Part II


Macauley Jessie Miss, weaver, h 113 S. Main.

Macchi Zaccariah, stonecutter, h Burnham's Meadow road.

Machia Charles, laborer, h 10 Camp.

Mackie George C., foreman for Jones Bros., h 44 W Washington.

MAGOON GEORGE C., bds. Granite House.

MAGOON HARVEY E., (E. Barre) r 61, 300 sugar trees, farmer 52, aged [?]. 

Magoon John W., (E. Barre) r 61, owns dark granite quarry, bds. With Harvey E.

Mann Abel, (Mann Brothers) bds. with George W.

Mann Brothers, (George W. and Abel) manufs. of and dealers in Barre granite monumental, cemetery and building work, for wholesale and retail trade.

MANN FRED M., stonecutter, h Park cor. Eastern ave.

Mann George W., (Mann Brothers) h Granite. 

Mann Lucia Mrs., resides with George W. 

Manson John, stonecutter, h Main cor. Bridge. 

Marciaso Onorato, statue cutter and granite worker. h 31 High.

Marden Channing, lumper, h Maple. 

Mariani Frank, stonecutter, h 5 Clark ave. 

Marr Charles, (Marr & Gordon) h N. Main.

Marr Thomas, stonecutter, h Brooklyn.

MARR & GORDON, (Charles M. and Alexander G.) props. Granite, quarry, manufs. of and dealers in all kinds of granite monumental and statuary work, rough and finished, wholesale and retail. Shops foot of Granite

Marrion Ann Mrs., prop. boarding-house, 8 Pearl.

MARRION PETER P., cigar manuf. and dealer, Miles block N. Main, bds 8 Pearl. 

Marrion Peter P., h 34 Summer. 

Marrion Philip H., (E. Barre) stonecutter, h and lot.

Marrion Thomas H., stonecutter, h off Academy.

Marsh Jedediah B., r 63, dealer in hulled corn and hominy. 

Marsh Willie A., florist with William Clark. 

Marshall Alexander, stonecutter, bds. 35 High. 

Martin C. Burton, accountant, owns with J. R. Langdon, granite quarry, treas. National Granite Co., bds. 1 S. Main. 

Martin Edward, r 57, 6 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 65, hauls granite from quarries to Barre village.

Martin Fred, (S. Barre) dealer in flour, groceries, boots and shoes, tobacco, cigar, and small wares.

Martin George H., r 49, sash and blindmaker.

MARTIN HIRAM S., r 33 cor. 49, wood dealer, 20 cows, farmer [?], S. Main.

Martin Joseph, r 55, farmer 55, veteran of the late Rebellion. 

MARTIN  OLIVER W., stonecutter, h 26 1/2 High.

Martin Thomas, carpenter, h r 113 S. Main.

Martin William O., jeweler with Perley Chandler. Bds. 69 S. Main.

MARVIN HORACE G., (Marvin & Wilson) rooms Courier park

MARVIN & WILSON, (Horace G. M., and Charles E. W. of Montpelier, dealers in boots, shoes and rubbers, Averill block. Main 

Mathieson Alexander, granite polisher, h Prospect.

Mathieson James, stonecutter, h Prospect.

Maxfield Heman A., carpenter, h 26 S. Main.

Maxim Andrew J., resident, h 76 S. Main.

Maxwell Robert G., granite lumper, h Hill.

Mayo Antoine, r 61, quarryman.

Mayo Joseph, r 61, quarryman, h and lot.

McAuley Allen J., stonecutter, bds. Central.

McAuley John, r 74, quarryman.

McBain William, granite worker, h 23 S. Main.

McCondtah Kenneth, stonecutter, h Addison place.

McCrillis Levi D., teamster, h 6 Maple.

McDonald Henry, off r 74, quarryman.

McDonald Tames, (Hobbs & McDonald) mechanic.

McDonald James E., meat cutter, emp. Pitkin & Skinner, bds. 13 Brooklyn.

McDONALD JOHN, (McDonald & Buchan) h 13 Church.

McDonald John J., stonecutter, h 4 Pearl.

MacDonald William n, stonecutter, h Addison place.

McDONALD & BUCHAN, (John McD. and Alexander B.) manufs. of and dealers in Barre granite, carved work and drapery a specialty.

McDonough Martin, stonecutter, h 22 Prospect.

McFARLAND GEORGE E., r 48, prop. Barre ice route, and market gardener and farmer, leases of C. W. Hall 50.

McFee Arthur, stonecutter, h 71 Washington.

McGettrick Patrick, laborer, h 8 Hill.

McGinn Patrick J., stonecutter, h 8 Elmore.

McGlynn John, stonecutter, bds. 144 N. Main.

McKay Andrew, stonecutter, h 19 Park.

McKay James, stonecutter, h Silver.

McKeowia William, stonecutter, h Cottage place.

MacKenzie James, stonecutter, h 22 Prospect.

McKinzie John R., emp. C. H. Moore & Co.

McLard John A., stonecutter, h 10 Elmore.

McLAUGHLIN JOHN, r 19, 15 grade Jersey cows, poultry grower, 1,200 sugar trees, farmer 130, served in 1st Vt. Cav.

McLEAN GEORGE B., (Williams & McLean) h Burnham's Meadow road.

MCLEAN JOHN, foreman in J. H. Batchelder & Co's polishing works, h 26 Granite.

McLean Malcom, stonecutter, bds. Maple.

McLEOD DONALD, manuf. of and dealer in all kinds of granite monumental, cemetery and building work, for wholesale and retail, trade, h 26 Granite.

McLeod John A.; stonecutter, h 10 Elmore.

McLOUD MORILLO G., off r 11, 10 cows, 600 sugar trees, 200 fruit trees, farmer 75, enlisted as private in Co. G, 4th Vt. Vols., was promoted to 2d lieut., and served 4 years.

McLoud Norman O., stonecutter, h 44 High.

McMillan Charles W., stonecutter, h 21 Academy.

MACMILLAN PETER REV., pastor Barre Cong. church, h Eastern ave. 

McQueeney Timothy, prop. saloon, 64 N. Main, h Thwingville.

McWRORTER FRANK, (Frank McWhorter & Co.) h 38 N. Main.

McWHORTER FRANK & CO., (Azro D. Morse) dealers in ready-made, clothing, gents' furnishing goods, boots and shoes, 40 N. Main.

MEARS FRED W., r 16, 30 cows, 20 head young stock, 13 horses, 60 sheep, 25 swine, 600 sugar trees, farmer, leases of his father, William, 150.

Mears Orlana M., domestic 98 N. Main.

MEARS WILLIAM, r 16, 10 head stock, 600 sugar trees, farmer, leases to his son Fred W. farm 150.

Melcher Charles W., stonecutter, h High n cor. Summer.

Mercer John, stonecutter, h South.

