"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ Second Regiment"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


The 2d regt. Minn. Vols. was organized in July, 1861. It rendezvoused at Fort Snelling until October, 1861, and was then assigned to the army of the Ohio. It was engaged in many battles, skirmishes and sieges, and was noted for its patriotism and the bravery of its men and officers. It participated in the battle at Mill Spring, January 19, 1862; was at the siege of Corinth, in April, 1862, and then transferred to the army of the Tennessee. Was at Bragg's raid, Perryville, October 8, 1862; participated in the skirmishes of the Tullahoma campaign; was at Chickamauga, September 19-10, 1863; at Mission Ridge, November 25, 1863. This regiment was veteranized in January, 1864. Participated in the battles and skirmishes of the Atlanta campaign, namely, Resaca, June 14, 15 and a6, 1864; Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1864; Jonesboro; Sherman's march through Georgia and the Carolinas; was at Bentonville, March 19, 1865, and discharged at Fort Snelling, July 11, 1865. The following is a list of the brave boys who participated in the fortunes of this gallant regiment from Wabasha county:

Second Minnesota Volunteer Infantry

Pvt. Charles Edwards, Co. A
Photo contributed by his gggrandchild, Lee

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.

Mathias Theony (Shoeny)CaptainCWabasha Promo Corp, Sgt, Lt Capt, wounded at Chicamauga special mention dsch regmnt
Henry Simpson1st LieutenantCLake Citydied 12/1/1861 at Lebanon Junction
Daniel B Bailey1st LieutenantCWabashapromo Captain resigned 4/16/62
Jonathan Jackson2nd LieutenantCReeds Lndgdsch w regiment
Tenbroeck StoutCaptainILake Citywnd Mill Springs dsch with regiment
Edgar V Dickey 1st LieutenantILake Citydsch with regiment
Henry H Hills2nd LieutenantILake Citydsch with regiment
Charles Edwards Private A Reads Lnd wnd Chicamauga dsch dsbl 2/22/1865
Henry P Holland
(Henry H Harding)
PrivateAHighlanddsch for dsbl 8/9/62
William BaxterSergeantBHighlandpromo 2nd Lt resigned 3/31/1862
John C JonesSergeantBWabashapromo 2nd Lt killed Kennesaw Mt 5/64
Wm H Brown PrivateBElginDied in Iowa date unk
Peter Dockendorf Private B Glasgow dsch 6/12/1865 substitute
Jacob HealdPrivateBWabashatrans to 1st Engineers
Henry KelsyPrivateBWabashadsch end of term 6/64
Frank KelsyPrivateBWabashawnd Chicamauga promo corp sgt 2nd Lt dsch w regt
Wm H Lefever PrivateBZumbrodsch dsbl 8/30/62
William LymannPrivate B Hyde Park wnd Kennesaw Mt dsch with regiment
Henry PeckPrivateBZumbrodsch dsbl 9/26/62 reenlisted in 1st Battalion Co I dsch 7/14/65
John A SmithPrivateBZumbrownd Chicamauga deserted 9/5/62 returned to service dsch 11/2/64
Martin SmithPrivateBZumbropromo corp dsch 7/11/65
Wm C SmithPrivateBPlainview wnd Mill Springs dsch for dsbl 6/15/62 reenlisted Mounted Rangers dsch 12/1/63
Ashley WoodPrivateBZumbro capt Chicamauga died while prisoner at Andersonville 5/10/64
Geo E WoodruffPrivateBZumbrodsch dsbl
Geo W MarcuneSergeantCReeds Lndgkilled 8/12/62 while doing duty as fireman on the Railroad
Frank J Hyland CorporalCWabashadeserted at Louisville Ky 9/3/62
Tilson TibbetsMusicianCLake Citydsch 4/24/62
Wm A BaconWagonerCLake Citydsch exp of term 7/64
John AckerPrivateCWabashatrans to Vets Resv Corps 11/63
Peter AugerPrivateCReeds Lnd dsch exp of term 6/64
Joseph Baudette (Beaudetts)PrivateCReeds Lnd dsch exp of term 6/64
John J BrownPrivateCReeds Lnddsch 6/28/65
Rudolph BrunnerPrivateCReeds Lndpromo Musician dsch with regiment
John Cancy (Caney) PrivateCWabashadeserted in the face of the enemy Springfield Ky 10/6/62
John Casseday Private C Lake City promo corp, sgt wnd at Chicamauga dsch on exp of term
James CrockerPrivateCZumbrono further record
Cesar Deregon (Derigon)PrivateCReeds Lnddsch for dsbl 6/63
Martin C GassellPrivateCReads Lnddsch 7/11/65
Valentine JacobPrivateCMinneiskadsch with regiment drafted
Michael Kane PrivateCPlainviewdsch 7/11/65 drafted
James KentPrivateCWabashadeserted at Louisville KY 9/30/62
Joseph Laroque PrivateCReeds Lnddsch with regiment
Christian Mark Private C Pepin deserted in the face of the enemy 10/6/1862, joined 3rd MN and died at Little Rock AK 5/18/1864
John MarlettPrivateCW Albanycapt paroled at time of dsch 7/19/65 drafted
John McAuliffPrivateCWatopapromo corp, sgt, killed Chicamauga special mention
John Potter Private C Zumbro dsch 6/11/1865 substitute
