Part I


Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1.  Name of individual or firm. 

2.  Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3.  The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village.

4.  Business or occupation. 

5.  A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7.  Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

For additional names changes and corrections, see Errata.

ABBREVIATIONS. — Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.

(Post office address is Barre, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)


Abbott B. Franklin, r 74, quarryman. 

Abbott Joseph, (S. Barre) r 56, quarryman. 

Abbott Mary V. Mrs., (S. Barre) r 56, housekeeper for Joseph. 

Abbott William S., stonecutter, h 53 S. Main. 

ADAMS ALBERT C., granite polisher, h 134 S. Main. 

Adams Alexander, stonecutter, h Plain. 

Adams James, polisher, h Burnham's Meadow road. 

AHERN JAMES, manuf. of quarry and stonecutters' tools, foot of Granite, h N. Main. 

Ainsworth Walter R., tool sharpener, h 7 Highland ave.

Albin James H., stonecutter, h 11 Eastern ave.

Aldrich Freelove R., resident, h 118 N. Main. 

ALDRICH LEONARD F., pres. National Bank of Barre, trustee Goddard seminary, 26 grade cows, 15 head young cattle, farm 217, h 118 N. Main.

Aldrich Mary L., resident, h 118 N. Main.

Alexander Peter, stonecutter, h Kinney.

Allen Amory, off r 77, 10 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 70.

Allen Charles R., r 33, 17 grade cows, 22 head other cattle, 400 sugar trees, farmer 140. 

Allen George E., off r 77, farmer with Amory.

Allen S. N., grocer, Depot square. 

Ance John, stonecutter, bds. 144 N. Main.

Anderson Alexander, stonecutter, h 12 Park.

Anderson James, stonecutter, h Cottage. 

Annis Henry E., stonecutter, h South.

ARBUCKLE HOWARD B., (S. Barre) carpenter and painter, owns 2 tenement houses.

AVERILL AMBROSE B., owns, builds and rents houses, owns farm land 300, pasture and woodland 60, in Orange, Orange Co., timberland 110, in Barre village lots 10, h 8 Park.

AVERILL ARTHUR C, accountant, owns, builds and rents village residences and tenements, h 10 Park.

AVERILL CADY O., carriage and sign painter, paper hanger and calci-miner, Bridge, bds. 30 N. Main.

Averill Harley L., dealer in newspapers, periodicals, base ball goods, etc., 24 Main. h 12 High.

AVERILL CHARLES W., (successor to J. G. Mudgett) dealer in fresh pickerel and dry fish, farmer, 46 N. Main h 4 North.

AVERILL JOHN W., r 2, 25 full blood and grade Jersey cows, 13 head young cattle, 5 horses, 15 head swine, 800 sugar trees, farmer 127, and 66 on r 6, served in Co. E, 8th Vt. Vols.

AVERILL LINLY A., carpenter, builds and rents houses, h 15 S. Main.

Averill Louis K, r 17, 9 cows. 800 sugar trees, farmer 100.

AVERILL LUTHER M., wholesale and retail dealer in groceries, flour, corn meal, feed, salt, nails, lime, cement, seeds, plaster, glass, paints, oils, varnishes, etc., agent for Bradley's superphosphates, 28, 30 and 32 N. Main, h 12 High.

Averill Roxana Mrs., resident, h 7 r Washington.

Averdl O William, painter, 93 S Main, bds. 21 do.

Avery John W., carpenter, h 47 Brooklyn.

Avery William V., mason, h 23 Silver.

Ayer Charles F., emp. in fork shop h 185 N. Main.

Ayer Virgil E., carpenter and builder, h 5 Ayer.

Ayers Sarah P. Mrs., resident, aged 78, h Bridge.


Bacon Frank E., (S. Barre) quarryman, bds. with John W.

Bacon John W., (S. Barre) farmer.

Badger Wells M., laborer, h 53 S. Main.

BAILEY HORATIO N., r 28 1/2, 11 cows, 7 head young stock, 700 sugar  trees, farmer 157.

BAILEY JOSHUA M., r 29; 21 head cattle, 400 sugar trees, farmer 145 farm has been in the Bailey family over 80 years.

Bainbridge James A., stonecutter, h Silver.

Bainbridge Mary Mrs., resident, h Silver.

Baird Thomas E., stonecutter, rooms at H. A. Duffy's. 

Balch Allen E., r 45, granite cutter, h and lot.

Balch Ossian E., (E. Barre) granite polisher, h and lot.

Baldwin Alger J., r 46, carpenter and farmer 30.

Baldwin Frank H., (S. Barre) foreman on quarry.

Baldwin Hollis, blacksmith, bds. Granite House.

BALL CHARLES W., carpenter, h Hill.

Ball Dell Mrs., resident, h Middle.

BALL EDWARD W., stonecutter, h Summer. 

Ball Frances M. Mrs., resides with J. Newton Wilson.

Ball George F., carpenter, bds. with Charles W.

Bancroft Caroline E., r 62, farm 160.

Bancroft Frank C., r 44, school teacher, and farmer with Perrin.

BANCROFT HARRISON, r 56, horse breeder, 8 cows, 600 sugar trees, farmer 100, owns h and lot on r 74.

Bancroft Mary Mrs., resident, aged 90, h 30 S. Main.

Bancroft Perrin, r 44, 10 cows, 75 sheep, 12 head young cattle, 700 sugar trees, farmer 145.

Bancroft William, (S. Barre) farmer 43. 

Baratta Elwin, stonecutter, bds 144 N. Main. 

BARBER CHARLES N., off r 12, veterinary surgeon, 14 cows, 11 head other cattle, 300 sugar trees, farmer 95, in Plainfield pasture land 40, and  in E. Montpelier woodland 25.

Barber Cyrus W., off r 12, retired farmer, lives with Charles N.

BARCLAY WILLIAM, (Littlejohn & Barclay) h Hooker Meadow.

Barnes Jennie K., (S. Barre) bds. with J. W. Burnes. 

Barnes Sylvester H., granite polisher, h 7 Highland ave.

Barney Louis, r 74, blacksmith and tool sharpener.

Barney Walter E., att'y at law, 50 N. Main, h do.

BARRE ENTERPRISE, THE, W. F. Scott, editor and prop., 6 Central place.

BARRE GRANITE WORKS, H. A. Duffy and W. S. George, props., manufs. of and dealers in all kinds of rough and dressed granite, monumental, statuary and building work, for wholesale trade.

BARRE IRON WORKS, Smith, Whitcomb & Cook, props., manufs. North American swivel plow, Barre turbine water-wheel, and mill machinery, repairers, props. grist and saw-mill, N. Main.

Barre Novelty Co., E. P. Kendall, pres.; Clark Holders, sec'y and treas.; manufs. of patent tools, Granite.

Barre Opera House, town of Barre, prop.; W. A. Perry, manager, Opera House block, cor. Main and Bridge.

Barre Spring House, r 63, Lucius W. Spaulding, prop.

Barre Steam Laundry, 7 and 9 Central place.

Barron Sarah Mrs., widow of Fred H., dealer in fancy goods, notions and toys, Averill block, bds. at Jerry Hutchinson's.

Barroughs George M., laborer, h 18 High.

Bartlett James D., 12 cows, owns farm in Washington, Orange Co., h 6 Branch.

Bassett Betsey S. Mrs., r 28, resides with George W., aged 84.

BASSETT CALVIN, r 41, 12 grade Jersey cows, 10 head young cattle, 25 sheep, 300 sugar trees, farmer 150, served in Co. D, 15th Vt., and Co. E., 98th N. Y. Vols.

BASSETT CHARLES H., owns and runs two teams from quarries, served in Co. E, 11th Vt. Vols., h 99 Washington. 

BASSETT GEORGE W., r 28, notary public, prop. Cider-mil, 8 cows, 400, sugar trees, farmer 50.

Bassett Mary P., resident, h 146 N. Main.

BATCHELDER ADDISON E., real estate and lumber dealer, builds and  rents houses, h 163 N. Main.

BATCHELDER AMBROSE J., teamster from quarries, h 143 N. Main. 

Batchelder Chester, r 13, peddler, leases h of Orvis B.

BATCHELDER DENNISON, r 13, 16 cows, 60 sheep, 700 sugar trees, farmer 212, and in Plainfield pasture land 35, aged 70. 

BATCHELDER ELLEN F., (Mrs. J. H.) (J. H. Batchelder & Co.) h Maple ave.

Batchelder Hiram T., carpenter, h 82 Washington.