Merchant Robert, stonecutter, h 58 S. Main.

Merrill Frank E., clerk for L. M. Averill, h 60 S. Main.

Michael Robert B., stonecutter, h r Ayer.

Miers William, barber, h 7 Academy.

MILES D. M. & CO., (   McMahon, of Burlington) props. Barre Globe department store, dealers in ready-made clothing, hats, caps, boots and shoes, gents' furnishings, trunks, bags, crockery, wall paper, plated and glassware, N. Main.

MILES DAVID M., (D. M. Miles & Co.) (W. H. Miles & Co.) h Summer cor. Pleasant.

Miles Edmond, stonecutter, h 33 Brooklyn.

Miles Thomas E., (S. Barre) laborer.

Miles W. H. & Co., (David M. Miles) dealers in groceries, crockery and paper hangings, Miles block, Main.

Miles William H., (W. H. Miles & Co.) h Gospel village.

MILLS HENRY Z., dealer in dry goods, groceries. Ready-made clothing, crockery, glassware, lamps, gents' furnishing goods, boots and shoes, 36 N. Main.

Mills Timothv H., tool sharpener, h off Washington.

MILNE ALEXANDER, (Milne & Connan) h 11 Academy.

MILNE GEORGE, stonecutter, h 11 Park.

MILNE GEORGE B., (Milne & Wyllie).

Milne James K., stonecutter, h off Academy.

Milne John, stonecutter, bds. Brooklyn.

Milne John, stonecutter, h 15 Academy.

Milne William stonecutter, h Washington.

MILNE & CONNAN, (Alexander M. and John C.) manufs. and dealers in Barre granite monumental, cemetery and building work, for wholesale and retail trade.

MILNE & WYLLIE, (G. B. M. and W. S. W.) manufs. and dealers in all kinds of monumental and cemetery work, wholesale and retail.

MINARD CHARLES B., blacksmith, horseshoer, and jobber, Burnham's Meadow road, h 46 Washington.

MINARD DAVID B., foreman in fork factory, served in Co. G, 9th Vt. Vols., 3 years, h E. Park.

Minard Frank G., blacksmith with C. B., bds. 46 Washington.

Moorcroft Charles C., weaver for William, h 105 S. Main.

Moorcroft John, wool sorter, h 119 S. Main.

Moorcroft John W., foreman for William, h 120 S. Main. S

Moorcroft Margaret, housekeeper for John.

MOORCROFT WILLIAM, prop. Moorcroft's woolen-mill, S. Main, h 118 do.

MOORE ALLEN D., (Lane & Moore) mechanic, h Central.

Moore C. H. & Co., manufs. of and dealers in dark Barre granite, monumental, cemetery and carved work, office 14 State st., Boston. 

Moore Ransom D., (E. Barre) stonecutter.

Moorehouse Alexander, stonecutter, h Irish town.

Morehouse Alfred H., stonecutter, h Granite.

Morehouse Lawson R., (S. Barre) carpenter.

Morgan Robert, blacksmith, h off N. Main.

Morris George, blacksmith, h Granite.

MORRISON JOHN G., (Morrison & Fitts) (G. J. Towne & Co.) h in Cambridge, Mass., bds. 71 N. Main.

MORRISON MILES, r 29 cor. 31, 11 cows, 300 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 200, and pasture land 40.

MORRISON & FITTS, (John G. M. and Homer F.) dealers in dry and fancy goods, small wares, trimmings, curtains, carpets, oil cloths, ladies', children's and misses' shoes, Stillman Wood block, 51 N. Main.

Morse Azro D., (Frank McWhorter & Co.) representative, granite dealer, h, 166 N. Main.

MORSE JAMES, carriagemaker, S. Main, h 61 do.

Morse Nathan H., resident, aged 70, h 117 N. Main.

Morse Walter F., prop. one-price boot and shoe store, 45 N. Main, h 2 N. Park.

MORSE WILLIAM H., pres. National Granite Co., and general supt. of the works, h 12 Bridge.

Mortimer Alexander, stonecutter, bds. 28 Granite:

Mortimer John, stonecutter, bds. 13 Brooklyn.

MORTIMER WILLIAM P., foreman for Charles Lohr & Co., h 28 Granite.

Morton Alexander, stonecutter, h 25 Granite.

Morton David, stonecutter, bds. 25 Granite.

Moses William B., wood dealer, bds. with L. T. Kinney. '

MOWER DAVID W., owns and rents houses, h 9 S. Main. 

MOWER DENISON S., r 51, retired farmer, h and lot.

MOWER EZRA T., r 51, 18 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 200.

Mudgett Fred B., stonecutter and letterer, h 15 Park.

Mudgett Joseph G., (Mudgett & Co.) h Park.

Mudgett & Co., (Joseph G. M. and Waverly J. Town) fish dealers, 46 Main.

Munro Robert, stonecutter, h 12 Park.

Murchie John W., carpenter, bds. Brooklyn.

Murphy Joseph, foreman in Wetmore & Morse Granite Co's yards, h N. Main.

Murphy Michael J., stonecutter, h Thwingville.

MURPHY PATRICK J., (Murphy & McDonald) prop. billiard parlor, dealer in cigars, tobacco, etc., 105 N. Main, bds. 132 do.

MURPHY TIMOTHY J., (Quinlen & Murphy) rooms 42 N. Main:

MURPHY & McDONALD, (Patrick J. M. and J. J. McD.) manufs. and dealers in all kinds of general granite work, monuments, headstones, statuary, building work, etc.

MURRAY ALEXANDER, foreman granite polishing works, h off Ayer.

Murray Michael, tool sharpener, h 89 Washington.

Murray William, polisher, h Bridge.

Murry John, stonecutter, h Hooker hill.


Nason John, tool sharpener, h Plain.

NATIONAL BANK OF BARRE, L. F. Aldrich, pres.; Dr. B. W. Braley, vice-pres.; Frank G. Howland, cashier; F. F. Cave, teller.

NATIONAL GRANITE CO., William Morse, pres.; James.S. Haley, vice-pres.; C. B. Martin, treas.; W. A. Strong, clerk; manufs. and dealers in all kinds of Barre granite, monumental, statuary and carved work.

NEDDO GEORGE, r 19 1/2, farmer with John.

NEDDO JOHN, r 19 1/2, 23 head cattle, 800 sugar trees, farmer 165, served in Co. F, 16th N. Y. Cav.

NEDDO WILLIAM, r 19 1/2 farmer with John.

Needham Daniel, (S. Barre) cooper, aged 70.

Nelson Luther, r 20, 15 cows, 600 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Lucius Thurston 150. 

Nelson Newell, drives Montpelier and Barre express team, h 12 Bridge.

Newcomb Summer I, teamster for H. C. Leonard, h 133 S. Main.

Newell Residor R., (S. Barre) laborer.

