billy the Kid as First Lieutenant. During that year, that of 1879 things were comparatively quiet and Billy led a very uneventful life.
About the last part of October of the same year, the Governor issued an order that the militia should make an effort to round all bandits in Chaves County, a task which the militia was not able to accomplish hence it disbanded. Billy the Kid received an honorable discharge and would probably have gone straight from them on had it not been that at this juncture the District Court met and the Marfes swore a complaint against him and ordered Sheriff Kimbrall to
arrest him. Billy stubbornly refused to accompany the sheriff and threatened to take away his life rather than to be apprehended.
Again nothing was heard for a time and then Pat Garrett offered to bring in the desperado for a reward. The Governor having been made aware of the situation himself offered a reward of $500. Immediately Pat Garrett accompanied by four other men got ready to go after Billy and found him and three other boys, whom they surrounded. One morning, during the siege, one of Billy's companions went out to fetch a pail of water whereupon Pat Garrett shot at him, as well as the others, hitting him in the neck and thereby causing
him to drop the pail and to run into the house. With a piece of cloth, Billy was able to dress the wound of the injured man and at least stop the hemorrhage. He then advised the wounded man to go out and to pretend to give himself up, hiding his firearm but using it at the first opportune moment to kill Pat. Charley did as we was told but when he went to take aim, dropped dead. Bill and the other three companions were kept prisoners for three days but finally hunger and thirst drove them out and caused them to venture forth and to give themselves up. Billy was arrested there being no warrant for the others. Then followed the trial which resulted in a sentence to hang within thirty days. News of the execution having spread about people began to come in for miles around to be present on the fatal day but Billy was not to afford them much
pleasure having escaped three days before the hanging. A deputy and jailer had been commissioned to stand guard over him. On the day of the escape at noon the jailer told the deputy to go and eat his dinner and that he would then go himself and fetch the prisoner's.
It was while the jailer and Billy remained alone that the prisoner stepped to the window to fetch a paper. He had somehow gotten rid of his hand-cuffs and only his shackles remained. With the paper in his hand he approached the officer and before the latter knew what his charge was up to, yanked his revolver away from him and the next instant he was dead. Billy lost no time in removing his keeper's cartridge belt as well as a rifle and a "44 W.C.F." which were in the room.
When the deputy heard the shots he thought that the jailer must have shot Billy who was trying to escape and ran from the hotel to the jail on the steps of which he met Billy who said "hello" as he brushed past him, firing at him as he dashed by. Billy's next move was to rush to the hotel and to have Ben Eale remove his shackles. He also provided for him a horse and saddled it for Billy upon the promise that he was to leave it at San Patricio. True to his word Billy secured another horse at San Patricio from his friend Juan Trujillo promising in turn to return the same as soon as he could locate his own.
Billy now left San Patricio and headed for John Chisum's cattle ranch. Among the cowboys there was a friend of Billy Mote who had sworn to kill the Kid whenever he found him in order to avenge his friend. But Billy did not give him time to carry out his plan killing him on the spot. From there Billy left for Berendo where he remained a few days. Here he found his own horse and immediate sent back Juan Trujillo's. From Berendo Billy left for Puerto de Luna where he visited Juan Patron, his former captain. Patron did everything to make his and his companion's stay there a pleasant as possible. On the third evening of their stay there was to have been a dance and Billy sent his companion to make a report of what he saw and heard. While on his w ay there, and while he was passing in front of some abandoned shacks, Tome was fired upon by one of Pat Garrett's men and
killed. No sooner had Billy heard the distressing news than he set out for the house of his friend Pedro Macky at Bosque Grande where he remained in hiding until a Texan named Charley Wilson, and who was supposed to be after Billy, arrived. The two exchanged greetings in a friendly fashion and then the stranger asked Billy to accompany him to the saloon, which invitation Billy accepted. There were six or seven persons in the saloon when the two entered. Drinks were imbibed in a general spirit of conviviality prevailed when some one suggested that the first one to commit a murder that day was to set the others up. "In that case the drinks are on me" said Charley who commanded all to drink to their heart's content. Billy then ordered another round of drinks and by this time Charley who was felling quite reckless began to shoot at the glasses not missing a single one until he came to Billy's. This he pretended to miss, aiming his shot at Bill instead. This gave Billy time to draw out his own revolver and before Charley could take aim again, Billy had shot the other in the breast twice. When he was breathing his last Billy said "Do not whisper you were to eager to buy those drinks." It was Billy's turn now to treat the company.
Quiet again reign ed for a few days. In the meantime Pat Garrett was negotiating with Pedro Macky for the deliverance of Billy. When all
details were arranged for, Pat left for Bosque Grande secretly. At the ranch house, Pedro hid Pat in a room close beside the one Billy was occupying. Becoming hungry during the night Billy got up and started to prepare a lunch. First he built a fire, then he took his hunting knife and was starting to cut off a hunk of meat from a large piece that hung from one of the vigas when he heard voices in the adjoining room. Stepping to the door he partially opened it and thrusting his he ad in asked Pedro who was with him. Pedro replied that it was only his wife and asked him to come in. Seeing no harm in this Billy decided to accept the invitation only to be shot in the pit of the stomach as he stood in the door. Staggering back to his own room it was not definitely known that the shot had been fatal until a cleaning woman stumbled over the dead body upon entering the room, the following morning.


