Common Vermont Archives, etc.

of Walter  ?Truman?  Best

This certificate was kindly provided by Doug Steiger. Here is what he knows about the certificate:

Regarding where the certificate came from. In the process of disposing of my mother's stuff when she died, I held on to the certificate. (My siblings were all string savers. I keep string that is too short to save. A little Michigan humor there.) My mother, Genevieve VAN PELT/STEIGER/RICHARDSON, lived in Traverse City, Michigan. For many years she was a successful real estate sales woman. Her second husband, Harold RICHARDSON was a broker who handled many of the premier listings in the area. Often, in handling a listing from an estate, they acquired items from the estate that intrigued them. Harold RICHARDSON's first wife's maiden name was HALE. I know nothing about the HALE family origins prior to Traverse City but I would not rule out her line coming from Vermont. Another observation is the first name listed as a Sponsor on the certificate. A possible reading of the name is Louis P. GLEASON. Perhaps a relative. Perhaps GLEASON could be the maiden name of the mother, Addie. When I grew up in Traverse City I was familiar with many members of a GLEASON family. You can find the Grand Traverse Area Genealogical Society at:
That pretty much exhausts any clues known to me.



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