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 Loup County, Nebraska
Created in 1883 out of unorganized lands in Central Nebraska

County Seat, Taylor, Nebraska
Created, established, and elected the County Seat in 1883

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nyone with access to any county resources, and who is willing to volunteer to assist with searching these records in response to researcher queries, please contact me. Your assistance would be gratefully welcomed.


Vital Records available for Loup County

Marriage Records from 1883
Land Records from 1883
Probate Records from 1883
Court Records from 1883

Loup County
P.O. Box 146
Taylor, NE 68879-0126

Copies: 35 per page
Researchers are welcome to visit
and search the records.

Information courtesy of the County
Clerk's Office, Loup County

Birth Certificates
Death Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Divorce Certificates

Nebraska Department of
Health & Human Services
Vital Records
P.O. Box 95065
Lincoln, NE 68509-5065

Or, go online to:
Dept. of Health & Human Services
for information, fees, and forms

Local Resources

Taylor Public Library, P.O. Box 206, Taylor, NE 68879-0206
The library is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1 to 6 PM. The library participates in the inter-library loan program. These books (and others of interest) are available through the library:

Loup County (Taylor, Neb) Centennial 1883-1983, compiled by Loup County Centennial Committee (1984)

Valley View, Nunda, and Boiling Spring Too: A History of Nine Loup County Schools, 1886-1972, by Kevin Brown (1990)

The Settlement of Loup & Blaine Counties by Colleen Switzer (1977)

Loup County Guide & History and Supplement  (1965, 1967)

Kent, 1874-1978, by Fletcher, Boag, and Peters (1978)

Who's Who in Nebraska, Loup County by Thurman Smith (1940)

Valley View Ladies Club Presents Its 55th Year Community History by Kevin Brown (1979)

Loup County Historical Society, P.O. Box 102, Taylor, NE 68879-0102
     The Society is available to provide assistance with your research efforts (a small donation to cover costs would be appreciated). They have several publications  for sale.  The Society maintains a website at which lists current items under its Resources page.  Also, they manage the Loup County Museum, Taylor, Nebraska, which is (open by appointment.

The Taylor Clarion, P.O. Box 547, Burwell, NE 68823-0547
The Taylor Clarion has ceased publication but original back issues (1883-1996) of the newspaper have been  moved to the Taylor Public Library soon.   Microfilm copies are available at the State Historical Society in Lincoln.

Note: The information in this section has been provided by Kevin Brown, President, Loup County Historical Society


Census Data

There are three main sources for viewing the microfilms containing Federal Census data: the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the Nebraska State Historical Society, and the LDS (Mormon) Church Family History Centers (FHC). The Nebraska State Historical Society also has films of the State Censuses. In addition, state and local historical or genealogical societies may have some of these films.

The NARA regional offices have all available Federal censuses from 1790-1920 (most of 1890 was lost in a fire), as well as many other records. All NARA regional offices contain the federal records, but the NARA regional office in Kansas City also contains other Nebraska specific records.

Addresses for viewing census data are:

National Archives - Central Plains Region
2312 East Bannister Road
Kansas City, Missouri

National Archives - Rocky Mountain Region
Denver Federal Center, Building 48
Denver, Colorado

Nebraska State Historical Society Library
1500 R Street
Lincoln, Nebraska


NARA is now on-line.  
For researchers who have questions, or are not able to visit a regional NARA office, it is an great way to see what they may have.
Just click on the Archives logo - - and you are there!


Census Data Microfilm Numbers














Census Bureau Data-- Population Totals
























LDS Family History Centers

The Family History Centers will contain varying amounts of census microfilm and other records. They should all have (on microfiche or computer) the index of publications available from their main archives in Salt Lake City. Only those FHCs in the larger cities may have extensive permanent files, but all can request (for a small fee) microfilm and microfiche copies for your research. They do not loan books from the archives, but if the books have been filmed, you can request those films. Many local FHCs may also contain donated books and other records of historical or genealogical interest, some will have the Nebraska state census records also.

Family History Centers in Nebraska can be found in Gordon, Grand Island, Hastings, Lincoln, North Platte, Omaha, and Papillon. For addresses, consult telephone books in the appropriate city, or check the NEGenWeb Nebraska Resources Page.

Other LDS Resources

The following records concerning Loup County are available in the LDS archives, and can be requested (for a small fee) from any Family History Center for your viewing pleasure:

Inventory of the county archives of Nebraska, no. 58, Loup County (Taylor), prepared by Nebraska Historical Records Survey, 1941 (171 pages) -- microfilm #0908208

Trail of the Loup: being a history of the Loup River region with some chapters on the state, by Harold Waldstein Foght, 1974 (206 pages) -- microfilm #1000189

Civil War Veterans, Loup County, Nebraska, by Gerald E. Sherard (4 pages) -- microfilm #1697576 (item 30)


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  Other Related Links  


The Trail of the Loup being a History of the Loup River Region
, by H. W. Fought (1906).
Mardos Memorial Library. which is featured at NEGenWeb's On-line Library
Belle J. Dunn's The History and Development of 
Blaine County, Nebraska
- - Research paper written in 1927
when Miss Dunn was a University of Nebraska student.  There are many familiar Loup County names in addition to the pioneers of Blaine County.

African-Americans of Blaine County, Nebraska.
This page includes biography of Amos Harris, Nebraska's first black cowboy - - who roamed the Calamus, including Loup County.


U.S. Census Bureau Gazetteer
Loup County             Taylor


Tiger Mapping Service:
Dynamically generated map of Loup County

Nebraska State Historical Society
If you have never explored this site - - take the time, it is worth it!
1895 Nebraska State and County Maps
Mardos On-Line Library associated with
NEGenWeb Resource Center
           Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet for Nebraska

An incredible research resource for Nebraska, United States, and even world resources.

USGS- Place Names in Loup County.
Did you know that you can "visit" over 120 place names in Loup County?  With a click of your "mouse" it will take you there - - -  Enjoy!


Who's Who in Nebraska, 1940
Loup County history with names of many families and individuals, 
including biographies of the following community leaders in the Year 1940:

George Washington Abbott
Albert Franklin Alder
Elmer Eugene Austin
John Alexander Beals
Harvey Raymond Brown
George Alexander Evans
Frederick August Goos
Theodore Henry Goos
Byron Burt Holmes
Frank Burnell Hubbard
John William Lewis
Hildreth Alonzo Lyon
Charles Raymond Newbecker
Robert Peter Rusho

Bethuel S. Sawyer
Thurman Amon Smith
William Stevens
William Maxim Strong
Albert Cornelius Van Diest
John Ward

Thurman A. Smith was the author of this history, and the biographies therein.
More about Thurman A. Smith can be found at the 
Loup County Historical Society's website, - - Founders Page.



Photograph from the website of Reflections of the Past at:

These pages are enriched by the Loup County Historical Society, including its President, Kevin Brown, and member, Karolee Ingraham Plock, who transcribes many of the projects that we are able to feature.  Additionally, we would like to thank those who have written various books about the area, including Colleen Switzer, Patricia Turek, Kevin  Brown, and others. Their vision for recording the history of this wonderful area can never be fully appreciated
 - - but we try!

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