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Family of John Burt and [1) Sarah Marshall?]
2) Hannah [ ]

John Burt, of Autauga County, Alabama, died about September of 1827 [1]. His wife was Hannah [-?-] [2], who was probably born about 1775 [3].

It is believed that this John Burt was the son of Joseph Burt Sr. of Halifax County, North Carolina, and that he was first married to Sarah Marshall in 1788. Definite proof of this is currently lacking. [4]

Early Georgia tax digests found a John Burt listed in Tattnall Co. in 1802 and 1817, in Hancock Co. in 1804, and in Baldwin Co. in 1810 and 1815 (note that John Matthews and Mary "Polly" Burt were living in Baldwin Co., GA during this time period).

The name John Bert appears on a muster roll of the 33rd Regiment, 2nd class Georgia Militia on 9 Nov 1814. John Burt also appeared in an 1810 Census in Capt. Watson's Military District, Baldwin Co., GA.

According to Putnam County, Georgia deed indexes [17], on 8 Nov 1813 a transaction was recorded between John Burt and S. Marshall for 157 acres of land (Book K, p. 469). A large number of other deeds involving Richard, James, and other Burts were also found there, some transferring land located originally in Baldwin County.

On 11 Oct 1827 in Autauga County, Alabama, John Burt's estate was appraised [5], with an estimated value of $3475.00. Some of the items owned included 39 head of cattle, 1 yoke of oxen, 41 hogs, furniture, books, and ten slaves. The estate sale the following March resulted in $4264.54 1/2 worth of goods sold [6].

Autauga County Orphans Court Minutes (Book 2, p. 72) reveal that the final estate settlement was made on 22 Feb 1830. On that date, a jury was summoned, on the complaint [7] of William Burt, who found that John Avent had received $562, William Burt $25, and Zacheus Burt $3 out of the estate, and that the other heirs had received nothing. After Stephen M. Burt, the administrator, appeared and reported on his proceedings, he was ordered to pay the following:

Upon payment of the above sum of money, Stephen M. Burt was discharged from the further administration of the estate.


  1. Rebecca Burt [11]
    m. John Marshall 4 Feb 1810 Putnam Co., GA
    d. 7 Jun 1812 [12]
  2. Mary Burt [16]
    b. ca 1795
    m. John Avent 1815 Putnam Co., GA
    d. before 1860 Talbot Co., GA
  3. Stephen M. Burt [8]
    b. ca 1802 NC
    m. Ann [-?-]
    d. 1 March 1860 Carroll Co., MS [18]
    1830 census, Autauga Co., p.136:
    S. M. Burt 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1f 15-20, 1f 50-60
    Living in Oktibehha Co., MS in 1850. [14]
  4. [Dr.] William Jefferson Burt
    b. ca 1804 GA [16]
    m. 1) Caroline Walton Mathews 30 Sep 1828 Washington, Autauga Co., AL
    m. 2) Margaret A. Lyon 13 Oct 1853 Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS
    d. 19 Aug 1873 Lowndes Co., MS
  5. Zacheus Burt
    b. ca 1806 GA [13]
    m. Mary Billingsley [9]
    d. after 1850
  6. Joseph J. Burt
    d. ca April of 1829 Autauga Co., AL [10]
  7. John Burt
    b. after 1814
  8. Burrows H. Burt
    d. between 1830 and April 1837
  9. Alexander H. Burt
  10. Eliza Burt
  11. Margaret Burt
  12. Francina Burt [19]


