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Amador County Directory

Amador County
Directory for
1879 - 1880

This is the Amador County Directory for 1879-1880. It has been extracted from McKenney's District Directory for the same years. The complete directory included the counties of Sacramento, Amador, El Dorado, Placer and Yolo. This is a copy of the Amador County section ONLY! It listed by town within the county, beginning with Amador City.
Submitted by Bill Baccus.

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Has a population of 600 souls, is beautifully situated in a romantic spot on the Jackson and Drytown wagon road, two miles from Sutter Creek, and is very nicely built. It has daily mail telegraphic and telephonic communication. Mining is the pursuit most extensively engaged in. It is the headquarters of the Keystone Consolidated Mining Co, to whose genial and whole-souled superintendent O. C. Hewitt, Esq. we are under obligations, and also the site of the Original Amamdor Mine, J. R. Johns, Superintendent, whose courteous treatment we shall always remember.

A - G

Aflick, E
Amenick, N miner
Apie, R miner
Ardito, James miner
Baker Gear
Barberaie, Chas miner
Barker, S carpenter
Bostian, James jr. Blacksmith
Bostian, James miner
Bostian, J W miner
Blunetts, Richard, miner
Blueitt, Wm carpenter
Bostin, James
Bostin, J B
Bowell, F M 40 acres
Brock, D Y miner
Brovis, Frank miner
Bunt, T H miner
Burk, T J 120 acres
Burt, Ben peddler, 160 acres
Carney, J miner
Carter, Robt miner
Cassello, A miner
Caviginaro, A miner
Caviginaro, L miner
Chichizola, A. miner
Clemings, Richard miner
Cobilich, Paul miner
Conant, Albert farmer
Cook, Joseph, miner
Coster, Lewis miner
Crown Point Mining Co. 7 acres
Culbert, M M farmer 164 acres
Culbert, Thos L teamster, 480 acres
Culp, J M 200 acres
Cuneo l. miner
Curmick, --- miner
Curtis, A C bar keeper
Curtis, George laborer
Curtis, J B 160 acres
Dabb, Richard miner
Dabovich, C miner
Delany, P H miner
Dondy, Richard miner
Donner, Wm miner
Dundry, J Justice of the Peace ( this is a printing error and should read "Gundry" )
Dunlap, Alex Postmaster
Dunlap, J R druggist
Dunsbrow, Wm miner
Edsinger, John wheelwright
Ellis, Frank engineer
Ellis, R engineer
Ervin, J A miner
Everett, J F painter
Ferdinand, L miner 160 acres
Ferguson, G C 280 acres
Fields, John hotel
Fleehart, C agent for Wells Fargo & Co.
Fleehart, William, carpenter
Foppiano, G B miner
Ford, R M 280 acres
Fregonia, A miner
Garabaldi, S farmer
Gilarde, Domenica 320 acres
Giles, W A miner
Gilmoire, A J physician
Goodlow, P P miner
Gorton, John carpenter 120 acres
Green, Abe carpenter
Green Jeremiah miner
Gregone, John miner
Gregor, George miner
Gross, Daniel jr. miner
Groves, Daniel Sr. miner
Gundry, Josiah, Justice of the Peace
( see entry under Dundry, J )
Guptil, E. millman

H - O

Hadcock, John engineer
Hadcock, J J miner
Hambly, Phillip miner
Hammock, C miner
Hammock, Frank miner
Hammock, John miner
Hammach, J W C 8 acres
Hammack, Sterling drygoods & groceries
Hammond, J H miner
Harrington, J W proprietor hotel
Harrington, N 160 acres
Harvey, W C miner
Heisch, Philip farmer
Heich, Philip barber
Henderson, C H 160 acres
Henderson, F B proprietor Amador Hotel
Hermann, Martin farmer
Hewitt, G W dry goods & groceries
Hewitt, O C Superintendent Keystone Consolidated Mining Co.
Hicks, George miner
Hoar, Wm miner
Honeychurch, John miner
Hornberger, Nicholas Sr. farmer 360 acres
Hornberger, Nicholas jr. farmer 383 acres
Isaminger, Sol 160 acres
James, Wm. woodchopper
James, Wm. No. 2 woodchopper
Jocket, Thomas, miner
Jockey, Thos miner
Johns, J R Superintendent, Original Amador Mine, Seaton & Maryland Mines
Johnson, C K Justice of the Peace
Johnson, C K farmer
John, Jno miner
Keeney, W F bar-keeper & clerk Amador Hotel
Klein, Tom rancher
KEN, Thos Livery Stable, Main St.
Kerr & Yoger 80 acres
Kerney, Thos blacksmith
Keost, Wm miner
Kerr, John blacksmith
Kerr, Thos livery stable
King, Nicholas miner
King, Peter 160 acres
Kirklan, Jas general merchandise
Kling, G W saloon & President of Eclipse Mine
Lane, Jos miner
Leonard, Jno miner
Leslie, Whig sawmill
McClain, A miner
McClain, J miner
McDonald, Angus miner
McGroph, Wm miner
McMahon, A J miller
Martell, L N blacksmith
Martin, A C lumberman
Martin, Geo miner
Martin, Ascon Lumber mechant
Mayon, T H physician
Mayon, T W physician
Miller, David blacksmith
Miller, J H miner
Misner, C H miner
Mitchell, Jas carpenter
Mooney, M saloon
Morehouse, E miner
Munn, Chas miner
Myers, Cola laborer
Myles, M G Pastor M E Church
Nee, Michael miner
Neff, Jno laborer
Nichols, Wm miner
Noce, Pasquel miner
Oats, Phillip miner
O'Neal John miner
O'Neil, John miner
Oneta, John miner
O'Rourk, Jno miner
Original Amador Mine owned by London & Calif. Mining Co.

P - Z

Palmer, A D miner
Parks, J C miner
Parks, J F Superintendent, Talisman Mine
Parsons, Nathaniel 80 acres
Peracovich, Martin miner
Patton, John miner
Perkins, D A carpenter
Perrezzo, John miner
Peters, Wm miner
Peyton, Wm saloon keeper
Poggi, G miner
Pons, Simon farmer
Pratt, S teamster
Provis, Frank Foreman of Amador Mine
Pryor, Richard miner
Rattagletta, A miner
Rattagletta, David miner
Rattagletta, John miner
Rattagletta, Louis, miner
Reynolds, A J barber
Richards, R miner
Radovich, Nic 30 acres
Rule, R rancher
Russell, John engineer
Russell, Lewis teamster
Ryan, Thos miner
Sanderson, John farmer
Scott, Edgar blacksmith
Scott, E W blacksmith
Seaton & Maryland Mines, J R Johns, Supt.
Setzer, Fred butcher
Sheib, Geo miner
Smith, C D carpenter
Smith, S miner
Sowden, Jos shoemaker
Sowden, miner
Styles, G W contractor
Talisman Quartz Mining Co. 18 acres
Tauner, Charles Sportingman
Tarr, Dan lumberman
Taylor, Jas L engineer
Tembrook, Jno cook
Templeton, I N mill foreman
Templeton, H B miner
Tibbits, Jas. teamster
Tinbrook, J cook
Thomas, J H groceries, provisions, dry goods & notions
Thomas, James miner
Thomas, John miner
Thomas, J H merchant
Thomas, J H miner
Thomas, J J miner
Thomas, Owen shoemaker
Thomas, Owen miner
Terney, James miner
Treglown, Samon miner
Tregloan, Simon blacksmith
Trenbath, B miner
Trevaunan, John blacksmith
Turner, Wm T Musician
Vance, John miner
Vance, R miner
Vance, Richard millman
Vance A O watchman
Vance, Oliver miner
Vandagrift, James 160 acres
Vandegrift, James miner
Vanderpool, H 300 acres
Vetona, J miner
Waters, W J miner
Weil, A general merchandise
Whitfield, Mrs. H 160 acres
Whitford, C farmer
Wild, B miner
Wild, James millman
Wild, James miner
Williams, Joseph, miner
Williams, Thomas miner
Witford, C miner
Witford, Henry miner
Witford, James miner
Witford, John miner
Witford, Thomas miner
Wrigglesworth, George engineer
Yager, Peter farmer
Yates, David engineer
Yates, Thomas miner
Young, R H clerk, Amador Mine

Amador City Notes:

Only one female listed....Mrs.H Whitfield
Only one "Sportingman" listed...Charles Tauner

1/4 page ad...KLING'S SALOON Large brick building east side Main St. The undersigned having completed his new saloon, will be pleased to receive his old friends and as many new ones as may call upon him at his new place of business. They will be sure to receive the best of liquors, cigars, etc., to be found in the County. George W. KLING

1/2 page ad....AMADOR HOTEL, East side of main St....F. B. henderson, Prop. Boardnig & Lodging per week = $7.00 Boarding per week = $5.00 Boarding per day = $1.50 to $2.00 Boarding & Lodging per month = $22.00 to $30.00 "The table Abounds with the Best the Market Affords"

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Aqueduct City is on the Pine Grove and Antelope turnpike, 12 miles from Jackson. The location is very pleasant, the water good, and the chief pursuit is mining. The Aqueduct House, kept by A.C. Ham, a genial and whole-souled gentleman, is the only hotel in the place, where the weary traveler will be treated with the greatest kindness.

A - D

Aldrich, D ditch tender
Aldrich, O ditch tender
Beriswelli, Joseph miner
Causner, D miner
Cook, Jacob carpenter
Deluchi, A miner
Deuson, Thos lumberman

E - L

Evans, Sam laborer
Ham, A C Prop. Aqueduct Hotel
Henry, James miner
Hogdon, Joseph carpenter
Killiher, Joseph miner
Lowry, James farmer
Ludekens, Louis dealer in general mdse.

