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25th Anniversary Celebration

Father James Sabine McGivern Memorial

On September 14, 2005, we dedicated a memorial to our Founding Father, Father James S. McGivern, on the grounds of the Mayflower Society in Plymouth, Mass., on the occasion of our Society's 25th Anniversary celebration.  Father McGivern was the driving force behind the formation of our Society in 1980 and it is fitting to have him remembered in the land of our Pilgrim ancestors. This memorial will also serve to let visitors to the gardens know that the Canadian Society exists and that we are extremely proud of our Mayflower heritage.

Our society purchased an ornamental tree to replace a damaged tree in the gardens. The tree which has been chosen blooms in the late summer and fall, (large balls of blossoms which start out white, then slowly turn a deep crimson red), which means it will be in its glory during the Congresses held in Plymouth every third September.  We placed a memorial stone beneath the tree, which reads: "Im Memory of Father James S. McGivern Who in 1980, founded the Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants. Tree dedication 2005". We were honoured to have several special guests of the General Society attend our dedication: Past Governor Generals Robert Davis, Eugene Fortine and Robert Greene (and their wives), and Past Assistant Governor General Donald West. We had a good turnout of members and friends with approximately 30 in attendence. 


We asked our members to contribute to our Memorial Fund with a donation of $10.00 each as we had to raise at least $700.00 to cover the costs of the tree and stone - and they didn't let us down!. Several of our members were extremely generous - we thank them - as we thank all who generously donated and helped to make this endeavor a reality. Please note that those who have contributed to our Memorial Fund will be acknowledged with special mention in our anniversary book.

We extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation to the following members and friends who contributed varying amounts to our fund:

George Crawford

Arnold Nethercott

Barbara McGivern

Keith Bain

George Hayward

Joan Magee

Susan Roser

Margaret Brodylo

Gordon Wood

Stephanie Wood

Marion Smith Tait

Cyndee Case

Sally Pengelley

Fred Abraham

Robert W. White

Joyce Cutler

Margaret Mirko

Abbie Thompson

Doreen Corbett

William Brown

George Baldwin

Gloria Wywka


Dale Lahey

Dale Lahey in memory of

daughter, Andrea Lahey and

mother, Irene Lahey

Barbara Clarke

Deborah Clarke

Douglas Clarke

Helen Gibson

Sharon Cadieux

Lucy Traves

Jean Wood

Victoria Wood

Dorothy Allan

Marian Worthen

Sandy Fairbanks

James Wood

Eleanor Smith

George Nye

Ann Murphy

Nanda Graham

Ian Graham

Fay Carlson

Mary Nichols

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