Batchelder Ida O., resides with Ambrose J.

BATCHELDER J. H. & CO., (Mrs. Ellen F. and T. H. B., and W. L. Stafford) props. Barre steam polishing works at Barre and S. Barre.

Batchelder Julius C., carpenter and builder, h Kinney.

Batchelder Laura Miss, resides with Orvis B.

BATCHELDER O. B. & J. M., contractors, masons, building movers, bridge builders, and jobbers in stone work.

BATCHELDER ORVIS B., r 14, (O. B. & J. M. Batchelder) farmer 45, owns on r 13 farm 35, and in Plainfield wood and pasture land 65.

Batchelder Philip, farmer for George W. Lawson.

Batchelder William, r 13, farmer with Dennison.

BATES ALLEN, r 60 cor. 57, 12 head cattle, farmer 32, on r 72 pasture land 35, in Brookfield, Orange Co., farm 70, and in Williamstown 300 sugar trees and 25 acres land.

Bates Chapink, r 46, carpenter and farmer 16.

Bates Ella J., (Mrs. W. F.) dress and cloakmaker, rooms Park House.

Bates Irving W., r 72, 8 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Alfred Browning 143.

Bates Lucy A., off r 46, widow of Davis, 15 head stock, 400 sugar trees, farm 115.

Bates Randolph, r 61, laborer.

BATES WILBUR F., barber, bds. Park House.

Bouldry Nathan, granite worker, h Pleasant.

Beal Benjamin R., (S. Barre) postmaster. [Died Nov., 1888.]

BEAL CARRIE B., (S. Barre) teacher.

Beal Chauncy W., retired carpenter, aged 72, h 232 N. Main.

Beal Millie L., (S. Barre) student at Goddard seminary.

Beaulier Auguste, stonecutter, h 204 N. Main.

BECKLEY FRED D., r 1 cor. 2, 18 cows, 12 head other cattle, 700 sugar trees, farmer 200.

BECKLEY GEORGE L, r 10, 12 cows, 16 head other cattle, 400 sugar trees, farmer 105, and off r 1 pasture land 15, served in Co. A, 8th Vt. Vols.

BECKLEY JOHN L., r 6, 17 grade Jersey cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 125.

Beckley Lovila D., widow of Luther, resides with Fred D.

Beckley Mary M. Mrs., resides with A. C. Downing.

Beckwith John P., r 26, resides with C. R. Norris.

Beeman Leonard L., pastor M. E. church.

Belville William, off r 47, quarryman.

Bemis Silas B., chief of police, constable, and shoe manuf. with W. F. Morse, h 238 N. Main. 

Benedict Carlos N., blacksmith, h 13 S. Main. 

Benjamin Charles K., granite polisher, h 29 Silver. 

Benjamin David T., carpenter and builder, 30 N. Main. 

Benjamin Emma J., teacher of painting, bds. 29 Silver. 

Benjamin Florence M., clerk, bds. 30 N, Main. 

Benware Theophelus, stonecutter, h Granite. 

Berry Marcellus J., r 52, laborer, h and lot.

Bertrand Thomas, stonecutter, h Cottage place. 

Bickford Daniel G., carpenter and real estate owner, h 8 and 10 Prospect. 

Bigelow Amanda Mrs., resident, h 17 S. Main. 

BIGELOW AMOS E., physician and surgeon, 15 S. Main, h do. 

Bigelow Clayton B., granite polisher, bds. Washington. 

Bigelow George W., mechanic, h Washington. 

BIGELOW GLENN H., delivery clerk for W. H. Miles & Co., bds. Washington. 

Bigelow Sarah Mrs., resident, h 112 S. Main. 

Bigelow William A., laborer, bds. 79 Washington. 

Bird Alexander, stonecutter, h Washington. 

Bisbee Daniel R., law student with Edward W., bds. 71 Main. 

BISBEE EDWARD W., state's attorney, lawyer and general insurance agent, bds. with J. B. Chamberlin, 71 Main. 

BISHOP GEORGE H., laborer, served 4 years in Co. G, 52d Ill. Regt., h 90 Washington. 

Bisnett Louis A., upholsterer and undertaker, h 3 Academy. 

Bissett James, stonecutter, bds. 13 Brooklyn. 

Bisson James H., stonecutter, h Middle. 

BLAIR DAVID E., (Blair & Currier) bds. Park House. 

BLAIR & CURRIER, (David E. B. and Richard S. C.) dealers in dry and fancy goods, silks, satins ladies' cloaks, wraps and small wares, 6 N. Main, Opera House block. 

Blaisdell Justin H., r 46, mechanic and painter.

BLANCH ARD ADELBERT C., prop. meat and vegetable market, 50 N. Main, h High cor. Summer.

BLANCHARD GEARY W., ice and wood dealer, h 62 S. Main.

BLANCHARD HIRAM, (S. Barre) carriagemaker here for 38 years.

BLANCHARD KIMBALL, prop. Park House, farm 100 with stock, pasture and woodland 30, 16 N. Main.

Blanchard Martin V., granite polisher, h Hill.

BLANCHARD OLIVER E., (S. Barre) r 56, apiarist 47 colonies, 10 cows, 350 sugar trees farmer 70.

Blanchard William F., (E. Barre) r 65, tool sharpener.

Blodgett Henry P., teamster, h off Ayer.

Blodgett Herbert W., treas. Granite Savings Bank and Trust Co., bds. with. W. A. Perry.

Blondin Seymour, stonecutter, h N. Main.

Bolster Levi J., general merchant, Depot square, h N. Main.

BOND CALVIN T., r 61, 12 head stock, farmer 85, served in Co. D, 15th Vt. Vols.

Bond J. M. Mrs., dealer in millinery and fancy goods, 48 N. Main, rooms 3 S. Main.

Bond Louise A., r 61, lives with Calvin T. 

Bond Nathaniel, foreman of quarry, rooms 3 S. Main.

Boodey Natt H., granite cutter, bds. S. Main.

Boomhower Dick W., blacksmith, bds. Granite House.

Bosworth Charlotte A.; resident, h Central.

Bosworth George R., clerk for J. G. Nichols & Son, bds. 125 N. Main.

BOSWORTH MARY L., teacher, resides with Mrs. Charlotte A., Central.

BOUTWELL CLARK, r 14 cor. 12, farmer 7, served in Co. 1, 13th Vt. Vols.

Boutwell Eli G., r 14. cor. 12, upholsterer, farmer with Clark.

Boutwell Ira C., r 25, teamster and farmer, h and 2 acres.

Bovee Frank, granite polisher; h 112 S. Main. 

BOWMAN WILLIAM P., r 17, 55 head cattle, 6 horses, 30 head swine, 600  sugar trees, farmer, leases of Israel Wood 250.

Boyce George P., dealer in ready-made clothing, hats, caps, boots, shoes and gents' furnishings, 54 N. Main, h 1 Academy.

BOYCE OSMAN B., (Boyce & Boyce) h Elm.

BOYCE WILLIAM A., (Boyce & Boyce) bds. Park House.

BOYCE & BOYCE, (William A. and Osman B.) attorneys and counselors at law, notaries public, negotiators of mortgages, and real estate and insurance agents, French block, Main.

Boyle John A., clerk for Marvin & Wilson, bds. Park House. 

Brackett Oscar F., r 6, granite cutter.

Bradford Elvira, r 44 cor. 38, resides with Alfred S. Parkhurst.

Bardford Thankful Mrs., r 45, resides with C. Maynard Winch.

BRADFORD WILBUR F., architect, contractor and builder, h 2 Park.

BRADFORD WILLIAM A., 14 horses, draws granite from quarries to the village, h 88 S. Main cor. Ayer.

BRALEY ARMINIA CALEF, widow of Dr. N. W., resident, h 162 N. Main.

Braley Bether W., vice-pres. National Bank of Barre, trustee Goddard seminary, and physician and surgeon, 17 r N. Main, h do.

Braley Fred N., student at Goddard seminary, resides 162 N. Main.

Brassaw Louis, teamster, h 36 Brook.

Brassaw Nelson, quarry teamster, h Thwingville.

Bratta Edgar, stonecutter, bds. Brooklyn.

Breno Louis, r 22, laborer.

Bresaw Fred, granite polisher, h Plain.

BRIGGS ELBERT C., blacksmith and general repairer, Bridge, h Prospect.

BRIGGS JASON C., dentist, 11 Bridge, h do.