N - Z

Nelson, A coalburner
Quaver, D miner
Sawyer, Chas ditchtender
Teeples, R W teamster
Wiley, George miner

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[ There was no printed description of the town]

A - G

Black, Chas capitalist
Blanchett, Jos farmer 120 acres
Barnett, Chas merchant, farmer stock raiser 800 acres
Barnett, Mrs. T (wid) 160 acres
Blyther, J C farmer 200 acres
Chuler, Mrs. A (wid) 160 acres
Cook, R farmer
Cook, Wm dealer in general merchandise
Crail, G. miner
Debolt, J C farmer 40 acres
Defuin, Chas farmer, sheep raiser 300 acres
Dennis, August farmer
Dillon, C farmer 160 acres
Dillon, Henry farmer 200 acres
Dillon, M farmer 160 acres
Dunn, E P teacher
Fitsimmons, Jno farmer 100 acres
Ford, H teacher
Gregory, I B farmer 120 acres

H - Z

Hill, F capitalist
Moore, J farmer 320 acres
Mullen, P farmer 160 acres
Nichols, Mrs. A (wid) 320 acres
Palmer, A H farmer 160 acres
Prichard, F clerk
Richey, Wm farmer
Ringer, J farmer 200 acres
Ringer, John farmer 80 acres
Russell, R blacksmith
Spray, Wm farmer 160 acres
Thompson, Alex farmer 360 acres
Trust, John farmer 160 acres
Tubbs, G L farmer 110 acres
Tubbs, S farmer 120 acres
Varien, R C farmer 80 acres
Waters, H H farmer 160 acres
Winters, --- farmer

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At one time a busy mining camp, but at the present time, from some cause, perhaps from a lack of enterprise on the part of its prominent men, it reminds one of a place where "best days" had been seen. There is a good hotel kept by a "right man in the right place,"several stores and a schoolhouse. The population is cosmopolitan in its character, although the American element predominates. It is surrounded by a rich agricultural district, while mining is acticely carried on in close proximity to the place. It is 40 miles east of Sacramento and has daily mail carried by stages. Perhaps if a little life were infused into some of its best citizens, it would soon be "itself again.' It has a population of 200 souls.

A - F

Aguilar, Antoine miner
Astorga, G miner
Burrett, T S farmer
Bastides, C miner
Beiswenger, C boot and shoe maker
Beitter, Bonny miner
Bona, Jas farmer
Bonanza Quartz Mining Co
Bridgman, Caswell farmer
Brown, Fred 160 acres
Bulliola, John miner
Bullock, R R farmer
Barchel, H constable
Burlingame, M B proprietor, Exchange Hotel California Mining Co. 12 acres
Carter, Joseph farmer
Centennial Mining Co
Church, M B Justice of the Peace
Clark, H B teamster
Clark, W O lecturer 1600 acres
Clark, George farmer
Combreto, Jos miner
Cramer, CA 240 acres
Creglow, Henry farmer
Croff, J W 1600 acres
Crown Point Mining Co
Culp, A farmer
Davis, Thompson Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
Dickerman, H farmer
Dodge, L I farmer
Doman, Jos 320 acres
Dorman, Jos farmer 320 acres
Finn, Stephen 240 acres
Fisher, Geo laborer
Ford, R M farmer, 280 acres

G - I

Gambert & Wells 700 acres
Garibaldi, Joseph farmer 320 acres
Garmolas, Lazaro farmer 160 acres
Getchel, W D miner
Geannini, Antoine 40 acres
Geannini, G farmer 320 acres
Gilared, D farmer 320 acres
Giovanola, Joseph gardener
Giovanoni Antone gen'l merchandise & Gardener
Gold Mountain Mining Co, JL Goodwin, Supt Golden Crown Mining Co.
Goodwin, J L miner
Grambert & Wells farmers 700 acres
Green, P M farmer
Greilich, Geo 440 acres
Grerin, George general merchandise
Grover Mining Co John Palmer, Supt
Hains, G W 160 acres
Hill, Samuel 160 acres
Hinkson, J M miner
Hinley, J P 80 acres
Hohman, J H 80 acres
Inns, Chas miner
Isaminger, Sol farmer
Jennings, Wm gen'l merchandise
Kelly Wm 120 acres
Kreth, Geo 160 acres
Kreth, Henry 400 acres
Lemoin, Geo blacksmith
Link, Chas farmer 424 acres
Logan, Walter
Loyal Consolodated Mining Co.

J - Z

J W Pearson Supt, 14 acres
Macklin, Thomas gardener
Malsen, A 160 acres
Matritch, Antone miner
McKay, Geo farmer
Miller, D R blacksmith
Mitchel C,
North Gover Quartz Mining Co 15 acres
Norman, W A physician 320 acres
Page, H H 320 acres
Palmer, John Supt Gover Mine
Plunkett, Wm millwright
Porenas, John miner
Quirole, Chas Saloon
Rossa, Nicholas miner
Rule, James farmer
Schleet, A farmer
Sierra, D V farmer
Silva, Thos butcher
Sorrocco, Thos general merchandise
Smith, Chas miner
Thompson, Thos miner
Torre, R miner
Warren, Alex painter
Werner, Herman farmer
White Mountain Mining Co
Williams, J C general Merchandise
Wrigglesworth, J Saloon
Worley, Daniel farmer 160 acres

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Has a population of 800 persons, is beautifully and tastily built, and is regularly laid out. It has an excellent school, a weekly newspaper, and its churches are in a prosperous condition. The residents are intelligent and energetic, displaying a commendable pride in their place by constructing their business houses and residences with an eye to convenience and architectural beauty. The yards are rich in the possession of shrubs, plants and trees of rare species, and are consequently an attractive feature of the place. It is the Northern terminus of the Amador branch of the Central Pacific Railroad. It has telegraphic communication and a daily mail. The mines in the vicinity of the town are gold producing, though the chief suit engaged in is farming, fruit and vegetables attaining a remarkable size and a delicious flavor. It is 48 miles from Sacramento, via Galt. The Veranda Hotel is the popular hostelry, where the tourist or commercial traveler will find a cordial reception and meet with good treatment at the hands of it general proprietress, Mrs. M. R. Kingsley, and its clever young clerk Mr. Will Kingsley. The water is pure, clear, and cold, and its sanitary condition is most excellent. The scenery in the immediate vicinity is picturesque and grand.

A - F

Abbott, Geo 160 acres
Adams, A L physician
Allen, Edward 160 acres
Amick, A J 68 acres
Amick, J S 105 acres
Angel, J M 80 acres
Angove, Stephen miner 107 acres
Avis, John 160 acres
Baker, Jesse 50 acres
Bagley, James shoemaker
Ballard, L M 50 acres
Bamert, Chas & Co 1502 acres
Barnett, Susannah Mrs 160 acres
Bartolamey, Nicolas 320 acres
Bass, Robert wagonmaker
Beger, L A wines & liquors
Bennetts, W A clerk
Bergen, Chas 7 acres
Best, J D laborer
Black, C S 38 acres
Blanchett, Joseph 120 acres
Blyther, J C 200 acres
Bocchaquin, G farmer 160 acres
Bochegreen, G 160 acres
Benham, George 160 acres
Bonham, J H 200 acres
Braddy, Aleck
Brown, John carpenter
Browining, John farmer 139 acres
Brusie, L physician & druggist
Beckley, Mrs A 160 acres
Burgin, Chas
Burgin Scott farmer
Burns, J A 160 acres
Burns M 80 acres
Burris Bros (W&H) farmers
Button, E O teamster
Campbell, Henry 120 acres
Carlisle, W W 140 acres
Carlyle, W W 144 acres
Carpenter, Joseph blacksmith
Carter, H A lawyer 144 acres
Chamberlain, George farmer 280 acres
Clark, Mrs Ann
Clement, Wm miner
Clifton, James carpenter
Clifton, J T 1.5 acres
Clifton, T J farmer 4 acres
Collins, Wm farmer 220 acres
Colton, D D 15,840 acres
Cook, Austin miller
Cook, Mrs E A 8 acres
Cooley, J S 160 acres
Coombs, Peter farmer 160acres
Coombs, W S carpenter
Coon, Robert 160 acres
Cottell, Jos 160 acres
Craft, Thos 160 acres
Crump, R J farmer 160 acres
Cumming, James miller 5 acres
Dawser, Wm farmer 25 acres
Dennis, August 228 acres
Devany, Thos 160 acres
Devine, James fireman
Dewey, Mrs L (widow) 160 acres
Dewey, Mrs M 160 acres
Diebolt, J C 170 acres
Dillion, Calvin 160 acres
Dillion, F M 160 acres
Dillion, Henry 158 acres
Doan, Mrs J P 80 acres
Doley, U G
Dooley, Mrs M 280 acres
Dosh, Charles merchant 233 acres
Draper, Nelson wagonmaker
Dufrane, Chas 800 acres
Dunlap, George teamster
Dutchke, H farmer 74 acres
Dutschke, Herman 140 acres
Earl, S B laborer
Eaton, Mrs E (widow) 40acres
Eaton, J W farmer 12 acres
Edwards, John 40 acres
Egan, P H engineer
Ellis, George 320 acres
Ellis, Joseph 160 acres
Farnsworth, J 130 acres
Farrow, E D physician
Fasset, Ira & Son 160 acres
Favell, Mrs Mary
Ferrier, J P saloon
Fithian, J C teamster
Fitzsimmons, John 240 acres
Ford & Gray druggists
Ford, H D (Ford & Gray)
Ford, H W 20 acres
Foster, N 70 acres
Fox, W H tinner
Franklin, Mrs M R (widow)
Frates, Mr