La Rubia
By Lorin W. Brown
Paraphra sed by C. W. Barnum
Counties: Mora
Surnames mentioned: Rubia, Archulata, Miguel, Esquibel, Martinez

A veteran of the battle of Val Verde Don Miguel Archuleta is around ninety-six or ninety-seven years old, he is not sure. I arrived at his approximate age by taking a guess as to his age at the time in which some historical incident took place, as for instance the above mentioned battle. Erect, firm of step and in full mental vigor he could attribute his vigorous old age only on the fact that he had enjoyed life to the fullest at all times, taking the bad with the same degree of cheerful acceptance with he received and enjoyed the good.

After a drink of Burgundy he stated that he had acquired a taste for wine while in Rio Abajo before and after the battle of Val Verde. Before that time I drank aguardiente of which there was plenty distilled in and around Taos where I was born. Seguro es, that it must have been good whiskey because it never seemed to have harmed me. Even now I like my whiskey at times especially my tragito before breakfast.

Just then a red-haired lady passed along the street and Don Miguel's eyes lit up and he smiled as he gazed at her retreating figure. Even after she passed out of sight he seemed to be lost in a reminiscent revelry. Offer of another drink broke in on this and after sampling it Don Miguel started with. You know, I never see a pretty redhead but I remember the enchanted woman of the cave near old Taos. I was a soldier and there were two very good friends of mine stationed there who were also from Taos. We were together at all times. Young as we were then and all we gave a thought to were the good times we could have together when duty permitted and money was in our pockets. Blessed be God how long ago that was, both of my companeros are long since dead and I trust God has already pardoned their sins and granted them eternal peace.

Pablito Martinez was one of these companeros a very happy fellow who was afraid of nothing not even the devil. He was very high spirited and very proud too. I remember how my mother used to describe him. She would say, This Pablito is like the rooster, who always bows his head going through the gate, thinking in his pride that his comb otherwise might brush the cross beam many feet above him. Thus he was but a great friend. The other, Manuel Esquibel was very quiet but very loyal and the three of us were together at many bailes where we made ourselves respected when the young men of the village tried to run us away.

Now near Fort Union there is a cave of which we had heard tales. The people living near there had told us it was enchanted, that a beautiful red-haired woman was to be seen at times at the mouth of the cave, in the morning and evening. Those who confessed to have seen her said that she was very beautiful and would appear with her red hair hanging down over her shoulders and beg them to de-enchant her, that whoever would do so could have her for his wife. After making this plea she would disappear into the cave again leaving them astonished at her beauty and wondering what kind of enchantment kept her prisoner. Three men had ventured into the cave at different times but of these only one had stayed in over night and not only over night, but forever as he never came out again. The disappearance of this poor fellow led the people to believe that La Rubia was a witch who took this form to entice her victims to some horrible death inside the cave.

One evening Pablito came in to the cuartel very much excited. He had been out in the hills on some duty and swore he had seen La Rubia in the cave. I saw her, Por Dios que si, he swore and he was not one to swear in vain. Tan Linda, as no other woman. He was going to go in that cave next day if he had to desert. And so on. He was like one who is mad, we hardly slept listening to him and trying to persuade him to wait until we could all go with him. We promised that next leave we would both go with him. Three would be better than one if there were dangers to be met. Buen Dios, we finally calmed him and he slept, but even in his sleep he tossed and muttered, no doubt dreaming of rescuing his Rubia and fighting, Dios Sabe what kind of monsters.

