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 Loup County, Nebraska
Created in 1883 out of unorganized lands in Central Nebraska

County Seat, Taylor, Nebraska
Created, established, and elected the County Seat in 1883

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     VANCE, BROX  Searching for descendants of Vance D. Jones, born 31 December 1895, in Arkansas.  Married Bertha V. Brox, April 6, 1916 in Scotia. Greeley County, Nebraska.  Their children were Vance D. Jones, Jr., born 18 August 1916, in California,  Delores L. Vance, born 1919 in California, and Ellen, born 1920, in Nebraska.  I'm very interested in corresponding with descendants of these children and exchanging information.  Vance Jones was my g-grandfather's younger brother.

DATE: 14 April 2003     Contact:  Billie Molder Millsap

    RALLS    Looking for information about William Henry Ralls, along with his wife Mary E. (nee BARNES) Ralls, and their children, Maude, James, Joseph, Eva, John, Charles, Gerry, Jesse, and Carl who lived in the Loup County area after 1909.  Any information would be appreciated.

Date: May 21, 2002        Contact: Mike Wedell

  CARPENTER   We are researching the family of Almond Warner Carpenter, and his wife, Marion, including their son, Andrew W. and Mary JACKSON Carpenter.  Their other children were Nancy, Sophronia, Alfred, Andrew, and Grant.  Almond, Marion, Andrew W., and Mary JACKSON Carpenter are buried in Kent Cemetery.  Before coming to Loup County, about 1900, they were living at Sargent, Custer, Nebraska.  Their oldest daughter, Nancy, who went by the name Juliette later in her life, was married to David DeField.  They lived in Custer County in 1885.  Their son, Grant, and his family also lived at Sargent, in Custer, in 1900  This is my husband's family and we would very much enjoy hearing from any descendants.

Date:  May 10, 2002        Contact:    Holly Warmsley

     RAISH, HALL, GARRISON  I am looking to correspond with any descendants of Thomas F. Raish and Eliza Hall, daughter of David Hall, of Almeria.  Also, looking for information on ancestry of Amanda Garrison, wife of David Hall.

  Date: April 14, 2002      Contact:  Richard Allen

WISHMAN, McJUNKIN    Researching the descendants of Augustus and Lorena McJunkin Wishman.  Would like to correspond with any descendants.  The ancestry of Lorena McJUNKIN Wishman can be found at
Date: March 27, 2002        Contact:  Diane McQuivey Anderson


SPINAS   I am researching the Spinas family   Specifically, I am looking for information about Tom Spinas, who was my father's grandfather.  My dad grew up in Grand Island, NE.  His mother was a Spinas and as I understand it, the rest f the Spinas family moved to Arkansas.  My Dad remembers his parents as having married in Aurora, NE.  Any Spinas information and/or contacts will be appreciated.
Date: March 15, 2002        Contact:  Lea Miller        

   OBERKOTTER  I am looking for information on Henry or Lewis Martin Oberkotter.  Henry lived in Nebraska in the late 1800s (1831-1907, I believe.)  I also think that Lewis Martin lived there from 1875 to the early 1900s.  Any Oberkotter connection that I can find will be appreciated as they all seem to be related to me.  Thanks so much.
Date: March 11, 2002        Contact:  Denise Rising

HYATT. AUSTIN, LEAGUE. I m researching the following surnames in Loup County, near Moulton.  Benjamin Hyatt, Sr. and Narcissa Hyatt settled in Loup County and had a large family.  William H. Hyatt, his son, also lived in Loup County and had a large family before moving away in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Rev. Simeon Austin came to Loup County from York County, Nebraska with his family in the 1880s.  Would like to correspond with any descendants of these families.
Date: March 7, 2002          Contact: Herbert Brown, III

  LOGHRY, VAN HOUGHTEN.  Searching for additional information of John N. Loghry born November 12, 1876 in Dakota City, Iowa.  He was the son of Joseph B. Loghry and Nancy VanHoughten.  John Loghry married Elizabeth Mae Warren who was born 1882 in Illinois.  They had at least one child, Lelia Loghry born February 23, 1912.  Lelia died shortly after the birth of her third child in 1933. 
Date: January 8, 2002.     Contact: Lynn Ayers.

  PERKINS, COOPER, I research the families of Joshua Carter PERKINS, and his wife, Sarah COOPER Perkins, as well as Joshua Fry PERKINS, and his wife, Highly PERKINS Perkins.  Joshua Carter PERKINS and Joshua Fry PERKINS were father-in-law and son-in-law, respectively.  Additionally, I research the children of Highly and Joshua Fry Perkins, Claude, Hannah PERKINS Knutson, Laura PERKINS Clemens, Clara PERKINS Land Yocom, Sidney PERKINS & Perry PERKINS. I would welcome any contact regarding this family.
Date: January 29, 2002.    Contact: Patricia Ash

SEARS     I am looking for any information regarding the SEARS Family from Loup County.  My dad remembers very little about his family, never talked about his parents, or grandparents.  However, he is now interested in whatever information we can find out.

