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What DO those ERROR messages mean? Fianna site NEW!

More About FTP and Newsgroups Fianna site

How to TURN OFF HTML! which list etiquette requires :) Fianna site

The Ten Commandments of Email Etiquette! Fianna site

What, Where, Why, How, and Who
Many people need at one time or another an authoritative resource on the history and function of the Internet. William Stewart (with his PhD in computer science) has assembled such a site: LivingInternet, a framed collection of documents with overviews and details. This site covers the Net in general, the Web, Usenet, e-mail and mailing lists, chat, and more. For each topic, William has useful categories such as How It Works, How to Use It, Why It's Important, and Security Issues. His linked list of references is superb even though the destination sites remain inside his frames. Librarians and academics, in particular, are likely to love William's selectivity. You'll also find biographies of Net founders. By Net standards, the subject matter and depth make LivingInternet a classic.

FIANNA-L. A mailing list for those who are researching Irish ancestry and history to discuss ways of improving their skills in searching for their Irish ancestors. Subscribers are welcome to post questions and information regarding sources and methods for Irish research. Specific questions on individual ancestors are beyond the scope of the list.

Mailing address for postings is

To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to (mail mode) or (digest mode).

To subscribe to GENIRE-L, go to rootsweb, lists by country.
To subscribe to IRELAND-L, go to rootsweb, lists by country.
To subscribe to Scotch-Irish-L, go to rootsweb, ethnic groups.
To subscribe to ScotlandGenWeb-L, go to rootsweb, lists by country
To subscribe to IrelandGenWeb-L, go to rootsweb, lists by country
To subscribe to Shamrock-L, go to rootsweb

If people wish to contact the listowner of any RootsWeb mailing list or whoever is covering for them the easiest address to remember is the administrative address and that will forward it on.

The generic administrative addresses are 'listname' where 'listname' is replaced by the name of the list you're contacting.

All rootsweb lists are now being archived at To use the Archiver you will need to pick a user name and password and you will need to accept a cookie. The reason for passwords and cookies is to keep spammers' e-mail address harvesters *out* of the archives. Because of this password-and- cookie feature, listowners can set up lists to be archived with confidence that they are *not* exposing posters' addresses to spammers. We encourage all RootsWeb listowners to visit the Archiver and then include their lists in the archives.

Go to , then type in the name of the list, then on the next page type in a surname or location, or even a person who wrote the post and it will bring up all messages containing those words. This is a good way for new members of any list to see old answers and to see if anyone else has ever asked about your surname or place of origin.

When those flames start roaring, read The Life Cycle of Mailing ListsFianna site NEW!


A site to watch! The Genealogy Watchdog evaluates sites and posts concerns. The Board which operates it is made up of officers of the NGS.

If you find that you have been a victim of fraud on the internet, any complaints when money has changed hands for services not rendered can be made online to the
National Fraud Information Center

About "cooking" Spam!

The BEST way! Fianna site
Another good place to check-RE: Virus Hoaxes also
About avoiding Spam and what's being done about it

IF you have a web page, here's a neat hint:
Here's a way to prevent the spam scum robots from gleaning your e-mail address from a HTML page -- and maybe even from e-mail publications and newsgroups. When you enter a mailto in a Web page, format it as follows:
It works just fine when someone clicks on it, but when the robots pick it up they end up with an invalid address.

Some good Miscellaneous Data

Managing Bookmarks and Favorites Files! aka chirho tells all ;) !  Fianna site

Viruses and Virus Hoaxes !! Fianna site
Dealing with that miserable HAPPY.EXE thing! Fianna site

The TRUTH about the FCC and per-minute charges!

Is it a virus? Check on-line help from many sources, including

Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability
Symantec Anti Virus Research Center
The Urban Legends Archive
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Datafellows Hoax Warnings

COOKIES !! Fianna site
To learn more about Cookies and other Internet-related subjects,
visit Cookie Central and Cyndi's List Internet Help Page

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