Britain Lucy Mrs., resident, aged 81, 7 Summer.

Brown Elizabeth Mrs., resident; h Maple ave.

Brown James G., granite cutter, bds. Granite House.

Brown John, stonecutter, h Irish town.

Brown Patrick, stonecutter, h Addison place.

BROWN PORTUS L., tool sharpener, served in Co. G, 9th Vt. Vols., 2 3/8 years, h 28 S. Main.

Brown William, stonecutter, h 14 Park.

Browning Alfred, r 72, farm 143, aged 80; lives on farm settled by his father in 1793.

Browning Emily Miss, (Washington, Orange Co.) resides with Sherman Chamberlin, aged 77.

Bruce Alexander E., vice-pres. Vermont Granite Co., and foreman of stone yards, h Brooklyn.

BRUCE WILLIAM, director Vermont Granite Co., and general supt. of works h 13 Prospect. [Removed to N. Adams, Mass.] 

BUCHAN ALEXANDER, (McDonald & Buchan) bds. with John McDonald, Church. 

Buchanan William H., granite lumper, h 42 Maple ave. 

Bugbee Clinton L., carpenter, h 52 Washington. 

Bugbee Elbert A., stonecutter, h off Brook. 

Bugbee Leonard, resides with D. B. Minard. 

Bugbee Walter, mechanic, h 1 Webster. 

Bunell Joseph, stonecutter, h Thwingville. 

Burgess Augustus D., tool sharpener, h Clark. 

Burke Frank H., stonecutter, h 8 Ayer. 

Burke James W., granite polisher, h Granite. 

Burnham Herbert F., painter and paper hanger, bds. 40 High. 

BURNHAM MARCUS N., dealer in wood, coal, hay, straw, carriages and sleighs, prop. Burnham's express, office at Curtis & Keith's livery stable, h 84 Washington. 

Burnham Mary N. Mrs., prop. Boarding-house, 59 5. Main.

Burnham William N., stonecutter, h and 20 acres Prospect. 

Burroughs George W., clerk for L. M. Averill, h 36 Elm. 

BUSH HENRY K. sec'y Vermont Granite Co. 

Bushee Joseph, r 74, quarryman. 

Butler Michael, laborer, h 19 Brooklyn. 

Byard Charles A., stonecutter, h 47 Washington. 

Bylow Benjamin A., freight agent C. V. R, R., h Summer. 


Cadger James, stonecutter, h Bridge. 

Cady Gay L, prop. carriage and repair shop, Bridge, h Brooklyn. 

Cady Leon C., carpenter and wheelwright, Bridge.

CALLAGHAN JOHN T., laborer, bds. N. Main. 

Cameron Sylvester, teamster, h 82 Washington. 

CAMP CLAYTON F.. physician and surgeon, Washington, h do. 

CAMP D. AZRO, r 58, selectman, prop. stock horse "Colonel Knox," horse breeder, 35 cows, farmer 290, in Orange, Orange Co., pasture land 75, and owns several building lots in Barre village. 

Camp Herbert O., carpenter, h 3 Highland ave. 

Camp Orissa Mrs., resident, h 3 Highland ave. 

CAMP PHILO G., (Perry & Camp) bailiff; owns farm in Orange, Orange Co., 400, h 47 Washington. 

Campbell Enoch, (E. Barre) laborer, bds. with F. P. Carnes. 

Campbell John, r 59, stonecutter. 

Cantillion Thomas, stonecutter, h Kirk. 

Canway John, finisher, emp. William Moorcroft, h 137 S. Main.

Canway M. Jennie, dressmaker, bds. 137 S. Main. 

CARLETON CAROLINE MRS, h and 2 acres Hill.

CARLETON D. & E, r 16, 30 grade Jersey cows, 20 head young cattle, 100 sheep, 10 horses, 15 head swine. 800 sugar trees, farmers 270, and  in Marshfield pasture and woodland 100.

CARLETON DAVID r 16, (D. & E. Carleton). 

CARLETON EDWIN, r 16 n 17, (D. & E. Carleton) farmer, dealer in  agricultural implements and fertilizers. 

Carnes Frank P., (E. Barre) granite cutter. 

Carnes James M. (E. Barre) r 69, quarryman, h and lot. 

Carnes Lydia J. Mrs., (E. Barre) postoffice clerk.

Carnes Nathaniel, (E. Barre) postmaster, bds, with William M. 

CARNES ORA C., (E. Barre) r 69, quarryman, bds. with James M. 

Carnes Rodney, (E. Barre) r 69, 6 head stock, 200 apple trees, farmer 50. 

Carnes Samuel J., (E. Barre) r 69, mechanic, bds. with James M. 

CARNES WILLIAM M., (E. Barre) (Carnes & Kane). 

CARNES & KANE, (E. Barre) (William M. C. and Patrick T. K.) granite polishing, manufs. of and dealers in all kinds of Barre granite, monumental, cemetery and statuary work. 

Carpenter Charles D., harnessmaker, 4. Central place, h 13 Maple.

CARPENTER WILLIAM A., stonecutter, rooms 51 S. Main.

Carr Charles P., teamster, h 96 Washington. 

Carr Clarence G., clerk, h 103 N. Main. 

Carr Levi, h 9 Prospect. 

Carr N. Nelson, granite polisher, h Washington. 

Carroll Thomas, stonecutter, h Addison place. 

Carswell Samuel, polisher, h Hill. 

CARTER W. HENRY, clerk in furniture store, h Bridge.

Casey John, granite cutter, h Burnham's Meadow road.

Cashen James, granite polisher, h 41 S. Main. 

Cass Frank M. tool sharpener, h 20 Bridge. 

CASSIE GEORGE, (Fraser & Cassie) h High. 

Cave Frank F., teller National Bank of Barre. 

Cave Thomas H., book and job printer, 59 N. Main, h 8 Eastern ave. 

Cave Thomas H., Jr., printer, bds. 8 Eastern ave. 

Caven James, stonecutter, bds. 13 Brooklyn. 

CAYHUE JESSE, prop. hair dressing room, N. Main cor. Depot square, served in 3d Vt. Vol. Bat. Lt. Art., h N. Main. 

CENTRAL HOUSE Fred L. Hayden, prop., N. Main. 

CHAMBERLIN JOSEPH B., dealer in groceries, flour, crockery, glassware, etc., 111 N. Main, h 71 do. 

Chamberlin Nathaniel resident, h Washington cor. Elm. 

Chamberlin Orland Miss, resident, aged 72, 3 S. Main. 

CHAMBERLIN SHERMAN, (Washington, Orange Co.) r 72, 10 head  stock, 50 apple trees, 100 sugar trees, farmer 140. 

Chandler Albert W., stonecutter, h 3 Brooklyn. 

Chandler Henry L.. tinsmith, h 5 Brooklyn. 

CHANDLER PERLEY, manager telephone exchange, watchmaker and jeweler, dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, plated ware, spectacles, fancy goods, stationery, etc., 73 N. Main, h 69 S. Main. 

Chandler Samuel, h Park. 

Chapman Charles E., stonecutter, bds. Granite. 

Charland Henry, teamster, h 34 Summer. 

CHASE FRED E., stationary engineer, h Summer. 

Chase George H., granite polisher, bds. 59 S. Main. 

CHASE OLIN W., photographer, 32 Main, bds. with George H. 

Chaussey Ernest, barber. 

Cheeney Eugene H., laborer, h Hill. 

Cheever Isabel Mrs., resident, h 43 High. 

Cheever Lewis A., carpenter, h 43 High. 

Cheney Charles G., r 55, 12 cows, 800 sugar trees, poultry grower, farmer 100. 

Cheney Eugene H., (S. Barre) laborer. 

Cheney Harlan I, (E. Barre) prop. granite quarry, bds. with Lucius I.

CHENEY LUCIUS L, (E. Barre) r 71 cor. 69 12 head cattle, 300 sugar trees, owns granite quarry and 1 tenement house, farmer 100. 

Cheney William B., r 61, quarryman and farmer 30. 

Childs Samuel, farm in Orange, Orange Co., 100, h 34 S. Main. 

Christie John, stonecutter, h 23 S. Main. 

Christie William, stonecutter, h Irish town. 

CHUBB STEADMAN C., h Washington cor. Park. [Removed to Washington, D. C.] 

Cilley Ellis David, mechanic, h 6 Elmore. 

CILLEY FREEMAN W., mechanic, h 89 S. Main. 

CLAFLIN AUGUSTUS, (S. Barre) farmer.