  1. Autauga County Administrator's Bond, from Bonds, Executors, Administrators, Guardians Book, p.3. On 24 September 1827, Stephen M. Burt was appointed administrator; William Burt, Waid H. Cox, James B. Matthews, T. W. Mathews and Z. Burt, securities.
  2. Autauga County Orphans Court Minutes, Book 2, p.72.
  3. The 1830 census of Autauga County, Alabama listed a female aged 50-60 living in the household of S. M. Burt (Stephen M. Burt).
  4. Another possibility is that he was John Burt, son of Joseph Burt Jr., who was named in the latter's will. However, that John Burt, who died before 1842, apparently left no heirs, since none were mentioned in Joseph's estate settlement.
  5. Autauga County Probate Report Book 1, p.173. Appraisers were Robert Broadman, Reuben Aldridge, Caleb Ethridge, and John Hunt. An additional sale was reported on 9 Jan 1829.
  6. Probate Report Book 1, p.187. Among those buying at the sale were S. M. Burt, James Aldridge, T. W. Mathews, Zack. Burt, Farmer Adair, and William Burt. Among the items sold were two books: Alabama Justice to Thomas Hogg, and Burkett's Expository to S. M. Burt. All of the slaves (except probably one) were sold to close relatives.
  7. The Burts appeared to be professionally and/or personally interested in law and litigation. Besides several books on legal topics which were listed in various estate sales, there were several court cases mentioned during settlement of John Burt's estate (Probate Report Book 2, p. 23). Two were judgements in favor of John Burt dec'd in Montgomery County (one on Marlin Towns for $250, insolvent, and another for $400, also insolvent, against Henry D. [Stone?]. There was also mentioned a case of Goff vs. the administrator [i.e. "Dr." Stephen M. Burt] in Autauga County (which might provide some more information).
  8. While Stephen M. Burt apparently received no money from the estate, he was administrator, a role often taken by an oldest son. Furthermore, the Burt/Coleman family history mentions Stephen Burt, son of John Burt, leaving Autauga County along with Green Parker and going to Mississippi.
  9. Will of Clement Billingsley, 7 Feb 1839, Probate Report Book 5, p. 49; and division of estate 18 Nov 1844 (Autauga Co. Probate Report Book 5, p. 629).
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  11. On November 1, 1828 in Pike Co., GA, John Marshall was appointed guardian of his son Pendleton Jones Marshall in regards to the estate of John Burt, late of Alabama.
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            Zacheus Burt    44      M       Planter $1200   b GA
            Mary A.         40      F                       b VA
            Sarah Pool      22      F                       b AL
            William B. Burt 20      M                       b AL
            Rebecca B. Burt 18      F                       b AL
            C[ui?]n         16      F                       b AL
            Mary E.         10      F                       b AL
            Caroline        3       F                       b Miss
            Phillip Pool    1       M                       b Miss
  14.         Oktibehha Co., MS 4 Oct 1850, p. 285 #407 #407
            Stephen Burt    48      M       Farmer  $2000   b NC
            Ann     38      F                       b GA
            Martha  18      F                       b AL
            Ann     16      F                       b AL
            Mary    11      F                       b AL
            Ugenia  7       F                       b AL
            James   2       M                       b Miss
  15. In Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents from the Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office (GLO) Automated Records Project: Zaccheus Burt (of?) Union Co., Arkansas received a patent for 40 acres (Section 15 Township 17S Range 17W) on 1 Jul 1859. In addition, in Marriage Bonds and Ministers' Returns of Union Co., Arkansas 1829-1870 by Annie Laurie Spencer, one finds: James Primm, 23, m. Mary Eliza Burt, 23 1/2, both of Union Co., 7 Sept. 1863 - by Z. Burt J. P. (B-285).
  16. All information on Mary Burt from Gerry Brown Hill and not otherwise documented at this time.
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  19. Possibly named for Francina Catchings, wife of Alexander R. Hutchinson (Autauga County, AL Orphans Court Minutes, vol. 1, p. 1 14 Jan 1823) who was administrator of the estate of Silas Catchings. A. R. Hutchinson was listed on 26 Dec 1832 as guardian of Margaret, Elizabeth, Francina and Alexander H. Burt (Autauga County, AL Bonds, Executors, Administrators, Guardians Book 1, pp. 10-13). He served as security, along with John Huddleston and Wm. A. Hausford, for the guardian's bond 28 Jan 1828 (p. 9, same source) of John Huddleston for Burrows H. Burt.

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