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Founding of McIndoes Academy

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McIndoe Falls Academy was the outcome of a project which had been in the minds of several people for many years. The land occupied by the building and grounds was given by Dea. Gilchrist, and a contract made for its construction.

The trustees named in the act of incorporation, which was approved Dec. 1, 1853, were: James Gilchrist, John C. Gleason, Walter Gilchrist, Lloyd Kimball, Alexander Johnson, Archibald Gilchrist, Alexander Gilchrist, William A. Weeks, Azro Dutton, Samuel Gleason, Charles Peabody, Luther F. Parker, Simeon Heath, James McArthur, John M. Child, William R. Monteith, and Horace Duncan.

The building cost $5,005, and a gift of $2,500 from Dr. Brewer made it possible to dedicate it free of debt. Work began in the spring of 1853 and it was completed in the summer. The master carpenter was William Carr Martin.

The school opened in the fall of 1853 with Rev. Edward Cleveland, a Yale graduate, as its principal. Miss Elizabeth Harvey was its preceptress, while Mrs. W. W. Thayer of St. Johnsbury taught music and drawing.

The Academy closed its doors about 1969 and now houses the Academy Museum, Library, and Post Office.

Further information relating to various schools in these districts will be found in Chapter XXI of the History of Barnet, Vermont.

The following photographs were supplied courtesy of Margaret Warden Bailey's great grandson. The first photo was taken September 1916 and is of faculty and students. The second photo is a scan of the reverse side of the photo and is a legend of peoples names. Please click on the thumbnail to see an expanded view.