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Before you E-mail me please read the following:

I am getting inundated with emails and I need your help! .
Please read the following before you e-mail me.



This is a genealogy site only. I can't help you with your tax assessment bills, high school class reunions or anything else.

Your email must say "Washington Co, VT" in the subject line.  I handle 2 websites and you must tell me which county and state you are writing about.

I don't live in Washington County. In fact I don't even live in the wonderful State of Vermont although my husband's ancestors did. Because of this I can not do personal research. 

I am just a computer volunteer for this site. I try to keep the information updated and current, but I am not transcribing and uploading old records. If some of you want to - that is wonderful! 

If a resource is not listed here, then I don't know about it. Some of you are emailing me with requests for addresses and if I had them I would post them. I am not keeping any secret stash of addresses or research materials. <grin> Feel free to send me any helpful links or addresses that you run across.

This site is only as good as the various volunteers make it, so please pitch in and help out on this site. Walk a cemetery, transcribe a census, index a local history book, post obits or biographies to the GenConnect Boards - whatever strikes you as a worthwhile project for this site.

  If you have read the above and still want to contact me, please push the envelope button below. Thanks.

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