"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ Fourth Regiment"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


Was organized December 23, 1861, and was ordered to Benton Barracks, Missouri, April 19, 1862; was assigned to the army of the Mississippi May 4, 1862, and participated in the siege of Corinth in April, 1862; was at Iuka on September 19, 1882; at Corinth, September 3 and 4, 1862; and was with Gen. Grant in the siege of Vicksburg, and fought bravely in the assault and capture, July 4, 1863. Participated in the skirmishes and battles of Forty Hills, Raymond, Jackson and Champion Hill; was transferred from the 17th corps to 15tth corps, and was at Mission Ridge November 25, 1863; was veteranized in January, 1864; at Altoona, in July, 1864; participated in Sherman's march through Georgia and the Carolinas; was at Bentonsville, March 20, 1865, and on July 19, 1865, was mustered out at Louisville, Kentucky; discharged at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Volunteers for this regiment from Wabasha county were:

Fourth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.

James Douglass2nd LtFMinneiskadsch with regiment
Andrew JohnsonPrivateAElgindsch dsbl 2/27/65 drafted
Swan PetersonPrivateAGreenfielddsch 6/20/65
Chas H GoodrichPrivateBPlainviewdsch 7/19/65
Dan Estabrooks PrivateCMinneiskadied 7/15/62
Benjamin GypsonPrivateCWabashadied at Cairo Ill 9/14/1863
A Nathaniel HainesPrivateCMinnieskapromo corp sgt dsch 10/11/1864
Eli (Elephalet) B HalePrivateCMinneiskadsch dsbl 9/5/62
Thomas MoorePrivateCWabashadsch 9/22/64
Albert (B) MorrisonPrivateCMinneiskadsch with regiment
Justice RosePrivateCPlainviewdsch 6/12/1865 substitute
Francis W ShawPrivateCHyde Parkdsch with regiment
William SmithPrivateCChestertrans vet reserve corps 4/30/64
Frederick StauffPrivateCHighlanddsch 6/12/1864 substitute
Edward GordonPrivateDPepinpromo corp substitute dsch 6/12/1865
Daniel HughesPrivateDMinnieskadsch 6/12/1865 substitute
Albert KnowlesPrivateDChesterdsch 7/19/1865 substitute
Joseph MillerPrivateDLake Citydsch dsbl 1862
Oliver OlversenPrivateDHighlanddsch 6/12/1865 substitute
Theodore RasmusPrivateDPepindsch 5/26/1865 substitute
Michael HizerPrivateEMinneiskadsch 7/19/65 drafted
Fred Woodward PrivateFMazeppapromo com sgt dsch 4/22/65
John BieberPrivateGWabashadsch 7/19/65
Alfred NoackPrivateGGlasgowdsch 6/12/65
Matthias WaldorfPrivateGPepindsch dsbl 12/21/1863
Chris JennisonPrivateHGillfordtrans vet reserve corps dsch 12/20/1864
Peter G PetersonPrivateHWab Copromo corp dsch 7/19/65
William WinslowPrivateHLake Citydsch per order 6/12/1865
John T BlakePrivateIGreenfielddsch 7/19/65
Magnus EricksonPrivateKHighlanddsch 6/12/65
David ImhoffPrivateKHighlanddsch with regiment substitute
Ole LarsonPrivateKHighlanddsch 7/19/65 substitute

My Internet friend and Civil War Buff, Dave Frederick, says:
"Men could be excused from volunteer service by having a substitute. I don't think draftees could. The Union apparently allowed it because it encouraged wealthy young men to volunteer, then pay a poor man to be his substitute, to avoid the possibility of being drafted."