G - O

Gartland, Patrick 160 acres
Geiler, Anton saloon
Gilis, Norman 480 acres
Gillis, Norman 480 acres
Glidden, W T 144 acres
Gooding, J A 250 acres
Goss, Levi 80 acres
Gossom, Calvin
Gray, John (Ford & Gray)
Green, Frank 320 acres
Gregory, James
Gregory, T B 143 acres
Gregory, J M harnessmaker
Gregory, U S
Haley, W D proprietor, "Ione Times"
Hall, E C dentist
Hall, T C miller
Hall, Frank miller
Hamnick, J C 200 acres
Hartigan, 80 acres
Harty, P 160 acres
Haverstick, Geo
Hawkins, Mrs (widow)
Hayes, WB
Heffren, M farmer 80 acres
Herney, Henry
Henley, J S
Hill, francis 160 acres
Hinck, M teamster
Hopper, Ben clerk
Horton, J K 480 acres
Horton, W H 160 acres
Hyland, Patrick, 160 acres
Ione Times, W D Haley proprietor
Isaacs, B 160 acres
Isaacs B & Bros
Isaacs, M merchant
Jamison, J C blacksmith
Jemison , J C (Jemison, & Lowther)
Johnson, Abe blacksmith
Johnston, James
Johnston, J M F 160 acres
Jones, Morris clerk
Jones, W C laborer
Kaphan, Geo clerk
Kennedy, Philip saloon
Kidd, Stephen 360 acres
Kidd, S farmer
Kientz, H C 140 acres
Kingsley, Mrs M R proprietess, Veranda Hotel
Kirk, John farmer
Kirkendall, Wm 50 acres
Lambert, C 160 acres
Laughery, Alvah laborer
Langford, Henry 160 acres
Leach, A W teamster
Leach, Ben laborer
Leach, T H laborer
Leary, M farmer 320 acres
Leary, M farmer 1040 acres
Leinneger, Elizabeth 130 a
Leniger, Mrs E (widow)
Lewis, E F
Lindener, Henry bookkeeper
Lithgow, Theodore clerk Mountain Spring House
Loskell, Matheas, mason
Lowther, J B (Jemison & Lowther)
Lucas & Potter 170 acres
Ludgate, Mrs Robt (widow)
Lundberg, P E 160 acres
Luse, Mrs L (widow)
Luther, W H 14 acres
Maguire, Pat 60 acres
Maloy, John road master
Marchant, Jno meat market 70 acres
Maroon, J W 160 acres
Martin, Mrs A (widow) 320 acres
Martin, Henry
Martin, J P farmer 1266 acres
Mason, J D 80 acres
Mattteson, John blacksmith
Maybee, H N 132 acres
McMunay, Frank farmer 160 acres
McCauley, Jas Arcade Hotel
McDonald, A B 28 acres
McGoffey, John 160 acres
McKay, John freight agent
McLaughlin, Chas 6,092 acres
McMurry, F A 164 acres
McMurry, J W postmaster
McPheeters, Rev Wm Clergyman (Methodist)
Miller,_____ school teacher
Miller, J F farmer 20 acres
Moffett, James
Mooney, P 160 acres
Moore, Jas 160 acres
Morrison, C D miner
Morse, O N farmer 150 acres
Mugford, John 160 acres
Mullen, Patrick shoemaker
Mullen, Peter 200 acres
Murphy, A M 160 acres
Murry, Matthew 80 acres
Murry, Matthew & Co 60 acres
Newman, G & Bros merchants 80 acres
Nicholas, Mrs A 320 acres
Northrup, John 80 acres
O'Brian, P
O'Haver, James
Oliver, A laborer

P - Z

Pacific Life Insurance Co. 210 acres
Palmer, A H 240 acres
Pesky, J W 120 acres
Perkins, J D butcher
Pickles, J engineer
Prouty, C C farmer 1,400 acres
Prouty, W H 350 acres
Prouty, Wm farmer 225 acres
Putnam, A S paper hanger
Raab, Mrs
Raab, C 240 acres
Randall, I
Rapp, Conrad, brewer
Rafferty, Wm 80 acres
Rawlings, M V B wines & Liquors
Ray, Pat teamster
Ray, Wm laborer
Rendell, Isaiah 200 acres
Rhodes, Jessie 160 acres
Richey, J H 360 acres
Richey, J H 120 acres
Richey, W C 40 acres
Richey, John 160 acres
Ringer, A H Mrs 49 acres
Ringer J H 386 acres
Ringer, John 265 acres
Ringer, Mrs m (widow) 40a
Robertson, John miller
Robinson, John 160 acres
Rodgers, John
Roger, John & Bros 105 acres
Rose f 320 acres
Russell, R 10 acres
Salzaberger & Rider farmers and dairymen 160 acres
Scheidermann, John shoemaker
Schroeman, L E clerk
Scully,_____ 860 acres
Scully, P 340 acres
Scully, Wm farmer 500 acres
Seguin, Frank barber
Sheakley, Alex farmer 184 acres
Sheare, H J 40 acres
Sibolt, J W 320 acres
Smith, F P restaraunt
Sohn & Francisco 120 acres
Sollar, Geo miner
Sollars, G W laborer
Sollars, M P
Steinburger, John tanner
Stewart, Dan merchant
Stewart daniel 50 acres
Stewart J T butcher
Stewart, Mrs M C teacher
Stewart, T P clerk
Stevens, Thos stack raiser and farmer 1400 acres
Stevens, T M 1694 acres
Stowers, L (widow)
Strong, C B Undertaker
Surface, P livery stable
Surface J P & J W livery stable
Surface, J W Notary Public
Sutherland, Wm butcher
Thompson, Alex 360 acres
Thompson, W C farmer 200 acres
Thomas, E foreman Carbondale Coal Mines
Tinnan, Richard 160 acres
Tiemery, Peter 270 acres
Trust, John 160 acres
Tubbs, G L 107 acres
Tubbs, Silas 160 acres
Tucker, Jos 160 acres
Tumey, P farmer 80 acres
Umstead, I L blacksmith
Vanderwent, J 160 acres
Vansandt, A A 759 acres
Violet, J W farmer 112a
Violich, P 55 acres
Vivian, R T 160 acres
Waddel, Samuel 80 acres
Walker, C L teamster
Walker, George importer of fine wines, liquors & cigars
Proprietor of Walker's billiard parlors
Waltenspiel, A C engineer
Walters, H H 240 acres
Wayland, J W farmer 160 acres
Whitaker, J A butcher
Whiting, Henry 160 acres
Whitlach, D H miner
Whitlach, Miss Susie teacher
Winters, A farmer 160 acres
Winter Bros 259 acres
Williams, C F harnessmaker
Withington, George farmer 16 acres
Wood, I D clergyman (Baptist)
Wood, J A 120 acres
Woodburn, John 240 acres
Wollery, H J proprietor Corner Saloon at Jackson St
Wollenburg, George
Woolsey, George 200 acres
Woolsey, George merchant
Woolery, H J Saloon
Woolsey, Robert
Woolsey, R S mecchant
Yanzie, D 20 acres
Younglove, Dwight farmer 222 acres

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The county seat of the County, and a place of twelve hundred inhabitants. It is twelve miles from Ione City, on the Jackson and Drytown Stage Road, has two weekly newspapers in a prosperous condition, telegraphic communication, and a daily mail. The material used in construction of its buildings is chiefly stone and brick, and it therefore presents a substantial appearance. The culture of fruit in the immediate vicinity is an important feature in its industrial attractions, while there are quite a number of large farms which are annually sown to grain. It depends some on the mining interest for its support. The people are intelligent as a rule and the society is represented by all nationalities. Its hotels are good, schools excellent and churches in a flourishing condition. To the lover of a quiet, retired life, it offers rare inducements, while the pursuits of the farmer, horticulturist, or vineculturist (sic) can be profitably engaged in. The semi-tropical fruits ripen in the open air. The sanitary condition of the town is encouraging to invalids.

The Court House is a neat-looking building and is on a prominent elevation overlooking the principal portion of the town, and the bar is composed of an array of attorneys to whom any community might point with feelings of pride. The good judgment of the people in the selection of county officers is made manifest by the presence of affable, honorable gentlemen in the "Temple of Justice."

A - G

Aitken, Robert butcher
Alpi, Joseph 180 acres
Amador Dispatch
William Penry editor & publisher
Amador Ledger
Richard Webb, proprietor
Anderson, Thos
Andrews, E 160 acres
Arata, A Saloon
Arata, Andrea 160 acres
Avis, James 160 acres
Babcock, Mrs Mary 160 acres
Bachelder, Jb 50 acres
Bals, A Z carpenter
Bamert, C 40 acres
Bangham, J D 160 acres
Barcigalupi, Thos 160 acres
Bartlett, S S 293 acres
Barton, Henry farmer
Bearman, A R miner
Beem, Daniel 320 acres
Beiser, Mrs I widow
Belluomini, John farmer 680 acres
Benjamin, F wagonmaker
Benjamin & Ladou blacksmiths
& wagonmakers
Benjamin, M (Benjamin & Ladou) 80 acres
Benoist, X 240 acres
Blucome, I 160 acres
Boarman, Chas physician
Bodaraca, G 7 acres
Bodaraca & Nicoline 80 acres
Botto, G B 80 acres
Bowman, N M 160 acres
Boye, Jules 160 acres
Bradley, Mrs J S 80 acres
Brashaw, Andrew miner
Briggs, R M Att'y at Law
Bright, S W meat market 10 acres
Brown, A C County Judge
Brown, Benjamin 160 acres
Brown, Chas 160 acres
Brown, J W 255 acres
Butterfield, J A 320 acres
Cademartori, Frank miner
Caminetti, A Att'y at Law
Notary Public & Searcher of Records
Campbell, J S 160 acres
Campi, Santi store
Carreaw, Joseph blacksmith
Carstens, Henry soda manufacturer
Carter, Mrs H C (widow)
Celistino, Cardilini laborer
Chapman, ___ 160 acres
Chicazola & Co 160 acres
Chicazola, T A County Clerk
Clark, Chas
Clark, George 160 acres
Clark, T S 160 acres
Conlin, Thos Under-Sherriff & Notary Public
Conway, John teamster
Conway, P F laborer
Courtwright, Clark 160 acres
Cuneo, G B 160 acres
Cuneo, Jos 160 acres
Cuneo, John 425 acres
Dargan, John 320 acres
Darrow, L K 160 acres
Daugherty, C ditch owner
Daughtery, C A 160 acres
David, P baker
Dick, J R 160 acres
Donally, H 160 acres
Dooley, Mona 120 acres
Dotta, Martin 400 acres
Dwyer, Chas farmer
Dwyer, P proprietor, Globe Hotel
Dunning, W S miner
Eagon, J A attorney at law
Eagon & Phelps atty's at law
Edsinger, Adam Supt Public Schools
Elkins, Daviv 160 acres
Ellis, Robt 160 acres
Emmons, S W 120 acres
Estrado, Mrs L (widow)
Evans & Askey hotel
Evans, Ellis
Evans, Ellis & Co 14 acres
Fanborn, B S carpenter
Farley & Porter, lawyers
Farley, J T
Fleming, A 160 acres
Flooras, ___ 40 acres
Fortenrose, L J
[typo, shold read Fontenrose, ed.]
Deputy Clerk, Amador County
Freeman, Mrs (widow)
Freeman, E G harness & saddles
Fregulia, L 240 acres
French, F 80 acres
Froelich ___ 320 acres
Froelich, Mrs Rosa (widow)
Fullen, George 160 acres
Fullen, John 240 acres
Gammanche, M 160 acres
Garron, Frank laborer
Garbarina, J A 160 acres
Gardener, Eli 160 acres
Garabaldi, Antonio 140 acres
Garlick, George miner
Garrison, S J printer
Genaro, A mrs.
Giannini, & Bros. 320 acres
Gilbert, ___ 80 acres
Ginocchio, Alphonso grocer
Ginocchio E & Bro general merchandise
Ginocchio, Enrico grocer
Going, david miner
Goldner, Herman Justice of the Peace
Gordon, M W attorney at law
Gould, J F private school
Graffigna, A laborer
Green, Wm O 160 acres
Greenhalgh, Miss Ida teacher
Guscetti, Giacoma 340 acres
Guccione, Giovanni barber
Guccione & Poggi barbers

