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For many, membership in the Mayflower Society goes hand in hand with membership in the family society of your Mayflower ancestor. When you join your family society, you are supporting their work and keeping the memory of your ancestors alive. Some of these societies have been around for years - the Howlands lead the group, founded in 1897 with the Aldens close behind in 1906 and the Bartletts in 1908. Over the years, many more have been formed and their objectives, projects, meetings and newsletters are unique to each society. Some offer scholarships, some own and maintain historic houses, others are working on data bases. However large or small the society, they all have something in common - to honour the memory of their ancestor and remember them. They need your support.

For many years, Robert Tatem faithfully maintained the list of family societies and made it possible for the editors of our newsletters to reproduce updated lists. His unremitting dedication to keeping track of these all important family societies is an inspiration to me to try to keep it going. Robert passed away 10 June 2007, at the age of 97. Remarkably, he had been a member of the Howland Society for 80 years! He is truly an inspiration to us all to honour our ancestors by remembering them, and by supporting our family societies. Gail Adams, Editor of The Howland Quarterly also keeps this important list updated and regularly prints it and when I do not receive updates from the societies, she is my source - so a big thank you to Gail!

Some of our Mayflower ancestors do not yet have a society to honour their memory: John Billington, Peter Brown, Francis Eaton, Moses Fletcher, Richard More, William Mullins and John Tilley - all of these families have yet to have a society named for them. Why don't you be the one to start one for your ancestor? As we hear of others who are interested in founding a family society, information will appear here.  If information on your family society below has changed, please contact me, Susan E. Roser as I am trying to keep this information up to date. I am also willing to do whatever I can to assist those who are interested in getting a family society going, such as with the initial steps that must be taken. Since the call went out here several years ago for the formation of family societies, we have seen them formed for Allerton, Samson, Standish, Priest, Chilton and White. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have every Mayflower family represented and remembered by their descendants, with their own family society? Let's try to make this a reality!

 GOOD NEWS! In 2011 The Pilgrim Isaac Allerton Society was formed and in 2013, The Pilgrim William White Society. Congratulations to Allerton and White descendants!

 In 2008 interest was shown to start societies for John Billington and Francis Eaton. Although we still do not have enough members, if you are interested please contact Susan Roser who is keeping a list of names. 

Alden Kindred of America, Inc.


The Pilgrim Isaac Allerton Society


The Governor William Bradford Compact

c/o Dr. John Pogue, 5204 Kenwood Ave.,Chevy Chase, MD 20815-6604


The Society of Governor William Bradford Descendants Inc.

Carol Scarborough


The Elder William Brewster Society


The Pilgrim Peter Brown Society

Susan Abanor,14 West 17th St., New York, NY 10011


Chilton's Children


The Francis Cooke Society


The Pilgrim Edward Doty Society


The Fuller Society


The Pilgrim Hopkins Heritage Society


The Pilgrim John Howland Society


 Degory Priest Society


Thomas Rogers Society, Inc.


 Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred


Soule Kindred in America, Inc.


 Myles Standish Society


Warren Cousins

George C. Bingham, Registrar,


Winslow Family Associaton

P.O.Box 474, Fairview, PA 16415


The Pilgrim William White Society

Praire Counce, Governor


The Society of Descendants of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, Mass.


Delano Kindred


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