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Wayne County, West Virginia Communities

         The following are some of the communities that exist or have existed within the present-day boundaries of Wayne County.

         Many of these communities remain today, some with their own elected officials, fire departments, and postal zip codes; others are in the outskirts of the county seat, Wayne, and other larger towns. Still others are but a memory for the older residents of Wayne County or the birth and final resting place for our ancestors. Over the years, a few of these communities have been referred to by different names, some a variant spelling of what we know today; others were quite different.

         The United States Geological Survey offers topographical and aerial maps, as well as general area maps at its website. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find maps that sufficiently detail the areas, though the maps provided by the U.S. Census Bureau's Tiger Map Server give one a general idea of where the communities are located. To use the USGS Query, insert the town or community name under Feature Name, enter the state, and use the pull-down menu for feature type. You can also request the county by clicking on the county name once, then accessing the pull-down menu (note: the county menu isn't available until after you've entered the state and clicked once on the county). You can locate everything from airports to woods through the USGS Query Form, including cemeteries, mines, reservoirs, and wells.

         Sources of the following information include the USGS, U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Postal Service, and Places Names in West Virginia. Some of the dates listed are establishment dates of the community; those given with a range, e.g. 1887-1920 were from the Places Names and it is not certain if the establishment dates could not be determined or if the town (or one of its names) only existed during those years. Where known, a note has been added that a community is listed by the USGS as an historical post office (e.g., Dicy, 1904-1920, in Places Names and listed in the USGS as an historical post office located 5 miles northeast of Stonecoal).

         As new information becomes available, this page will be updated.

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    • Adkins — see East Lynn
    • Adkins Mill — see East Lynn
    • Amacetta or Almacetta, 1841-1875
    • Arde, 1911-1967
    • Ardel — also known as Big Creek and Herbert
    • Armilda, 1907 (historical post office)

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    • Barger Hill — see Oakview Heights
    • Bartram — also known as Mouth of Racoon Creek, 1896-1917 (historical post office)
    • Beechville Historical Post Office, 8 miles northwest of Wayne
    • Bethesda, 1976
    • Big Creek — see Ardel, also known as Herbert
    • Big Sandy — see Bowen
    • Booton, 1891 (historical post office)
    • Bowen (historical post office) — also known as Bowens Store and Big Sandy
    • Bowen's Store — see Bowen
    • Brabant, 1917-1935 (historical post office)
    • Brewer, 1917
    • Brick Church, 1980
    • Buffalo Creek, 1911-1967 — also known as Dunleith, 1935
    • Buffalo Shoals — see Shoals
    • Bull, 1917-1967
    • Bush, 1920-1935

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    • Callow — see Felix
    • Camp Creek, 1911
    • Campco
    • Carrel/Carrell, 1904; Carrel Post Office (historical), 5 miles southwest of Echo
    • Carroll, 1920
    • Cassie, 1911-1935; Cassie Post Office (historical), 1911-mid 1950's
    • Cassville, 1852-1896, also known as Fort Gay and Fort Gallup — see this history of the town.
    • Centerville, 1883, also known as Centreville; Centerville Post Office (historical)
    • Ceredo, founded 1857, incorporated 1866; Zip Code 25507; 2000 population 1,675
    • Coleman, 1911
    • Copley, 1907-1920
    • Copleyville, 1883-1894
    • County Farm, 1911-1935, also known as Siding
    • Court, 1920-1935
    • Cove Creek, 1870-1920
    • Cove Gap, 1894, also known as Covegap
    • Craig, 1911
    • Crete, 1907-1920; Crete Post Office (historical)
    • Crockett, 1976, also known as Crete, 1907-1920
    • Crum, 1907; Zip Code 25669
    • Cyrus, 1911, also known a White's Creek

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    • Dean, 1920-1935
    • Denison's Mill, 1883
    • Dickson, 1891 , also known as Falls of Twelve Pole; Dickson Post Office (historical)
    • Dicy, 1904-1920; Dicy Post Office (historical), 5 miles northeast of Stonecoal
    • Doane, 1904; Doane Post Office (historical)
    • Drag, 1891-1920; Drag Post Office (historical), 8 miles west of Tick Ridge
    • Driver, 1920
    • Dunleith Post Office, 5 miles south of Ceredo — see Buffalo Creek
    • Dunlow, 1896; Zip Code 25511

