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Arden Leigh School District 5015 - A History by Bernard Chandler - Saskatchewan One room School Project

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Arden Leigh School

A History by Bernard Chandler

Arden Leigh School District #5015
Chronology of Activities

Arden Leigh School District #5015 was approved by the provincial Department of Education.

June 12th - Ratepayers approved a motion to build a school
August 24th - Construction of school progressed to the point where the board requested the Department of Education inspector procure a teacher.

February 1st - Mrs. T. White(Flora)seconded a motion to pass all reports as read at an annual ratepayers' meeting.
February 10th - school insured for $1,000.

- approved private functions at the school with an advanced payment of $5 and support of two trustees; but could be cancelled if not conducted in an orderly manner.
Feburary 27th - George Sokolowski hired as the janitor
March 4th - School commenced with Mrs. H.(Helen)G. Cooke as teacher at $350 per annum plus an advance for board and lodging.

February 5th - The board approved a motion that dancing was not be permitted in the school.

February 2nd - The second annual meeting approved a motion that the school be thrown open for entertainment with a deposit of $3, permission of two school trustees and the sponsoring person be held responsible for any damage.

-Again a motion was made to split up the district and divide the students among three adjacent school districts lost.

- 11th - The board excused a child from attendance for 30 days because of her mother's illness.

- A board motion was passed indicating that dances could be held only when sponsored by the trustees or the teacher.
18th - School opens for the term.

June 12th - Two students, Evelyn Nystrom and Lillian Mitchell, came up for review for their behavior. As a result they quit school because they were both over the compulsory school age of 15.

-Non-resident student enrolled on an advanced payment of 8 cents per day tuition fees.

-Wire for fencing the school grounds approved.

June 1st - Tender for $7 from Frank Walton to fence the schoolyard approved.

January 31st - Mrs. Hilda Perry elected as the first female board chairman.

February 14th - Accepted a tender from E.O.Nystrom for logs to build a barn.
Spring - Fenced the schoolyard.
June 1st - Board of Trustees decided that complaints about the teacher must be in writing in the future. Summer - Replastering of the outside school walls and installing spruce siding on the walls and shingles on the gable ends was completed.

Mrs. Katie Kattler elected as second female chairman of the board.

October 14th - Board approved building a barn.
November 22nd - F.S. Lucas, Provincial School Inspector, became treasurer of the board.

January 1st -The larger school units were established in Saskatchewan.
June 26th - Trustee Chandler approved to attend larger school unit meeting in Lintlaw.

March - Teacher, Jake Woykin, fired for drinking beer at a community dance.

- Larry Zbitnew hired as a teacher for February to April.

1948 February 18th - Approved the building of a new school.
June 18th - Elected a local school board even though the school unit had taken over most of their duties.

June 14th - Shavings were approved to insulate the ceiling of the school.
November 12th - Approved a trustee to attend the larger school unit meeting.

February 24th - Letter to the school unit pointing out that the school was beyond repair.

March 6th - Approved a motion to have a school moved in because "something needed to be done before the next term".
September 1st - Bernard Chandler was employed by the Sturgis School Unit #45 to convey Arden Leigh students to Stove Creek School where he would teach students from both schools.

May 3rd - Parents expressed concerns about having their students transported to Stove Creek School for another school year. A letter to this effect was written to the school unit board.
June 15th - Letter received from the School Unit addressing the parent's concerns but no reasons given in the minutes to continue the status quo.
September 1st - Students conveyed to Stove Creek School for another year.

September 1st - Students bussed to Lintlaw School. Arden Leigh School ceased operating.

March 28th - The last meeting of the board, attended by Sam Gugins and A.C. Chandler, was held.


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