Asahel PutneyPrivateCWabashadsch for dsbl 7/12/62
Christian SchiltPrivateCReeds Lndkilled at Chicamauga 9/19/1863
John G StollPrivateCReeds Lnd promo wagoner dsch exp of term 6/64
Charles Sweeny (Seny)PrivateCReeds Lndcaptured Chicamauga dsch exp of term 6/64
Stephen TrindallPrivateCWabashadsch 7/65 from hosp
Peter WalrichPrivateCReeds Lndcaptured Chicamauga dsch exp of term 6/64
John R (B)BaldwinPrivateDHyde Park promo corp dsch with regiment drafted
Charles BloomPrivate D Zumbro dsch 7/11/1865 drafted
Michael CaseyPrivateDGlasgow dsch 7/11/65 substitute
John CollinsPrivateDHyde Park dsch 7/11/65 drafted
John CummingsPrivateDGlasgow dsch 7/11/65 drafted
Hurford EvansPrivateDHighlanddsch 7/11/65 drafted
John KennedyPrivateDHighland dsch 7/11/65 drafted
Owen KennedyPrivateDW Albany dsch 7/11/65 drafted
Michael KingPrivateDLake City dsch 6/19/65
David Liddell (Siddel)PrivateDHighland dsch 6/23/65 drafted
Timothy ReganPrivateDLake City dsch from hospital 7/65 drafted
John StewartPrivateDGlasgow promo corp dsch with regiment drafted
John WalesPrivateDPlainview dsch with regiment drafted
(C)Flora Birch (Burch)PrivateEHyde Park dsch 7/11/65 substitute
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Michael J McGrathPrivateEOakwooddsch with regiment drafted
John SalentingPrivateEMinneiskadied Savannah GA 2/28/64
Benj SylvesterPrivateEElgin promo sgt 1st sgt 2nd Lt 1st Lt wnd 9/63 at Chicamauga
John ZieglerPrivateEHyde Park dsch with regiment drafted
Thomas Brown PrivateFHighland trans to co B dsch for dsbl 8/4/62
John Driscoll PrivateFGreenfield dsch 7/11/1865 substitute
John B Rieve
(or John B Reeve)
(or A)
Lake Citydeserted 9/61 arrested 10/16/63 sentenced to make his time good
Lewis P StoupsPrivateFWabasha dsch with regiment substitute
Gilbert (H) Bowe (Bone)PrivateHWabasha dsch dsbl 6/14/62
James EvansPrivateHPlainview dsch dsbl 1/6/63
Abram L MilesPrivateHElgindeserted from Tuscumbia Al 9/62
Lewis N SmithPrivateHHighland died at Somerset KY 3/12/1862
Wm H WeagantPrivateHWabashakilled 9/20/1863 at Chicamauga
Julius WilliamsPrivateHWabasha dsch dsbl 3/11/63 also served in Bracketts Batt Cav Co I
Charles LathamSergeantILake City dsch with regiment
Edward NessellSergeantIGillford died at Nashville TN 12/9/1863
Henry H HillsCorporalILake City promo sgt 2nd Lt dsch 7/11/1865
Francis Adams Private I Zumbro died 11/13/1861 at Lebanon Junction KY
John Carrier Private I Pepin died 12/9/1861 at Louisville, KY
Rufus A Colby PrivateILake City promo corp dsch with regiment
James W DelongPrivateILake City dsch for deafness 2/62
Francis HarrisonPrivateILake City dsch exp term 7/29/64
Joseph HarrisonPrivateILake City wnd on skirmish line at Tullahoma dsch with regiment
George W HartPrivateIMazeppa dsch dsbl 3/31/62
Marlon (Marian) F HillsPrivateILake City dsch with regiment
Chas R McCourtiePrivateIPepin dsch 7/11/1865
Edwin P Mosier PrivateIHyde Park promo corp dsch with regiment veteran
George Perkins Private I Lake City deserted 10/8/1862 at Perryville KY
Claudius PritchardPrivateILake City dsch 7/11/1865 veteran
Thadeus BergePrivateKW Albany dsch with regiment drafted
Orrin EllithorpePrivateKOakwood dsch 6/15/65 substitute
John FunkPrivateKHyde Park dsch with regiment drafted
Charles JenksPrivate K Watopa dsch with regiment drafted
Charles KrugerPrivateKZumbro dsch 7/11/65 drafted
Morris Russell PrivateKLake City dsch 5/10/62 for dsbl
William Ward Private K Lake City no further info

The following name appears in the book but not on Jerry's list:
Jules Capon (see 9th regt.)

My Internet friend and Civil War Buff, Dave Frederick, says:
"Men could be excused from volunteer service by having a substitute. I don't think draftees could. The Union apparently allowed it because it encouraged wealthy young men to volunteer, then pay a poor man to be his substitute, to avoid the possibility of being drafted."

The following information is provided by Kevin Frye. It can be found on his website
"Andersonville Civil War Prison" and is taken from these records:

"List of Union Soldiers Buried at Andersonville" by Dorence Atwater, 1865 and
"Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars, 1861-65" Board of Commissioners, Volume I; State of Minnesota, 1891.

Wood, Ashley W., Private, Company B, Regiment 2, Minnesota Infantry, captured at Chickamauga, GA on Sept. 19, 1863, died May 10, 1864 at Andersonville of diarrhea, no more information available, Code No. 10986, Grave No. 986.