So we waited until our next leave which we asked should fall on the same day. Guns and food we took as well as as many pitch sticks as we could find and prepare. We even had the padre confess us and bless our venture wanting to prepare ourselves in every way. On the way to the cave Pablito was full of talk about the Rubia. He was sure we would de-enchant her. How happy he would be with her as a bride. And certainly his two friends would be happy also, soguro we would rejoice in his happiness. Maybe she was a princess from Spain or some other king's daughter and he would become rich thru marrying her. Y queridos companeros, I will not forget you, you will share with me, riches, glory everything. Pobre Pablito, he was dreaming we knew, what could be found in a hole in the ground in these sun baked hills except maybe it was the home of some bruja who took the form of the Rubia to lure men into the cave for her own wicked ends. But Pablito had seen her. Con estos ojos la vi, with these eyes I saw her. Over and over again we heard him say. Beautiful she is and we are not men if we do not go to her aid. Maybe he was already a little bewitched but as good friends and companeros we would all go together and fight together as we had so many times at bailes or fiestas because of other women, perhaps not Rubia, but fight we did because the village boys resented their preference for us or maybe it was only because of our uniforms. Quien Sabe.

Nearing the cave we pitched camp, examined our pistols and powder and prepared a meal, the last one before entering the cave, first hobbling our horses to that if any thing happened to us they would not starve and could, in time, get back to the fort. Now the entrance to the cave is not very large and it is hidden by brush and overhang of the bluff, in which it is located.

Inside a short ways it was necessary to light our torches in order to see. At first it was very narrow and low but inside it opened up into a large room. We held our torches close to the floor to see if we could make out any foot prints. Suddenly Pablito jumped with a yell saying that he had seen a foot print of La Rubia and run on farther into the cave shouting, Sal Rubia, Sal Caboza Colorada, Come out Red, Come out Red Head, we have come to disenchant you. Salgan diablos o domonios, Come out devils or demons we have come to fight you and free La Rubia. So quickly did he get away from us that wee did not stop to see the footprints but hurried after our impetuous friend. We could see the glow from his torch ahead of us and hear his shouts. We called to him to wait for us and ran after him. He must not have heard us and the next thing we knew a turn in the cave hid his light from us although we could still hear his voice. Soon we came to where three galleries branched off. Not knowing which one Pablito had taken we stopped, puzzled as to which one to follow and the rocky floor showed no marks we could go by. We went up quite a ways in one on the chance it was the one he had taken but no sign could we find. We then returned to the point where the three galleries branched and decided to leave one of us there to stop Pablito if he should come back. Also we arranged on shots as signals to recall or guide us in returning to this meeting place.

Georgia B. Redfield
Laura H. Cahoon
Paraphrased by C. W. Barnum
Counties: Chaves
Surnames mentioned: Cahoon, Folson, Chase, Dawson, Maulding, Prager, Stanhardt, Howell, Stanhardt, Hedgecoxe

It was learned through an interview with Mrs. Laura Hedgecoxe Cahoon that it was by chance, as well as for the integrity and force of character of the organizer, that the first bank of Roswell was established by E.A. Cahoon. It was during the year 1884 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after Mr. Cahoon's graduation form Amherst College Massachusetts that S. N. Folson while on a visit to Minneapolis saw Mr. Cahoon, and told him of the wonderful Sunshine Country of New Mexico, where he had been for the benefit of his health, and had organized stock ranches. One of the finest of these - in the most beautiful location was the ranch established in the Cimarron country 150 mile southeast of Cimarron, another was 35 miles southeast. An uncle of Mr. Cahoon's, W. C. Chase and his son were stock owners and managers of some of the ranches. M. Chase was manager of the Maxwell Land and Cattle Company, a company formed for the purpose of stocking all the land in the Maxwell grant a about 1,700,000 acres. In 1867 Chase had a residence three miles from Cimarron in a rich area, a half mile to a mile wide. There were 1,000 acres of land on which he kept forty horses and three hundred head of cattle. The horses were for his individual and family use, and the cattle belonged to his children who had them branded with their own marks.

