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Welcome to the Barnet, Vermont web site. Please note that this site is designed primarily for use by genealogists and is not intended to be the official town site.

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Town Government

Villages and hamlets in Barnet include: Barnet, Barnet Center, County, East Barnet, McIndoe Falls, Mosquitoville, Passumpsic, Walter Harvey, West Barnet.

It should be noted that Town Clerks as a rule no longer will perform research but will assist researchers when they visit the town offices.

For current information for Barnet, visit their website at: Town of Barnet

Caledonia Probate Court

For current information for the court, visit their website at: Caledonia County Probate Court

Barnet Library

For current information for Barnet, visit their website at: Barnet Public Library

Barnet History

   Early History
   Excerpt from Child's 1887 Gazetteer
   Biographies of Early Settlers
   Revolutionary War Soldiers
   War of 1812
   Mexican War
   Barnet Landowners in 1858
   Barnet Civil War Volunteers
   Spanish-American War
   World War I
   World War II
   Korean Police Action
   Vietnam Conflict

Barnet Historical Society

 Goodwillie house, 26 Goodwillie Road, Barnet Center, VT
Mailing Address: 802 Warden Road, Barnet, VT 05821
 Phone: (802) 633-2325

 Website:Barnet Historical Society

 Email: [email protected]

 (mailto:[email protected]

 Hours and Admission: Fall Foliage weekends and By appointment

The museum is located in a house reputedly used as a station for the Underground Railroad prior to the Civil War. Many of the items were made and used in Barnet. There are quilts, clothing, 19th century household furnishings, tools, and photographs

 Website:Bens Mill

Barnet Stage Curtains

The O. L. Story Company of Boston produced only eight Painted Stage Curtains. Barnet is fortunate in possessing three of these curtains. The Vermont Painted Theater Curtains, Chris Hadsel of Burlington, Project Director, is a Project of the Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance of Woodstock, VT. They have located 143 painted theater curtains in the State of Vermont. During the winter of 2004-2005, three such curtains were professionally restored by Vermont Painted Theater Curtains. The curtains at the Barnet Town Hall and at McIndoes Academy were rehung after restoration. The curtain at the Lakeview Grange in West Barnet is currently in the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury, VT but will be returned and rehung at the Grange Hall. The curtain at McIA is the only curtain found in a school. Recently a curtain was found in the Passumpsic Grange.

The curtains may be seen by clicking on one of the following thumbnail photos:

Barnet_Town_Hall_curtain.jpg (95656 bytes)    McIA_curtain_01.jpg (88037 bytes)    West_Barnet_Grange_curtain.jpg (117677 bytes)

Town Hall              McIA          Lakeview Grange

Villages and hamlets in Barnet:

        Some of the Stevens family moved too Barnet and bought a gristmill on what is now known as the Stevens River. The community which grew up around the mill was called Stevens
        Mill or Stevens Village. When the post office was established, the village was renamed Barnet.

   Barnet Center
        Although this hamlet had a church and a school as well as a scattering of farms, it never had a post office.

   Comerford Dam   See: Comerford Dam

       Now under the waters of Comerford dam, no record of name origin exists. While Esther Munroe Swift, in her book "Vermont Place Names - Footprints of History" lists Copenhagen
       as a village in Waterford, research indicates the village was actually on the Barnet side of the town line (Beers map of 1875).

      The origin of the name is a mystery. There is no mention of the hamlet in either the History of Barnet nor the Footprints In History. There was a school and a cemetery.

   East Barnet
      John McLaren built a sawmill at the foot of the falls on the Passumpsic River. The community which grew up here was called McLarens. One A. B. Norris built a
      bobbin mill and succeeded in getting a post office which was called Norrisville. This business failed and the name reverted back to McLarens. In 1882 the name was
      changed to East Barnet. The Canadian Pacific Railroad established a station which was named Inwood.

   McIndoe Falls
      John McIndoe came to Barnet from Scotland at the end of the Revolutionary War and built mills at the falls in the Connecticut River.
      In 1825, a post office was established here bearing the name McIndoes Falls. In 1893 the name was shortened to McIndoe Falls.

      This hamlet, located in the southwest corner of Barnet, is locally known as Mosquitoville or Skeeterville, possibly because of the breeding ground for mosquitos in the
      nearby Harveys Lake.

      Passumpsic is the Abnaki name of "Clear, Flowing, Sandy Bottom".

   Walter Harvey
      See Mosquitoville.

   West Barnet
      Robert Brock accompanied Alexander Harvey to Barnet. Robert and his father, Walter Brock, built a mill at the outlet of Harveys Lake. The community which grew up
there was called Brocks Mills. With the establishment of a post office there in 1853, the name was changed to West Barnet.