H - Q

Hackney & Graff 280 acres
Hagerman, A 80 acres
Hagerman, E Mrs 10 acres
Hall, Richard teamster
Haman, A P 320 acres
Harros, Luther
Harris, Solomon general merchandise
Hartram, S S 320 acres
Heming, D 320 acres
Hilliard, Chester 160 acres
Hitchner, Georgiana H 20 acres
Hockensmith, John saloon
Hoffman, Frank livery stable
Holloway, C P Stage Driver
Holtz, John laborer
Honard, G W 160 acres
Hopkins, Stephens 160 acres
Horn, Chas miner
Horn & Nevills 160 acres
Horton, W J 160 acres
Hosley, John toll keeper
Hoyt, T S engineer
Huffman, Frank 160 acres
Huffman, Staell & Co 22 acres
Jackson Hydraulic Mining Company
James Mehan & Co. 50 acres
Jelletich, N 160 acres
Jones, Thos, 160 acres
Jones, Rev Seneca clergyman (Methodist)
Joy, Michael 125 acres
Kay, Wallace photographer
Kay, W R musician
Kearsing, W T
Kelly, John 130 acres
Kelly, Owen 42 acres
Kelly, P constable
Kelly, Thos miner
Kent, E A carpenter
Kent, E A clerk
Kendall, Stephen, 160 acres
Kerr, A W teacher
Kerr, Miss Ida teacher
Kinnie, J G 160 acres
Kirkwood, Z S 160 acres
Kittridge & Wilson
Klum, John hostler
Koch, Albert varieties
Langhorst, J H jeweler
Ladon, Gilbert (Benjamin & Ladon)
Leadeaux, F 160 acres
Leadon, Gilbert blacksmith
Lithgon, John
Little, M J 100 acres
Littlefield, N T butcher
Livingston, Henry
Logomarsine, B 160 acres
Love, Thomas Saloon
Mace, Fayette 640 acres
Martin, John 80 acres
Martin, Peter A 160 acres
Mason, J D farner 320 acres
Mattley, David farmer 600 acres
Mayher, Daniel 160 acres
McCarty, R F 40 acres
McCoy, R K Deputy Sheriff
McFarland, Wm 40 acres
McKay, Dan 100 acres
McKim, W L 80 acres
McLaine, Andrew 160 acres
McMahon, James 40 acres
Meeham, James County Treasurer
Meek, C M postmaster
Meek, H C 80 acres
Meek, James
Mells, J C 212 acres
Minar, Lewis farmer
Morfino, S 160 acres
Morgan, James 160 acres
Monterichard, George miner
Monterichard, Gus miner
Moon, Mrs (widow)
Moon, Wm 160 acres
Moore, George attorney at law
Moriarty, Mrs Mary (widow)
Morris, R H 160 acres
Morron, Charles 160 acres
Morrow, Mrs harriet 80 acres
Morron, R 160 acres
Muldoon, Edward saloon
Muldoon, ___ 20 acres
Murphy, John 200 acres
Mushett, John teamster
Myres, J M 280 acres
Myles, Mrs M 160 acres
Nardini, S miner
Nevills, & Rhodes 320 acres
Newman, G store
Newman, J store
Newman, L & Co groceries, provisions, etc.
Nichols Placer Mine 80 acres
Noce Arrata &Sorocco 240 acres
Noce, Peter 160 acres
Oueta, Jos 320 acres
Orfanidi, George 120 acres

P - Z

Page, Mrs M D 40 acres
Palmer, R W livery stable 30 acres
Parker, J B shoemaker
Parvalett, Jean 75 acres
Paul, John miner
Payne, Alfred painter
Peck, Mrs C M (widow)
Penry, Silas printer
Penry, Wm M editor & Proprietor
"The Amador Dispatch"
Pequet, John blacksmith
Perana, N & Co 100 acres
Peters, Chas 12 acres
Petois, Mes A E 160 acres
Petty, C M 80 acres
Phelps, J B mason
Phelps, T J atty at law
Pitt, Wm 114 acres
Podesto, W F 220 acres
Poggi, Dominac
Poggi, Lewis barber
Porter, J M atty at law
Pressley, A A 75 acres
Quirollo & Co 240 acres
Radovich, N 160 acres
Ratto, G B 160 acres
Ratto, Joseph miner
Ratto, Stevani & Co 160 acres
Ratz, Earnest clerk
Retrow, Mrs Coltilda (widow)
Rice, D B 160 acres
Rice, T A 140 acres
Richtmyer, B F telegraph operator,
agent for Wells Fargo & Co Express 
[&] proprietor, Jackson Water Works
Robertson, D 160 acres
Robertson, James 320 acres
Robinson, Robert 40 acres
Rocca, Frank saloon
Raymond & Grasso 320 acres
Ruffner, C J Mrs 160 acres
Russ & Carntens manufacturers
of soda water
Russ, G F soda manufacturer
Samuels, Joseph dry goods
Sanborn, B S carpenter
Sanders, Boone carpenter
Sanguinetti, B dry goods, etc
Savage, John 160 acres
Sayers, Joseph saloon
Sawyer, Joseph proprietor Turk Saloon
Schact, B H druggist
Schober, Fred waiter
Schober, Fred 144 acres
Schroder, August miner
Schroeder, Wm (Schuler & Schroder)
Schuler, David (Schuler & Schroder)
Schuler & Schroder brewers
Schwartz, T clerk
Sharom, W H
Sharp, Wm physician
Sharronbraugh, Wm 160 acres
Shearwood, Henry 130 acres
Shipman, J C
Silva, Antonio gardener
Simsich, Joseph 120 acres
Smith, Edward stage driver
Smith, John carpenter
Smith, Joshua 160 acres
Soracco, Felipe miner
Sorocco, Phillip 160 acres
Spagnolia, D B atty at law 200 acres
Spaulding, L W 75 acres
Speer, James 160 acres
Staats, F 160 acres
Stasal, Geo miner
Steckler, Chas general merchandise
Stowers, Cornclino 160 acres
Stowers, Henry Sr 400 acres
Stribey, H I farmer
Sweatland, G 90 acres
Sweet, Jos 160 acres
Talenti, V miner
Tallier, L saloon
Testino, G B 120 acres
Thomas, B W 160 acres
Thomas, Mrs S E
Toxopeus, ___ 160 acres
Trueb & Billiard 80 acres
Trueb, Henry
Twiner, C H Notary Public &
Deputy County Clerk
Twiner, Joel 80 acres
Vandamant, A 130 acres
Vandamant, Eli 160 acres
Valpariso Quartz Mining Co 20 acres
Vela, Jasper 80 acres
Vogan, John Sheriff Amador County 812 acres
Warden, L carpenter
Webb, Richard proprietor "Amador Ledger"
Westfall, Mrs D
Westfall, James 160 acres
Westfall, John 160 acres
Weller, Chas hardware
White, Gep store
White, J C saloon
Whittman, A shoemaker
Wild, Jabez 160 acres
Wiley, Wm 640 acres
Wilson, L S harnessmaker
Williams & Windham 160 acres
Williams, Jos carpenter
Witte, Chas restaraunt
Wright, C B 40 acres
Wright, Wm saloon
Yager, ___ 200 acres
Yanzie, D 20 acres
Yates, E A teamster
Yates, E R 136 acres
Young, N G 1/4 acre
Younglove, D 222 acres
Yount, J M teamster
Zelia & Co 9 acres
Zelia Quartz Mining Co 13 acres
Zerga, Joseph 160 acres
Zimmerman, J 160 acres
Zulauf, Mrs T 160 acres

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The growth of this place, like its eastern namesake has been marvelous. Its location is very pretty and its chief support is derived from its mining interest. It has two twenty stamp mills, one of which is in active operation, giving employment to 100 men. It has one good hotel and three stores, one shoe shop, and a livery stable. It is 7 miles north and one mile east of the Jackson and Drytown Stage Road. The mines in the vicinity are paying well, from which 85 tons of ore are taken and crushed daily.

A - G

Basso, A shoemaker
Blakeley, W H clerk
Brown, Wm proprietor livery stable
Bruno, Peter saloon
Carpenter, Frank clerk Malsen House
Clause, George blacksmith
Ehman, A carpenter
Emerson, C W carpenter
Flanders, S B butcher
Gionaunoni, Antoni general merchandise

H - Z

Hoyt, M C carpenter
Jennings Bros dealers in general merchandise
Jennings, G C (Jennings Bros)
Jennings, W S (Jennings Bros)
MacKay, George L millwright
Malson & Carpenter proprietors Malson House
Masera, P dealer in general merchandise
Selvey, Thos meat shop
Wilson, Mrs (widow) saloon

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OLETA (Formerly called Fiddletown)

Eighteen miles from Jackson, on the Oleta and Plymouth Stage Road. It has a population of almost 300, three hotels and a good school. Mining is the chief pursuit engaged in by residents. The mines in the vicinity yield well.

