"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ Third Regiment"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


The 3d Minn. Inf. Was organized in October, 1861; ordered to Louisville, Kentucky, in November, 1861, and to Nashville, Tennessee, in March, 1862. This regiment participated in the engagement at Murfreesboro, in July, 1862; were captured and there paroled; afterward ordered to St. Luis and thence to Minnesota, where they engaged in the Indian expedition of 1862, participating in the Wood Lake battle of September, 1862. Ordered to Little Rock, Arkansas, in November, 1863, and was veteranized in January, 1864. Was engaged in the battle of Fitzhugh's Woods March 30, 1864. Ordered to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, in April, 1864, and thence to Duvall's Bluff in October the same year. This regiment was mustered out of service at Duvall's Bluff, September 2, 1865, and discharged at Fort Snelling.

Following is a list of men enlisted and recruited from Wabasha county:

Third Minnesota Volunteer Infantry

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.
Names in red are linked to their biographies which are from
"Biographies & Historical Sketches of Wabasha County, Minnesota"

Everett W FosterCaptainGWabashapromo Major Lt Col resigned 5/22/65
Francis Milligan Assistant Surgeon-Wabasha resigned 4/8/62 reenlisted in 10th Mn Inf as asst surg
Anthony Wilford Chaplain - Greenfield dsch 9/2/65
Joseph J MertzPrincipal Musician-Wab Cocapt Murfreesboro paroled trans to vet reserve corps
Frank Adler Private A Zumbro drafted deserted 2/65 supposed to be dead
Wm Briske PrivateAGreenfield taken prisoner Murfreesboro paroled died at Duvalls Bluff Ark 9/11/63
James E BrownPrivateAPlainview promo sgt dsch for dsbl 10/62
C ChristophersonPrivateAPlainview dsch 7/23/65
James DonanPrivateAPlainview dsch 6/20/65
Daniel L FosterPrivateAHighland dsch 7/23/65
James Howatt (Howat)PrivateAHighland dsch 7/23/65
Nels NelsonPrivateAPlainview dsch 7/23/65
Timothy RodneyPrivateAPlainview dsch 7/23/65
S D SmithPrivateAHighland dsch 7/23/65
John C SchadePrivateAHighland dsch 7/23/65
Alfred Parks Private B Lake City capt Murfreesboro parolled died 8/12/64 at Pine Bluff AK
Miles Standish PrivateBChester dsch 9/2/65
John R BaldwinPrivateDHyde Park promo corp dsch 4/1/1865 drafted
John CollinsPrivateDLake City dsch w regmnt drafted
James Carroll Private D W Albany promo corp drafted
Swan (Sven) DahlbergPrivateDGlasgow dsch 7/28/65
Hueurd EvansPrivateDHighlanddsch w rgmnt drafted
John Lindblom Private D W Albany dsch 7/28/1865
S D Reynolds Private D Lake City capt Murfreeesboro parolled dsch 11/10/1864 exp term
Wm AdamsPrivateEMinneiskadsch 9/2/65
James BartonPrivateELake Citydsch 7/28/65
John EricksonPrivateEPlainview died 10/21/64 at Helena Arkansas
Daniel W FossPrivateELake Citydied 10/15/64 at Pine Bluff AK
Michael HartmanPrivateEMazeppadsch 7/28/65
George N PiercePrivateEOakwooddsch dsbl 9/17/64
Peter NewbergPrivateEPlainviewdsch 7/28/65
Joseph Benz Private F W Albany dsch 9/2/1865 drafted
John Draper Private F Plainview dsch 9/2/1865
William FosterPrivateF Highland wnd 9/3/63 while serving in 1st Cav dsch dsbl 12/20/64
William Keyes Private F Plainview dsch for disability 8/24/1865
Silas R Merrill PrivateFWab Copromo corp dsch 9/2/63 reenlisted 12/20/63 dsch with regiment
Robert PoorPrivateFOakwood died 8/24/64 at Pine Bluff AK
Ezra B Eddy1st LieutenantGPlainviewresigned 7/10/62
Lewis S (A) Hancock1st SergeantGGreenfield promo 2nd Lt, 1st Lt, Capt, captured at Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
Levi M Phillips1st SergeantGLake City capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp of term 11/14/64
Richard (C) CustardSergeantGWabashawnd Wood Lake capt Murfeesboro paroled promo capt 112th colored infantry
Abe (Abraham F) DearbornSergeant GPlainviewdsch for promo