Date: November 21, 2000.    Contact: Judy Collins

VanHOUTEN, LOGHRY    I am researching the John G. VanHOUTEN family.  I really need some more information of his wife, Cornelia, maiden name Johnson.  Also, any LOGHRY information as the Loghry's and VanHouten's were related.  Loghry was my maiden name.
Date: November 13, 2000.    Contact: Janet Lloyd

  COOLEY   I am researching the Cooley Surname.  I have a letter from O. E. Cooley (b. 1821) written to his son, Oris Lincoln Cooley.  O. E. Cooley was living in Coulyton, Loup County and refers to Uncle Ashley (Cooley) who was serving his second term as Loup County judge.  Any information regarding O. E. Cooley, or Ashley Cooley, would be appreciated.  O. E. Cooley and Oris Lincoln Cooley, were my great-grandfather, and grandfather, respectively.
Date: November 8, 2000.       Contact: Betty Full

  RYAN, BUELL, ADAMS    I am descended from Michael Ryan who lived near Gracie around 1909.  I am also interest in the name of Home Buell's parents for my family tree.  John Adams, married Ellen Ryan, daughter of Michael, doesn't appear in the index, although they did live in the Gracie area in 1909.  Any information on any of these families will be appreciated.
Date: October 18, 2000.     Contact:    David A Lewis


EDNEY   I am Joe Edney, I have been looking for the history of my grandfather Marvel Monroe Edney, I have found his name on a list of men who registered for the WWI draft.  The notes indicates family in Sargent, NE.  I am looking for any additional information on the Edney family in Loup County between 1874 and 1927. 
Date: September 16, 2000     Contact: Joe Edney



I am looking for Matilda "Tillie" Moore Gray and her husband, Charles F. Diffenderfer, formerly of Albion, NE (Boone County), who had a son, Clifford Lester, b. in Taylor, 1890. They were in Albion in 1883, when my grandfather, William Charles Diffenderfer, was born. Besides little Clifford and Will, they had two other children, Maud, b. 1875, PA and Herbert, b. 1880, NE. Tillie and Charles were from Pennsylvania. In the 1885 census, Charles listed himself as a farmer. However, in 1880 in Albion, he listed himself as a cabinet maker/furniture store/undertaker. The elder Diffenderfer sometimes went by the first name of Clifford. Perhaps if someone has a tax roll for Loup County, we could find the land they bought. Many thanks in advance.
Date: February 18, 2000         Contact: Laura Alderson

I was told a family named Wood lived in Taylor. Not sure of the years, possibly in the 1950's. They might have had a blacksmith shop. Thanks,
Date: December 8, 1999         Contact: Robert Wood


Looking for information about George Oxford who came to Loup County abt. 1885, who married Rhoda M. (Shriner) Parker, of the John W. Shriner family, also in Loup County at this time. Also looking for information on the Shriner family.
Date: September 22, 1999         Contact: Bill Parker


I am looking for the descendant families of Raish, including Strohl, Bowley and Goehring from Loup County.
Date: September 11, 1999         Contact: Scott Warner


Need information on brothers, James Lewis and Jesse Clark Lewis, lived in Loup and Custer Co. from ca 1880 until their deaths. Jesse buried at Taylor cemetery, died 1917. Would like to know names of their wives and children.
Date: June 18, 1999         Contact: Marilyn Wall


I am looking for the marraige and death records for David N. McCord. He was an early day settler of Kent, Loup County, NE and operated a hotel in Ord, Valley County, NE during the 1880's. He was the father of my great grandmother, Cora, who may have been born in Loup or Valley Counties.
Date: May 25, 1999         Contact: Ken Rawles


I am looking for information on Lewis Frederick Ruppel Jr. born in Tecumseh Co, NE in 1879, died 1923, and wife Ethel Elvira Strohl, born 1887, died 1927 in York Co, NE.
Date: April 26, 1999         Contact: Linda Glosenger

I am looking for information on Anna "Annie" Keilwitz Fricke born in Germany in 1859. She married Ferdinand Fricke. To this marriage at least one daughter was born Dorethea Maria Fricke, born Feb. 1 1897. I do not have a birthplace for this child but she was baptized at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Gilead, Thayer Co, NE. I know the family latter moved to Taylor, Loup Co, NE. I know that Ferdinand later died. I have her living in Taylor in 1923 and in 1925 when she married Wilhelm Engel. On the marriage information I have, she also lists her address as Taylor, NE. Any help would be appreciated.
Date: February 28, 1999         Contact: Amy Barker


