The Robinson Constitution - Some news articles on divorces printed in the year 1886.

Sundered Ties
Divorces granted were to the following

Ambert Wesner represents that she was married to John Wesner in Jan. 1882, in Crawford county, and in the month of Oct. Following, John cruelly deserted her. Her prayer was also, for maintenance and custody of child.

Joseph Kopta, of Hutsonville, led to the hymeneal alter Lucinda Evans Oct. 29, 1881, and continued to live, act and be a true and good husband until April 85. He avers that all duties toward his said wife were faithfully discharged. She, having an uncontrollable temper, which was made manifest in a few short years, unwifely conduct and neglect of her duties, was the causation of Joseph asking a divorce and custody of their two children.

Nancy A. Galloway was on the 12th day of Aug. 1879, joined in marriage to Wm. Galloway, in the county of Crawford, and lived and cohabited with him until the 17th of July, 1882, when he "took a walk" without just cause or provocation and continued to absent himself, hence her appeal to the courts for a divorce and maintenance.

Lucinda Bottoms took Newton Bottoms for a "Christmas Present" in 1881, and for exactly three years a good, true and loving wife. She learned that naughty Newton had, at the time of their nuptials, a wife living in Texas. Therefore, on Christmas day, 1884, Lucinda left him, which circumstance caused the seeking of the divorce granted.

Andrew Swiss married Sarah Holden, in Richland county, May 23d 83, thinking her a chaste and virtuous woman. Lived and cohabited with her for the short space of ten days, when he discovered Sarah was guilty of adultery and abandoned her. For which Andy asked and received the severing of the nuptial vows.

Nancy H. Hilbrant was joined in matrimony with Bindar Hilbrant Nov. 7th 1883 and Nancy represents that her lawful wedded spouse did at divers times commit adultery for which she prayed a divorce.

Catherine McIntosh represents that she was married to J. W. McIntosh Jan. 15th 1885 and that after committing adultery he cruelly deserted her, therefore she likewise asked a divorce.

Elner Cravens now comes and says she was married to one Jesse P. Cravens Oct. 29, 1881 and that sometime thereafter he deserted and left her contrary to his marital vows and the courts was her only recourse to which she came for justice.