Newman Albert P., laborer, h 13 Prospect.

Nichols Frank H., r 53. 14 cows, 10 head young cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Robert Nichols, of Perry, Iowa, 130.

NICHOLS FRANK W., (J. G. Nichols & Son) bds. 125 N. Main.

NICHOLS GEORGE B., physician and surgeon, head of Church, h do.

Nichols Hannah Mrs., housekeeper for Frank H.

NICHOLS J. G. & SON, (Frank W.) jewelers, dealers in silver and plated ware, watches, clocks, cutlery, eyeglasses and all kinds of sporting goods, 123 N. Main.

NICHOLS JOHN G., (J. G. Nichols & Son) h 125 N. Main.

NICHOLS JOHN W., r 55, 20 cows, 700 sugar trees, prop. of milk route in Barre village, farmer 150.

Nichols Paulina A., resident, h 13 Hill.

Nichols Thomas B., r 71 cor. 61, 18 head stock, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 130.

Nixon Henry L., stonecutter, h Addison place.

Noonan John, bds. Addison place.

Norris Charles R., r 26, 5 head cattle, farmer 90.

Norris S LaRoy, resident, h S. Main.

NORTON EDGAR, manuf. of and dealer in Barre granite monumental and cemetery work, for wholesale and retail trade, h 54 Brook.

Noyes Lewis C., r 46, farmer 10.

Nute James R., carpenter, h 31 Maple ave.

NYE ARTHUR W., granite worker, h. 20 Hill.

Nye Emily A. Mrs., r 51, resides with Ezra T. Mower.

Nye Henry C., bds. Ayer cor. S. Main.

Nye Sarah Mrs., resident, h and lot 35 Prospect.

NYE WARREN C., r 68, overseer of the poor, 10. COWS, 12 head cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmer 177.

Nye William W., r 70, manuf. of and dealer in Barre granite monumental work, h and 15 acres.


O'BRIEN FRED, (S. Barre) foreman in J. H. Batchelder & Co's polishing-mill

O'Gorman Frank, laborer.

O'Gorman Frank Mrs., prop. laundry, off N. Main.

OLDS EZEKIEL P., r 56, 12 cows, breeder of Chester white swine, 350 sugar trees, farmer 75, owns stone-shed occupied by James Smith, h and lot on r 56 cor. 77, and 1/2 of tenement house N. Main cor. Cottage.

O'Neil Henry, stonecutter, h off Bridge.

Orcutt Jacob, r 23, 15 cows, 20 head young cattle, 1,200 sugar trees, farmer 153.

Ordway Charles, stonecutter, h 18 Maple.

O'Rourke John, stonecutter, h Burnham.

Oswald James, stonecutter, h 39 Elm.

Owen E. Maguire, r 75, farmer for James Gaizeley.


Packard Adolphus, farmer, h 101 N. Main.

PACKARD J. C. MRS., real estate owner, h 101 N. Main.

PACKER HENRY E., homeo. physician and surgeon, 11 High, h do.

Packer Lucinda B. Mrs., resides with Pr. Henry E., 11 High.

PAGE FRANK P., granite polisher, h Burnham's Meadow road.

Page J. O. Mrs., dressmaker, 76 N. Main.

Page J. Orvis, harnessmaker, h 76 N. Main.

PAGE JOSEPH P., veterinary surgeon and blacksmith for Smith, VVhitcomb & Cook, h 39 Silver.

Page Lon H., cleric, bds. Star restaurant.

Page Mason T., clerk, h Washington. j

PAGE NAT D., r 25, breeder of and dealer in horses, 15 head, 60 head cattle 1,000 sugar trees; farmer 225.

Page Sarah H., resident, aged 76, h 75 Washington.

Page Will S., resides over Star restaurant, N. Main.

Paine Albert, r 70, 15 cows, 16 head young stock, 500 sugar trees, farmer about 230.

Paine John, resident, h 98 N. Main.

Paine Nathan R., r 22, carpenter and farmer 5.

Paine Sydney C., r 22, farmer.

Paine Warren, r 70, resident, aged 85.

Pariezo Peter (S. Barre) quarryman.

PARK JOHN, chief of "Clan Gordon," granite worker, h Addison place.

Parker Elizabeth Mrs., (S. Barre) resident, aged 85.'

Parker Judson T., stonecutter, h 23 Fail.

Parker Taylor O., street commissioner, h 1 Ayer.

PARKER WALLACE G., retired granite dealer, owns 55 acres of land suitable for home lots, builds and rents houses, and deafer in real estate, h N. Main cor. Seminary.

PARKHURST ALFRED S., r 44 cor. 38, 10 cows, 150 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 159, in Orange, Orange Co., pasture land 40, served in Co. B, 10th Vt. Vols., 1 1/2 years, and in U. S. Navy 1. year.

Parkhurst Arthur E., laborer, h 50 Brook.

PARKHURST HORATIO N., quarryman, owns dark granite quarry, 15 acres, h Meadow. 

Parmenter Fred E., stonecutter, h Academy. 

Paterson Catherine, resident, h 10 Prospect. 

Paterson Murdock, stonecutter, h 10 Prospect. 

PATTERSON Al, (S. Barre) carpenter. 

Patterson Elizabeth A. Mrs., resident, real estate owner, h Brooklyn. 

Patterson Harriet T., widow of R. E., resident, h Washington. 

Patterson Harry C , farmer on the R. E. Patterson estate, h 100 Washington. 

Patterson John D., carpenter, h off Summer. 

Patterson Merrill, r 58, carpenter and farmer. 

Patterson Phineas C., (S. Barre) retired carpenter and builder, aged 80. 

PAYNE J. WARREN, r 23, breeder of full blood and grade Devon cattle, reg. 10 cows, 50 sheep, 300 sugar trees, farmer 100. 

Peabody William E., r 73, 8 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 106, resident, h off Washington. 

Peak George, off r 22, 7 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer, leases of S. & C. Martin, of Williamstown, Orange Co. 

Parsons Almon A., clerk fur L. M. Averill, 30 N. Main. 

PECK AUSTIN, r 28, 20 cows, 600 sugar trees, farmer 200, aged 71. 

Peck Leslie F., painter and paper hanger, h 35 Elm. 

PECK MARTHA F., r 28, resides with Austin. 

PECK OTIS A., r 28, farmer with Austin. 

Peck Zebitha, r 28, housekeeper for Austin.

Penniman Ann E., housekeeper for Frederick. 

Penniman Frederick, retired farmer, owns pasture land 75, aged 78, h 65 S. Main.

Perkins Sarah A. Mrs., resident, aged 70, h Washington. 

Perley Heber S., carpenter, h 12 Elm.

Perrin Charles E., r 30, farmer with Clark D.