      See: Ben's Mill

Barnet Vital Statistics

    1790 US Federal Census
    1800 US Federal Census Census
    1810 US Federal Census Census
    1820 US Federal Census Census
    1850 US Federal Census For Barnet and Waterford
    1940 US Federal Census For All of Caledonia County
    1790 Orange County
    Barnet Births to year 2001
    Barnet Burials to year 2001
    Barnet Marriages to year 2001
    Barnet Deaths to year 2001
    Barnet Civil Unions to year 2001

Vital records information may be viewed at the Town Offices.

Barnet Schools

For current information for Barnet, visit their website at: Town of Barnet- Community option

    Early History
    McIndoes Academy
    Barnet College Graduates
    Locations of Barnet Schools of the Past

The following photos were provided by Brian Lamothe who received them from Franklin Bailey.
   East Barnet Grades 1 thru 4 - October 1934
   Left to Right
   1st Row: Elmer Brown, Helen Capron, Ruth Warrell, Sherman Quimby, Robert Conway, Alvin Mosher, John Conway
   2nd Row: Natlie Ross, Stafford Brown, Howard Ross, Franklin Bailey, Doris Conway, David MacDonald, Henry Boardman
   3rd Row: Miss Moore (teacher), Eloise Brown, Irene Mosher, Pauline Dustin, Dale Cairns, Mildred Gilbert
   4th Row: Richard Conway, Anita Mosher, Mary Quimby, Janet MacDonald

   East Barnet Grades 5 thru 8 - October 1934
   Left to Right
   1st Row: Katherine Blake, Phyllis Boardman, Madeline Capron, Eunice Cooper
   2nd Row: Frank Olsen, Edwin Brown, Catherine Cairns, Betty Peters, Ronald Capron
   3rd Row: Miss Nichols (teacher), Carleton Brown, Horace Bailey, Sheldon Brown, Prince Hadley
   4th Row: Robert Peters, Lawrence MacDonald

Barnet Churches

The First Congregational Church of Barnet
The United Presbyterian Church (Barnet Center)
East Barnet
The McIndoes Falls Congregational Church
The Passumpsic Baptist Church
The Reformed Presbyterian Church ("Walter Harvey")
The First Presbyterian Church of West Barnet

Cemetery Information

Digging Deep Unearthing the Mysteries of Burial and Cemetery Laws; select "Digging Deep" from the VT Secretary of States display.

Caledonia County Cemeteries Courtesy of Paul DesTroismaisons and Janice Boyko. Some listings of interments and GoogleMaps.

Following is a list of all cemeteries in Barnet with directions as to how to reach each one. Photos of the cemeteries are also provided. Please click on the image to see a full size view. Full listings of gravestones in each cemetery is on my list of things to do.

Cemetery Listings

Barnet Center

BarnetCenter03.jpg (80046 bytes)   BarnetCenter02.jpg (65202 bytes)   BarnetCenter01.jpg (75966 bytes)

Larocque Family (Private)

McIndoes Falls

McIndoes01.jpg (61182 bytes)    McIndoes02.jpg (69749 bytes)    McIndoes03.jpg (68509 bytes)    McIndoes04.jpg (79207 bytes)

Palmer (County)

County01.jpg (100415 bytes)    County02.jpg (110688 bytes)

Pleasant View (Barnet)

PleasantView01.jpg (101455 bytes)    PleasantView02.jpg (115771 bytes)

Stevens (Barnet)

Stevens01.jpg (87180 bytes)

Walter Harvey

WalterHarvey01.jpg (67064 bytes)    WalterHarvey02.jpg (76651 bytes)

West Barnet

WestBarnet01.jpg (64138 bytes)    WestBarnet02.jpg (59001 bytes)

   See also:  Listing of Burials in the West Barnet Cemetery.

Other Barnet Links

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Some More Old Photos

Feb1934-1.jpg (51861 bytes)    Feb1934-2.jpg (47898 bytes)    Feb1934-3.jpg (48199 bytes)     BarnetBridge.jpg (72559 bytes)   LightningStrike1960.jpg (95322 bytes)    BarnetCenterSchoolhouse.jpg (19782 bytes)    Croquetset.jpg (143114 bytes)   

Click on the image to see the expanded image.

The first three photos were taken during February 1934 and show the Barnet Road Crew shoveling the road to the Bogie Farm on Garland Hill. The fourth photo shows the covered bridge at the head of the Stevens Falls sometime prior to its replacement in 1948. The fifth photo shows the results of a lightning strike sometime around September 1966. The sixth photo shows the Barnet Center Schoolhouse sometime before it was demolished. The seventh photo shows the finished croquet set as manufactured at the Roy Brothers Croquet Factory in East Barnet, the final photo was taken about May 30, 1915 at the dedication of the Civil War Monument.

Karme-Choling -- A Shambhala Meditation Center.

Milarepa Center -- A Tibetan Buddhist Center.


Barnet Bibliography

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