I am searching for information on the family of John & Clara B. Hesselgesser who were living in Nunda(?), Loup Co., NE in 1891; and also the family George & Mary Abbott who were living in Moulton, Loup Co., NE in 1891. George Abbott was rumored to have been a stockman. And third, the family of Gertrude Westbay of Nebraska. Any information on these three families would be greatly appreciated.
Date: December 16, 1998         Contact: Jennifer Whiteford

My grandfather, William Lowe McMullen, Jr was born in Kent, NE on 13 Nov 1893. The Nebraska State Gazetteer's Business Directory & Farmer List places a Mrs. W. L. McMullen in Taylor in 1891. I am looking for her full maiden name, birthdate, and birthplace.
Date: December 9, 1998         Contact: Ken Rawles

I'm looking for information on Oliver Moyer, b. 1840's in IL (?), m. 1868 or 1871 in Iowa to Malinda McVay, b. 5/23/1846 Knox Co, OH, d. 12/1/1923 in Taylor, NE. They moved to Loup Co, NE around 1885.  I found on reference to "Farmers in Loup County 1890-91" of an "O. Moyer of Almeria", but I don't know if this is him.  They had three children: Mary Gertrude, Grace E. and Josephine A. Mary Gertrude Moyer, b. 1876 in Albian, IA, d. 1951 Lincoln, NE (?), m. about 1895 in Madison Square, NE to Henry August Wilke, b. 1871 in Seynour, IL., d. 1950 Fergus Falls, MN. Mary and Henry Wilke lived in the sand hills near Taylor until the late 1940's.  Henry's parents were August and Marie Wilke "from Germany".  Besides Henry they had four other children: Rudolph, Sophie, Amelia, and Dora.  One of the girls was referred to as Lizzie.  August died around 1880.  Marie remarried.  I have no idea to whom, but the man did have at least one son of his own.
Date: August 4, 1998         Contact: M. Susan Tweeton

I recently found out that Sarah Ann (Dann) Rhodes, widow of William H. Rhodes lived in Taylor Loup Co., NE for a time after the death of her husband in the latter part of the 1800's.  I presume she was with her sister Arlitta (Dann) Frost and her husband William Frost.  Sarah Ann married William after the death of her sister. I would appreciate any information on the family while they were in Taylor.  Betsy Ann (McAllister) Dann was probably of the group at this time also. 
Date: July 19, 1998         Contact: Beverly Hill

Thomas and Sarah (Brazzell) Hannaman came to Loup Co. Nebraska in September 1883.  Sarah died in Nunda, Loup Co. 17 September 1886.  Their lives intersected by marriage and travel with the Christopher Clarence Thompson family of Cherry Co., Nebraska.  Any information on the Hannaman's gratefully accepted. Willing to share what I have to date.
Date: March 5, 1998         Contact: Don Ford


I have information on George C. Ingraham, b.1859, d.1910 (Kent Cemetery) his father, Joseph G. Ingraham, b.1823; and his father, Ira Ingraham, B.1798; that I would be willing to share. I would appreciate any more information.
Date: September 17, 1997         Contact: Karolee Plock

Nathan Ellis Fay b. Mar 16, 1833 in Canada; married Emily Jane Calkins, b. Jan 4, 1839 in Canada. Nathan and Emily moved to Loup County in 1879 from Wisconsin. They moved into Taylor in 1903. Emily suffered a stroke and was in a wheel chair until her death on Mar 25, 1926. Nathan died Nov 23, 1919. Both are buried at the Kent Cemetery. They had 7 children: Elnora, Emma Cornelia, Scott (died in infancy), Stephen, Etta M., James Herschel, and Leila Elberta. Any help is appreciated.
Date: July 29, 1997         Contact: Lynn Waterman

Looking for anyone else researching the Van Horn surname in Loup County.
Date: July 26, 1997         Contact: Ericka Van Horn

I am researching my GGF, David Hall who moved to Loup Co. in 1885 from Olean, NY. The David Hall reunion was held in Taylor from 1918 until ????. Two great-aunts (Mrs. Fred Cook and Mrs. Valentine Hyde) also moved from NY to Loup County. Henry Hyde, son of Valentine, died in Sargent in 1951. Would like to know if any descendants are still living in the area? David Hall had a bible that traced his ancestors back through his grandfather who fought with Washington in the Rev. War; Joel Hall, brother of David, brought the family bible to NE sometime before 1910. I have reason to believe that it's still in Loup County and desire to locate it for the family history information it contains.
Date: June 21, 1997         Contact: John Anderson, Sr.

Looking for contacts with other researchers of these Loup County families.
Date: June 17, 1997         Contact: Roger A. Cox






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