Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Charlie Darnell Cemetery
Manville Road
Edwards Cemetery - SR-65 
Clinch River Road
Martin Falin Cemetery
Falin Hollow Lane
Huston Darnell Cemetery
Speers Valley Road
Henderson Egan Cemetery
Casteel Hollow Road
Granville Ferguson Cem.
Big Moccasin Road
Huston E. Darnell Cemetery
Hill Station Alley Road
William F. Elam Cemetery
Osborne Ridge Road
Fields Cemetery #1
Kermit, Yuma Road
Polly Q. Darnell Cemetery
Foggy Bottom Lane

Andrew Elliott Cemetery
Snowflake Road

Fields Cemetery #2
Kermit, Yuma Road

Darthula Cemetery
Lunsford Mill Road
Elliott-Porter Cemetery
Nickelsville Highway
Fields Cemetery #3
Upper Possum Creek Rd.
Riley Davidson Cemetery
Hill Station Alley Road
Landon Elliott
Midway Road
Ernest Fields Cemetery
Flint Den Lane

William Davidson Cem.
Davidson Cem. Lane

Wilson C. Elliott Cemetery
Obeys Creek Road

Finch Cemetery
Fall Creek Road

George Davis Cemetery
Snowflake Road
Hiram T. Epperson Cemetery
Limestone Valley Road
Henry Finch Cemetery
In The Pines Circle
Dean Family Cemetery
Dean Hollow Road
Ervin Cemetery
Fincastle Church Cemetery
Long Hollow Road
Derting-Hickam Cemetery
Bristol Highway, US 58
John Estep Cemetery
Heavens View Lane
Charles Flanary Cemetery
Clinch River Highway

Dingus Monument
River Bluff Road

Estill Cemetery
Gate City

Creed Flanary Cemetery
SR-65 - Clinch River Rd.
Azariah Dingus Cemetery
Racoon Road

Ewing Family Cemetery
SR-71 -Nickelsville Hwy.

John M. Flanary Cemetery
SR-65 - Clinch River Rd.
Phillip Dingus Cemetery
Veteran's Memorial Highway (SR-72)
R. P. Flanary Cemetery
Dove Drive
Rod Dingus Cemetery
Dingus Hollow Lane
  William Flanary Cemetery
Giant Drive
William Dingus Cemetery
Grouse Hollow Lane (CR 684)


W. R. Flanary Cemetery
SR-65 - Clinch River Rd.

Martin Dishner Cemetery
Natural Tunnel Parkway
Fleenor-Shelley Cemetery
Shelley Road
Abe Dockery Cemetery
off Stallard-Lawson Cemetery Lane

Fletcher Cemetery
Yuma Road - Kermit

Dougherty at Farley Chapel
Hale Spring Road
John C. Fletcher Cemetery
Francisco Cemetery Road
Robert Dulaney Cemetery
Fraleytown Road
  Fort Blackmore Methodist Cemetery
Clinch River Highway
J. M. Duncan Cemetery
Dingus Hollow Lane


Henry Fraley Cemetery
Jana Lane off Fraleytown Road
Martin A. Duncan Cem.
Green's Chapel Lane
  M. B. Fraley Cemetery
Valley Creek Road
Durham Cemetery
Mabe-Stanleytown Road
  James K. France Cemetery
off Bellamy-Tipton Road
Francisco Cemetery
Francisco Cemetery Dr.
    John W. Franklin Cemetery
Rye Cove
    Owen Franklin Cemetery
Purchase Ridge Road
    J. M. Fraysier Cemetery
Veteran's Memorial Hwy.

Thomas Fraysier Family Cemetery
River Bluff Road



Charlie Frazier Cemetery
US 23-58-421

    Creed Frazier Cemetery
Purchase Ridge

Floyd Frazier Cemetery
Partridge Drive

    Mahone Frazier Cemetery
Big Ridge Lane

Frazier-Sloan Cemetery
England Valley Road

    Mack Free Cemetery
Natural Tunnel Parkway
    Free Hill Cemetery
Little Duck Road

Freeman Cemetery
Yuma Road

William Freeman Cemetery
Morning Star Lane


Fritz Cemetery
Panoramic Lane

Fugate-Godsey Cemetery
Big Moccasin Road
    Charles B. Fugate Cemetery
Big Moccasin Road

Rufus B. Fugate Cemetery
Brick Church Road

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