Claflin George E., off r 47, teamster for J. W. Leonard.'

CLAPP WILLIAM J., r 15 opp. 16. 25 grade Jersey cows, 10 head young cattle, 60 swine, 4 horses, 300 sugar trees, farmer 140. 

Clarey John, stonecutter, h Granite. 

Clark Alvin W., painter, h Hill. 

Clark Charles C., stonecutter, h Thwingville. 

Clark Daniel H., dealer in fruits, confectionery, books, papers, fancy goods, and novelties, 58 N. Main, h 13 Hill. 

Clark George, delivery clerk for L. M. Averill, h off Washington.

Clark George F., carpenter, 57 S. Main. 

Clark James, laborer; bds. Burnham's Meadow road. 

Clark Jennie B., r 14, widow of S. C., resides with O. B. Batchelder. 

Clark John L., stonecutter, h 24 Brook. 

Clark Maggie Miss, weaver, h 113 S. Main. 

CLARK REUBEN L., dealer in groceries, flour, grain, feed, doors, sash and  blinds, paints, oils, glass and lumber, 41 N. Main, h 29 Prospect. 

CLARK WILLIAM, prop. of Fair View greenhouse, vegetable farmer, bedding and house plants, cut flower designs a specialty, served in Co. B, 10th Vt. Vols., Prospect cor. Clark. 

Clark William A., granite polisher, h 53 S. Main. 

Clay Orrin E., stonecutter, h 9 Church. 

Cleary Dennis, stonecutter, h 33 High. 

Clough Carlos L., laborer, h Washington. 

Clough William H., r 24 n 25, teamster, jobber and farmer 10.

Cluness Alexander, stonecutter, h Irish town. 

COBURN ALEXANDER, (Emslie & Coburn) h 82 Washington. 

Coburn Willie F., r 45, teamster. 

Coffin James B., iron molder, h 33 Silver. 

Cogswell Alfred V. B., r 74, prop. Boarding-house. 

COLBY BENJAMIN F., house painter and jobber, h 16 Park.

Colby Harry T., painter, bds. 16 Park.

COLBY HERBERT J., prop. Star restaurant, 127 Main, h 125 do. 

Colby Orlando W., laborer, bds. Elm. 

COLBY W. F. 3t CO., undertakers, dealers in furniture, bedding, draperies, window curtains, fixtures and upholsteries, 10 Opera House block, h 13  S. Main. 

COLBY WARNER F., (W. F. Colby & Co.) bds. 13 S. Main. 

Cole William, stonecutter, h N. Main. 

COLLINS JOHN S., retired granite dealer, h Hill; the first man to open a granite cutting shop in Barre; served 3 years in Co. E, 2d U. S. Regt: S. S. 

CONANT JOHN, farmer z, h 114 S. Main, owns h and lot 112 do.

Condon John A., tool sharpener, h 5 Clark.

Conlon John F., blacksmith, h Addison place. 

Connan John (Milne & Connan) h Eastern ave. 

Connell John W., station agent C. V. R. R., manager Western Union telegraph office, and agent American Express Co., h 13 High. 

Connell Robert, stonecutter, h Hill. 

Connell Thomas C., stonecutter, bds. Maple. 

Connon Alexander, stonecutter, h 35 High. 

Connor Thomas, blacksmith, S. Main, h 79 do. 

Connors David T., stonecutter, h Addison. 

Conway John, woolen finisher, h 137 S. Main. 

COOK BENJAMIN B., (Smith, Whitcomb & Cook) h 37 Silver. 

Cook Frank, stonecutter, h 35 Silver. 

Cook Fred A., (Walker & Cook) h N. Main. 

Cook George, (S. Barre) quarryman. 

Cook Joseph, stonecutter, h 42 Maple ave.

Cook Quinton, harnessmaker, h 163 N. Main.'

Cordiner Alexander W., granite worker h Washington. 

CORDINER JAMES, manuf. of and dealer in Barre granite monumental and cemetery work, for wholesale and retail trade, h Washington.

Cordiner Robert P., granite worker, h Washington. 

Corlis Nathan, carpenter, h 37 High. 

Corliss Alvah E., r 70, blacksmith, h and lot. 

Coskie John P., stonecutter, h 59 Washington. 

Cowet Frank, painter for W. J. Bray, h Brooklyn. 

Cowieson David, stonecutter, bds. 45 S. Main. 

Cox George W., r 64., farmer 50. 

Cox Sarah Mrs., r 64, resides with George W., aged 92.

Creber Harry, stonecutter, h Summer. 

CROCKETT GEORGE W., painter and glazier, h Brook. 

Cromwell Robert, (S. Barre) laborer and prop. boarding house. 

Cross Melbhro W., stonecutter, bds. 11 E. Park. 

Croteau Rodolphe, stonecutter, h N. Main. 

Crowley Thomas, stonecutter, bds. 144 N. Main. 

Cruden William, stonecutter, bds. Brooklyn. 

Cruickshank Alexander, stonecutter, h 31 Brooklyn. 

Cruickshank Henry F., r 74, stationary engineer. 

Cruickshank John, stonecutter, h 22 Prospect. 

CURRIER CHARLES L., carpenter and builder, 6 head Jersey stock, reg., farmer 20. 

Currier Charles S., student Dartmouth college, home with Charles L. 

Currier Laura E., resides with Charles L. 

CURRIER RICHARD S., (Blair & furrier) h East. 

Curtis Alman, clerk, h 8 Elm. 

CURTIS VICTOR W., (Curtis & Keith) clerk for Frank McWhorter & Co., h High. 

CURTIS WILLIAM E., r 49 cor. 33, 18 cows, farmer, leases of H. S. Martin 100. 

CURTIS & KEITH, (Victor W. C. and Burt M. K.) props. livery, boarding, feed and sale stable, Depot square. 

Cushing Edward, stonecutter, h 33 Granite. 

Cutler Adeline C., (S. Barre) resident. 

CUTLER CASSIUS H., contractor and builder, h 44 Maple ave.

Cutler Clarence E., (Davis & Cutler) h Hill. 

Cutler Eli, carriage painter, h 51 S. Main. 

Cutler Ella A. Mrs., r 74, h and lot.

CUTLER FAYETTE T., foreman for Wetmore & Morse Granite Co., h 185 N. Main. 

Cutler George W., r, 57, farmer with Phineas Thompson, owns in Orange, Orange Co., timberland 100. 

Cutler Ora S., brickmaker, h 171 N. Main. 

Cutts Allen E., r 35, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Cutts Samuel, r 22, 11 cows, 700 sugar trees, farmer 93. 


Dady Ellen M., housekeeper. 81 Washington. 

Daley Ai G., teamster, h 44 Maple ave. 

Daley George C., carpenter and millwright, h Plain. 

Dalley Ida, emp. Mrs. J. C. Packard, 101 N. Main. 

DANFORTH ERANK E., granite worker, bds. with Dr. C. F. Camp. 

Danforth Fred A., tool sharpener, h 9 Academy. 

DANFORTH WILLIAM H., granite worker, h 187 N. Main. 

Daniell Thomas T., polisher, h 13 Prospect. 

Daniels Orville I, carpenter, h N. Main. 

Darrah James C., stonecutter, h 41 S. Main. 

Davenport Charles H., woolen finisher, h 132 S. Main. 

Davis Henry H., (S. Barre) laborer. 

Davis Oscar F., (Davis & Cutler) h 20 Summer. 

Davis Samuel A., r 45, quarryman. 

Davis & Cutler, (Oscar F. D. and Clarence E. C.) granite manufs., Summer.

Dawson David, blacksmith, h off Academy. 

Dawson David, Jr., tool sharpener, bds. with David, Sr. 

DAY ALVIN C., draws granite from quarries to Barre village, h Thwingville, N. Main. 

DAY WILLIAM P., book-keeper and draughtsman for Wetmore & Morse Granite Co., h 2 Eastern ave. 

DEAN ALBERT M., h 17 Park. [Removed to Haverhill, Mass.] 

Denning Robert J., stonecutter, bds. Granite House. 

DENNY GEORGE B. B., (Denny & Kimball, clothiers, of Northfield) merchant tailor, home in Northfield, bds. Hotel Barre. [Removed to Montpelier.]

Densmore Dennison, real estate owner, h Granite.

Dewel Charles, stonecutter, bds. 143 N. Main. 

Diack Robert, granite worker, h 3 Academy.

Dickey William, stonecutter, h Granite.