Perrin Clark D., r 30, 12 cows, 8 head other stock, 300 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Perrin Cornelius, r 23, 16 cows, 24 head young cattle, 350 sugar trees, farmer on the Penniman farm 105, and owns farm 20 on r 10

PERRIN FRED E., r 34, 9 cows, 8 head young stock, 600 sugar trees, farmer 70.

PERRIN.GEORGE W. r 10, 7 cows, farmer 30.

Perrin Roswell L., r 30, farm laborer.

Perrin William, off r 72, resides with C. F. Durrell.

PERRY JAMES M., (Perry & Camp) chairman board of village bailiffs, h.23 Elm.

Perry Sylvester E., laborer, h Brooklyn.

PERRY WILLIAM A., town treas. and clerk, rear of postoffice, h Washington.

PERRY & CAMP, (James M. P. and Philo G. C.) dealers in dry goods, groceries, crockery, glassware, lamps, trunks, boots and shoes, carpets, wall paper and curtain fixtures, 61 N. Main.

Persons Charles D., r 11, 10, cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 115.

Perus Napoleon, barber, Granite, h do.

Peters Alexander, stonecutter, h 36 High.

Pettengill Lewis, (E. Barre) r 69, farmer 70, aged 70.

Phelps Brothers, (Nelson D. and Henry A.) dealers in hardware, stoves, ranges, tinware, lamps, lead and iron pipe fittings, and plumbers, 69 N. Main.

Phelps Byron W., granite polisher, h 71 S. Main.

Phelps Christopher C., r 38, 10, head cattle, 800 sugar trees, farmer 115, and on r 66 pasture land 50, aged 84.

Phelps Henry A., (Phelps Brothers) h cor. Washington and Park.

PHELPS J. WALTER, r 46, prop. saw and planing-mill, does custom work, owns in Orange, Orange Co., timberland 85.

Phelps Nelson D., (Phelps Brothers) h Elm.

Phelps Tilpha B. D. Mrs., resident, h Washington.

Phillips Nelson L., dealer in musical instruments, h 76 N. Main.

Phillips William E., photographer, and finisher in fork factory, bds. 76 N., Main.

Philip George R., stonecutter.

Pierce Harry B., (S. Barre) resident, aged 71.

Pierce Levi L., painter and granite polisher, h Central place.

Pike Daniel P., r 70, painter and farmer, lives with Albert Paine.

Plunkett John E., granite polisher, h Thwingville.

Poole Edward C., mechanic in fork factory, h Hill.

Poor Julius L., off r 47, 10 head cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer on farm owned by Mrs. Mabel A. Smith, of Montpelier, 100.

Poor Wallace E., off r 47, farmer with Julius L.

Porter George H., (S. Barre) granite polisher.

Pratt Henry H., off r 9, 30 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 220.

Prescott Alden E., farm laborer, h 18 High.

Pressly John, stonecutter, h Brooklyn.

PRIOR PHILIP S., miller for Smith, Whitcomb & Cook, owns 3 dwellings, h 226 N. Main.


QUIGLEY GEORGE F., granite cutter, h 62 S. Main.

Quillinan Edward W., stone mason, h 10 Camp. 

QUIMBY HENRY J., prop. livery, feed, boarding and sale stable, opp. C. V. passenger station, bds. Central House. 

Quimby William D., manager livery stable for Henry J., bds. Central House. 

Quinlen Thomas, granite worker, bds. Park House. 

QUINLEN WILLIAM C., (Quinlen & Murphy) h 42 N. Main. 

QUINLEN & MURPHY, (William C. Q. and Timothy J. M.) manufs. of  and dealers in Barre granite monuments, statuary and cemetery work, wholesale and retail, S. Main. 

Quinn William, stonecutter, h Bridge. 


Raymo George S., polisher, h Hill. 

Reaside Robert H., stonecutter, h off Ayer. 

Reaside William, laborer, h 17 Aver. 

Recor Henry H., laborer, h Brooklyn. 

Recor Isaac, (S. Barre) granite polisher. 

Recor William J., laborer, h Washington ave. 

REED ALBERT C., r 38, 9 cows, 115 sheep, 5 horses, breeder of and dealer in poultry, 350 sugar trees, farmer 140.

Reed Charles Q., r 36, 7 cows, 50 fruit trees, farmer 40.

REED ORAMEL H., dentist, over National Bank of Barre, h 27 Elm.

Reid William D., M. D., allo. physician, 18 S. Main, h do.

Reynolds George J., (George J. Reynolds & Co.) h S. Main. 

Reynolds George J. & Co., (George W. Tilden) dealers in hardware, stoves, tinware, iron, steel, wooden and glassware, paints and oils, 68, 70 and 72 N. Nain [sic]. 

Rhoads J. Frank, pastor Universalist church, bds. 1 S. Main. 

Rice Eli T., tailor, 80 N. Main. 

RICH ALBERT C., letterer and stonecutter, h 46 High. 

Rich Clarence L., r 70, blacksmith and tool sharpener. 

Richardson Achsah Mrs., resident, aged 90, h 9 S. Main. 

Richardson George, r 7, 10 grade Jersey cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 80. 

Richardson Samuel, resident, aged 82, h and 2 acres 53 Washington. 

RICHARDSON WARREN F., 25 Durham cows, 800 sugar trees, farmer 90, prop. of milk route, leases of Samuel farm 95 on r 7, served in Co. D, 15th Vt. Vol., h Camp cor. Hill. 

Ricker Fred B., (S. Barre) r 56, blacksmith. 

Riley Martin, carpenter, h Bridge. 

Robarge Lewis F., clerk for D. M. Miles & Co., bds. Central House. 

Roberts Ned J., printer, bds. 10 Eastern ave. 

Robertson Alexander S., stonecutter, h Bridge. 

Robie Charles C., clerk, h 51 Washington. 

Robie Reuben. r 37, 10 head cattle, 100 sheep, 300 sugar trees, farmer 190. 

Robillard Adolphe, granite worker, h Granite. 

Robinson Aurora S., dressmaker, bds. 64 S. Main. 

Robinson Benjamin F., r  46, laborer.

Robinson Erwin C., r 46, stonecutter. 

ROBINSON GEORGE W., stonecutter, h 8 Hill. 

ROBINSON JUSTUS S., (S. Barre) r 49, manuf. of doors, sash and blinds, house finisher, dealer in hard and soft wood lumber, shop off r 48.

ROLLINS J. EDWARD, r 66, 5 head stock, 300 sugar trees, farmer 75, served in Co. A, 15th Vt. Vols. 

Rooney Frank X., clerk for W. H. Miles & Co., bds. Central House. 

Ross Alexander, granite polisher, bds. 45 S. Main. 

Rouelle Charles H., granite polisher, h S. Main. 

RUGG HERBERT A., licensed auctioneer and prop. Hotel Barre, Washington.

Rumrill Charles B., tool grinder, h Prospect.

Ruxton George, stonecutter, h 100 Washington. 

