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Co Donegal Roman Catholic Records
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County Donegal

Roman Catholic Parishes

from DH Fianna Thanks Dianna Hanson for this donated page.

This list only contains Roman Catholic parish names in Ireland and is not considered complete. If your parish is not listed, it may be included in another parish. Please consult "Index to Townlands, Parishes, Baronies and Poor Law Unions of Ireland" for more information. The dates given are those for the earliest known baptism records. There may be earlier marriage records available also.

LC = Local Custody, write to the local parish priest to access the records, DA = Donegal Ancestry Heritage Center, NLI = National Library of Ireland in Dublin, NAI = National Archives of Ireland in Dublin, GO = Genealogical Office in Dublin, PRONI = Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast, RCBL = ruling church body library in Dublin. Please write to the appropriate office for access to the records.

Civil Parish Roman Catholic
Earliest Date
Of Records
Aghanunshin Aghanunshin, and also See Aughnish . .
Allsaints Taughboyne . .
Aughnish Aughnish 1873 LC, NLI, DA
Barr of Inch See Minitaghs . .
Burt Burt, Inch, and Fahan 1856 Lc, NLI, GC Derry
Clonca Malin 1856 Lc, NLI, GC Derry
Clondahorky Dunfanagh 1877 Lc, NLI, DA
Clondavaddog Clondavaddog (Tamney) 1847 LC, NL, DA
Clonleigh Clonleight (Lifford) 1773 Lc, NLI, GC Derry
Clonmany Clonmany 1852 Lc, NLI, GC Derry
Convoy raphoe . .
Conwal Conwal and Leck (Letterkenny) 1853 LC, NLI, DA
Culdaff Culdaff 1838 Lc, NLI, GC Derry
Desertegny Buncrana (Desertegy and Lower Fahan) 1864 Lc, NLI, GC Derry
Donagh Carndonagh or Donagh 1847 Lc, NLI, GC Derry
Donaghamore Donaghmore (Killygordon) 1840 LC, NLI, Da
Donegal Donegal (Tawnawilly mts.) 1872 LC, NLI, Da
Drumhome Drumhome (Ballintra) 1866 LC, NLI, Da
Fahan Lower Desertegny . .
Fahan Upper See Burt . .
Garan Termon and Gartan 1862 Lc, Nli, Da
Glencolumbkille Glencolumbkille 1860 Lc, NLI, Da
Inch See Burt . .
Inishkeel Gelnties 1866 LC, NLI, DA
Inishmacsaint see County Fermanagh . .
Inver Inver 1861 LC, NLI, DA
Kilbarron Kilbarron 1854 LC, NLI, DA
Kilcar Kilcar 1848 LC, NLI, Da
Killaghtee Killybegs Upper . .
Killea Taughboyne . .
Killybegs Lower Ardara 1869 LC, NLI, DA
Killybegs Upper Killybegs and Killaghtee 1845 LC, NLI, DA
Killygarvan Killygarvan 1868 LC, NLI, DA
Killymard Killymard 1874 LC, NLI, DA
Kilmacrennan Kilmacrenan 1862 LC, NLI, Da
Kilteevoge Kilteevoge (cloghan) 1855 Lc, NLI, Da
Leck See Conwal . .
Letermacaward Lettermacaward, see Templecrone . .
Mevagh Mevagh 1871 LC, NlI, Da
Minitiaghs or Barr of Inch Buncrana, See Desertegny . .
Moville Lower Moville Lower 1847 Lc, NLI, GC Derry
Moville Upper Iskaheen and Movillel Upper 1958 Lc, NLI, GC Derry
Muff Iskaheen, see Moville Upper . .
Raphoe Raphoe 1876 LC, Nli, DA
Raymoghy Tughboyne . .
Raymunterdoney part Clondahorky, part Tullaghobegley . .
Stronorlar Stranorlar 1860 LC, NLI, DA
Taughboyne All Saints, Raymoghy, and Taughboyne 1843 LC, NLI, Da
Templecarn Pettigo 1836 Lc, NLI, Da
Templecrone Dungloe 1876 Lc, NLI, Da
Tullaghobegley (1) Tullaghbegley West 1849 LC, NLI, Da
Tullaghobegley (2) Tullaghbegley West 1868 LC, NLI, DA
Tullyfern see Killygarvan . .
Urney Urney, see Co. Tyrone . .

Co Donegal OR County Index

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