A - I

Adenm J G 178 acres
Allison, Edward 81 acres
Anderson, Thomas 160 acres
Armfield, A H farmer
Atkinson, Chas proprietor, livery stable
Baer, A & Co. livery stable
Baird, Jeff 320 acres
Ball, J P 146 acres
Ball, Oliver 368 acres
Barge, George miner
Barnhisel, Henry miner
Bay State Mining Co 80 acres
Bell, H H 144 acres
Berry, James 80 acres
Billalon, David miner
Boye, Isadore cook
Bradigan, C P farmer 40 acres
Bradegan, M H farmer 160 acres
Brice, G W 160 acres
Brown, Robert 80 acres
Brown, S I farmer
Bryson, L farmer 160 acres
Burden T farmer 160 acres
Burke, D 160 acres
Burt, F L (Coolidge & Burt)
Burt, James miner
Burwell, H H gardener 160 acres
Celio, F 160 acres
Clark, G W miner 40 acres
Clark, S H farmer 160 acres
Conant, Silas farmer 80 acres
Coolidge, Sabin (Coolidge & Burt) saloon
Cooper, George farmer 160 acres
Cooper, Isaac capitalist
Cooper, Wm 20 acres
Courier, J A 160 acres
Crain, A J 160 acres
Croff, I W miner
Cruson, John 80 acres
Davis, J J 144 acres
Dearers, W H farmer 320 acres
Dent, Mrs M J 160 acres
Dent, Samuel farmer
Dillion, R M 120 acres
Dodson, J H 120 acres
Drew, Edwin cook
Elbit, A gardener
Erauw, Peter general merchandise
Espret, Andrew 200 acres
Esty, Charles farmer 40 acres
Esty, Mrs Matilda 240 acres
Farmer, B F 160 acres
Farnham, H C Lumberman 160 acres
Forbes, C C 160 acres
Forgnera, Carmen gardener 160 acres
French, D B farmer
French, M V farmer
Giannini, Giovani 320 acres
Gilbert, Rosinni C farmer 160 acres
Gilbert, S C framer 160 acres
Ginther, Joseph 160 acres
Gombert, A grocer
Goodwin, George farmer 160 acres
Gregg, A J 160 acres
Gregg, J F 160 acres
Great Eastern Quartz Mining Co 10 acres
Grounds, David 160 acres

J - R

Jelmini, B 160 acres
Jewell, J B pastor M E Church
Johns, Robert 160 acres
Knight, M W 160 acres
Knapp, F W clerk 20 acres
Knight, M W farmer 160 acres
Kroning, W 231 acres
Kuchenthal, H A carpenter
Land, M E farmer 160 acres
Legender, A farmer 120 acres
Lind, Lewis farmer 160 acres
Lott, King farmer 160 acres
McCarthy, Wm 140 acres
McCormick, M farmer 160 acres
McCullock, John 160 acres
McGee, Wm farmer 40 acres
McGrady, Wm farmer 80 acres
McKinzie, W K 160 acres
Mackey, Timothy 159 acres
Marsh, J T watchman
Matthews, W J 150 acres
Mettler, I teamster
Milton, Thomas saloon
Miranda, Exegual miner
Mitchell, D H miner
Moore, W W 320 acres
Newell, Samuel farmer 149 acres
Newman, ___ 160 acres
O'Neal, John farmer 100 acres
Ostrom, I F farmer 100 acres
Payton, James farmer 160 acres
Perry, Chester farmer 40 acres
Pettit, J E 120 acres
Phoenix Gold Mining Co
Chas Green, Superintendent
Pigeon, A blacksmith
Pigoen, F blacksmith
Pinder, Thos 480 acres
Potter, E S 141 acres
Poundstone, L R 43 acres
Proctor, F M 160 acres
Prothero, Jesse blacksmith
Puckett, T blacksmith
Purrington, C A proprietor Fiddletown Ditch
Rhodes, Wm 160 acres
Richardson, Francis farmer 160 acres
Rickey, J A 40 acres
Rickey, Thomas 120 acres
Rickey, T J 40 acres
Roberson, James A miner
Rough & Baughman 497 acres
Hadly & Vear 160 acres
Hall, E S 160 acres
Harrell, John 80 acres
Hariman, Mrs W S dressmaker
Hayward, A 29 acres
Head, James R general merchandise
Herbert, A gardener
Hibbard, James miner
Hightower, L J farmer 160 acres
Hock, Peter, miner
Hodly & Vear miners [sic]
Horne, James laborer
Horton, H H 160 acres
Huse, S E 100 acres
Hutchinson, D H farmer 160 acres
Inskeeper, Sarah 160 acres

S - Z

Sale, Chas farmer
Sallee, Jonathan 280 acres
Sanders, John miner 160 acres
Satchwell, B 320 acres
Sawyer, T J 27 acres
Schairer, F 160 acres
Schellhorn, C blacksmith
Schillings, M farmer 160 acres
Schriner, Conrad 120 acres
Schroeder, Henry brewer
Sharp, John 160 acres
Shumaker, Peter 150 acres
Simpson, E C miner
Sloat, E A bootmaker
Smith, Peter vineyard
Smithenbank, A farmer 160 acres
Stacy, Wm 80 acres
Starns, Oscar miner
Steadham, Thos miner
Stewart, J C 240 acres
Stowers, Henry miner
Stowers, T C miner
Stowers, T C 240 acres
Sturdivant, B F 90 acres
Swithenbank, B F 90 acres
Torro, santiago 10 cares
Townsend, Mrs E W proprietress
St Charles Hotel
Tubbs & Collins 160 acres
Tyler, B S lumberman
Uhlinger, A farmer 160 acres
Uhlinger, Albert jr. farmer 180 acres
Upton, J S 150 acres
Upton, Mahala Mrs 240 acres
Vaughn, Dearborn 160 acres
Vogeli, Jacob 160 acres
Vose, J G 160 acres
Votaw, C J 175 acres
Votaw, Mrs Margaret, proprietress
U. S. Hotel
[Wakeman, Dr. Andrew J proprietor Flag Hotel]
[shown in ad but not on list]
Wells, Peter 160 acres
Weston, W S shoemaker
Wheeler, James 159 acres
Wheeler, S C 120 acres
Whitacre, I W 180 acres
Wight, R B druggist & postmaster
Williams, G W 160 acres
Williams, J C 320 acres
Williams, J D 160 acres
Wilson, Alex 160 acres
Wilson, Monroe 160 acres
Wissel, W 160 acres
Woolford, Jos 230 acres
Wright, John 160 acres
Yager, George farmer 200 acres
Yates, E R farmer 136 acres
Young, John H farmer 40 acres
Tollgate Keeper
Zulauf, Mrs T 160 acres

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Pine Grove is on the Jackson and Drytown Stage Road, ten mle north of Jackson, the County Seat. It is nicely located, has a very good school, and has a population of 150. It is supported by the mining interest.

A - E

Ames, John laborer
Blakeley, A farmer 160 acres
Blakely, Wm farmer 160 acres
Bradshaw, J F farmer
Brandon, A teamster
Brandon, M teamster
Bryant, E F miner
Bryant, W M miner
Chandler, A B farmer 160 acres
Clough A P faremr 130 acres
Cox, John laborer
Dane, John miner
Deganno, Ezra laborer
Dillon, Thos laborer
Elliott, E. contractor
Emmons, S W proprietor, Pine Grove Hotel

G - P

Gardiner, A farmer 160 acres
Gruff, G farmer 160 acres
Griswold, John laborer
Hackney, M farmer
Harding, A L farmer
Hoar, Edward farmer
Holden, Wm blacksmith
James, Jordan miner
Johns, Walter laborer
Keeney, L G blacksmith
Lagor, John miner
Luttrell, CC laborer
Luttrell, J D farmer
Luttrell,R laborer
Parameno, A 160 acres
Prior, Robt. miner

R - Z

Randall, C B miner
Rhinehart, Phebe, Mrs (widow) 160 acres
Ryerson, James miner
Serrino, F A shoemaker
Sullivan, John laborer
Vandamont, W farmer
Wooster, E teamster
Walker, R C wagonmaker
Wheeler, J T dealer in general merchandise
Wiley, W farmer
Williams, J M blacksmith
Wolfolk, James teamster
Wolfolk, William, teamster


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[No town description given]

B - F

Brown, Thomas sheepshearer
Coffman, Jacob blacksmith
Corrinnr, R teacher
Crail, G farmer
Crail, James laborer
Crail, W blacksmith
Dennison ___ teacher
Doan, Lucy Mrs (widow) 80 acres
Earle, L M shoemaker
Farnham, H miner
Farnsworth, J farmer 140 acres
Fassett, Ira farmer 160 acres
Foster, N farmer 70 acres

G - P

Gilles, N farmer 160 acres
Gooding, J A & A W farmers 200 acres
Grogan, Michael miner
Hamrick, J C Mrs. (widow)
Hollis, Thos fruit grower 10 acres
Horton, I Q farmer 160 acres
Kennedy, Mrs M (widow) 4 acres
Maroon, Wm fruit grower 20 acres
McHaffey, John poultryman
Moore, James stock raiser
Murray, M proprietor Mokelmnue Ditch
Palmer, J W D dealer in general merchandise

R - Z

Root, D A miner
Sheridan, Patrick miner
Terry, ___ clerk
Vivian, R T proprietor, Lancha Plana Ditch
Waddell, Samuel miner
Wagner, John
Westmoreland, Dodson laborer
Westmoreland, Frederick, proprietor,
Winter Bar bridge
Williams, George H fruit grower 20 acres
Waddell, Isaac clerk

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Is a thriving and prosperous town of 600 inhabitants, is twelve miles north of Jackson on the Jackson and Latrobe Stage Road. It has a graded school with 100 scholars, taught by a gentleman of experience and ability, one church, three hotels and several pretty business houses and nice residences. Fruit, vegetables, and grain are grown to a considerable extent though mining is the interest to which it looks for its support. The hotel Phoenix mine is located here, which employs one
hundred and fifty men. It is nicely situated and beautifully laid out. It is claimed by newspaper men of renown that its growth is without parallel, in the history of California towns. The fact that three physicians have a very limited practice speaks highly of its sanitary conditions. The water, like its fruits, is excellent. It has telegraphic communication and a daily stage mail, connecting with eastern and western bound overland trains. The scenery is picturesque, and the society is of high order. The Independent Order of Good Templar's has a membership of 105. The Forest House is the leading Hotel.

