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Memorial stone commemorates Foxcroft-born racehorse
Piscataquis Observer

A memorial stone commemorating a late 19th century racehorse born in Foxcroft was dedicated by the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society on Oct. 11 at the society's Blacksmith Shop Museum.  "This dedication is to a very famouse horse born right around the corner," Mary Annis of the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society said about the grey trotting mare named Emma B., and later known as Police Gazette, which would achieve . . .

Memorial stone dedication
Piscataquis Observer

The Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society will hold a dedication of the memorial stone for racehorse Emma B. on Saturday, Oct. 11 at 1 p.m. at the Blacksmith Shop Museum, 100 Dawes Road.  A tour of the museum will follow.  The museums are free but donations are accepted.  The hours for the Blacksmith Shop are dawn to dusk.  Clark Thompson of Bangor has researched racehorses of Maine as to where they were born and bred.  He then places a memorial stone at the place of birth or as close as possible to the site.  Emma B. was born in Foxcroft on the Boston Farm near Gray Valley, and was owned by . . .

D-F Historical Society to discuss 'Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes?' on Wednesday
Piscataquis Observer, 03 Sep 2008

Do you enjoy a good murder mystery?  Come meet the characters - Freddy, the thrice-married son-in-law who robbed the cradle, Harold Christine, Bahamas real estate king thought to be the victims best friend.  The Mafia's Meyer Meyer Lansky or Lucy Luciano, trying to bring gambling to the Bahamas.  William Foskett, the victim's lawyer, who got caught with this hands in the till An old fellow prospector bearing a grudge.  The Duke of Windsor with something to hide.  All of the above figure in the story of Who killed Sir Harry Oakes, a talk given by Carlson Williams for the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society on Wednesday, Sept. 3 at the meeting room at . . .

Old Observer Building museum facade restored to original appearance
Piscataquis Observer, 03 Sep 2008

With the generous support of its members and business sponsors, this spring the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society restored the Union Square of its Observer Building museum to the appearance it once had.  In the 1960s the Observer Publishing Company altered the facade by placing the entrance door to one side of the first floor and installing a large bay window across the facade.  A few years ago, the Thermopane part of the bay windo began to slip down in its casing and a diagonal crack developed across the glass.  Dust came in and heat went out through the window despite . . .

World War II Exhibit
Piscataquis Observer, 13 Aug 2008

World War II-era military uniforms are part of a display on the era that was exhibited at the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society's Observer Building Museum on Main St. during the recent Shiretown Homecoming festivities.  The exhibit is on display for the public to view at the museum, open Thursdays from 1-8 p.m., Saturdays, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and by appointment.  The Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society is asking for . . .

Historical Society open during Homecoming
Piscataquis Observer, 30 Jul 2008

The Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society is opening the doors of the old Piscataquis Observer building during the town's Homecoming festivities to showcase it's permanent exhibits,along with a few new ones as well.  Music from the 1950s era will welcome you in the doors of the Historical Society as you are greeted by prom dresses of the time, as well as a 1957 class photo of Foxcroft Academy . . .

Local historian Lou Stevens
Eastern Gazette, 14 Jul 2007

Local historian Lou Stevens narrated the first ever tour of old Dover recently sponsored by the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society.  The sold-out tour was a great success and enjoyed by all.  The tour may be repeated in the fall if there . . .

Historical Society puts on Civil War supper
Piscataquis Observer, 11 Jul 2007

Part 1:  A crowd of over 70 turned out for a Civil War supper put on by the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society at the Congregational Church on July 7.  The festivities include, a nineteenth century food supper of baked beans, ham, cole slaw, corn bread and . . .

Part 2:  History Comes Alive - A Civil War supper put on by the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society at the Dover-Foxcroft Congregational Church on July 7 featured historical society members in period costume, an address by Vice President Hannibal Hamlin and a sing-along of Civil War songs. The supper included nineteenth century food such as baked bean, ham, corn bread and homemade gingerbread. . .

'Best dress' on display in Dover-Foxcroft
Bangor Daily News, 09 Jul 2007

A photo of Harriet Drake Sherburne on the cover of the summer edition of The Shiretown Conserver, the newsletter of the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society, shows her wearing a beautiful beaded silk bodice.  (I find a marriage record in Dover-Foxcroft for Hattie D. Drake and William Sherburne on . . .

