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The Burlington Kings County Cemetery Society became a reality in 2006 because of the determination of Viewmount resident Brian Hirtle, who has watched the cemetery deteriorate over recent years. Most of the descendants of the people buried in the cemetery have either passed away or moved from the area over the last few decades. Brian has now assembled a great group of people from the Burlington area - and from abroad - to help restore and maintain the cemetery.

The society’s deepest respect goes out to John Bezanson, Bill Bezanson and Leslie Saunders for all the time and effort they have put forth over the years. Now it is time for other concerned people to step forward and continue the fine work done in the past by these great men and their families.

Nov 2017 - The donations page has been updated - a big thank-you to everyone! We can give official income tax receipts since we are registered as an official charitable society with Revenue Canada.
July 2012 - It's out!! - The book From The Brow To The Bay chronicles the family and community histories of Woodlawn, Burlington and Viewmount on the North Mountain, Kings County, Nova Scotia. Settled in the early 1800's, these communities stretch from the brow of the mountain to the Bay of Fundy shore and over a period of 200 years have seen vast changes in the landscape and way of life.
March 2009 - 3rd Annual Cemetery Newsletter. Click here
Pictures taken Nov.11th 2008 at the Cemetery. Gregory H. Hammond puts flags on Bertha Delight Beckwith's grave and at the gate on the south side where he hung a wreath "for the Veteran's in the Burlington Cemetery" click here
August 2008 - new fencing has been installed. Please click here to see our most recent progress!
May 1st 2008 - Burlington cemetery planning for future growth, history - newspaper article by Sara Keddy published in the Kings County Register.
April 2008 - 2nd Annual Cemetery Newsletter. Click here
April 2008 - Tom Metcalf has taken on the position of Grounds Supervisor. This position is multifaceted and will include the overseeing of jobs such as stone repair, plot purchasing, general concerns, plot maintenance and record keeping - to name a few. Thanks Tom !!
Oct 2007 Revised - Cemetery plot map and a list of interred
July 1 2007 - Burlington Community Celebrates Canada Day 2007 - click here for more info
May 2007 - Community shows what can be done - clean up and more at the Burlington Cemetery (lots of pictures). Click here
Feb. 2007 - 1st Annual Cemetery Newsletter. Click here
Jan. 27 2007 - Phase one pictures. Removal of the trees on the West and South lines Click here
Nov. 2006 - New pictures showing some of the work that has been done to date Click here
August 2006 - Pictures of the cemetery Click here
If you would like to help or offer assistance of any type, please feel free to email us using the address found on the contact page.

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