Southwest VA Revolutionary War List

Pension Applications provided by C. Leon Harris

Montgomery County Revolutionary War Pension Applications

Botetourt County Patriots

[George Lemon S 38137 aka George Layman] [John Robinson/Robertson W4324] [Lawrence Conner S35853]

[Jacob Price S3730]

[Fiatt and Susannah Coffman Wisong W8305] [Jacob and Jane Gilliland Lemmon W3698] [John Tate S6191]

[William Henry S6999] [William and Elizabeth Henry W364] [Francis Hunter S13472]

[Henry Cartmill S29692] [James Simpson S6102] [John Alverson S5236]

[John and Margaret Hewitt W2618] [James Trenor S30170 App and Will] [John Camper S9142]

[John Sizer S6105] [Samuel McFerran S1691] [Wallis Estill S1759] [Isaac Robinson R8900]

[Nathaniel Blunt or Blount S49296] [Peter Batchelor S37704] [Thomas Arbuckle S16609]

[William and Nancy Brooks R1259] [Jacob Butt S39250] [John Carpenter S8160] [William Coff S39347]

[Richard and Jane Welch Champs Litteral W26220]

[Philip Christ S8197] [John Hackett S37979]

[Edward and Hancy Haily Mitchell W23991]

[Joel Devenport S39413] [John Davidson S8304] [Robert Davis S2500] [Samuel Mitchell R7283]

[Samuel and Jane Horton W7809] [Leonard Helms S38021] [James and Mary Harrison W548] [James Tribble S17156]

[Andrew and Margaret Briant Lewis W3431]

[Adam Rider S40341] [Douglass Irby S38069]

[John and Mary Fitzpatrick Jones W372]

[Peter Brickey R1192] [Samuel Kennerley S16900]

[Thomas McClure W8429] [Samuel Merritt or Merrit S38206] [Joseph McAlister S31241]

[John Miller S1921] [John McClure R6632]

[William Goodson S30440] [Thomas Goodson S6901]

John Shaffer S3899 of Washington County, VA.]

[Samuel Walker S39117] [Alexander Stewart W8763] [George Riffey W18813] [George Hight or Hite W19769]

[James Ward W1105] [John Walker S48765] [Zachariah Lee R6260 transcribed by C Leon Harris from film copy]

[Zachariah Lee R6260 transcribed by Earl Hoffman from an origional copy]

[Christian Snidow Obit] [ Christian Snidow S17112]

[John and Martha Williamson W6523]

[James Scott S32511] [James Gilmour/Gilmore S30432]

[Jacob Smith S16253] [John and Winnifred Brickey Thompson W22418]

[Alexander Mars R7087] [Magdalen widow of Mathew Harvey W19681]

[Thomas and Nelly Wilkerson Markham W7389] [John Markham S5726]

[ Micajah and Frances Hawkins Callaway W6646]

[John Roe S39045]

[John Dickerson R2938]

[Jacob Harmon R4620

[William Lucas R6507

[Joseph Anderson S37676

James & Jemima Phillips Wood W4717

William and Elizabeth Franklin Poage W8502

Nathaniel Burwell W18681

William & Mary Williams W3747

Joseph Gammar/Grammar R4183

William and Elizabeth Lemons Hays R4783

John Wilson S1936

John Davis S30371

John and Margaret McBeath McCalla W1450

John and Mary Dotson Miller W47

Caleb Cooper S30959

Wetzel's Mill Photoprovided by C. Leon Harris

[Battle at Clapps Mill. Click for a view ofClapps Mill Story and Photo provided by C. Leon Harris]

These applications are found at Heritage Quest, and can be accessed with a library card. Most libraries provide this as a free service, but for those who don't have access, we are placing a transcription here.

This may be all individuals born 1740 - 1765 and died after 1818 who lived in the boundaries of what is now Botetourt County. If you know of anyone else, please contact me, and I'll ask Mr. C Leon Harris to help locate the application.

We are greatful for all the work on this and I dedicate this page to C. Leon Harris

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