Devillo (Deville) Ford SergeantGMazeppa died of typhoid fever 5/1/62 at Nashville TN
Stephen Rhodes Sergeant G Pepin promo 2nd Lt 1st Lt dismissed in 1863
Frederick (A) PellCorporalGElgin promo sgt capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
James A CanfieldCorporalGHighland wnd Wood Lake capt Murfreesboro paroled promo Sgt dsch with regiment
Evander (Philander) SkillmanCorporalGMazeppa capt Murfreesboro paroled promo corp sgt 1st Lt of 112th colored infantry
George L FiskCorporalGMazeppa capt Murfreesboro paroled promo 1st Lt and regimental Qmstr also served in 8th MN
Geo S (P) HarrisonCorporalGWabasha capt at Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
Thomas B KearneyCorporalGGreenfielddsch 7/28/65
George HendersonCorporalGWabashadsch 9/2/65
Geo E (S) KrickCorporalGWabasha prisoner Murfreesboro paroled dsch dsbl 1/13/65
Chauncey (D) GibbsCorporalGPlainview prisoner Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 10/64
Chas F WymanCorporalGWabashadsch dsbl 1862
Ezra (J) SergeantMusicianGPlainview prisoner Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
James J SibleyMusicianGMazeppa prisoner Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
Wm YawmanWagonerGWabasha prisoner murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
Gould D AllenPrivateGPlainview dsch with regiment
Ezra B Andrews (Andrew)PrivateGHighland dsch with regiment
Elbridge (E) AndrosPrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 1/18/62
Henry W ApplegarthPrivateGPepindsch with regiment
John K ArnoldPrivateGWabasha promo 1st Lt Adj of 7th MN Inf
John B AshtonPrivateGWabasha dsch per order 7/28/1965
Madison BarberPrivateGGillford capt Murfreesboro paroled promo corp dsch with regiment
Wm G BarnardPrivateGPlainview wnd Murfreesboro prisoner paroled dsch with regiment
John W Barnes (Barns)PrivateGPlainview died 11/17/64 at Prairie Du Chien WI
Lewis H BarrPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
Andrew Bigham (Bingham)PrivateGPlainview capt Murfreesboro paroled killed 4/1/64 at battle of Fitzhughs Woods AK
John K Boxwell (Boxwelt)PrivateGWabashatrans to co B
Geo W BuckmanPrivateGZumbro capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
George CampbellPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 11/14/1964
Thomas CanfieldPrivateGGillford promo Corp, Sgt, dsch 9/2/65
Dexter ChaddockPrivateGLake Citydied 2/26/62 at Belmont Ky of typhoid fever
Ezra Y (T) ChamplinPrivateGMinnieska promo Corp, Sgt, 2nd Lt (Co D) 1st Lt, Capt, captured Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
Justus R (B) ClarkPrivateGGillford prisoner Murfreesboro paroled promo corporal dsch with regiment
James ClarksonPrivateGElgindsch dsbl 6/27/62
Isaac (B) CollierPrivateGGreenfielddsch 7/28/65
Edward (E) CollinsPrivateGWab Codsch 9/2/65
Moody CookPrivateGWabashano record
Thomas CranshawPrivateGMazeppa died at Little Rock AK 5/8/64
Erastus (G) CrossPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
Melvin (Milvin) W CrossPrivateGPlainview prisoner Murfreesboro dsch with regiment
Robt H CrossPrivateGChesterdsch dsbl 1/1/65
Silas CrossPrivateGChesterdied 12/30/64 at Prairie Du Chien WI
Evan CrumPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled promo Corp, Sgt, dsch with rgmnt
Wallace (W) DeLongPrivateGChester capt Murfreesboro paroled promo Corp, Sgt, dsch for promo
Robt R EvansPrivateGMazeppadsch dsbl 4/62 reenlisted in 8th MN Corp dsch 7/11/65
Julius FellowsPrivateGWabashadied 8/8/64 Pine Bluff Arkansas
A P FetzerPrivateGGlasgowdsch with regiment drafted
William (T) FloraPrivateGWab Codsch 9/2/65
George ForbesPrivateGWabashacapt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 11/14/1964
Joseph (Josephus S) ForenPrivateGPepincapt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 9/2/65
Wm FosterPrivateGHighlanddsch dsbl 12/20/64
Wm C FoxPrivateGWabashacapt Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