Dickinson Allen E., railroad man, h 13 Webster.

Dickinson Amos O., clerk for L. M. Averill, h off Washington.

DICKINSON HIRAM F., (Dickinson & Stafford) h Summer cor. High.

DICKINSON & STAFFORD, (Hiram F. D. and Albert M. S.) painters, paper hangers, glaziers and jobbers Central place.

DILLON JOHN B., stonecutter, h 23 Prospect.

DINGLE A. J., (Alex. Grant & Co.) sculptor, bds. Hotel Barre.

Dinsmore Lyman J., r 61, quarryman.

Dix Gilbert L., r 3, 21 grade Jersey cows, 6 head young cattle, 350 sugar-trees, farmer 225. 

DIX JOHN L., r 1, 18 cows, 700 sugar trees, farmer 100.

DIX M. WILLARD, r 3, farmer with G. L. Dix.

Dobie Alexander, stonecutter, h 43 Elm. 

DODGE ALBERT F., carpenter, served in Co. B, 12th Vt. Inf., h 21 Silver.

Dodge Frank E., student in University of Vermont, class of '89, home 21 Silver.

Donald William, stonecutter, h 19 Park.

Doten Cassius M., manuf. of and dealer in Barre granite monuments and cemetery work, rough and finished, for the wholesale and retail trade, 79 S. Main, h do.

Douglass Lewis J., tool sharpener, h Summer cor. Pleasant.

Downing Albert B., r 62, 8 cows, 40 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Mrs. C. E. Bancroft 160.

Downing Almon C., job teamster, h Prospect.

Downing Catherine Mrs., resident, h 58 S. Main.

Downing Mary E., domestic, 163 N. Main.

Dowse Susan Mrs., resident, h 69 Washington.

Doyle Michael W., laborer, h Depot square. 

Drew Ezekiel, steward Goddard seminary, residence do. 

Drown George W., carpenter, h 51 S. Main. 

Drury Charles W., r 59 n 60, laborer, h and lot.

Drury Eli H., (S. Barre) quarryman.

Drury Julia A. Mrs., resident, aged 82, h Bridge. 

Duclos Dolphus, carpenter, rooms at D. Densmore's, Granite. 

Duddy Patrick, stonecutter, bds. 144 N. Main. 

Dudley Almira Mrs., (S. Barre) resides with Andrew J. 

Dudley Andrew J., (S. Barre) carpenter and finisher in fork factory. 

Dudley David, laborer, h Brook. 

Duffy Francis A., clerk for Duffy & George, bds. at Hugh A's. 

DUFFY HUGH A., (Duffy & George) served as lieut. in Co. G, 14 th N. Y. Vols., h Cottage ave. 

Duffy Thomas J., tool sharpener for Duffy & George, bds. with Hugh A. 

DUFFY & GEORGE, (Hugh A. D. and W. Scott G.) props. Barre granite works. 

Dunbar Charles, stonecutter, h 28 S. Main. 

Dunbar William, stonecutter, h 5 Highland ave. 

Duncan James, stonecutter, h 46 Washington. 

DUNHAM BENJAMIN F., (Dunham & Gordon) owns in Worcester farm 200, h 17 Pleasant, served on Gen. Kearney's staff as aid-de-camp, in  the late war. 

DUNHAM & GORDON , (Benjamin F. D. and John W. G.) manufs. of  and dealers in all kinds of rough and dressed granite monumental and  statuary work. 

Durfee George L., granite boxer, h 27 Silver. 

Durfee Lucina S. Mrs., resident, h 27 Silver. 

Durfey George W., tinsmith, h Plain. 

Durkee Emma Mrs., resident, h 133 S. Main. 

Durkee George, granite polisher, bds. 144 N. Main. 

Durkee Giles B., dealer in stoves, tinware, tin and sheet iron repair shop, 62  N. Main, h do. 

Durkee Otis C , (S. Barre) resident aged 87. 

Durkee William R., tinsmith, h 7 Clark ave. 

Durrell Charles F., off r 72, 10 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 103.


Earle George C., job teamster, h 11 Church.

Earle Lucy H., telephone operator, bds. 95 N. Main.

Earle William, r 74, quarryman.

Eastman Elijah M., laborer, h 92 Washington. 

EASTMAN MERRILL, r 61 n 70, 15 head cattle, 600 sugar trees, teamster and farmer 100. 

Eastman William H., (Eastman & Whitney) bds. Central House. 

Eastman & Whitney, (William H. E. and Byron W. W.) grocers, 121 N. Main. 

Edson Welthea M., r 34., resident.

EDWARDS GEORGE W., granite worker, h N. Main.

Ellenwood Charles T., (S. Barre) stonecutter. 

Ellis Hiram, (S. Barre) resident. 

Ellis William, shoemaker, bds. N. Main. 

EMERSON BROTHERS, (Walter M. and Frank A.) dealers in music, musical instruments, fancy goods and stationery, N. Main. 

EMERSON FRANK A., (Emerson Brothers) h Granite block, N. Main. 

Emerson Fred, (E. Barre) r 64, quarryman. 

Emerson Thomas L., r 10, laborer, h and 1 1/2 acres. 

EMERSON WALTER M., (Emerson Brothers) blacksmith, h Elm. 

Emond John B., shoemaker, h 81 S. Main. 

Emony Marcia, widow of Daniel, h .50 Washington.

Emslie William, (Emslie 8r Coburn) h Granite. 

EMSLIE & COBURN, (William E. and Alexander C.) manufs. of and dealers in Barre granite monumental and cemetery work, for wholesale and retail trade. 

Enright Thomas, tool sharpener, h 9 Webster. 

Estabrook C. Johnson, (S. Barre) granite polisher. 

Ewen James, stonecutter, h Irish town. 


Farnsworth Charles C., r 74, foreman in quarries. 

Farnsworth Lewis, granite polisher, bds. Granite House. 

Farrell Lewis, resides with Dr. Henry E. Packer, 11 High. 

Farron William, lumper, h 46 Maple ave. 

FARWELL WILLIAM, r 11, 25 grade Jersey cows, 10 head young cattle, 7 horses, 700 sugar trees, farmer 245.

Felix William H., r 74., quarryman, h and lot.,

FIELD ANDREW E., director Granite Savings Bank and Trust Co., village bailiff, physician and surgeon, h 9 High. 

Field Clinton N., teller for Granite Savings Bank and Trust Co., bds. with Dr. Field. 

FIFIELD HORACE, justice of the peace, general agent for all kinds of mowing machines, horse rakes and hay tedders, in Washington and Orange counties, dealer in maple sugar, h 8 S. Main.

Fisher Catherine P. Mrs., resides with A. G. LaPoint. 

Fisher Fred C., clerk for R. L. Clark, h 29 Prospect. 

FITTS HOMER, (Morrison & Fitts) h 85 S. Main. 

Flanders William M., engineer, h Granite.

Fletcher James T., blacksmith, h Hill.

Flint John W., clerk C. V. R. R., h 36 Elm. 

Floyd Addison J., r 37, tool sharpener. 

Foley Daniel M., (E. Barre) stonecutter. 

FORBES FRANK, tool sharpener, h Hill cor. Washington. 

Forrest Danta, laborer, h 42 Brook. 

FORSYTH STEPHEN H., (Forsyth & Ingram) h Washington. 

FORSYTH & INGRAM, (Stephen H. F. and James I.) manufs. of and  dealers in all kinds of granite monumental and statuary work, western office 1313 Washington ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Fort William J., tool sharpener, h 41 Summer.

Foster Clark A. stonecutter, h Burnham's Meadow road.

Foster Henry M., (S. Barre) painter, h and 2 acres.

Foster Lucy A. (S. Barre) (Mrs. H. M.) dressmaker.

Fraser Daniel A., foreman in James Gaizeley's quarry and prop. boardinghouse.

Fraser James, (Fraser & Cassie) h 42 High.

Fraser Peter B., stonecutter, h Hill. 

Fraser Robert. stonecutter, h 14 Park.

FRASER & CASSIE, (James F. and George C.) manufs. of and dealers in Barre granite monumental and cemetery work, for wholesale and retail trade.

Freeman Alden T., r 21, farmer with P. P. Larabee.

Freeman Clark A., mechanic, h 58 S. Main.

FREEMAN MARTIN V. B., r 20, 11 cows, 13 head other stock, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Freeman Otis W., off r 18, 400 sugar trees, farmer 66.

French Albert, barber, Jackman block, h 8r Washington.