Rydberg Charles J. A., stonecutter, h Burnham's Meadow road. 


Salter David N.. (S. Barre) broommaker and farmer 3. 

Samson Edwin L., stonecutter, h 7 Clark ave. 

Sanborn William D., farmer, leases of Mrs. Laura Hillery 6, h 127 S. Main. 

Sargent Fred L., r 63, carpenter.

Saultes William, granite polisher, h Middle. 

Saunders Samuel, stonecutter, h 9 Church. 

Scott Fred M., upholsterer for O. C. Sheplee, bds. 186 N. Main. 

Scott Lizzie Mrs., prop. boarding-house, 45 S. Main. 

SCOTT LUCIUS W., contractor and builder owns 5 acres of land at S. Barre, h 186 N. Main. 

Scott William, stonecutter, h N. Main. 

SCOTT WILLIAM F., prop., editor and publisher of The Barre Enterprise,  h 12 Elm. 

Shattuck Leonard W., clerk at the Park House. 

Shaw John H., stonecutter, h 32 High. 

SHEPARD A. CLARK, r 76, 6 cows, breeder of horses and Chester white swine, 400 fruit trees, owns 3 tenement houses, farmer 55, in Williams town, Orange Co., pasture and woodland 47. 

Shepard Harriet, r 76, widow of Simeon, resides with her son A. Clark, aged 74. 

Shepard Ida S., (Mrs. W. F.) (Mrs. W. F. Shepard & Co.) h at Mill Stone hill, rooms at store. 

Shepard W. F. Mrs. & Co., (Ida S. S. and Mrs. Laura L. Greene) milliners, Averill block, Main. 

SHEPARD WILBUR, r 74 1/2, prop. boarding-house and livery stable, owns stock horse "Western Boy" and farm 130 on r 76. 

SHEPLEE OLIVER C., dealer in furniture, oil cloths, wall paper, curtains, picture frames, paints and oils, undertaker and upholsterer, 107 N. Main, h 149 do.,

SHERBURNE FRED W., prop. Sherburne's photograph gallery, over National Bank of Barre, h 31 Elm. 

SHERBURNE HERMAN K., book-keeper and salesman for L. M. Averill, h 36 Elm. 

Shores George, (S. B Barre) laborer, h Main. 

Shurtleff Otis D., dealer in boots and shoes, 57 N. Main, h do. 

Simons Charles, prop. boarding-house, Pleasant cor. Summer. 

Simons Orrin, mechanic, h Highland ave. 

Simpson James C., stonecutter, h 33 High.

Simpson Josiah, granite polisher, h off S. Main. 

Slayton Alonzo C., auctioneer, h 11 S. Main. 

SLAYTON FRED A , prop. livery, feed and sale stable, S. Main, h 13 do. 

SLAYTON HERBERT J., (S. Barre) prop. livery, feed and exchange stable. 

Smalley Philena D., widow of Julius, h 172 N. Main. 

Smith Arthur J., laborer, bds. Elm.

SMITH CHARLES A., druggist, dealer in school and miscellaneous books, fancy goods, etc., 44 N. Main, h 4 Eastern ave.

Smith Charles E., r 46, granite worker.

Smith D. Webster, r 39, 75 sheep, 400 sugar trees, farmer 132.

Smith Dana, laborer, h Irish town.

Smith David, r 39 opp. 41, 10 cows, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 115 ; farm has been in the Smith family over 100 years.

Smith Donald, (E. L. Smith & Co.) (H. J. Smith & Co.) foreman of quarry, bds. with Wilbur Shepard.

SMITH E. L. & CO., (John E. Smith and Donald Smith) manufs. of and dealers in Barre granite, monumental, cemetery and statuary work, rough and finished, for wholesale and retail trade.

SMITH EDWIN F., (Smith & Hopkins) h 14 Maple:

SMITH EMORY L., (E. L. Smith & Co.) served in Co. G, 6th Vt. Vols., 3.years, h 14 Maple..

Smith Fidelia B., widow of Arad T., h 154 N. Main.

SMITH GEORGE W., (S. Barre) farmer 10, off r 11pasture land 40, served in Co. G, 8th Vt. Vols.

SMITH H. J. & CO., (Donald Smith) props. meat market, 63 N. Main.

SMITH HENRY J., (H. J. Smith & Co.) h cor. Granite and Main.

SMITH HENRY L., r 60 n 59, prop. meat market and boarding-house, 10 head stock, farmer, leases of J. R. Langdon, of Montpelier.

Smith James J., (S. Barre) r 56, manuf. of and dealer in granite monumental work. 

SMITH JAMES M., (Smith, Whitcomb & Cook) farmer 75.

Smith Jefferson; r 46 1/2, resident, aged 77, h and 2 acres.

SMITH JOHN E., manuf. of and dealer in Barre granite, monumental, cemetery and building work, h Park.

SMITH JOHN E., (E. L. Smith & Co.) foreman of cutting works, h Currier park.

SMITH LUCINA E. MRS., resident, h 35 Elm.

Smith Oscar, r 71 cor. 69, quarryman, h and 2 acres.

Smith Walter A., r 47, teamster, and farmer 70. '

SMITH, WHITCOMB & COOK, (James M. S., William E. W. and Benjamin B. C.) props. Barre iron works.

Smith William, r 44. resident, h and lot.

SMITH & HOPKINS, (Edwin F. S. and Frank H. H.) manufs. of and dealers in Barre granite, monumental, cemetery and building work, for wholesale and retail trade.

Snow Frank, stonecutter, h 15 Silver.

Snow Frank S., stonecutter, h 13 Silver. 

Snow Margaret A. Mrs., resides with J. A. Whitcomb.

Snow Theodore S., granite worker, h 79 Washington.

Somerville John A., laborer, bds. 125 S. Main.

Somerville Will J., carpenter and steel polisher in fork factory, h 125 S. Main.

Soules Wilder H., laborer, h Irish town.

Sowles Dodge W., r 5, 300 sugar trees, farmer 45.

SOWLES HORACE W., r 10, resides with John J.

Sowles John J., r 10, molder, 10 cows, 800 sugar trees, farmer 70.

Spaulding Lucius W., r 63, prop. Barre Spring House.

SPEAR WILBERT M., (S. Barre) r 56, carpenter.

Spence John, stonecutter, bds. 13 Brooklyn.

Sprague John V., att'y and counselor at law, insurance agent, negotiator of mortgages and loans, h Bridge. 

Springer William B., r 34, granite polisher. St. Clair John, (S. Barre) quarryman. 

St. John Nicholas, teamster, h N. Main. 

Stacy Joseph, r 61, quarryman.

Stafford Albert M., rooms High.

STAFFORD FRED W., (Staffords & Batchelder) foreman of column cutting works, h 9 Prospect. 