Howard M GossPrivateGHighlandcapt Murfreesboro paroled promo Corp dsch exp term 11/64
Ziba C GossPrivateGHighland capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
John (H) GravesPrivateGWabasha died 11/20/64 at DuValls Bluff AK
Geo F GreggPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
Chas A GrowPrivateGOakwoodcapt Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
Lafayette GrowPrivateGPlainviewdsch with regiment
Wm E HalePrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 9/2/65
Loren P HallPrivateG Plainview capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 11/14/1964
A V HamlinPrivateGGlasgowno record
John O HancockPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 11/14/1964
Edward B HawkinsPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled promo corp dsch 11/14/64
James (M) HendricksPrivateGWabasha promo corp dsch with regiment
George HendrenPrivateGWabashadsch with regiment
Edgar (A) HolcombPrivateGHighland capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
John S HowePrivateGElgindsch dsbl 6/62
Charles HullPrivateGGillfordcapt Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
Francis (M) Jerry (see father Francis Jerry)PrivateGChester capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
Joseph JerryPrivateGChesterdsch 9/2/65
Avon E JohnsonPrivateG Oakwooddsch dsbl 5/8/62 reenlisted 1st Cav dsch 4/2/1866
John M Jones Private G Zumbro died 9/2/1864 at Pine Bluff, AK
Thomas KeenyPrivateGWabashadsch 7/28/65
Degrove KimballPrivateGChester died of wounds 9/23/63 in Battle of Wood Lake against Indians
Albert D KnappPrivateGHighlanddied 4/62 Nashville of typhoid fever
Isaac KnoxPrivateGChester wnd at battle of Wood Lake capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch with regiment
George S KrickPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch dsbl 1/1/64
Geo M D LambertPrivateGWabasha promo hosp steward 4th Mn asst surg 4th Mn
James LawrencePrivateGGlasgowdsch 7/28/65
Alden C (G) LevittPrivateGHighland capt Murfreesboro paroled promo corp dsch exp term 11/64
George W MackPrivateGPlainview capt Murfreesboro paroled promo corp dsch exp term 11/64
Isreal (Israel M) MarshPrivateGOakwood capt Murfreesboro parolled, veteran dsch 9/2/65
Perry D MartinPrivateGLake City capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch dsbl 4/62
Leroy McCollumPrivateGPepindsch 9/2/65
George McDougallPrivateGGreenfielddsch 7/28/65
James McGeePrivateGPlainviewdsch 9/2/65
William McGeePrivateGPlainview capt Murfreesboro paroled promo corp dsch with regiment
Frederick MesserPrivateGPlainviewdsch dsbl 5/62
Abraham MillerPrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 2/62
Wm E MosherPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 9/65
Frederick Mooseman Private G Highland died 10/2/1864 at Pine Bluff, AK
Henry MurphyPrivateGHighlanddsch 9/2/65
John NegusPrivateGReeds Lndingdsch dsbl 4/62
Elihu J Oaks PrivateGElgindsch dsbl 4/62
Wm F OliverPrivateGGillforddsch dsbl 4/62
William PalmerPrivateGMazeppadied 2/26/64 at Little Rock AK
William PellPrivateGElgin capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 11/14/1964
George PerryPrivateGGlasgow died 9/21/64 at Pine Bluff AK
Wm PerryPrivateGGlasgowdsch 9/2/65
Erick Peterson PrivateGHighlanddied at Murfreesboro TN 6/30/62
Albert D PiercePrivateGPlainview capt Murfreesboro paroled wnd at battle of Fitzhughs Woods dsch with regiment
Norman PriorPrivateGMazeppa dsch dsbl 6/7/62
Philip QuigleyPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled promo Corp, Sgt, 2nd Lt, 1st Lt, dsch with regiment
Edward QuigleyPrivateGGreenfield capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
Adelbert RandallPrivateGGlasgowdsch 8/17/65
John L RicePrivateGGillford capt Murfreesboro paroled deserted 1/10/63 on furlough
Olivor Schutliff
(Oliver Shurtiff)