French Alson, laborer, bds. 81 Washington.

French Burton F., (E: Barre) granite tool sharpener.

French C. A. Mrs. & Co., (Mrs. F. W. Jackson) milliners, Stillman Wood block, 49 N. Main.

French D. Agnes Miss, resident, h Washington cor. Elm.

FRENCH EDWIN C., manuf. of and dealer in Barre granite monumental and cemetery work, for wholesale and retail trade, S. Main, h Washington.

FRENCH EPHRAIM E., retired lawyer, h 83 N. Main, aged 74. [Deceased.]

French George W., prop. Granite House, 43 S. Main.

French Hannah, resident, aged 91, h Church.

French Micah, resident, aged 84, h 51 Washington.

French Nehemiah, laborer, bds. 54 S. Main.

French Randall, painter, bds Irish town.

Frenier Henry, saloon, Granite h Brooklyn.

Fruzzetti Peter B., stonecutter, h Burnham's Meadow road.

Fuller Ellen J., resident, 5 Prospect.

FULLER ENOS T., iron molder, h 64 S. Main.

Fuller Hannah H. Mrs, resident, aged 95, h Prospect.


Gage Charles H., stonecutter, h 9 Hill.

Gale Harriet A: Mrs., resident, h Washington park.

GALE HENRY P. Mrs., resident, h 7 Summer.

Gale Herbert L., physician and surgeon, 101 N. Main.

Gale Ira L. on r 56 farm 136 and woodland 50, h 84 Washington.

GALE JOHN W., r 25, farmer with Josiah, owns pasture and woodland 35.

Gale Josiah, r 25, 15 cows 12 head young cattle, 15 head swine, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 142, in Marshfield pasture and woodland 62, and in Montpelier farm 118.

GALE LEWIS, r 56, 20 grade Jersey cows, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 200, aged 70.

Gale Lyman, retired cabinetmaker, aged 80, h 5 S. Main.

Gale William R., r 42, 15 head cattle, 800 sugar trees, farmer 116.

Gallagher Richard, contractor, h Hill.

GAMBLE ANDREW H., manuf. of and dealer in Barre granite monuments and cemetery work, for wholesale trade, h. S. Main. [Deceased.]

Gamble John H., stonecutter, bds. off Ayer.

Gamble Malcom R., granite polisher, h 17 Ayer. 

Gamsby Rufus A., laborer, h Washington.

Garvey Michael, stonecutter, h Summer. 

GATES SCOTT L., lumber sawyer and mechanic, h Washington. 

Gauthier Joseph tool sharpener h Burnham 's Meadow road. 

Gay Joseph, blacksmith for E. C. Briggs, bds. 22 Bridge. 

Gay Nelson, granite polisher, bds. 144 N. Main. 

Gearwar Frank A., (E. Barre) blacksmith. 

George Arthur C., r 46, laborer and farmer. 

George Frank A., stonecutter, 8 Summer. 

George Frank W., laborer, h Hill. 

GEORGE JAMES R., wholesale and retail dealer in farm produce, 30 and 32 Elm, h do. 

George Jennie M. Mrs., resident, h 37 High. 

George W. Scott, (Duffy & George) h Middle. 

George Will L., stonecutter, h Maple. 

George & Kent, (W. L, G. and George S. K.) manufs. of and dealers in granite monumental and cemetery work, Seminary.

Gerrard James, stonecutter, bds. 13 Brooklyn.

Gerward Henry H., (S, Barre) blacksmith.

Gibbons Thomas J., stonecutter, h 13 Webster.

Gilbertson John, stonecutter, h Thwingville.

Gilmott Israel, r 15, laborer.

Gladding Edmund C., lumper, h Washington,

Gladding William H., druggist, 57 N. Main, h Elm.

GLIDDEN EDWIN H., clerk for George P. Boyce, bds. with W. A. Perry.

Glidden Eugene A., tool sharpener, h Summer.

GLIDDEN JAMES A. R., supt. street lights, h Summer.

Glidden William D., granite boxer, h 13 Hill.

Glynn William, manuf. of confectionery, 10 Elm and 49 N. Main.

GOLDSBURY ALBERT C., letterer for Wetmore & Morse Granite Co., bds. Central House.

Goldsbury Fred E., farmer with John A.

GOLDSBURY JOEL W., r 7, 15 grade Jersey cows, 5 head young cattle, 800 sugar trees, farmer 100.

GOLDSBURY JOHN A., 10 cows, farmer 70, owns in Berlin woodland 25, prop. of milk route in Barre village.

GOLDSBURY WILLIAM A., granite worker, h 26 High.

Goneo Louis, stonecutter, h Granite.

Gonyon Lewis M., mechanic, h Washington.

Goodwin William C., teamster and farmer in Williamstown, h 13 Webster.

CORDON ALEXANDER, (Marr & Gordon) h Elm.

GORDON JOHN W. (Dunham & Cordon) law student, h 17 Pleasant.

Gorman Michael, stonecutter, bds. 144 N. Main.

GOSS GEORGE M., with G. H. Guernsey, at Montpelier.

Graham Joseph, stonecutter, h Hill.

GRANGER CHARLES B., concreter, carpenter and builder, owns job team, h 54 S. Main.

Granger Frank, granite cutter, h Bridge.

Granger Isaac, resides with Charles B., 54 S Main.

Granite House, George W, French, prop., 43 S. Main.

GRANITE SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST CO., John Trow, pres.; H. O. Worthen, vice-pres.; H. W. Blodgett, treas.; Granite block, Main.

GRANT ALEX., (Alex. Grant & Co.) bds. with Mason T. Page.

GRANT ALEX. & CO., (A. J. Dingle) sculptors and designers, shop opp. Marr & Gordon's.

Grant Horace W., off r 46, laborer, leases h of Miss Lucy Bates.

Grant James, stonecutter, h Branch. ,

Gray Lewis J., (S. Barre) granite polisher.

Green Thaddeus A., granite worker, h Maple cor. Summer.

Greene Laura L. Mrs., (Mrs. W. F. Shepard & Co.) widow of John, rooms at store. 

Gregg Richard, stonecutter, h 23 Prospect. 

Gregwair George L. F., laborer, resides with Nancy A.

Gregwair Lizzie, dressmaker, bds. with Nancy A.

Gregwair Nancy A., resident, h 75 Washington cor. Hill.

Gregwair Orne E., carpenter, bds. with Nancy A.

Greig George, stonecutter, h Church. 

Greig James, stonecutter, h Academy.

Grenier Joseph A., tailor for D. M. Barnes.

Grierson William, stonecutter, h off Academy.

Griffith Burt H., express driver for Curtis & Keith, bds. Star restaurant.

Griswold Luther E., carpenter, h Brooklyn.

Grosvenor Edgar, carpenter, h 34 S. Main. 

Gurley Sarah Mrs., tailoress, h Elm.


Hackett Augustus, farm laborer, h 225 N. Main.

Hackett George C., iron molder, bds. 225 N. Main.

HALEY JAMES S., vice-pres. and foreman National Granite Co., bds. Park House.

Hall Carlos W., buys and ships live stock to Watertown, Mass., and other markets, owns farm 50, and 1/3 of a tenement house on r 34.

Hall Cyrus W., laborer, h Hill.

Hall Ira B., (5. Barre) laborer.

Hall John S., stonecutter.

Hall Liberty P., polisher, h 132 S. Main.

Hanley John, railroad man, bds. Granite House.

Harper Margaret Mrs., resident, h Brooklyn. 

Harriman Sarah S. Mrs., widow of Harvey J., resident, h 121 S. Main. 

Harrington Albert B., carpenter, h 8 Maple.

HARRINGTON ASA, prop. meat and vegetable market, and dealer in shelf groceries, 4. Granite, h 10 do. 

Harrington Nathan, (S. Barre) clerk, served 3 years in Co. D, 2d Vt. Vols.

Harroun Clayton P., horseshoer, h off Maple ave.

Harroun Isaac C., blacksmith, h 28 Maple ave.

HATCH HIAL O., master mechanic, and owns in Williamstown, Orange Co., farm 157, h 17 S. Main.

Hatch Moses M., tool sharpener, h 13 Park.

Haviland William H., granite polisher, h 14 Hooker.

Hawes Asa, carpenter, h Silver.

Hawes Charles M., coal dealer, h 26 Maple ave. '

Hawes William E., carpenter, h Silver.

Hawse Benjamin B., architect and builder, h Summer.