Civil War supper set in Dover-Foxcroft
Bangor Daily News, 04 Jul 2007

The Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society and the Dover-Foxcroft Congregational Church will co-sponsor a public Civil War supper of baked beans and the fixings Saturday, July 7, at the church.  The evening will feature people dressed in Civil War Costumes, including actors appearing as Hannibal Hamlin and Mrs. Hamlin, who will speak to the participants.  The society will have displays of Civil War items for public viewing, including a Confederate flag that was seized  during the war.  The meal will have two settings, at 4:30 and 5:30 p.m.  Between settings, the movie "The General" will be shown.  After supper, Eric Boothroyd . . .

Blacksmith museum to close for repairs
Bangor Daily News, 30 Jun 2007

Tucked off a back road is a history lesson waiting to be told.  Once referred to by Reader's Digest as one of the state's little-known gems, the Dover-Foxcroft Blacksmith Museum has provided visitors with a glimpse of the past for years.  It is one of the two original blacksmith shops left in the state.  The other is located in Aroostook County.  For the next couple of months, however, the 1863 Blacksmith Shop will be . . .

Dover-Foxcroft a Preserve America town
Bangor Daily News, 01 Sep 2006

This picturesque town is proud of its heritage, so much so that it has now become one of three Maine settlements designated among Preserve America Communities.  That recent designation could bring federal grants to the town for a variety of activities related to . . .

Past is present in Blacksmith Shop Museum
Piscataquis Observer, 23 Aug 2006

Have you ever heard of an ox-lifter?  Likely not, but it was a necessary piece of equipment in the 1800s when oxen were the animals of choice to work fields.  Like horses, oxen were often shod, but unlike horses, the would not lift their feet voluntarily.  Therefore, a mechanism was devised that lifted them comfortably while a blacksmith safely fitted iron shoes to their cloven hooves.  And you can find such a device at the Blacksmith Shop Museum, located at 107 Dawes Road, in Dover-Foxcroft, along with a lot of other equipment original to the shop in its working days.  First established in 1863, the shop originally served one of the larger farms in the area, but in 1883, the farm then owned by Cynthia Chandler Parsons and the shop operated by her husband . . .

Long-Time Society Fan
Piscataquis Observer, 09 Aug 2006

Roger Trembley of Northeast Publishing presents a check to Mary Annis, president of the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society.  Northeast Publishing, owner of the Piscataquis Observer, is marking its tenth year of support of DFHS, since turning over the ownership of the Observer Building to the society.  The Observer Building Museum is on the National Register of Historic Places and has a section dedicated to the Piscataquis Observer.

Dover-Foxcroft exhibit features wedding gowns
Bangor Daily News, 08 Aug 2006

"My own precious happy I am in your precious love," wrote Harry Bentz on Nov. 19, 1900, to his betrothed, Maude Mayo of Dover.  He had proposed the day before.  He was writing the letter aboard a train bound for New York City.  He finished the missive with "let me add again to my letter how happy I am in your love.  I can't say it often enough so goodnight sweetheart mine and know me to be with a heart full of love your devoted, Harry."  This fragment from an eight-page letter Harry wrote to Maude, and Maude's wedding gown, are part of the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society's current exhibit of wedding gowns.  Rows of pintucks adorn the front of Maude's dress, and a large ribbon rosette decorates the waist.  Also on display is an engraved invitation, from Tiffany's of New York City, to the couple's wedding breakfast. . . .

Historical Society's two museums open for summer
Eastern Gazette, 08 Jul 2006

The Chandler Blacksmith Shop built in 1864 and located on the Dawes Road, features workable forge, blacksmithing tools, agricultural equipment from the nineteenth century and other rural artifacts.  The museum is open almost . . .

Wedding Gown Display
Piscataquis Observer, 06 Jul 2006

Observer Building Museum curator Nancy Battick, of the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society, adjusts a wedding gown from 1900 in a display of six wedding gowns from that year to 1976, pictured right.  Photos illustrate changing fashions in gowns, and how many weddings during World War II dispensed with most of the traditional attire and festivities.  For more information on the exhibit, please see page 16.

Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society museums open for summer
Piscataquis Observer, 05 Jul 2006

The Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society's two museums are now open for the summer.  The Chandler Blacksmith Shop, built in 1864 and located on the Dawes Road, features a workable forge, blacksmithing tools, agricultural equipment from the nineteenth century and other rural artifacts.  The museum is open almost every day . . .