PrivateGWabasha died at Belmont KY 2/18/62 of congestion
James Schrigley
(James A Shrigler)
PrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
Edward (L) SharpePrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 5/16/62
Casper ShellenbergPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled promo corp dsch 11/14/64
William SimonPrivateGHyde Parkdied 3/7/65 at DuVall's Bluff drafted
Frank (Franklin) SkillmanPrivateGMazeppa capt Murfreesboro paroled promo corp dsch for promo 7/10/64 to 1st Lt US 113th Colored Inf
Phillander (Evander) SkillmanPrivateGMazeppa promo 2nd Lt US 113th Colored Inf
George SkinnerPrivateGLake Citydeserted 5/21/64 at Little Rock AK
Horace N SmithPrivateGChestercapt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 11/14/1964
John R (B) SmithPrivateGPlainviewdsch dsbl 5/16/62
Michael SmithPrivateGHighlandcapt Murfreesboro paroled dsch 9/2/65
Thomas SmithPrivateGPepindsch 9/2/65 drafted
Wm W SmithPrivateGWabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
James W SterlingPrivateGGlasgowdsch 9/28/65
David S StewartPrivateGElgindsch dsbl 3/9/65
Aaron SuttonPrivateGPepindsch 9/2/65
Robt S TerrillPrivateGWabashacapt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
Alexander Utler (should be Utter)PrivateG Elgindsch 5/2/65
William WallerPrivateGWabashadsch 6/8/65
William Walters Private G Glasgow dsch 6/8/65
John M WalshPrivateGW Albanydsch 9/2/65 drafted
Wm H WarringPrivateGChestercapt Murfreesboro paroled dsch exp term 11/64
Emmanuel WarthanPrivateGWabashadied 10/8/64 at home in Iowa
James O WilcoxPrivateGChesterdied at Pine Bluff AK 7/18/1964
George C ClarkPrivateHElgindsch 7/28/65
F R ConnPrivateHElgindsch 7/28/65
Solomon CrosbyPrivateHGreenfielddsch 7/28/65
Alvin EnglePrivateHPlainviewdsch 7/28/65
Henry LibbyPrivateHWabashacapt Murfreesboro paroled died at Devalls Bluff AK 8/27/63
Wm P LewtonPrivateHElgin capt Murfreesboro parolled dsch dsbl 7/28/1865
Michael Logne PrivateHWab Codied 8/27/63 at Duvalls Bluff Ak
George Soule Private H Mazeppa dsch 9/2/1865
Isaac Thompson Private H Greenfield dsch 7/28/1865
Henry Wakefield Private H Lake City deserted from Belmount KY 12/61
John R Graham Sergeant I Lake City died 9/26/64 at Pine Bluff AK
Charles Adams PrivateIMinneiskadsch with regiment
Wm BainPrivateIPlainviewdsch with regiment
Orren BoughtonPrivateIMazeppapromo Corp, 2nd Lt of 112th colored inf
Joseph CayonPrivateIPlainviewdsch 7/28/65
John ClevelandPrivateIPlainviewdsch 7/28/65
Abraham CookPrivateIGreenfielddsch dsbl 7/28/65
John CooleyPrivateIGreenfielddsch 7/28/65
Ransom GossPrivateIPlainviewdsch 7/28/65
Edwin HancockPrivateIGreenfielddsch 7/28/65
Geo W HerrickPrivateIPlainviewdsch 7/28/65
Edwin L MartinPrivateIHighlanddsch 7/28/65
John B MullensPrivateIGlasgowdsch 6/24/65
Asa MyrtetusPrivateIGreenfielddsch 7/28/65
John Owens PrivateI Glasgowdsch 7/28/65
James M PeckPrivateIPlainviewdsch 7/28/65
Thos G SchafferPrivateILake Citydeserted 8/9/62 at Benton Barracks MO
John StollPrivateILake Citytrans to invalid corps 11/18/63
John H ThomasPrivateILake Citydsch dsbl 4/11/62
Edward WattPrivateIMt Pleasantdsch dsbl 4/12/62
John H BulenCorporalKPlainviewdsch with regiment
Andrew AllenPrivateKZumbrodsch 9/2/65
Wm Boret
(William Borett)
PrivateK Wabasha capt Murfreesboro paroled trans to co G died at DuValls Bluff AK 12/4/64
Douglas Cramer Private K Plainview capt Murfreesboro parolled dsch 9/2/1865
Peter Mclane Private K Mazeppa capt Murfreesboro parolled died 1/2/64 at Devalls Bluff AK
William Rice Private K Lake City dsch 9/2/1865
Warren SearsPrivateKZumbrodsch 9/2/65
Benjamin Shaw Private K Hyde Park dsch dsbl 4/18/62
Roswell StantonPrivateK Elgindied 12/26/1864 at Memphis TN
Benj C StranPrivateKLake Citydsch 7/28/65
Daniel WebsterPrivateKZumbrodsch 9/2/65
John T. BumpPer biography of father, Orson, "History of Goodhue County, MN," found at sites.rootsweb.com/~mnwabbio/ biosproject.htm

