Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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R. W. Maness Cemetery
Beech Grove Road

Pharoah Neal Cemetery

Odell Cemetery
Odell Valley Lane

Mann Cemetery
 Fort Blackmore

New Melody Church Cemetery
Joseph K. Olinger Cemetery
CR-660 at 14963 Fairview Road

M. W. Matney Cemetery
Hillside Lane

James Newton Cemetery
Manville Road

George W. Osborne Cemetery
Logger Pvt. Drive

John W. McClellan Cemetery

W. H. Nickels Cemetery
Railroad Avenue

Osborne-Bush Cemetery
Hanging Rock Pkwy. at
E. Hunter's Valley Road

Compton McConnell Cemetery
Obey's Creek Road

Nickelsville Baptist Cem.
Nickelsville Highway

Osborne-Redwine Cemetery
Big Moccasin Road

George J. McConnell Cemetery
Rockland View Road
Nottingham Cemetery
Bow Drive
Samuel I. Osborne Cemetery
Osborne Cemetery Loop

James M. McConnell Cemetery
Midway Road

  P. R. Owens Cemetery
off Veterans Memorial Highway

John McConnell Cemetery
Sugar Pine Lane


Walter Owens Cemetery

John W. McConnell Cemetery
Clinch River Highway

Monroe J. McConnell Cemetery
Wayland Lane


Nathan McConnell Cemetery
Hill Station Alley Road


R. W. McConnell Cemetery
Clinch River Road
Ft. Blackmore

Thomas McConnell Cemetery    

William G. McConnell Cemetery


Abe McDavid Cemetery
Alaska Drive


Lewis McDavid
Rye Cove


Roy McDavid Cemetery
Carolina Pvt. Dr. off Bishoptown Road


W. M. McDavid Cemetery
Sugar Pine Lane


McKinney-Carter Cem.
Fraleytown Road


McMurray Cemetery

Samuel McMurray Cemetery
off New Hurland Lane
Ulysses S. McMurray Cemetery
McMurray Hollow Road

John B. McNew Cem.
Mabe Stanleytown Road

John Wesley Meade Cemetery
Bush Mill Road
George Meade Cemetery
Twin Springs Road

Midway Community Cemetery
Landfill Lane

Emory Miller Cemetery
Salt Cliff Pvt. Drive

Hiram Miller Cemetery
Purchase Ridge


Miller's Chapel Cemetery


Nelson Minton Cemetery
Blackgum Lane


Thomas Mitchell Cemetery
Bishop Town Road


Moore Family Cemetery
SR-71, just East of Moore's Memorial Baptist Church


Thomas Moore Jr. Cem.

Stephen S. Moore Cemetery
Beech Grove Road
William S. Moore Cemetery
Fairview Road

Morgan's Chapel Cem.
Midway & Valley Creek


James Morison Cemetery
Rye Cove Memorial Road

Peter Morrell Cemetery aka
William Agee Cemetery
Sherwood Forest Lane

Morrison Cemetery
 Big Cut


J. M. Mosley (Bishop) Cemetery


Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Hale's Spring Road


Mount Vernon Cemetery
A. P. Carter Highway