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Arden Leigh School District 5015 - A History by Bernard Chandler - Saskatchewan One room School Project

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Arden Leigh School

A History by Bernard Chandler

Arden Leigh Families with children

that attended Arden Leigh School

Lived on/or near east-west road – reasonable walking distance

Joe & Mary PerkinsWilbert & Mrs. Cook
-Dean- Gordon,Lorne,Barry,Dawn

Henry & Nettie RachkevichAlfred & Mrs. Mitchell

Archie & Gertrude ClarkMike & Annie Sokolowski*

John & Jose Sokolowski*Alfred Belyea
-Bill,Vern -Lillian,Florence,Clinton

Ludwig & Katie KattlerSam & Adella Gugins*

Alec & Mrs. PoberschnackArchie & Hilda Parry*

Clarence & Doris CotaWildred & Veronica Cota*

William & Hazel Guy Jr.*William & Elsie Guy Sr.*

Peter & Catherine DiewoldHarry & Elizabeth Clark
-Milly-Arthur Watch

Other families moved nearer to school within reasonable walking distance including:
Clarence & Annie Chandler*

Bill & Dorothy SchnackElmer & Inga Nystrom*

Others lived 3 or more miles from the school including:
Sigurd & Helga Sundberg*Tony & Lumina Bourget*

Tom & Flora WhitePaul & Mrs. Gorski

Joseph & Mrs. ByspalkoManzel & Bella Hunt*

Sundbergs, Bourgets and Hunts chose to go to Woodstone School while Gorskis and Byspalko remained in the Arden Leigh area.

*Some families had more than the children listed, but they did not attend Arden Leigh School.
Arden Leigh Residents(no children attending Arden Leigh)
I. SteinerGeorge & Nina Prentice

Charles & Mrs. HemrickGeorge & Pauline Sokolowski

William & Mrs. JossJohn & Mrs. Manz

Chas. OwensHarry Best


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Gallery Arden Leigh School District 5015

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