The name Abban Davis appears in the book but not on Jerry's list.
John T. Bump does not appear in the book or on Jerry's list.

Biography of James Howat

James, the subject of this sketch, was born in Banffshire, Scotland, March 24, 1824. His parents were John and Margaret (Bonnayman) Howat. His father being a farmer, James led the life of a Scotch country laddie until eighteen years of age, when he came to America, whither his parents had preceded him. He spent several years in the pineries of Canada, and also worked at Fort Wayne, near Detroit, Michigan. In 1859 he came to Highland, and homesteaded the quarter-section (section 14) where he now resides, and to which he has added forty acres in section 21. He was married in Canada April 5, 1851, to Agnes Scott, daughter of a County Down, North of Ireland, farmer, James Scott, and his wife, Elizabeth (Butcher) Scott. Two sons and two daughters have blessed their union, viz: John and Elizabeth, born in Canada, and Margaret and James, natives of Minnesota. Mr. Howat served one year in the 3d Minn. Inf., and was honorably discharged at the close of the rebellion. The republican party has called him to serve on the township board of supervisors four years in succession. The religious faith of the family is Presbyterian.

Biography of Francis Jerry
(This is the father, but the son's military career is also mentioned here.)

Francis Jerry, (deceased) settled in Chester August 18, 1855, taking a claim on section 28. He opened up three farms, and left his widow eighty acres on section 33, where he died July 24, 1874. Mr. Jerry was a native of New York, born July 6, 1814. He was reared on a farm in Canada by an uncle, his parents having died when he was an infant. He served in the United States forces during the Black Hawk war, and afterward settled near Galena, Illinois. He was married there May 2, 1838, to Elizabeth Grishaber, who was born in Hoffwehr, Baden, Germany, November 15, 1819. After farming on rented land in Illinois he came to Minnesota, as above related. He was deranged by a sunstroke in June, 1867, and was entirely helpless during the last three years of his life. Besides his widow, five children were left to mourn him, now located as follows: Francis M., Barron county, Wisconsin; Basil, Missouri; Mary (Mrs. William Evans), Plum City, Wisconsin; Joseph (rendered totally deaf by measles while serving in the 3d Minn. Inf.) with his mother; Augustus, Winfield, Montana; Isadore, Washington Territory. Basil served through the war of the rebellion, and Francis three years in the same struggle. Mr. Jerry was reared a Catholic, but did not adhere to that faith.

Biography of Alexander Utter

Alex M. Utter, educator, farmer and Civil War veteran, was born in Washington County, N. Y., and came to Wisconsin in 1857, and to Minnesota in 1861, locating in Elgin Township. He was a man of good education and broad reading, and became an early teacher. From this county he moved to Swift County, this state, where, after teaching a while, he became county superintendent, a position he retained for some 17 years. He was a man of highest ideals as to conduct and education, and the educational system of Swift County still bears the impress of his influence, personality and untiring work. In the nineties he returned to Wabasha County and here spent his declining years at Plainview, where he died in September, 1896. He was a veteran of the Civil War, having served in Company G, Third Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. He was also an early member of the Masonic order. Mr. Utter married Alida M. Putman, a native of Montgomery County, N. Y. She died in June, 1906.

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