STAFFORD WILLIAM L., (Staffords & Batchelder) h Maple ave. 

STAFFORDS & BATCHELDER, (W. L. S., F. W. S. and E. F. B.) props. granite column cutting works. 

STAFFORD & HOLDEN MFG. CO., O. J. Howes, pres.; B. W. Braley, treas.; Clark Holden, sec'y, manufs. of and dealers in all kinds of manure  and hay forks, garden rakes and hoes, 31 S. Main. 

STAR RESTAURANT, H. J. Colby, prop., confectionery, cigars, tobacco and shelf groceries, opp. passenger station, N. Main. 

Starr John K., bds. 8 Ayer. 

STEVENS CHARLES F., prop. billiard hall, 59 N. Main, h 2 Highland ave. 

Stevens Elizabeth, resides with J. C. Simpson. 

STEVENS ELVIRA B., (Mrs. Charles F.) dressmaker, h 2 Highland ave. 

Stevens Lillian C., (Misses Stevens) 30 N. Main. 

Stevens Misses (Nella E. and Lillian C.) dressmakers, 30 N. Main. 

Stevens Nella E., (Misses Stevens) 30 N. Main. 

Stevenson James, stonecutter, h 47 Brooklyn. 

STEWART STEPHEN G., granite polisher, served 3 years in Co. B, 10th Vt. Vols., h 156 N. Main. 

Stowe Martha Mrs., resident, h 34 S. Main. 

Stowe Theodore, tool sharpener, h N. Main. 

STOWS W. L., granite worker, 186 N. Main.

Straw Charles, painter, rooms 51 S. Main.

Strong Alice L, resident, h Summer. 

Strong Wayland A., tool sharpener, h Summer.

Stuart George H., granite worker, h 20 Hill.

Suitor Robert S., stonecutter, h Washington. 

Sulham Frank L., granite polisher, h 21 Ayer. 

Sullivan Daniel, stonecutter, bds. Maple.

Sullivan Eugene, stonecutter, h 41 Summer.

Sullivan John E., manuf. of and dealer in Barre granite monumental and cemetery work, for wholesale and retail trade, h 3 Church. 

SUTHERLAND ALFRED C., granite worker, bds. 13 Branch. 

Sutherland Catherine Mrs., prop. boarding-house, 13 Branch. 

Sutherland Florence M., bds. with Mrs. Catherine, 13 Branch. 

SUTHERLAND GOODWIN, granite polisher, bds. 13 Branch. 

Sutherland Peter, stonecutter, h 3 Brooklyn. 

SUTHERLAND WALTER E., granite worker, bds. 13 Branch. 

Sweeney Daniel E., stonecutter, h 12 Prospect. 

Swift Erdix T., r 61, quarryman. 

Symonds Thomas, engineer, h 33 Brooklyn. 


Taber John, lumper, h off S. Main. 

Taft Elbridge A., laborer, h Thwing. 

Taft Elmer D., r 23, ice dealer, 10 cows, 5 head young stock, 300 sugar trees, farmer 111. 

Taft John N., off r 18, 400 sugar trees, farmer 400. 

TAFT JOSEPH M., clerk, h 117 N. Main.

Taft Lyman A., chair sealer, janitor M. E. church, h 88 Washington.

Taplin Ann S., (Mrs. M. J.) prop. Boarding-house, 144 N. Main.

Taplin Mansfield J., miller, owns farm and grist-mill in Corinth, Orange Co., h 144 N. Main.

Taplin Mary M., resides 144 N. Main.

Taylor Jacob B., r 29, 600 sugar trees, farmer 57.

Tebo Charles, (S. Barre) quarryman.

Telephone Exchange, Perley Chandler, manager, 73 N. Main.

TEMPLETON CHARLES, vice-pres. Ausable Granite Co., Keeseville, N. Y., director National Bank of Barre, ex-commissioner of Goddard seminary, owner of and dealer in real estate, h 160 N. Main.

Templeton Fred O., r 21, 20 cows, 10 head other stock, 1,500 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Orange Fifield; of Montpelier, 340.

Templeton Jennie L., resident, 160 N. Main.

Templeton Mary E., resident, 160 N. Main.

Templeton Norman A., r 21, farmer with Fred O.

Thayer Edwin H., laborer, h 10 Prospect.

Thayer Hiram, tool sharpener, bds. 10 Prospect.

Thom J. Clark, stonecutter, h 15 Academy.

THOMPSON DIANA S., widow of O. H., resident, h rear Central House.

THOMPSON PERSIS A., teacher of English branches in Goddard seminary, residence do.

Thompson Phineas, r 57, 8 cows, farmer 90, aged 79.

Thompson Samuel, (S. Barre) r 54, farmer 9.

Thurston Albert R., millwright, h 35 Silver.

Thurston Almond R., mechanic, h 35 Silver.

Thurston Lucius H., r 20 15 cows, 700 sugar trees, farmer 150, leases h on Brook st., served in Co. D, 15th Vt. Vols.

THURSTON WILSON, r 19, 10 cows, 10 head other stock, 800o sugar trees, farmer 100.

THWING ALBERT W., driver of village express and job team, h 232 N. Main.

THWING CLINTON E., granite worker, bds. 41 Silver.

THWING HEBER J., granite worker, h High.

Thwing James, cooper, aged 72, h 41 Silver.

Tierny Michael J., painter, h 41 Summer.

Tierny Patrick, stonecutter, h South.

TILDEN BLANCH J., resident, 273 N. Main.

TILDEN DENNIS, owns with Webber 35 acres of land and other real estate, h 117 S. Main.

Tilden Ella C., resides with her father, Webber, 117 S. Main.

TILDEN GEORGE W., (George J. Reynolds & Co.) sec'y and trustee Goddard seminary, h 164 N. Main.

TILDEN MARIAN C., widow of judge Harvey, farm 22, pasturage 20 and lot in village, h 273 N. Main.

TILDEN WEBBER, owns with Dennis 35 acres of land and other real estate, aged 84, h 117 S. Main. [Died Aug. 2, 1888.]

Tileston Charles K., granite worker and letterer, h 171 N. Main.

Town Hattie S. Miss, teacher, bds. 59 S. Main.

TOWN JUDE, off r 31, breeder of Chester white swine, 18 grade Jersey cows, 65 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 160, and in Berlin timber and pasture land 85.

TOWN WAVERLY J., (Mudgett & Co.) h Church.

TOWNE G. J. & CO., (John G. Morrison) dealers in groceries, crockery, flour, etc., 8 N. Main. 

TOWNE GEORGE J., (G. J. Towne & Co.) bds. 30 N. Main. 

Towne Merton L., clerk, bds. 30 N. Main. 

TOWNE OEL M., r 26 1/2, retired mason, h and lot, served in Co. B, 10th Vt. Vols., 3 years, aged 73, 

TRACY ELMER L., prop. village express, bds with Eugene O. 

