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220 Family Histories

Page 1
A. J. Ballard and Family
Abran Miller
The Adams Diggings
Parker and Roberts Families
Nicolas Lopez of Agua Fria
Albert Zeigler
Alice J. Van Winkel
The Alma Massacre, Indian Story
Ambrosio Chavez

Page 2
Anna Potter Davis
Mrs. Anna Brazel
Annie Laurie Snorf
As I See It, Jack Hill
Mrs. O. C. Story
Katherine Ragsdale
Beecher Lank
Ben Stimmel
Bertha Gusdorf

Page 3
Buster Degraftenreid
C. D. Bonney
Captain Jason W. James
Captain Smith H. Simpson
Cattle Shipping and Trading Posts
Cecelia Richards Alvarez and stories
Charles C. Geek
Charles C. Roberts
Charles D. Mayer

Page 4
Bertha Mandell Candler and stories
Billy The Kid, English Version
J . J. Rogers
Guadalupe Lupita Gallegos I
Guadalupe Lupita Gallegos II
Guadalupe Lupita Gallegos II
Guadalupe Lupita Gallegos III
May Price Mosley
Buffalo Valley
Buried Treasure

Page 5
Clayborn Brimhall
Cleve Hallenbeck
Thomas N. Pendergrass
Cowboy Hardships
John Richards

Page 6
Charles L. Ballard Part I,
Charles L. Ballard Part II,
Berta Ballard Manning,
Clara Coleman, and
Petition of Refugio Colony Grant

Page 7
Jesus Sanchez Carabajel
Dave Runyan
William H. Eisele
Dick Eaton
J. R. Carver
Dr. Newton E. Charlton

Page 8
Mrs. Ed Pennington age 84
Mrs. Tom Johnson
Old Albuquerque
Robert Golden Part I
Robert Golden Part II

Page 9
Sotorona Baca
Charles Rouark
Frances E. Totty
J. R. Kinyon
Charles B. Kilgore

Page 10
Early Questa, Garcia Raines
Elizabeth Garrett
Comanche Indians On Chisum Trail
Edward A. Cahoon
Elerdo Chavez

Page 11
Elisha Leslie
Elizabeth Fountain Armendariz
Elizabeth Garrett
The Enchanted Jug
Raines Romero

Page 12
Ella Lea Dow
Francisco Gomez
Frank Ramsey
George F. Blashek

Page 13
George Murray
George S. Brown
The Golden Image
Mrs. Frances Totty
H. M. Pyle

Page 14
RR to Niobrara Nebraska
Hugh M. Wood's Story
Marie Carter Pioneer
Charles Ilfeld
Mrs. Florence Cravens

Page 15
Harry R. Hannum
Henry Clark's Windy Tale
Henry Clark
Simeon Tejada
Chihuahua District Roswell

Page 16
Nellie B. Reily
Mrs. E. V. Gardener
Pigeon Ranch Well
Incidents of the Early 1880's
Mrs. Mary E. Burleson

Page 17
Bill Hamlett
Elfego Baca
Elfego Baca II
Eugera Manlow Rhodes
Jose Garcia Trujillo

Page 18
Eugene Manlove Rhodes
Mrs. Bella Ostic
Eugene Manlove Rhodes
Mrs. Bella Ostic
Mrs. Pauline Myer

Page 19
Mrs. William C. Heacock
Mrs. William C. Heacock II
Mr. O. W. McCuistion
Mr. O. W. McCuistion
Mr. J. H. Deam


Page 20
Lawrence H. Dow
Lee Roland
Looks are Deceiving
Los Comanches
Los Oremus
Louie Taren

Page 21
J. Y. Thornton
James B. Read
Jim Miller
John J. Heringa
John W. Evans
John W. Poe
Sophie Poe

Page 22
Jose Apodaca
Joshua P. Church
Judge Charles Rufus Brice
Judge Frank H. Lea

Page 23
Mrs. Tom Johnson
Killing of Charlie Bachelor
La Historia del Billy The Kid
History of Billy The Kid, in English
La Rubia
Laura H. Cahoon

Page 24
Mrs. Flora Miller
May Bailey Jackman
Bill the Kid's Horse

Page 25
May Lee Queen
Quemado, New Mexico
Boy Captured by Apache Band
Morris Coates
Mollie Grove Smith

Page  26
The Mormon Church
Mrs. Amelia Church
Mrs. Anna Brazel
Mrs. Annie E. Lesnett
Mrs. Caroline G. Weir

Page 27
Mrs. Dorothy Cleve Norton
Billy the Kid Story
Mrs. George F. Cornell
Mrs. Gertrude Lea Dills
Mrs. Ina W. Mayes 

Page 28
Mrs. J.P. Church
Mrs. Juan Valdes
Mrs. Lena K. Maxwell

Mrs. Lorencita Miranda
Pioneer Women
Andrew Nieman
Mrs. Mabel Luke Madison
Mrs. Mary Burleson

Page 30
Mrs. Mary E. Burleson
Mrs. Mary Ellen McMillan
Mrs. O.S. Warren, Indians
Mrs. Pinkie Bourne Skinner
Mrs. Sara Bonney
Mrs. Sarah Hughes

Page 31
Mrs. Lorencita Miranda
Pioneer Women
Andrew Nieman
Mrs. Mabel Luke Madison
Mrs. Mary Burleson

Page 32
Refugio Grant
Mary Coe Blevins
Mrs. Belle Adams
Pigeon Ranch
Mr. John H. Phillips

Page 33
Mr. John H. Phillips
J. W. Allen
Pat Garrett / Billy the Kid
Patrick R. Boone
Pedro M. Rodriguez

Page 34
Mrs. Nettie Locke
A Prospector's Experience
R. W. Isaacs
R. W. Isaccs II
Mr. Joe Prewitt

Page 35
Trick Saddle
Albert Blake
William H. Eeisle
Buried Treasure
Royal Jackman
Rufus M. Dunnahoo
Rufus M. Dunnahoo II
Rumaldo Aguilar Duran

Page 36
Mrs. Cobb and Others
Sidney L. Prager
Indian Slavery
L. A. Brown
Tales of the Moccasin Maker

Page  37
Sadie Orchard
Sam Farmer
Sam Jones
Samantha Brimhall Foley

Page 38
Trial of Oliver Lee
Unusual Industries
Volney Potter
Wetherell's Death
William Cooley Urton
William E. Kimbrell
William G. Urton

 WPA Life Histories Paraphrased: These family stories that were Life Histories written for the U.S. Works Progress Administration (WPA) from 1936 to 1940. The Library of Congress collection includes thousands of such stories. The original WPA stories are difficult to read, because they were edited. The following stories have be paraphrased and lightly editing. Source: Library of Congress; Each history has surnames mentioned at the beginning of the story. These edited history presentations are the copyright material of C. W. Barnum 2005