{ [There are a few listings out of alphabetical order, which I attempted to clarify by listing in their proper sequence] It is curious to note that D W Walker, is listed as a barber, hair cutter, and hair dyer, situated on Main Street. His competitor William taylor, presumably also situated on main Street is listed simply as" tonsorial artist." Ah, the turn of a phrase. Hopefully it had a positive business impact.}

A - G

Aden, J G farmer 178 acres
Allen, Thos 160 acres
Allison, Edward farmer 181 acres
Astorga, Gregonia 80 acres
Austin, Wm miner
Brown, J T carpenter
Baer, A (S Coblenz & Co)
Bachia, Martin miner
Baird, Jeff farmer
Ball, Jeneta Mrs 168 acres
Ball, J P farmer 146 acres
Ball, Oliver farmer, 368 acres
Ball, Ruben 80 acres
Ball, W P 80 acres
Barnett, Paul 105 acres
Barney, Jacob 160 acres
Barto, Gio Bata miner
Batta, Gozzolia miner
Bawden, Geo mill man
Bawden, Richard mill man
Bawden, T P mill man
Beebe, Joseph miner
Bell, Chas miner
Bell, H H farmer
Benjamin, J E laborer
Bennellack, Richard miner
Berry, James farmer 80 acres
Beran, E J salesman
Blower, John shoemaker
Bolton, W E concentrator
Bowden, Richard miner
Bowden, T P saloon
Boyd, C E carpenter
Brace, M S saloon
Brice, G W farmer 160 acres
Brickford A 320 acres
Briggs, E M clerk
Bright, Henry 160 acres
Brown, Bridget 320 acres
Brown, Robt farmer 80 acres
Buckrell, J miner
Burke, D farmer 160 acres
Burner, james teamster
Butler, M 120 acres
Campbell, S foreman concentrators
Cardell, C A miner
Carilyn, J miner
Carrecco, D farmer 160 acres
Cebo, F farmer
Chirighin, A miner
Chirighin car man
Christovich, J blacksmith
Cleveland, J S 160 acres
Clough, F miner
Coleman, Samuel salon & hotel operator
Combes, Theodore miner
Conges, S miner
Conant, Albert 200 acres
Coblentz & Co. dealer in dry goods, boots
shoes, hats. caps, hardware, groceries, etc.
Coblentz, S (S Coblentz & Co)
Coster. A druggist
Crain, A J farmer 160 acres
Crain, A J supt ditches
Creglon, Henry 160 acres
Cruinick, N miner
Currier, John A 160 acres
Currier, John farmer 80 acresCrusen, Wm J 40 acres
Daniels, R B miner
Darren, B miner
Darren C miner
Daveggio, John & Co proprietiors
saloon & boarding house
Davis, C H blacksmith
Davis, C H saloon
Davis, I E laborer
Davis, J miner
Davis, Jas L blacksmith
Davis, J D teamster
Davis, J J farmer 144 acres
Davis, John miner
Deriver, Nicholas miner
Derrick, J R laborer
Derrickson, J mill man
Dillon, R M Farmer 120 acres
Dingle. E farmer
Dingle, James miner
Doborich, A car man
Dodson, John H farmer 120 acres
Doman, John concentrator
Doman & Jones butchers
Dowman, James butcher
Duncan, R H general merchandise
Duogomorich, L car man
Eastern, G W engineer
Eastern, T W proprietor Forest Home Hotel
Ekel, J J constable
Espret, Andrew farmer 200 acres
Etling, Geo A blacksmith
Evans, John miner
Falk, Albert dealer in general merchandise
agent for Wells Fargo & Co's Express
Manager, Western Union Telegraph Co
Fanner, B T farmer 160 acres
Farnum, C E physician & surgeon
Felker, Wm. blacksmith
Forbes, C C ditchman and farmer 160 acres
Forbes, E ditch timberman
Freestone, Joshua
French, C L teamster
Garibaldi, Jos 480 acres
Gerraus ___ miner
Gillmore, R M machinist
Ginther, Joseph farmer 160 acres
Glasson, J miner
Gorman, M F engineer
Great Eastern Quartz Mining Co
Green, Chas book-keeper Phoenix mine
Green, Chas sup't Ft John Mining Co
Green, W A clerk
Gregg, A J farmer 160 acres
Gregg J F farmer 160 acres
Gregg, M S farmer 160 acres
Griffith, G L miner
Griffith, L G blacksmith
Grounds, David farmer 160 acres

H - P

Hall, E S farmer 160 acres
Hanson, Nicholas concentrator
Harrell, John farmer 80 acres
Harris, Joseph
Harris, G B 160 acres
Hathaway, Sam'l farmer
Heilrath, John blacksmith &
dealer in hardware, Main Street
Herleman, J F butcher
Herzo, John miner
Higgins, Thos miner
Hines, Wm ditchman
Hinkson & Gessler proprietors livery stable
Hinkson, N C miner
Hoff, Herman millman
Hooper, John Sup't Empire Gold Mining Co
Horton, HH farmer 160 acres
Jack, T H millman
Jack, Thos laborer
Jackson, Jacob barber
Jacobs, C miner
Jelmini, B farmer 160 acres
Johns, Harry miner
Johns, Robert farmer 160 acres
Johns, Wm miner
Jones, David chief engineer Empire & Phoenix Mine
Jones, J J & Co miners
Jones, T H 320 acres
Jones, W T foreman Empire & Phoenix Mine
Jossich, Peter miner
Joy, Alonzo farmer 640 acres
Joy, J A farmer
Julia, George bellman
Kehres, P miner
Kellogg, A J 160 acres
Kelly, W H miner
Kelly, Wm millman
Kelley, William farmer 300 acres
Kephart, George carpenter
Kelnes, Philip blacksmith
Kesler, John 160 acres
King, S saloon
Kirtley, E M 160 acres
Kline, George miner
Kronig, W farmer 231 acres
Lake, J H concentrator
Lawson, Peter miner
Lee, Chas barber
Lemoin, Charles quartz miller
Lemoir, Chas millman
Liebrich, E F miner
Link, Chas 524 acres
Little, Jackson miner
Logomarsino, L miner
Lott, John 120 acres
Loyd, John night boss Phoenix mine
Lucas, Wm woodman
Lukenovich, Peter miner
Mackey, Timothy farmer 159 acres
malone, E G 20 acres
Marden, A S 160 acres
Marenovich, John miner
Markstrom, Theodore millman
Mateovich, John miner
Mathews, W J farmer 140 acres
McDonald, J S miner
McGee, E M proprietor Wyoming Hotel
McGregor, J A amalgamator
McKinzie, W K farmer 160 acres
McLeiss, Wm yardman
Mills, Jessie A 160 acres
Millman, George miner
Mitravich, Michael fireman
Missavich, M miner
Morris, James fireman
Morenovich, N miner
Moore, W W farmer 320 acres
Mudge, Wm miner
Muzzy, E B contractor
Needham, James miner
Neguich, Andrew miner
Newman, S B farmer 160 acres
Nibrich, Andrew miner
Nichly, B 160 acres
Nicholas, Henry butcher
Nicholas, John butcher
Nichols, James miner
Nickolaus, Henry butcher, Main Street
Ninnis, J P miner
Noe, Mrs J C (widow) prop'tress boarding house
Noetzel, Frank saloon
Norris Bros, saloon keepers, Main St
Norris, J C saloon
Nurse, Robt 80 acres
Orsi, Johnny topman
Owen, J M 160 acres
Page, Lewis miner
Page, Louis miner
Page, M millman
Parrenno, F miner
Patton, Thos 800 acres
Peuter, W M 240 acres
Perry, G O millman
Perry, I A clerk Empire Gold Mining co
Petrenovich, A miner
Petrenovich, P car man
Pettit, J E farmer 120 acres
Phillips, John miner
Picks, John 160 acres
Pierson, H H miner
Pierson, Sara, Mrs 80 acres
Pinder, Thos farmer 480 acres
Poge, Andrew miner [see entry after Richardson]
Poggi, Andrew miner
Poggi, N bellman
Polkenhorn, E miner
Potter, H E engineer
Pous, Simon 320m acres
Plancovich, S carman
Plunkett, Wm 160 acres
Prichard, E miner
Prichard, Griffith miner
Prichard, John miner
Probert, W E miner
Proctor, F M farmer
Prother, F 160 acres
Prother, Sam 160 acres
Purcel, Edward miner