Tracy Eugene O., baggage master C. V. R. R., h Summer. 

Troup George, stonecutter, h Granite. 

Troup John, stonecutter, h Bridge. 

Trow Almaria Mrs., resides with John. 

TROW DEXTER, r 36, 8 head cattle, 60 sheep, 1,500 sugar trees, farmer 100. 

TROW EDGAR M., r 24, 12 cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 65. 

Trow John, r 45 cor. 23 pres. Granite Savings Bank and Trust Co., breeder of Hambletonian horses, and dealer in western horses, 8 cows, 40 head cattle, 600 sugar trees, farmer 246, and in Plainfield 250. 

Turner Benjamin B., stonecutter, h 13 Silver. 


Underwood Robert C., laborer, bds. 13 Prospect. 

Upton Henry, (S. Barre) farmer 15, aged 71. 


Varney Charles C., cabinetmaker, h 187 N. Main. 

VAUGHN RANSOM B., director National Granite Co. and tool sharpener, h 12 Hooker. 

Veale Uriab, stonecutter, h 215 N. Main. 

VERMONT GRANITE COMPANY, S. C. White, pres.; A. E. Bruce, vice- pres.; H. K. Bush, sec'y; manufs. of all kinds of rough, dressed and, polished granite monumental and statuary work, wholesale and retail, opp. C. V. R. R. passenger station. 

VINCENT JOSIE E. MRS., prop. Boarding-house, Summer.


Wales Aaron K., (S. Barre) r 56, retired farmer, h and 2 acres, aged 75. 

Wales George A., r 32, 15 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 145. 

Wales Irving O., granite worker, bds. 14 Maple. 

Walker George, stonecutter, h N. Main. 

Walker John, stonecutter, h N. Main. 

Walker John N., express and job teamster, h 11 Webster. 

Walker Otis F., wheelwright, h 13 Ayer.

Wallace John S., stonecutter, h 13 Brooklyn. ,

Walsh William, blacksmith, horseshoer and jobber, 202 N. Main, h 19 Brook. 

WARD JAMES M., r 54, 20 full blood and grade Jersey cows, 12 head young cattle, 400 sugar trees, breeder of Chester white swine and bronze turkeys, farmer 150, and in Montpelier 18. 

Ward Joseph H., railroad contractor, bds. 20 Bridge. 

Wark Joseph, stonecutter, h 19 Brooklyn. 

Warley John, stonecutter, h 195 N. Main. 

Warley Sarah, prop. Boarding-house, 215 N. Main. 

WARLEY WILLIAM M., manuf. of and dealer in statuary and all kinds of Barre granite monuments and cemetery work, wholesale and retail, h Summer.

Warner John, (S. Barre) farmer 34.

Warrander George D., stonecutter, h Granite. 

Warren W. Walter, laborer, h 54 S. Main.

Washburn Leroy, painter, emp. O. W. Averill. 

Waterman B. Frank, off r 71, 13 cows. 300 sugar trees, farmer 160. 

Waterman Charles, r 46, aged 78, resides with L. C. Noyes. 

Waterman Charlie W., farmer with George W.

Waterman Diadama Mrs., (S. Barre) r 77, owns h and 10 acres. 

Waterman George W., r 69, 6 cows, 12 Cotswold sheep, farmer 100. 

Waterman Sarah Mrs., (S. Barre) r 77, resident. 

Waterman Oscar N., r 72, 13 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 200. 

Waterman Sarah Mrs., resident, aged 70, h 61 S. Main. 

Waters Clark, r 49 cor. 33, laborer, aged 74. 

WATERS FREDERICK, carpenter, h 80 S. Main. 

Waters Nettie E., housekeeper for Clark. 

Watson Levi W., prop. Barre steam laundry, 7 and 9 Central place, h 8 do. 

Watson Loring, r 28, 6 cows, farmer 40, and owns 75 acres on r 30. 

Watson Nettie C., professional nurse, bds. 3 Highland ave.

Webster Asenath Mrs., resides with A. D. Moore, Central.

Webster Hamilton, quarryman, owns and rents houses, h 5. S. Main. 

Welch David T., stonecutter, Granite. 

WELLS BURT H., tool sharpener for Wells, Lamson & Co., h 30 High. 

Wells Joseph, laborer, h 50 Brook. 

WELLS, LAMSON & CO., (Sydney O. W. and George L.) manufs. of  monuments, statuary and vases, for the wholesale and retail trade, office Depot square. 

WELLS SYDNEY O., (Wells, Lamson & Co.) h 34 High. 

West Ebenezer, farmer, aged 71, h 223 N. Main. 

West Katie E., clerk in postoffice, bds. 10 S. Main. 

West Mary J., teacher, bds. 223 N. Main. 

WETMORE & MORSE GRANITE CO., THE, H. H. Wetmore, pres.; A. E. Weeks, sec'y, quarry, manufs. and dealers in dark and light Barre granite monumental and statuary work, foot of Middle, main office 722 Opera House building, Chicago, Ill. 

Wheatley William K., clerk for J. B. Chamberlin, h 18 Prospect. 

Wheaton Charles, r 45 cor. 64, 9 cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 94. 


WHEATON E. & SON, r 39, (George E. C.) 15 cows, 10 head young cattle, 10 horses, 2,000 sugar trees, farmers 200, woodland 36, on r 42 pasture land 50, in Orange, Orange Co., wood and pasture land 100.

Wheaton Eliza Mrs., resides with Pliny O., owns h and lot Church.

Wheaton Emma E., r 52, resides with her father; John.

WHEATON ERASTUS, r 39, (E. Wheaton & Son) farmer.

WHEATON GEORGE E. C., r 39, (E. Wheaton & Son) farmer.

WHEATON JOHN, r 52, 30 full blood and grade Jersey cows, 15 head young cattle, breeder of pure blood Yorkshire swine, 55 head, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 315. 

WHEATON PLINY O., r 45, manuf. of and dealer in granite building and cemetery work, 8 cows, 50 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 170, and pasture land in Orange, Orange Co., 135. 

Wheeler Abraham M., Methodist clergyman, h 17 E. Park. 

WHEELER ADELINE, r 61, resident, aged 72. 

Wheeler Charles L., dentist with J. C. Briggs, h 11 Branch. 

WHEELER ELWYN M., (Wheeler & Ketchum) bds. E. Park. 

Wheeler George D.; (Hubbard & Wheeler) h 55 S. Main. 

Wheeler George E., stonecutter, bds. 17 Branch.

WHEELER GEORGE S., (George S. & Henry P. Wheeler) r 61, farmer.

WHEELER GEORGE S. & HENRY P., r 61, 15 head cattle, 8 horses, 500 sugar trees, farmers 130, props, granite quarry.

Wheeler Harry M., teamster, h off Ayer. 

