These Pensions were either applied for in Floyd County, Virginia, or Floyd County, Virginia is mentioned in the application, or they have known descendents in Floyd County, Virginia.

Mr. C. Leon Harris is a dedicated Revolutionary war researcher, and we are lucky to have his expertise on uniform, places and times of battle. These applications have some genealogy in them, and some are most interesting reading. You may view copies of the originals at Heritage Quest with your library card.

[Reuben son of Samuel and Alice Scott R9312] [Thomas Goodson S6901] [Henry and Fanny Simpkins Bishop W5823] [John and Mary Adams Banks W25217]

[Elijah Dickenson S6796] [Benjamin Edwards S8397] [ Daniel Howell S13413] [ Daniel Shelor S6079]

[ Peter Howard] [ Thomas Trail S7748] [ John Heard S8709] [John Duncan S8373] [Elizabeth Beheler Pharis widow of Amaziah/Amariah Pharis W5541]

[ Asa Hall S6945] [Jesse Hall S8666]

[Mary widow of Emery Altizer W4720;Photo of Marker located in Montgomery County, Va.;in the Altizer Cemetery, provided by Jack Akers]

Edward Hilton (Helton)S2312

John Slusher R9666

Thomas Holland S17222

Montgomery Botetourt County Pension Applications

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