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Census records can provide the building blocks of your research, allowing you to both confirm information, and to learn more.  The first Federal Population Census was taken in 1790, and has been taken every ten years since. However, data from recent censuses are not available after 1930 because of a 72-year restriction on access to the Census. Most researchers find it most helpful to begin with the 1930 Census and work backwards to locate people in earlier generations.  If you are new to Census or just need questions answered, an excellent learning and reference tool "The Census Book" can be located here.  (Requires Adobe Reader)

Kansas was not included in the Federal Census until 1860, but don't overlook the Iowa Census where your Ancestors may have been prior to Kansas becoming a Territory. Total US Population: 17,069,453


1855 Territorial Census, District 15 Index - eligible voters for elections

1859 Kansas State and Territorial Census Index
1840 Census Records - Head of Household name only
1850 Census Records - First records that show family names
1860 Census Records
1870 Census Records
1880 Census Records - (offsite)
1890 Census Records - most were destroyed in a fire

1895 Kansas State Census - (offsite)

1890 Veterans Schedules
1900 Census Records
1910 Census Records
1920 Census Records
1930 Census Records - Released in 2002
1940 Census Records - Not due to be released until 2012


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