New Mexico Ancestors
2,000,000 births, deaths, marriages and cemetery entries
Land 121359 Sq. Miles
Water 234 Sq. Miles
Bird: Roadrunner
Flower: Yucca
Song: O, Fair New Mexico
Statehood: January 6, 1912
47th  St. State
Tree:  Piñon
Bernalillo County NMAHGP
Created in 1852
Catron County NMAHGP
1921 from Socorro County
County Ad Litems are
Nancy Brown and Arlena Boggs
Chaves County NMAHGP
1889 from Lincoln Co.
Cibola County NMAHGP
1981 from Valencia Co.
Colfax County NMAHGP
1869 from Mora Co.
Curry County NMAHGP
1909 from Quay and Roosevelt Co.
De Baca County NMAHGP
1917 from Chaves and Guadalupe
Doña Ana County NMAHGP
 Created in 1852
Eddy County NMAHGP
1889 from  Lincoln County
 Grant County NMAHGP
1868 from  Dona Ana County
County Ad Litem is Janet Wasson
Guadalupe County NMAHGP
1891 from San Miguel Co.
Harding County NMAHGP
1921 from Mora and Union Co.
Hidalgo County NMAHGP
 1919 from Grant County
Lea County NMAHGP
1917 from Chaves and Eddy Co.
Lincoln County NMAHGP
1869 from Socorro County
County Ad Litem is C. W. Barnum
Los Alamos County NMAHGP
1949 from Sandoval and Santa Fe
Luna County NMAHGP
1901 from Dona Ana and Grant Co.
McKinley County NMAHGP
1899 from  Bernalillo County
Mora County NMAHGP
1860 from Taos County
Otero County NMAHGP
1899 from Dona Ana and Lincoln
Quay County NMAHGP
1903 from  Guadalupe County
County Ad Litem is Wendy Swaim
Rio Arriba County NMAHGP
Created in 1852
Roosevelt County NMAHGP
1903 from Chaves and Guadalupe
Sandoval County NMAHGP
1903 from Bernalillo County
San Juan County NMAHGP
1887 from  Rio Arriba County
San Miguel County NMAHGP
Created in 1852
Santa Fe County NMAHGP
Created in 1852
Sierra County NMAHGP
1884 from Dona Ana and Socorro
Socorro County NMAHGP
Created in 1852
Taos County  NMAHGP
Created in 1852)
Torrance County NMAHGP
1903 from Bernalillo and Valencia
Union County NMAHGP
1893~Colfax, Mora, San Miguel
Valencia County NMAHGP
 Created in 1852
Santa Ana was created in 1852,
absorbed by Bernalillo in 1876
New Mexico: 47th state
 Admitted to Union 1/6/1912
Santa Fe is the State Capital.
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