Q - Z

Quinn, P miner
Upton, J S farmer 150 acres [out of sequence]
Ubadish, N carman [out of sequence]
Ratagaletta, Joseph miner
Reed, Thos miner
Reed, Thos topman
Reese, David miner
Reeves, J O 160 acres
Reeves, R R 160 acres
Remick, N miner
Rhodes, S B 180 acres
Rhodews, Wm farmer 160 acres
Richards, Josiah miner
Richardson, H N dealer in cigars, tobacco & confectionery
Richardson, J O miner
Poge, Andrew miner
Rickey, J A farmer 40 acres
Rickey, Thos farmer 120 acres
Rickey, Thos J farmer 40 acres
Roberts, David minerRoberts, D X miner
Roberts, G T 120 acres
Roberts, W E concentrator
Rodda, John miner
Ross, Dan'l topman
Rowe, John miner
Russell, John miner
Sair, John miner
Sallee, Jonathan farmer 280 acres
Salmon, John jeweler
Salmon, John miner
Sanbry, Chas miner
Satchwell, B farmer
Sawyer, T J farmer
Schairer, F farmer
Schleet, Antoine 160 acres
Schmitt, Jacob shoemaker
Schneider, L millman
Scofle, Wm miner
Scorich, Chris miner
Scorich, L miner
Sharp, John farmer 160 acres
Sheakley, A millman
Shields, Chas miner
Shields, Matt miner
Shumaker, Peter farmer 150 acres
Slavich, George miner
Smith, Chas butcher
Smith, V miner
Sneath R G 320 acres
Stacy, Geo yardman
Stacy, Wm farmer 80 acres
Staples, J P miner
Steinmetz, Jacob saddler & harnessmaker
Stewart, Joseph C farmer 240 acres
Stincemeir, Agnes 300 acres
Summers, R miner
Tusch, N 155 acres
taylor, Wm tonsorial artist
Thoman, A laborer
Thomas, Evan miner
Thoms, F H (J C Willaims & Co) general merchandise
Thompson, Thos 80 acres
Tippitt, Wm miner
Togni, A ditchman
Torro, S teamster
Torro, Santiago miner
Trobridge, E S concentrator
True, A B 400 acres
Upton JS farmer 150 acres [ see listing after "Q"]
Ubadish, N carman [see listing after "Q"]
Van, Chas miner
Van, Wm miner
Vanderpool, H 400 acres
Vandorn, V J yardman
Veolich, B miner
Veolich, M miner
Vodden, L miner
Vosich, N miner
Votaw, C J 175 acres
Votaw, Mrs M 160 acres
Walker, D W barber, hair cutting and dyeing, Main St.
Warren, Jas miner
Watkins, Thos laborer
watkins, Thos miner
Wockford, Thos miner
Wenzel, A blacksmith
Wenzel, F 160 acres
Wells, Mathew H farmer 700 acres
Werner, Herman 160 acres
Weston, J B millman
Wheeler, Jas N miner
Wheeler, S C farmer 300 acres
Whitacre, I W farmer 200 acres
White, Frank miner
White, H T 160 acres
White, J J 160 acres
White, M M blacksmith
Whittle, Albert 720 acres
Whittle, J C 980 acres
Wild, C W amalgamator
Wild, J B caocentrator
Williams, J C & Co general merchandise
Williams, Louis miner
Williams, Richard miner
Wilson, A J millman
Winigar, C O miner
Wirts, E P 240 acres
Wirts, G D 80 acres
Wockford, Thos miner
Wolford, Joseph foreman Phoenix Mine
Wood, A P concentrator
Woolfard, Jos farmer 230 acres
Zetta, L miner

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Is a prosperous and thriving town of 1500 inhabitants, centrally situated, and is distant from San Francisco and Sacramento 143 qnd 45 mile respectively; being connected by railroad and stage. Two forty stamp mills are in active operation, and agriculture is extensively carried on. The water is splendid, while the health is excellent. It is the largest town in the county. It has a graded school, where educators of decided ability and reputation are employed. The society
is made up of an intelligent class of people, whose public spirit is commendable. Its chief support is derived from the mining interest.

A - G

Adans, J Q
Allen, G farmer and dealer in lumber 1510 acres
Anderson, Henry farmer 180 acres
Amador Lumber Co
Amador Reduction Co 10 acres
Arsimondus, Jesus miner
Barnhart, P N carpenter
Bartlett, J O foundryman 200 acres
Batto, C miner
Bowden, Jos dealer in groceries, provisions, flour,
bran, crockery, willow ware, glassware
lamp glasses, oils, picture frames, etc, Main St
Bird, W H barber
Bean, A farner 160 acres
Beels, E miner
Beggio, Angelo 160 acres
Bernardi, Joseph miner
Biggin, A jr miner
Biggin, A sr, miner
Blackwell, D M farmer 240 acres
Bluett,W W carpenter
Boro, Dominica miner
Bostian, Sol miner
Botto, J miner
Botto,V miner
Brady, James miner
Breedlove, W N (Breedlove & Payne)
Brown, Mrs M (widow)
Breese, R clerk Amador Mining Co
Breese, S carpenter
Bregio, Angelo farmer 160 acres
Brignoli, A miner
Brignoli, B dealer in gen merchandise
Brim & Bros (M & N) dealers in general merchandise
Brim, M (Brim & Bros)
Brim N (Brim & Bros)
Brown, Mr Margaret (widow) 40 acres
Brown, W H carpenter
Buck, Rev, M. pastor M E Church
Bufferino, F miner
Burgar, Caesar, clerk American Exchange Hotel
Byrne, James saloon
Calloway, A E (Calloway & Mitchell)
Calloway & Mitchell dealers in hardware, stoves & tinware
Campbell, H A laborer
Castle, John miner
Charleville, F A clark
Cherigan, John miner
Claxton, J B blacksmith
Cobb, S M miner
Coblentz, G dealer in general merchandise
Collohon, L miner
Conley, John
Connors, John miner
Consolidated Amador Mining Company
David T. Davies Superintendant
Cook, A barber
Cooledge, W S Clerk, Amador Canal Co
Cooper, D A wagonmaker
Corinovich, J miner
Crane, Irwin J Vice President
Consolidated Amador Mining Co
Cramer, P miner
Creme, J miner
Davies, D Superintendant
Consolidated Amador Mining Company
David, Giovani farmer 160 acres
David, John miner
Deacon, H miner
De Cardis, Father Catholic Priest
Dennis, A J 300 acres
Dennis, Jackson (Dennis & Dunlap)
Dennis, J M carpenter
Depolar, A miner
Dewitt, Hugh farmer 160 acres
Dickermann, H farmer 160 acres
Danielwicz, G dealer in drymgoods & clothing
Donnelly, D foundryman
Donovan, Jerry miner
Donovan, John miner
Dower, Joseph carpenter
Downes, W W miner
Downs, R C miner & farmer 160 acres
Dudley, A K proprietor
American Exchange Hotel
Dugan, Jerry miner
Dunlap, Thos (Dunlap & Dennis)
Dunlap & Dennis durggists & postmasters
Dunson, W J carpenter
Edwards, J P farmer 160 acres

F - N

Fagan, P proprietor Sutter Creek Livery Stable
Falcu, B G miner
Fenion, M miner
Finn, David miner & engineer
Finn, M engineer
Finn, W E clerk with G Allen, dealer in Lumber
Flemming, Thos miner
Fagety, M miner
Fornear, C carpenter
Fornear, L carprnter
Fountainrose, Mrs Mary, proprietress
Fountainrose Hotel
Frakes, Thos dairyman 80 acres
Franks, Thos 80 acres
Fraser, D A blacksmith
Fritz, Wm moulder
Fulcher, David farmer 560 acres

Gabbs, E S dentist
Gadd, Thos teamster & gardener
Gage, N L proprietor, sulphate works
Garland, C J proprietor, sulphate works
Garry, M miner
Gleason, John miner
Giannini, Giacome dairyman 160 acres
Giles, J H physician
Gillarney, A miner
Gillespie, D miner
Gillmore, I confectioner
Ginini, G miner
Goodno, C laborer
Goodrich, John carpenter
Gorman, N engineer
Gorrotto, B miner
Gothie, J H 4 acres
Gothie, John miner
Grady, P laborer
Grady, Rodger miner
Green, James miner
Green, W O butcher
Greenwel, John laborer
Grider, John miner
Guidor, Thos miner

Hall, A 160 acres
Hamilton, S farmer
Hart, J W laborer
Hartman, C miner
Harville, Geo farmer
Hayden, H H farmer
Hayden, J H laborer
Hayse,James miner
Hawkins, C laborer
Herman, Frank blacksmith
Hidrick, H miner
Higgins, James miner
Holland, P miner
Horne, G W foundryman
Hornburger, Mrs Mary 160 acres
Harwell, Geo miner
Howard, F A saloon
Howell, A miner
Hubble, W B carpenter
Hunter, Mrs, Jane (widow) 30 acres
James, Aaron miner
Jelmini Viddell, painter
Jenses, J A carpenter
Johns, W H miner
Johnson, W L
Jones, E assayer
Jones, Joseph miner
Jones, Richard miner
Jones, T miner
Joy, A C patternmaker
Kennickey, Wm miner
Kerfoot, Lee miner
Kiefer, J M boot & shoe maker, Main St
King, P farmer
Knight & Co proprietors
Sutter Creek Foundry
Knight, S N foundryman
Knight & Horn proprietors
Sutter Creek Foundry
Laughton, J A clerk Amador Canal Co
Lehman, H laborer
Leon Bros farmers 20 acres
Linclon Quartz Mining Co
Lithgow, John variety store
Logamosino, C miner
Logamosino, L miner
Logamosino, S miner
Longer, W undertaker
Lutensky, V watch-maker & jeweler

M - Z

Mails, Mrs M A famcy dry goods & minninery
Mahoney, Mrs John (widow) 60 acres
Manon, S S miner 16 acres
Malotesto, J miner
Marks, L M dealer in general merchandise
Marshall, Wm miner
Marr, K F farmer 160 acres
Maxey, B Justice of the Peace
McDaniels, Joseph miner
McHenry, R proprietor of Gem Saloon
McIntire, E B miner
McLolan, R miner
Mechanic Quartz Mining Co
G. Coblentz, president
Melvanovich, M miner
Millican, Jesse farmer 200 acres
Millikan, Jessie 200 acres
Mitchell, Charles (Mitchell & Calloway)
Modrico, frank miner
Montividi, J miner
Myers, D saloon
Moyle, S miner
Negrich, A miner
Newman, Bros dealers in
general merchandise
Nichols, John

