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Listed below are Palo Pinto County Lookup Volunteers. Feel free to request a look-up from the following volunteers. Contact me if you have another resource and would like to do lookups.

Please limit your request to one name per request, or two names for marriage information.  Please limit your request to the volunteer's reference material.  In the first lines of the message please identify what you wish to have looked up, then give as much information as you have about the individual you wish to have looked up. USGenWeb policy prohibits lookup volunteers from infringing on copyright, so please do not ask for large quantities of information, information on multiple people, or Xerox copies of pages from the books.

Our volunteers are tireless workers who have dedicated and sacrificed a lot of time and energy into helping researchers like you, and I am grateful for all their help.  Please don't forget to thank them for their hard work.

Please allow a little time for the volunteer to do your lookup.  Some of their referenced material is not indexed and they must go through the book one page at a time.



Clarissa will do look ups at the Palo Pinto County Court House, including land records, etc.
do look ups in the Texas Census Records.


Brenda has a list of Palo Pinto Co. marriages from 1857--1891.  They contain the name of the bride, the name of the groom, and the date.  Some of the later records list the name of the person who performed the marriage.

1930 Palo Pinto County Census

Joseph R Johnston = email is bouncing. If you have a current email, please contact me.

Joe will help someone who is looking for people who resided in the Southern Part of the Co.  He will also lookup from his books, Santo: The Hub, Palo Pinto Story,   and 
Palo Pinto County History Book.

Barbara Payne has the 1880 Census for TX and will do lookups.

Cindy has three books
(1) The Palo Pinto Story by Mary Whatley Clarke; Copyright: 1956; Printed by: The Manney Co., 1041 Isbell Rd Ft Worth 14, Texas
(2) Pioneers, Moses Taylor and Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor Sr. of Kentucky and North Carolina, 1968 Revision by L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
(3) The Ramsey's, a family Story by John Paul Black, 1990

Anna Hankins

Anna will do lookups from:
Complete Cemetery Census of Palo Pinto County Texas 1854-2002
, compiled by Nelda Moren, Jack Loftin, and Marie Loftin.  She purchased this book from the County Seat Grocery Grill & Motel 940-659-2705 in Palo Pinto, and paid $41 for it.  It has 671 pages and is a very nice book.

Raynell Morris (Rayn)

Raynell Morris will do look-ups from:
Glancing Backward, A History of Lipan Texas. It has a lot of names and information on families, marriages, households etc. 

Edward Perry

Ed will do lookups from:
Possum Kingdom Country compiled by Fern Caudill, Georgia Coulson; published by Leonard Paul Printing, Ft. Worth.  Some surnames include Belding, Bridges, Burgess, Carter, Caudill, Chick, Costelo, Couger, Crawford, Crestinger, Dalton, Dendy, Farrar, Gaines, Garland, Harris, James, Johnson, Jowell, Layton, Lemley, Logson, Martin, McAdams, McAvoy, McMillan, Melton, Mitchell, Newby, Nicklas, Perry, Potter, Randal, Reed, Reeves, Ribble, Shrock, Snoddy, Storm, Stringer, Tennyson, Upham, Weldon, Webster, and many others.



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