Columbia County Deeds & Land Records

Individual Deeds
Ayres, Willam to Richard Dunn  1817
Bell, Hugh to Andrew H. M. Edwards  1826
Dunn, Richard to John Burgamy  1805
Dunn, Richard to David Standford  1817
Dunn, Richard to Elizabeth Upton  1806
Dunn, Richard to Gatewood Dunn  1810
Dunn, Waters to William Dunn, Deed in Trust,  1797
Edmondson, Thomas to Waters Dunn Sr.   1800
Story & Brooks to James Allen  1795
Willnut, John to Gatewood Dunn 1809
Land Grants
Dunn, Richard  1798
Dunn, Waters  1790
Dunn, Waters  1798
Dunn, Waters  1798
Dunn, Waters  1801
Abstracts of Deeds
Deed Abstracts from Pearl Baker Book
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