Rebolt, L brewer
Reis, H miner
Richards, Chas E proprietor
Miner's Saloon
Richards, John farmer, 160 acres
Riley, A jr miner
Riley, A sr miner
Rabolt, L & Co 10 acres
Rodgers, Mrs (widow) private boarding
Rodgers, Wm miner
Roggin, D C miner
Sanderson, G miner
Sanderson, James miner
Sanderson, John farmer 280 acres
Santifo & Deluchi 80 acres
Savage, Joseph
Schottell, Cblacksmith
Scott, S carpenter
Schwinn, Adolph proprietor
Sutter Creek Bakery & Saloon
Sepottell, C miner
Shealer, G F 2 acres
Shealer, G teamster
Shealer, John farmer & lime burner
Simpson, C miner 160 acres
Slavonia Placer Mining Co 6 acres
Smith, Frank miner
Smith, James miner Sutter Water Works
Songer, W I wagonmaker
Sorocco, C general merchandise
Speakman, James carpenter
StDennis, P blacksmith
Steinmitz, J saddles
Stevens, Isaac farmer 160 acres
Stewart S R D, Superintendant
Lincoln Mine
Strickland, Wm farmer 160 acres
Stone, John mioner
Stribley, H miner
Styles, G W farmer 320 acres
Tanner, J H farmer 80 acres
Taylor, B F supt Eureks Mill
Taylor, W S farmer 160 acres
Terrell, M miner
Thomas, G miner
Tibbitts, A miner
Tisdann, E W
Todd, W M physician & surgeon
Trelas, Wm engineer
Trezzetta, M miner
Truan, John miner
Tucker, John miner
Turner, W H farmer 320 acres
Turner, W T & Co 10 acres
Vasnovich, A confectioner
Vandamant, Julia farmer 160 acres
Vanhorn, S V farmer 160 acres
Vicini, G B saddle and harness maker
Vienni, J B clerk
Walker, J C farmer 280 1cres Warkins, C miner
Watkins, Mrs Eliza (widow) 160 acres
Wedge, Wm miner
Welch, Thos miner
Werner, F Werner & Sutherland
Werner & Sutherland Proprietors
Sutter Meat Market
Wildman, W T general merchandise
Agent for Wells fargo & Express
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance
Williams, John miner
Wise, E farmer 160 acres
Woodworth, W A farmer 120 acres

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The town is twelve miles from Jackson, the county seat, and has a population of 600 souls. The scenery in the immediate vicinity is picturesque, the water is excellent, and the school is in a prosperous condition. The society is made up of representatives of every nation, the Italian element predominating. Placer, hydraulic and quartz mining is very extensively engaged in, and the precious ore that lies dormant in the solemn but majestic hills which abound in rich profusion in the neighborhood is believed to exist in paying quantities. The residents are sanguine of a prosperous future, and are consequently in a contented frame of mind. There is but one hotel in the place, though an enterprising and experienced person could realize a handsome profit in the investment should he wish to engage in the busines therer. Indeed the demands for another house are so great that the citizens have offered to contribute to that end.

A - G

About, A miner 160 acres
Adams, J proprietor Volcano Livery Stable
Anderson, Jos C miner
Andrews, Thos farmer 160 acres
Allen, G W miner
Allen, J F teamster
Allen, John miner
Allen, Louisa 80 acres
Allen, U miner
Aris, L miner
Bamber, John miner
Bamber, L E miner
Baronio, Joseph miner
Barber, Chas J miner
Barber, Chas jr miner
Barker, A J 160 acres
Barini Rufino, miner
Bartlet, B miner
Bartels, Wilhelm miner
Branden, A proprietor saw mill
Branden Bros 360 acres
Benter, G miner
Bibbens, G W Mine Superintendant
Bisagnp, A miner
Blakely, Ambrose 160 acres
Blakely, Wm 160 acres
Boardman, S B miner 40 acres
Boni, Guiseppi miner
Bonno, J S miner
Bortuas, Angelo miner
Botts, A & Co miners
Boydston, E S druggist & photographer, Main St
Campi, Giovanni shoemaker
Campi, John miner
Conran, M miner
Canvin, Matthew 160 acres
Carpenter, Thos general merchandise
Carrvin, Matthew farmer
Case, J N 160 acres
Cassinelli, John (Cassinelli & Bros)
Cassinelli, L (Cassinelli & Bros)
Cassinelli & Bros dealers in
General Merchandise
Cavanaugh, G 152 acres
Cessisole,Guiseppi miner
Chandler, A B 160 acres
Cleveland, F J miner
Clough, A P 130 acres
Clute, P A general merchandise
Coleman, J general merchandise
Collins, Geo miner
Consolidated Amador Hydraulic Gold
Mining and Land Company
Consolidated Amador & Volcano Hydraulic
Gold Mining & land Company
Cottingham, Jos miner
Cox, J H 160 acres
Cuneo, G miner
Cuneo, Joseph miner
Davis, Jas farmer
Davis, Peter 320 acres
Decker, J N miner
Delichi, Antonio & Co 30 acres
Denzer, P saloon
Denzer, Peter 36 acres
Depoltz, G D 80 acres
Depowlet, Joseph miner
Devitt & Provis proprietors
Volcano Saloon, Main Street
Dicken, Amanda J 160 acres
Dicken, C J 320 acres
Divicenso, D miner
Dodge, I W miner
Dodge, Joseph miner
Downs, Wm miner
Eastman, Isaac miner
Eckhart, John miner
Emanson, L M 160 acres
Emmons, S W 160 acres
Erkson, ___ 160 acres
Evans, James miner
Evans, J I 160 acres
Evans, S W 160 acres
Fake, D A farmer 140 acres
Felt, Josiah miner

H - M

Hall, James 40 acres
Hall, James blacksmith
Ham, A & Bro 320 acres
Ham, J C 160 acres
Harker, J P farmer, 160 acres
Harker, John 160 acres
Harper, John P miner
Harman, John M miner
Harmon, W H farmer 160 acres
Harding, A L 160 acres
Hassley, John 160 acres
Henry, James 120 acres
Holbrook, D W miner
Hore, Edward 320 acres
Hass, Wm C farmer 320 acres
Howell, Jos 160 acres
Huey, E W proprietor billiard saloon &
Justice of the Peace

Isola, Andrea miner
Jacobs, J W & Co 160 acres
Jamison, G W 320 acres
Jeffries, Robert A miner
Jelmini, C miner
Jerome, Alexander saloon 160 acres
Johnson, J A 120 acres
Johnson, Wm farmer 120 acres
Jomsland, A O farmer 160 acres
Jonas, Peter proprietor St George Hotel
Jones, R D 360 acres
Jones, U G miner
Kearney, Andrew miner
Kelley, Dennis lumberman 160 acres
Kelliher, Joseph miner
Kelliher, Joseph 80 acres
Kesseler, A physician & surgeon
Kimball, A W farmer 160 acres
Koop, William C 160 acres
Laglagonar, Cino J saloon
Largoniarsini, James miner
Laso, V miner
Larerone, J B miner
Ledford, A S 160 acres
Lee, John miner
Lesllie, James lumberman
Lessley, James 160 acres
Liebe, Philip miner
Lieby, Philip miner
Lipp, J B miner & teamster
Loree, S H 120 acres
Lowry, James 440 acres
Lucot, Eugene L blacksmith
Lucot, Nicholas saloon
Ludeskens, L 8 acres
Luttrell, J D 120 acres
Marble, E 160 acres
McReary, Thos miner
McCuny, Jonathan teamster
McFadden, J H 200 acres
McGee, Coldwell farmer 160 acres
McGhee, W S miner
McIntyre, Almina farmer 160 acres
McKeever, John 160 acres
McKinzie, T C 160 acres
McKinzie, W H miner
McLaine. Lanchlin banker & Supreintendant of
Amador Canal & Volcano Ditch Co
McLaughlin, A B 80 acres
McMunen, John 320 acres
McQuade, P miner
Matthews, Henry 160 acres
Matthias, Simon miner
Mattice, L miner
Mazaro, G miner
Mazzerara, G miner
Miller, James butcher
Miller, James farmer 120 acres
Moran, Robert saloon
Moyle, J W Suuperintendant of
Volcano Mining Operation
Murphy, S J miner
Myers, H C & Bro 160 acres

N - Z

Nale, J K P
Newton, Wm farmer 160 acres
Nicson, Nicholas 160 acres
Nixon, Nicholas farmer 160 acres
Nixon, R W farmer 160 acres
Nixxon, W E miner
Noce, A miner
Nugent, G W farmer 160 acres

Obermeyer, Henry farmer 336 acres
O'Nel, Timothy 160 acres [O'Neil]
Pajarala, G miner
Parameno, A 160 acres
Parberry, H N 320 acres
Parker, G W farmer 160 acres
Parlin, Harlow miner
Parrish, James 160 acres
Peak, A 160 acres
Petty, A 160 acres
Pine & Marchland 8 acres
Plasse, P R 160 acres
Porter, G W amalgamator
Powell, F S miner
Powers, Robt miner
Powers, R W miner
Powers, Robt 140 acres
Prater, Thos 160 acres
Provis, James E saloon
Pringle, Job 160 acres
Petty, A farmer
Peck, P N miner
Petty, Solomon inventor
Putnam, Joseph miner
Querillo, P ditch tender

Rattenberg, Geo 320 acres
Reale, A clerk
Reichman, Matthew 160 acres
Rendall, C B miner
Rhinehart, Phebe 160 acres
Richards, Walter
Robinson, P J miner
Rodgers, J R miner
Rodrick, Robt teamster
Rose, Henry T sawyer
Ross, Benj surveyor
Rossi, Angelo general merchandise
Rossi, Giovani miner
Santifo, M anwell miner
Soppington, A b 40 acres
Schoonmaker, I 160 acres
Shealor, J W 160 acres
Slate, Fred 160 acres
Smith, James 160 acres
Sullivan, John farmer 200 acres
Sullivan, John & Bro 200 acres
Steinman, I W miner
Stewart, Robt miner
Street, Isaac N sawyer
Stone, Jacob miner
Story & Frakes 320 acres
Tam, Orsini. proprietor Central Saloon, Main St
Tabon, A miner
Taylor, Edward 160 acres
Trabuco, A miner
Toop, C 160 acres
Vandament, J 160 acres
Vencenzo, D miner
Volcano Mining Operation
J P Hall President
Volger, Benedict miner
Walker, L F 240 acres
Wallenburg, C lumberman 160 acres
Warring, Mrs Ada 160 acres
Wheeler, J T & Co 20 acres
White, Matthew miner
Whitehead, W H miner
Whitmore, Silas 160 acres
Whitmore, F M 160 acres
Whitmore, F W saw mill
Whidaker, Jacob miner
Witley, Ed 160 acres
Williams, N C 160 acres
Williams, J A miner
Wise, E 160 acres
Young, N G m iner
Younger, Robt Bruce miner

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Art Michaelis / Albuquerque, NM