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    • Earsel,1920; Earsel Post Office (historical), 3 miles west of Huntington
    • East Chattaroi Junction
    • East Lynn, 1891, also known as Adkins, Adkins Mill, Mouth of Little Lynn, or Twin Creek; Zip Code 25512
    • Echo, 1883; Echo Post Office (historical)
    • Effie, 1891; Effie Post Office (historical)
    • Egypt, 1896-1920; Egypt Post Office (historical), 2 miles east of Prichard
    • Elmford, 1883
    • Elmwood, 1920; Elmwood Post Office (historical), 5 miles northeast of Wayne
    • Eloise, 1904-1967; Eloise Post Office (historical), 5 miles west of Queens Ridge
    • Empire, 1891-1896; Empire Post Office (historical), 4 miles southeast of East Lynn
    • Erie, 1904 or 1907-1920; Erie Post Office (historical)
    • Etna; Etna Post Office (historical), 2 miles south of Echo

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    • Ferguson, 1891
    • Fairview, 1860-1920 — see Wayne
    • Falls of Tug, 1883
    • Falls of Twelve Pole — see Dickson
    • Felix, 1907-1935, also known as Callow; Felix Post Office (historical), 5 miles west of Felix
    • Ferguson Post Office (historical)
    • Ferguson Creek, 1883
    • Ferguson's Mill, 1883
    • Fleming, 1857-59; Fleming Post Office (historical), also known as Toudy Post Office
    • Flemington, 1967?
    • Forks of Hurricane, 1980-1986
    • Forks of Twelve Pole, 1859-1875
    • Fort Gay, 1857, also known as Cassville and Fort Gallup; name change to Fort Gay in 1900; Zip Code 25514; 2000 population 819
    • Fort Gallup — see Cassville
    • Frasher Post Office (historical), 3.5 miles east of Fort Gay
    • Freiner, 1920-1935
    • Fry, 1896; Fry Post Office (historical), 6 miles southeast of East Lynn, also known as Stiltner and Mouth of Brush Creek

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    • Garland, 1920
    • Genoa, 1891, also known as Genoah; Zip Code 25517
    • Gilgal Post Office (historical)
    • Gilkerson, 1891; Gilkerson Post Office (historical)
    • Ginnes Creek, 1879
    • Girard, 1907; Girard Post Office (historical)
    • Glenhayes, 1911, also known as Glen Hayes and Yorkville; Zip Code 25519
    • Grandview Gardens, part of Kenova
    • Grassy, 1911-1967
    • Grizzle, 1920

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    • Handleyy, 1920
    • Haney Post Office (historical)
    • Hany, 1911-1935
    • Harry, 1907-1920
    • Herbert, 1907 — see Ardel, also known as Big Creek; Herbert Post Office (historical)
    • Hewlet, 1911, also known as Hewlett
    • Hidden Valley
    • Holts Store, 1883
    • Hubbardstown, 1855; Hubbardstown Post Office (historical)
    • Huntington
    • Hustler Post Office (historical)

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    • Iverson, 1907-1935; Iverson Post Office (historical), 2.5 miles northwest of Lavalette
    • Jennie, 1907-1920; Jennie Post Office (historical), 5 miles south of STonecoal
    • Jennies Creek Post Office (historical)

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    • Kellog/Kellogg, 1891-1935; Kellogg Post Office (historical), 2 miles east of Ceredo
    • Kenova, 1899, also known as Morganza and Virginia Point; population; Zip Code 25530; 2000 population 3,485
    • Kiahsville, 1891; Zip Code 25534
    • Krout's Creek, 1894; Krouts Post Office (historical), 2.25 miles east of Ceredo

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    • Lavalette, 1894, also known as Lavelette and Hustler (1907-1920)
    • Lazarus, 1920; Lazarus Post Office (historical), 4 miles northwest of Glenhayes
    • Lett, 1907-1920; Lett Post Office (historical), 4 miles north of Round Bottom
    • Long Branch, 1845
    • Luthers Mills, 1883

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    • Malcolm's Mill, 1883
    • Marcum
    • Mary Post Office (historical), 4 miles west of Dicy
    • Mathers — see Quaker, also known as Watts and Watts Siding
    • Maynard, 1920
    • Meadow Haven
    • Meredith, 1911-1935
    • Meteor, 1920
    • Millader Mill, 1883
    • Millender, 1911-1935
    • Millet, 1907, also known as Millett, 1935 (historical), a community along the Tug Fork on the railroad line
    • Mineral Springs, also known as Minnow Springs
    • Mingo, 1930-1939
    • Missouri Branch, 1920, also known as Preston and Wells Branch; Missouri Branch Post Office (historical)
    • Morganza &@8212; see Kenova, also known as Virginia Point
    • Moses Fork, 1879-1894; Moses Fork Post Office (historical)
    • Mouth of Brush Creek — see Stiltner, also known as Fry
    • Mouth of Little Lynn — see East Lynn
    • Mouth of Racoon Creek — see Bartram