HAYDEN FRED L., prop. Central House, and livery, boarding, feed and sale stable, N. Main.

Hadden James C., stonecutter, h Addison place.

Heath Charles W., (S. Barre) painter and glazier.

Henry Arthur, stonecutter, h Burnham's Meadow road. 

HERLIHY MICHAEL C., (Herlihy & Williams) h Currier park. 

HERLIHY & WILLIAMS, (Michael C. H. and Thomas W.) manufs. of and dealers in Barre granite monumental, cemetery and building work, for wholesale and retail trade. 

Heron Peter, stonecutter, bds. 144 N. Main. 

Hewett Lucy Mrs., r 45, resident, h and lot. 

Higgins John P., stonecutter, h 24 Bridge. 

Hill Ernest E., lumber dealer and real estate owner, h 11 Elmore. 

Hill George A., carpenter, h 6 Hill. 

Hill Lewis, stonecutter, h Ayer. 

Hill Napoleon J., stonecutter. 

Hillery Laura M. Mrs., r 55, resides with Charles G. Cheney, 

Hoar Richard A., r 70 cor. 61, owns a dark granite quarry, bds. with Lewis Keith. 

HOBBS CHARLES E., (Hobbs & McDonald) mechanic, h 18 Pleasant. 

HOBBS & McDONALD, (Charles E. H. and James McD.) granite tool manufs. and dealers, foot of Granite.

Hockenberry Harry, horse trainer and driver, h 120 S. Main. 

HOGAN JAMES A., r 48, teamster for H. C. Leonard. 

Hogan Thomas, r 61, quarryman. 

HOLDEN CLARK, postmaster, and treas. Stafford & Holden Mfg. Co., h 10 S. Main. 

HOLDEN ELI, off r 77, 16 grade Jersey cows, 600 sugar trees, farmer 120, served in Co. F, 1st Vt. Vols., and 1st Vt. Cav., as sergeant and lieut., 4 years, prisoner in Libby and other rebel prisons 18 months. 

HOLDEN GEORGE W., r 74, wood sawyer, works in quarry with team, owns farm 100, and in Williamstown, Orange Co., 130. 

Holmes Alexander M., stonecutter, h 209 N. Main. 

Holmes Benjamin A., blacksmith and farmer, h Elm. 

Holmes Elias H., butcher for Henry Smith, h 8 Summer. 

Holmes George B., r 45, granite cutter. 

Holmes James, stonecutter, h Bridge. 

Holt Alonzo Mrs., resident, h 79 S. Main. 

Holt Calvin, r 75, farmer 6. 

HOOKER LOREN H., carpenter and builder, h 25 Prospect. 

HOOKER WILLIAM D., justice of the peace, wholesale and retail produce dealer, farmer 60, in Plainfield pasture and woodland 200, National Bank block, 49 N. Main, h 22 Prospect, Hooker hill. [Died May 18, 1888; estate represented by his son George E.] 

Hopkins Frank H., (Smith & Hopkins) h 98 Washington. 

HOPKINS RALPH E., prop, of billiard parlor, 55 N. Main, h 48 Washington. 

Houghton Center L., laborer, h 8 Elmore. 

Houghton Lester E., polisher, h off S. Main. 

Housten George, carpenter, h Burnham's Meadow road. 

Howard Florence M., teacher, resides with William. 

Howard William, farmer 25, h 103 Washington. 

Howe Frank A., clerk for L. M. Averill, h N. Main. 

Howe Nancy G. Mrs., resident, h N. Main. 

Howe Ursula Mrs., housekeeper for Dr. A. E. Bigelow.

Howes Orvis J., street commissioner and constable, h and 1 1/2 acres 188 N. Main.

Howland Charles A., granite worker, h 215 N., Main.

Howland Edward, stonecutter, h Irish town. 

Howland Frank G., cashier National Bank of Barre, rooms Granite block, N. Main.

Hoyt Clarinda, resident, bds. 4 Hill.

Hubbard Abner P., carpenter and builder, h Summer.

HUBBARD EDGAR E., (Hubbard & Wheeler) barber, h Prospect.

Hubbard Walter .P., (S. Barre) r 59, carpenter, h and lot.

HUBBARD & WHEELER, (Edgar E. H. and George D. W.) barbers, 78 N. Main.

Hughes John J., granite polisher, h 41 Summer.

Hunt Henry E. Mrs., prop. boarding-house, 17 Honker ave.

Hunter Sylvia J. Mrs., prop. boarding house, 198 N. Main.

Huntington Austin B., teamster, h N. Main.

Huntington William L., sexton Barre cemetery, h 88 Washington.

Huse David R., carpenter, h 7 Webster.

RUSE SAMUEL B., granite worker, h 48 Hill.

Hutcheon John, manager Barre office, book-keeper and draughtsman for Jones Brothers, bds. 31 Elm. 

Hutchinson Charles, r 35, granite polisher, h and lot.

Hutchinson Fannie N., dressmaker and dealer in fancy goods, 14 Elm.

Hutchinson Frank A., tool sharpener, h Maple ave.

Hutchinson Harry O., laborer, bds. 20 Hill.

HUTCHINSON JERRY J., r 44, 18 grade Jersey cows, 25 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 140, served in CO. I, 13th Vt. Vols. 

HUTCHINSON JERRY, JR., r 44, farmer.

HUTCHINSON JERRY M., architect, contractor and builder, estimates, designs and specifications furnished on application, h E. Park cor. Academy.

Hutchinson Lewis J., laborer, bds. with Charles.

HUTCHINSON MAJOR S., (E. Barre) r 67, 18 cows, 8 head other stock, 10 swine, 1,700 sugar trees, farmer 215.

Hutchinson Nancy Mrs., (E. Barre) r 67, resides with M. S.


Imlah William, stonecutter, bds. 35 High.

Inglis George, stonecutter, h 23 Prospect.

INGRAM TAMES, (Forsyth & Ingram) bds. with S. H. Forsyth.

Ingram John, stonecutter, h 33 Brooklyn.

Isham Louis H., stonecutter, h 11 E. Park.


JACKMAN A. M., deputy sheriff, prop. Jackman block and several tenements, h 47 N. Main.

Jackman John M. Mrs., resident, h N. Main.

Jackson. Arad, farmer 90, aged 72.

JACKSON BYRON B., granite cutter, h Middle.

JACKSON CRAWFORD H., prop. livery, board and feed stable, farmer 4, h 199 N. Main.

JACKSON FRANK W., book-keeper for Stafford & Holden Mfg. Co., h Merchant.

Jackson Gilman I, commission merchant, 42 N. Main.

JACKSON J. HENRY, A. M., M. D., sec'y Montpelier board of U. S. examining surgeons, professor of physiology Medical department of the University of Vermont, Burlington, physician and surgeon, 19 S. Main„ h do.

Jamison David T., retired farmer, h Granite.

Jamison James, stonecutter, bds. 144 N. Main.

Jamison John, (S. Barre) granite polisher. 

Janerau Oscar, (S. Barre) r 56, laborer. 

Jareny Matthew A., stonecutter, h 12 Prospect. 

Jerry Armena, r 36, home with George. 

Jerry Eugene J., r 36, farmer with George. 

Jerry George, r 36, 18 head cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmer 132. 

Johnson Edward E., r 39, laborer, h and 1 acre. 

Johnson George W., (E. Barre) r 69, quarryman. 

Johnson Henry G., (E. Barre) r 69, quarryman. 

Johnson William, stonecutter, h 46 High. 

Jondro Alexander E., laborer, h 13 Prospect. 

Jondro Charles A., laborer, bds. 13 Prospect. 

JONES BROTHERS, (M. W. and S. W.) props. granite quarry, manufs. of and dealers in all kinds of rough and finished granite monumental and  statuary work, for wholesale trade, Boston office 53 and 55 Kilby. 

Jones Charles P., stonecutter, h 5 N. Pearl. 

Jones Fred W., resident, h Washington.

Jones Horace H., carpenter, h 71 Washington.

JONES JOHN H., r 36, breeder of and dealer in Lambert and Hambletonian horses, 12 head, 15 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 100. 

Jones Mary E. Mrs., resides with Horace H. 

Jones Merrill, r 46, laborer. 

Jones Susan J. Mrs., dealer in millinery and fancy goods, 74 N. Main, h 2 Eastern ave.

Jones William Coburn, prop. Barre bakery, 1 Central place, h Elm. 


Kane Patrick T., (E. Barre) (Carves & Kane). 

