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My name is Art Michaelis and I am the USGenWeb Project County Coordinator responsible for Amador County, California. I and many other kind and generous volunteers have expended a great amount of time and effort in order to put this site together. Even now it continues to grow at an amazing pace. We hope that you enjoy YOUR Amador County website!

Amador County GenWeb Project Pages

Amador County Surnames & Queries To view and add a surname or query for Amador County visit the Amador GenConnect page.
Amador County Queries Archives - A list of old queries submitted to us prior to our switching to the GenConnect system. The contact data is not kept updated.
Amador County Surnames Archives - A list of old surnames submitted to us prior to our switching to the GenConnect system. The contact data is not kept updated.
Amador County Lookups - Volunteers willing to lookup information in Amador County.
Amador County Newspaper Database - Still under construction and still in testing, this initial offering consists of about 1600 entries.
History of Amador County -
Plymouth Oddfellows - Submitted by Nan Wolf (Be patient. The list takes a few moments to download.)
Amador County Nuggets - Odds-n-Ends about Amador county genealogy
Amador County Album - Images of Amador County's past.
Amador County Pioneer Stories - Read the stories of our pioneer ancestors as submitted by their descendants.
Amador County Directory, 1879 - 1880 - Submitted by Bill Baccus
Amador County Archives - Search the items held by the Amador county Archives in Jackson, CA. Warning. 

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Amador County Links

  Amador County History Online - Sponsored by the Amador County Archives.

Amador County Landmarks - Some of these landmarks even have websites!

Amador County Genealogical Sources - Links to local genealogies, libraries, and other genealogy sources.

History of Amador County - From Gold Rush beginnings to the Roaring Twenties

Yeomet - Once a bustling Gold Mining Camp, Yeomet is no more.

Vital Records Information - California

Vital Records Information - Amador County

Amador County's Pioneer Cemeteries - This website is dedicated to our pioneer ancestors, buried in the 21 Amador County Pioneer Cemeteries.

Amador County Genealogy Mailing List - Interested in subscribing to a mailing list devoted to Amador Co. genealogy? Just click on this link and place the word subscribe as the only word in the body of the e-mail. If you would prefer to receive the digest version then click here. The listowner is Edward Black, Sr. and you can contact him should you have any problems regarding the mailing list.

Federal Land Records - Index for Amador County, CA.

The Historic Kennedy Gold Mine - I the late 1850's Andrew Kennedy discovered gold in an outcropping of quartz.

Volcano Catholic CemeteryHere is a link to the a transcription of the Volcano Catholic Cemetery and some of the names listed. 

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The California Pioneer Project - The California Pioneer List is a list of settlers to California who migrated to or were born in California prior to 1880.

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