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    • Napier Ridge Post Office (historical), 10 miles south of Wayne
    • Neal, 1911
    • Nestlow, 1907; Nestlow Post Office (historical)
    • Nettie, 1894
    • Nursery Gap, 1976

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    • Oakview Heights — also known as Barger Hill

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    • Paddle, 1911-1920; Paddle Post Office (historical), 2.5 miles southeast of Fort Gay
    • Palmetto, 1859
    • Parrizade, 1849-1851
    • Pharoah, 1907-1920; Pharoah Post Office (historical), 4 miles east of Prichard
    • Poppa, 1891-1920; Poppa Post Office (historical), 3 miles east of Bowen
    • Preston, 1907-1920 — see Missouri Branch, also known as Wells Branch; Preston Post Office (historical), 2.6 miles east of Dunlow
    • Prichard, 1911, also known as Truman's Ferry, was in Cabell County, 1839; Zip Code 25555

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    • Quaker, 1911, also known as Mathers, Watts and Watts Siding; Quaker Post Office (historical)
    • Queen's Mills, 1883
    • Queen's Ridge, 1891-1935; Queen's Ridge Post Office (historical)

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    • Radnor, 1911
    • Randor, 1907
    • Rice, 1891-1920; Rice Post Office (historical), 2.75 miles west of Centerville
    • Rockville Post Office (historical), 8 miles north of Wayne
    • Round Bottom, 1853-1907
    • Roy, 1920-1935

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    • Saint Cloud, 1920
    • Saltpetre, 1911, also known as Saltpeter and Tudell; Saltpetre Post Office (historical)
    • Savage Grant, 1845-1859
    • See, 1935
    • Shoals, 1891, also known as Buffalo Shoals; Zip Code 25562
    • Sidney, 1907; Sidney Post Office (historical)
    • Sip Post Office (historical), 3.5 miles east of Queens Ridge
    • Smith's Mill, 1883
    • Spring Valley
    • Spruce, 1967
    • Spry, 1911-1920; Spry Post Office (historical), 5 miles west of Queens Ridge
    • Steppe Post Office (historical)
    • Stepptown, 1967, also known as Steptown
    • Stiltner, also known as Fry and Mouth of Brush Creek; Stiltner Post Office (historical)
    • Stonecoal, 1891, also known as Stone Coal; Stonecoal Post Office (historical)
    • Sulphur Spring, 1967
    • Sweet Run
    • Sweetwater, 1911-1935

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    • Tabor Creek Post Office (historical), 5 miles northwest of Fort Gay
    • Tick Ridge, 1879-1894; Tick Ridge Post Office (historical)
    • Tooley, 1891-1894
    • Toudy Post Office — see Fleming
    • Trace Forks, 1883-1894, also known as Trace Fork; Trace Fork Post Office (historical), 5 miles west of Wayne
    • Tripp, 1920, also known as Cassie
    • Trout Hill, also known as Trout's Hill — see Wayne. See this history of Trout's Hill.
    • Tudell, 1907-1920 — see Saltpetre; Tudell Post Office (historical), 5 miles southeast of Fort Gay
    • Tulip, 1891-1894; Tudell Post Office (historical), 10 miles east of Fort Gay
    • Turkey Creek, 1882
    • Twin Creek — see East Lynn

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    • Vinson Post Office (historical), 2.75 miles southeast of Shoals
    • Virginia Point &@8212; see Kenova, also known as Morganza

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    • Watts — see Quaker, also known as Mathers and Watts Siding
    • Watts Siding — see Quaker, also known as Mather and Watts
    • Wayne, established 1842 as Trout's Hill, 1841-43 as Wayne County Court House, 1882 as Fairview, changed 1911 to the current name of Wayne; County Seat; Zip Code 25570; 2000 population 1,105
    • Wayne Court House — see Wayne
    • Webb, 1907; Webb Post Office (historical)
    • Wells Branch — see Missouri Branch also known as Preston
    • Weltha, 1920
    • Westmoreland, 1920-1935
    • White Creek, 1883, also known as Mouth of White Creek
    • White's Creek, 1859-1867; Whites Creek Post Office (historical)
    • Wilsondale, 1907; Zip Code 25699
    • Winslow, 1907; Winslow Post Office (historical)
    • Woolley Siding, 1911

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    • Yorkville, 1882-1920 — see Glenhayes

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