Fifteen miles to the north, he and two partners, Dawson and Maulding had a ranch of 50,000 acres, all enclosed twenty miles having wire fence, and fifteen miles were walls of mountains. On one of the ranches, Mr. Folson told Mr. Cahoon, M. Chase and his partner, Dawson, had a band of sheep, 2,500 in number, which had been cut out of the main flock to send to market. It would have surprised a Vermont sheep raiser to have seen that flock. They were fat as butter, most of them full blooded, and had wool down nearly to the ground. The Governor, who was with us was a sheep man, and he exclaimed, 'By thunder, I am beat!' He had never seen as many sheep together, carrying so much wool and mutton, and, said Mr. Folson, they have our word for it, the average Vermont stock, stall fed, will not surpass the immense New Mexico herds of thousands that feed on the vast cattle lands.

Mr. Cahoon knew of the beauty and interesting history of this country from his relatives, before meeting Mr. Folson in Minneapolis, and had been interested in the stories of this ranching and stock raising country. I want a job on one of those ranches, said Mr. Cahoon.

There is a place for you, said Mr. Folson, Come as soon as you like. So he came to New Mexico in November, 1884, and worked as cowboy on the ranches in Colfax and San Miguel counties, until 1887. During that year he secured a place as collector, and then as a teller, in the Albuquerque National Bank. He remained with this institution until 1890. It was through the efforts of Jaffa, Prager Company of Roswell that plans were matured for a bank in Roswell. The man who was to be in charge changed his mind. Mr. Cahoon's records were examined. He was formed to be a keen business discernment, and was asked to fill the place. He accepted the responsibility. It was in this way, by chance, that the bank of Roswell was organized and has stood strong, and sound the entire time under Mr. Cahoon's management for forty-four years through the hard times of the early years of its organization and the years of depression, until his death December 23, 1934. The success of the bank was largely due to the business judgment of Mr. Cahoon and his thorough understanding of the business conditions, and industries, of new Mexico and to his early training, and experience in the banking business.

Mr. Cahoon was born August 20, 1862 in Lyndon, Vermont. He was the son of Dr. Charles S. and Chase Cahoon. His ancestors were the owner and builders of the town of Lyndon, and were descendants of Roger Williams. They were among the first settlers of Providence, Rhode Island before locating in Lyndon prior to the Revolutionary war.

Mr. Cahoon before his death was president of the New Mexico Bankers Association, president of the Roswell Building and Loan Association, and was direction in numerous business corporations. He was charitable, generous to a fault, giving much of his worldly goods to the needy during the early years of the depression and the last year of his life. He was the helpful friend of the deserving youth, and young men of the state. The beautiful Memorial Gates and park buildings of Cahoon Memorial Park in the northwestern part of the town of Roswell were designed by Frank N. Stanhardt, young architect, whom Mr. Cahoon had assisted through college.

Four years after the coming of Mr. Cahoon to Roswell he was married, in April, 1894, to Miss Mabel Howell, who died in October, 1902, leaving three daughters, Katherine, Louise and Mabel. The wife and companion of the last twenty-five years of Mr. Cahoon's life was Mrs. Laura Hedgecoxe Cahoon, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hedgecoxe who moved to Roswell in 1897 when Mrs. Cahoon was a child. She and Mr. Cahoon were married August 15, 1908. One child, a son, was born of this marriage, and was given the name, Daniel of an ancestor who three-hundred years age cleared the land and established in Vermont where Mr. Cahoon was born. Dan Cahoon is a graduate of New Mexico Military Institute and of Stanford University, California. He is at present preparing himself to be a physician, as was his grandfather, Dr. Charles S. Cahoon.

One of the highly valued treasures of Mrs. Cahoon, and her son is a silver water pitcher presented to Dr. Chas. Cahoon, Grandfather of Dan, as an award for performing a very delicate and serious operation, in the early years of surgery, 1862. The success and achievement of Mr. E. A. Cahoon were accomplished through his strong minded lever headed mind inherited from a good old New England ancestry, as well as for his unusual business ability. Source: Laura Hedgecoxe Cahoon. Dates checked from Twitchell's History of New Mexico. By C. N. Chase, Lyndon, Vermont in 1882.