WHEELER HENRY P., (George S. & Henry P. Wheeler) r 61, farmer.

Wheeler Mary Ann, r 61, resides with William B. Cheney, aged 77.'

Wheeler Silvia Miss, domestic 29 Silver.

Wheeler & Ketchum, (Elwyn M. W, and E. N. K.) dealers in groceries, flour, etc., Stillman Wood block, 47 N. Main.

WHEELOCK ALBERT A., telegraph operator at railroad station.

Wheelock Anette G. Mrs., resident, 95 N. Main.

Wheelock Carrie M., principal Kindergarten school, 95 N. Main.

WHEELOCK D. BROOKS, r 50, land surveyor, 12 grade Jersey cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 80.

WHITCOMB FRIEND N., (L. W. Whitcomb & Son) engineer, h N. Main.

Whitcomb Harry W., foreman for L. W. Whitcomb & Son.

WHITCOMB JAMES A., pattermaker for Smith, Whitcomb & Cook, h 172 N. Main. 

WHITCOMB L. W. & SON, (Friend N.) granite polishers.

WHITCOMB LYMAN W., (L. W. Whitcomb & Son) millwright and farmer 18, h Thwingville, N. Main cor. Brook.

WHITCOMB WILLIAM A., real estate owner, bds. 78 Washington.

WHITCOMB WILLIAM E., (Smith, Whitcomb & Cook) h 78 Washington.

White David E., r 7, farmer for W. F. Richardson.

White George F., (Vermont Granite Co.) bds. 143 N. Main; residence in Rutland, Vt.

White Lovina Mrs., resident, aged 80, h 33 Silver.

White Stillman C., (Vermont Granite Co.) bds. 143 N. Main.

Whitehead Andrew, stonecutter, h 43 Elm.

Whiting Curtis B., mason, h Burnham's Meadow road.

Whitney Byron W., (Eastman & Whitney) h 17 Park.

Whitney Cyrus, (E. Barre) r 66, farmer, h and 3 acres.

Whittier Nat, accountant, h 3 E. Park.

Wiley Albert B., painter and paper hanger, bds. Bridge.

Wilfore Theodore, r 77 cor. 76, 10 cows, 600 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Mrs. J. H. Woodbury, of Berlin.

WILKINSON EDWIN A., manuf. of and dealer in all kinds of Barre granite monumental and cemetery work, for wholesale and retail trade, S. Main, h do.

Willard C. Fred, mechanic, h 53 Washington.,

WILLARD EBENEZER F., r 3, 18 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 140.

Willard George C., r 3, farmer with E. F.

WILLEY BENJAMIN P., mechanic and farmer, served in Co. D, 2d Vt. Vols., 3 years, h 138 S. Main. 

Willey Eugene V., r 74, manager of J. B. Chandler's branch store.

WILLEY LAFAYETTE F., r 26, 12 cows, 6 head young cattle, 400 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Mrs. Philena Davis, of Lebanon, N. H., about 100

WILLEY LEONARD E., carpenter, h 1 Highland ave.

Willey Lucy Mrs., resides with Benjamin P., 138 S. Main.

WILLIAMS THOMAS, (Herlihy & Williams) (Williams & McLean) h Granite.

Williams & McLean, (Thornas W. and George B. McL.) granite polishers.

Willis Byron S., tool sharpener, h 96 Washington.

Willis Edward W., tool sharpener, h Hill.

Willis Lucelia Mrs., nurse, bds. with Nathan Carr.

WILLSON THOMAS, r 70 cor. 61, resides with Lewis Keith, aged 78,

Wilson J. Newton, r 61, 12 cows, 50 sheep, 400 sugar trees, farmer 250.

Wilson James, stonecutter, bds. 42 High. 

Wilson John, stonecutter, h Brooklyn.

WILSON MIRANDA, widow of Nathaniel, h 81 S. Main.

Wilson William H., granite worker, h 56 Granite.

WINCH C. MAYNARD, r 45, breeder of Hambletonian and Lambert horses, selectman, 5 cows, farmer 50, and on r 69 wood and pasture land 90.

Wishart Thomas, stonecutter, h 9 Washington.

Witham George H., r 76, 10 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Wilbur Shepard 130.

Wolcott Charles, (E. Barre) r 64, farmer.

Wolcott Elias H., (E. Barre) r 65, breeder of sheep, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Wood Albert P., r 28, foreman polisher for L. W. Whitcomb & Son. 

Wood Benjamin O., r 28, 8 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 50, aged 70. 

Wood Duane L., r 31, 20 head stock, farmer with Luther P. 

Wood Elijah B., retired farmer, bds. Main cor. Middle. 

Wood Ezekiel H., r 28 1/2, resides with H. N. Bailey, aged 81. 

WOOD ISRAEL, r 17, 9 cows, 45 head other cattle, 30 Chester white and Poland swine, 600 sugar trees, farmer 150, and in Marshfield pasture land 100. 

Wood Jerry, granite polisher, h Brook. 

Wood Lucy Mrs., resident, aged 102, 4. Hill. 

Wood Luther P., r 31, 10 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 107, aged 70. 

Wood Sarah M., widow of Stillman, resident, h 51 Washington. 

Wood Sophia M., housekeeper for Mrs. Lucy, 4 Hill. 

Woodbury Fred L., (Lawrence & Woodbury) bds. Park House. 

Woodward Harvey P., granite polisher, bds. 134 S. Main. 

Woodward Horace F., r 61, quarryman and prop. boarding-house, h and lot. 

Woodward Justin P., r 74, prop. boarding-house. 

Woodward Mary. A. Mrs., (S. Barre) housekeeper for Henry Upton. 

Worthen Harvey L., teamster for L. T. Kinney, bds. Kinney. 

WORTHEN HIRAM O., vice-pres. Granite Savings Bank and Trust Co., physician and surgeon, 87 N. Main, h do. 

Worthen Ida E. Mrs., resident, h 92 Washington. 

WORTHEN LINUS L., r 43, 15 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 225. 

Wright William E., granite worker, h Thwingville. 

Wyllie George, stonecutter, Irish town. 

WYLLIE WILLIAM S., (Mime & Wyllie) h Currier park. 


Y. M. C. A. Reading Room, Alex. Buchan, pres.; Charles A. Smith, sec'y; T. C. Schutt, general secy; Stillman Wood block, N. Main. 

York John E., architect and builder, h 55 S. Main. 

Young Alexander, stonecutter, bds. 13 Brooklyn. 

Young Andrew, tool sharpener, bds. 66 S. Main. 

YOUNG CHARLES, SR., stone boxer, bds. 45 S. Main. 

YOUNG CHARLES, JR., manuf. and dealer in Barre granite monumental and cemetery work, for wholesale trade, S. Main, bds. 45 do. 

Youngson Alexander, stonecutter, h 6 Hill.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Pages 23-39

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003