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ATCHISON COUNTY, one of the northeastern counties of the state, was created by the first territorial legislature in 1855. The county was named in honor of David R. Atchison, United States senator from Missouri, and the town of Atchison was made the county seat.

Surrounding Counties

Buchanan County, MO (northeast), Brown County (northwest)

Doniphan County (northeast), Leavenworth County (southeast),

Platte County, MO (southeast),

Jefferson County (south), Jackson County (west)


  • Atchison County Plat Map - Lancaster Twp Plat Map showing sections  in and around City of Effingham and City of Lancaster. This is not a map of the entire area that encompasses Atchison, County. Year is said to be in the mid-1970's, based land ownership.


  • Land Ownership/Plat Maps 1903

    • Benton Township, Lancaster, Potter, Huron, Farmington, Cummings

List of Atchison County Township Maps

The list below shows cities, towns and villages within each map area. To search for cemeteries, villages and other features click on the townships listed below which will take you to the USGS GNIS site. Cities listed include those that no longer exist and/or have changed names or townships. Therefore some cities will be duplicated.

  • Benton Township - formed from Kapioma Twp, date unknown  -Effingham, Monrovia

  • Centre Township -  formed Oct., 1854 -  Cummings, Cummingsville, Farmington, Pardee,  Ocena

  • Shannon - formed Sept, 1855 - City of Atchison, Good Intent, Shannon

  • Walnut - formed ? - Dalbey, Oak Mills, Port Williams, Saint Pats


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