Town of Greene, Maine

 The Thurston Family

Dr. Everett Parker writes that his grandfather, Walter Thurston, was born in Vermont ca. 1874, died in Orlando, Florida, in 1966 at the age of 92. .  His first wife was Addie Hopkins, born in Detroit, Maine (she is buried in the Detroit cemetery, along with Walter. They had six daughters all born in Greene:

  1. Blanche Thurston Gayton, born 1900
  2. Marion Thurston Sanford, born 1901
  3. Ethelyn Thurston Parker, born 1903
  4. Bernice Thurston Lombard, born 1908
  5. Georgia Thurston Bannister, born 1908
  6. Edith Thurston, died as a young child.

After Addie Thurston died, Walter married 2nd Edith Smith.


Thurston Connections?

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