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Co Donegal Miscellaneous Records
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County Donegal

Miscellaneous Genealogical Records

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The following records are available at different places. NAI = National Archives of Ireland, NLI = National Library of Ireland, SLC = film number or book number to be ordered through your local Latter Day Saint Family History Center, LC = local Custody, DA= Donegal Ancestry (heritage society), GO = Genealogical Office in Dublin, RCBL = Ruling Church Body Library In Dublin, PRONI = Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast. Please contact those offices in order to review these records.
Years Covered Resource Location
1612-13 Survey of Undertakers Hist. Mss. Comm. Rep. (Hastings Mss.) 4 (1947) 159-82
1630 Muster Roll Donegal Annual 10(2) 124-49
1642 Muster Roll SLC film 897012
1654 Civil Survey .
165-56 The Civil Survey Vol. Iii Dublin, Stationery Office, 1937
1659 Penders Census of Ireland SLC film 924648
1663-65 Hearth Money roll Extracts Nai film 2473
1665 Hearth Money roll Extracts NLI Ms 9583/4, SLC film 100181, 258502
1669 subsidy roll SLC film 258502, PRONI T307
1718 William Connolly's Ballyshannon Estate Record Donegal Ann. 33 91981)
1726 See 1718 .
1730 The Murray of Broughton Estate Donegal Ann. 12 (1) (1977)
1740 Protestant Householders in Parishes of Cloncaha, Clonmeny, Caldaff, Desertegney, donagh, Fawne, Movill, and Templemore SLC Film 100182
1761 Militia List of County Donegal GO MS 680
1761-75 Electors of Donegal SLC Film 100181, GO ms. 442
1761-88 List of Freeholders NL< ms 787/8
1766 Census of Householders of parish of Donaghmore NAI film 207/208
1766 Protestant Householders in Parish of Leck SLC 258517
1766 Protestant Householders in Donaghmore and Derry NAI M207-8, NAI M2476 and RCB Ms. 23
1770 Names of Owners of Freeholds Entitled to Vote NLI Ms. 987-898
1782 Inhabitants of Culdaff Parish 300 Years in inishowen, A.I. Young, 1929, p. 159-60
1794 Householders in St. jOhnston Parish of Taughboy The Laggan and Its Presbyteriansim A.g. Lecky 91905) I. 89
1794 Tenants on Abercorn Estate (Laggan) The Laggan and Its Presbyteriansim A.g. Lecky 91905) I. 89
1796 Spinning Wheel Premium List SLC
1799 Protestant Householders in Parish of Templecrone Ir. Anc. 16(2)(1984)
1802-03 Protestants in Part of Culdaff Parish 300 Years in inishowen, A.I. Young, 1929, p. 159-60
1819-28 Rent Rolls of Pettigo Estate NLI Ms. 5811
1823-30 Tenants and workers of fort Stewart Estate Held by Donegal Ancestry
1825-36 Tithe Applotment Survey Donegal Ancestry
1832-36 Rent Rolls of the Pettigo Estate NLI Ms 5812
1839 List of Persons who obtained Game Certificate in ulster SLC Film 100179 PRNI T 688
1843 Voters List NAI 1843/56
1852-564 Vaccinatino Register for Milford NLI Ms. 9767
1852-72 vaccination Register for Rathmullen NLI Ms. 9976
1857 Griffith's Valuastin SLC
1858-69 Rental of Earl of Leitrim Estate, Barony of Kilmacrenan NLI Ms 5175=5178
1875-1902 List of all inhabitants of parish of Conwall RCB P206/8/1a
1901 1901 Census Donegal-Stranolar Parish Roots Book
1911 1911 Census NAI, SLC,
1824 City of Dublin and Hib ernian Provincial Directory .
1839 Directory of the Towns of Sligo, Enniskillen, Ballyshannon� .
1876 National Commercial Directory of Ireland .
1854 Belfast and Provine of Ulster Directory .
1870 Directory of Ireland .
1881 Royal National commercial Directory of ireland .
1891 The Derry Almananc and Directory .
1894 Royal National Directory .
Family History Abstracts of Some boyd Wills DA
Family History The Crawfords of Donegal and How they Came There DA
Family History The Dickson and Connolly Families of Ballyshannon DA
Family History The Dills of Fanad DA
Family History Doherty - see County Derry Family Histories DA
Family History Downey see Co. Sligo Family histories DA
Family History A History of the Family of Early in America: The Ancestors and Descendants of Jeremiah Early Who Came From Donegal DA
Family History The Harvey Families of Inishowen DA
Family History Hewetson of Ballyshannon, donegal DA
Family History Irwin- See Co. Fermanagh Family Histories DA
Family History Nebitt of Woodhill, Pedigree in Swanzy Notebooks DA
Family History The O'Briens of Glencolumbkille DA
Family History O'Cannons of Tirchonaill DA
Family History Notes on the O'Peatains of Donegal, Mayo and roscommon DA
Family History The Pattons and Dills of Springfield DA
Family History The Wrays of Donegal, Londonderry, and Antrim DA
Family History Three Hundred Years in the Insihowen, Being More Particularly an Account of the Family of Young of Culdaff DA
Newspapers Ballyshannon Herald BL
Newspapers Donegal Independent Bl
Newspapers Donegal Vindicator BL
Newspapers The Liberator BL
Pre-1858 Wills Indexes Raphoe 1684-1858 .
Post 1858 Wills District Registry of Londonderry NAI, SLC Film 930300, 942216-942223
Marriages Indexes Raphoe 1661-1750 NAI, SLC film 100872
Marriages Indexes Clogher 1709 NAI, SLC Film 100861
Marriages Indexes Raphoe bonds 1710-1755 and 1817-1830 Ir. Anc. Supplement 1969, SLC film 873655
Misc A Guide to Tracing Your Donegal Ancestors ISBn 0-95084666-x
Misc Donegal History and Society - Interdisciplanry Essays on the History of an Irish county ISBN 0906602-459
Misc Donegal-Stranorlar Parish Roots book Neol Farrell, Longfrod, 1996
Misc Arranmore Links: the families of Arrnmore, Ireland SLC 941.63/T3 D2gb
Misc The Parish of donagh, a list of parish priest4 Donegal Annual 42 91990)
Misc Surnames of co. Donegal Irsih Roots 2 (1995)
Misc Land, War and Eviction in Derryveah 1840-65 Dundalk, 1980
Misc Further Notes on the High Sheriffs of Co. Donegal Ir. Gen 2 (6) (1948)
Misc Kinship and Land tenure on tory Island Ulster Folk 12 (1966)
Misc Mevagh Down the Years. A History of Carrigart, Downings, Glen and the surrounding District .
Misc More about Mevagh donegal Democract 1965
Misc The Muster Roll of ca. 1630, Co. Donegal Donegal Annula 10(2)(1972)
Misc Some Notes on the High sheriffs of Co. Donegal Ir. Gen 1 (6) (1939)
Misc Tory Island 1841-1964 Parts 1 and 2 Ir. J. Med. Sci. 7th Ser.
Misc Two Early 17th Century Maps of Donegal R.S.A.I. 94 (1964)
Misc A Demographic Study of Tory Island and Rathlin Island Ulster Folk 17 (1971)
Misc 300 Years in Inishowen Belfast, 1929
Misc History of Landlordism in Donegal Ballyshannon, 1975
Misc Volunteer Companies of Ulster 1778-1793 Irish Sword 7 (29) (1966)

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