Hernando County History

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Act Creating Hernando County
1845 Voter's List
Last of the Toters

New Hope Methodist Church (PDF)

Hernando History

The following are articles written by Roger S. Landers for the Hernando Times, the Hernando County edition of the St Petersburg Times. Roger Landers is retired from the Hernando County School District, where for nearly 33 years he was a teacher, principal and district administrator. He is the historian for the county's Heritage Museum and a member of the Florida Historical Society. He has graciously consented to the display of those articles here on this website.

History Timeline
Tiger Tail's Old Fields
War Led To Area's Settling In 1842
Our History Follows Us Into The New Year
Emphasis On Public Education Came Early

Civil War Hardships Brought On Change
Pioneers Who Made Their Marks
In The Past, One Media Mogul
Not Long Ago, 'Prisoner' Meant Lease Me
From Early Days Lawyers Have Led
A Fiery End to Local Landmarks

Old Brooksville in Photos and Stories

Old Brooksville in photos and Stories is a monthly magazine self published by Bob Martinez and distributed free of charge to the public. This magazine is dedicated to preserving the history of Hernando County. Mr. Martinez has graciously consented to allow any articles in this magazine to be displayed on this website. Bob Martinez is retired from the Tampa Tribune. This magazine has been published since 1998 and back issues for most months are still available for purchase for a small fee plus postage. To purchase a back issue contact Bob Martinez at: [email protected] and please leave the subject line intact.

The Sheriff's
Neil Law, One Tough Dude
Nelson Brass, The Life of a Deputy
Pioneering Family - The Hopes