Keeler Adelia Miss, nurse, bds. Summer. 

Keith Almon, farmer with Nathaniel, h 16 Hooker. 

KEITH BERT M., (Curtis & Keith) prop. Keith's city express, bds. Star restaurant.

Keith Clara B., teacher, bds. with A. B. Averill, Park. 

KEITH ERASTUS, r 37, 6 cows. 170 Merino sheep, 5 horses, 500 sugar trees, farmer 90, and wood and pasture land 90. 

Keith Levi W., laborer, h 3 Webster. 

KEITH LEWIS, r 70 cor. 6I, 1st selectman, 12 cows, 12 head other stock, 600 sugar trees, farmer 148, and in Orange, Orange Co., wood and pasture land 100.

Keith Nathaniel W., farmer, 16 Hooker. 

KEITH SUSAN S., widow of Leonard, bds. with W. E. Whitcomb. 

KELLEY JOHN H., r 32, breeder of and dealer in full blood Jersey cattle, reg., 30 cows, 600 sugar trees, lumberman, farmer 180, and owns in Orange, Orange Co., timberland 100. 

Kellogg Edwin E., (S. Barre) granite polisher. 

Kelly William; carpenter, h Burnham's Meadow road. 

Kelman William, stonecutter, h 11 Academy. 

Kemp Fred A., polisher, h 4 Highland ave. 

Kendall Elton P., granite worker, h 23 S. Main. 

Kenefick Michael, stonecutter, h 16 Academy. 

KENERSON CHARLES H., granite worker and letterer, h Cottage place. 

Kenerson Frank P., granite worker, h N. Main. 

Kenerson Truman, resident, h Cottage place. 

Kenerson William T., granite worker, h N. Main.

Kent George S,, (George & Kent) h on r 26.

KETCHUM CHARLES A., 10 cows, 6 horses, 50 sheep, 300 sugar trees, farmer 87, and pasture land 50. 

Ketchum Elmer N., (Wheeler & Ketchum) bds. Church cor. Averill. 

Ketchum Henry C., r 6 cor. 5, farmer and mechanic. 

KETCHUM JUSTUS, r 24, resides on the Loren Ketchum estate, aged 90.

KETCHUM JUSTUS, Jr., r 24, 16 cows, 7 head young stock, 100 sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer on Loren's estate 145.

Ketchum Justus N., retired farmer, h Church cor. Averill. 

Ketchum Martha, r 24, widow of Loren, resides on her husband's estate.

Kezer Charles G., (E. Barre) r 64, stonecutter. 

Kidder Edwin W., house painter and grainer, h 60 S. Main. 

Kimball Betsey Mrs., resides with Fred M. Mann. 

Kimball Sumner, manuf. of and dealer in Barre granite monumental, statuary, and building work, h 100 Elm st., Montpelier. 

KING FRED, dealer in jewelry, watches, silverware, etc., 130 N. Main cor. Depot, h 48 Washington. 

KING HENRY, (S. Barre) granite polisher. 

KINNEY LIBERTY T., prep. Saw-mill in Marshfield, farm in Orange, Orange Co., 400, and in Barre village 6 tenements, h Kinney. 

Kinney William M., (S. Barre) r 56, quarryman, h and 3 1/2 acres. 

KIRKLAND DAVID A., mason and carpenter, h 6 Kirk. 

Knapp Fred, tool sharpener, h 52 Washington. 

Krulinger Joseph, stonecutter, h 44 Brook.

Kynock Robert, stonecutter, h 11 Park. 


LaBounty Fred, r 50, 21 head cattle, 350 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Kimball Blanchard 128, owns h and lot on r 56. 

Lacans Henry, stonecutter, h Cottage place. 

Ladd Frank P., r 53, farmer with John P. 

Ladd Fred E., r 53, farmer with John P. 

LADD JOHN P., r 53, 10 cows, 85 sheep, 400 sugar trees, farmer 130. 

Ladd Philinda Mrs., resides with John P., aged 83. 

Laing Charles W., stonecutter, h Cottage. 

Lalime George, r 46, blacksmith for H. C. Leonard.

Lamphere S. Maria Mrs., resident, h 30 S. Main. 

LAMSON GEORGE, (Wells, Lamson & Co.) bds. High.

Landry William, r 61, quarryman, h and lot. 

LANE ALFRED W., (S. Barre) architect and builder, h and 3 acres Main. 

LANE WILLIAM A., (Lane & Moore) mechanic, bds. at S. Barre.

LANE & MOORE, (William A. L. and Allen D. M.) props. steam planing-mill, dealers in pine lumber, sheathing and moldings of all kinds, general job work a specialty. 

Lang George W., sign and ornamental painter, h 42 N. Main. 

Lapage Charles, harnessmaker for Charles Carpenter, h 36 Brook. 

LAPOINT A. GEORGE, clerk, h Elm. 

LARABEE PARACLEETE P., r 21, 10 pure blood and grade Jersey cows,. 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 150, on r 20 pasture land 40, and in Orange, Orange Co., timberland 40.

LATHAM NELSON T., stonecutter, h 149 N. Main. 

Lathrop Nancy M. Mrs., resident, h 29 Elm. 

Lawlis Samuel J., r 61, quarryman, h and lot. 

LAWRENCE GEORGE L, (Lawrence & Woodbury) bds. Park House.

Lawrence J. Augustus, r 32, 12 head cattle, 250 sugar trees, farmer 71, and owns in Orange, Orange Co., timberland 10.

Lawrence Solon, teamster, 8 Summer.

Lawrence Warren N., teamster, h Summer.

LAWRENCE WILLIE M., r 59 n 60, quarryman, works for H. N. Parkhurst.

Lawrence & Woodbury, (George I. L. and Fred L. W.) props. livery, boarding, feed and sale stable, rear of Park House, N. Main. [Partnership dissolved.]

LAWSON GEORGE W., r 12, prop. Evergreen Square stock farm, dairyman, 45 Jersey cows, reg., 15 head young cattle, 500 sugar trees, 13 horses, farmer 125, and in E. Montpelier carries on for Nathaniel 125.

Lawson Nathaniel, retired farmer, owns in E. Montpelier farm 125, lives with George W.

Lawson Olive A., resides with George W.

Lawson Rhoda, housekeeper for James Thwing.

LeBarrow Arthur W., spinner, h 133 S. Main.

Lebourveau Alfred E., stonecutter, h 26 1/2 High.

Legier William, spinner, h 66 S. Main.

Leighton Frank, stonecutter, bds. 1 Maple.

Leonard Chauncy C., r 47, resides with Joseph W., aged 75.

Leonard Fred A., r 48, teamster for Herbert C.

LEONARD HERBERT C., owns 55 horses and draws granite from quarries to Barre village, employs 10 men, farm 75.

LEONARD JOSEPH W., r 47, breederof pure blood Devon cattle, 10 head, Plymouth Rock fowls and White Pekin ducks, prop. Percheron stock horse "Highland Gray," 1,000 sugar trees, 15 horses, draws granite from quarries to Barre village.

Leslie John, stonecutter, bds. Summer.

Leslie William, stonecutter, h Summer.

Levie James, stonecutter, h 5 Highland ave.

Lewis Othello W., draughtsman, h 5 Webster.

Lillie John, stonecutter, h off Academy.

Lindsay John, (S. Barre) resident, aged 80.

LINDSAY VERNE E., granite worker and letterer, bds, 17 E. Park.

Lintont William, stonecutter, bds. 144 N. Main.

LITTLEJOHN WILLIAM S., (Littlejohn & Barclay) bds. Granite.

LITTLEJOHN & BARCLAY, (William S. L. and William B.) manufs. of and dealers in granite monumental, cemetery and building work, for wholesale and retail trade.

Lockling Dennis E., r 26 1/2, lumper for Marr & Gordon.

Lohr Anton M., business manager for Charles Lohr & Co.

Lohr Charles & Co., manufs. of and dealers in dark Barre granite monumental, cemetery and carved work, western office Eighth ave. cor. Mitchell st., Milwaukee, Wis.,

Long Alfred, stone mason.

Lucia Moses, laborer, h Hill.

Lunt John E., painter and paper hanger, h Bridge.

Luther William, foreman weaver in Moorcroft's factory, h 112 S. Main.

Lyford Mary V., resident, h 22 Brook.

Business Directory
Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child,
Edited By William Adams.
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders.
Syracuse, N. Y.; April, 1889.
Part Second, pages 4-23

Transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003