Texas Union Soldier Schedule - 1890

Texas Union Soldier Schedule - 1890
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Thanks to Petra Wright for her transcription.  This is the portion of the list from Medina County.

Last Name First Name Widow Rank Regiment
Adcock William   Pvt E 20 Ill Inf
Bader Emil   Pvt C 1 Tex Art
Bailey Wilson   Sgt H 22 Cal
Batof(Batot) John   Pvt C 1 Tex Cav
Bridges Joseph F      
Brown J. T.   Pvt H 32 Tex Cav
Campbell Isac   Pvt F 102 Mich Inf
Decker Charles   Pvt 1 Tex
Dummont Charles F. Catherine Supples Hosp Steward I 7 Inf Vol
Facke William   Cpl C 55 Ill Inf
Garcia Augustine   Pvt I 1 Tex Cav
Getter O. H.   Pvt H 1I Mich Inf
Ghormley Joseph A.      
Cood Martin   Cpl-x'd out K 47 Penn
Grell John O   Pvt K Inf
Grodt Henry   Pvt H Wootzers
Hamlen Benjamin M   1st Sgt D29 Mass Regt Vol
Hancock J. B.   Pvt E Rodg
Harper George A.   Pvt B 3 Iow Cav
Harper R. A.     B McCord
Harris   Mary R.    
Heath Louis   Pvt-x'd out H 1 Tex Cav
Holzhouse August   Pvt K 47 Ohio Vol
August Holzhouse was captured at the battle of Atlanta in 1864 and sent to Andersonville prison camp in Georgia where he spent eighteen months.
(Information courtesy of Roy Clement Jr.)
King William B.   Pvt D Woods
Klein George   Capt C 108 Ohio Inf
Kotizen John (a. John B. Gardeiser)   Pvt A 2 Tex Cav
Krish   Catherine    
Lacy E. H.   Pvt-x'd out F
Ludwick Marcus H.   Pvt C 7 Mo Cav
Mangold Jacob   Pvt G 1 Tex Cav
Mangold Jacob Sr   Pvt G 1 Tex Cav
Manning John W.   Pvt-x'd out 27 Miss Inf
Massey Edmund      
Moore Lou   Sgt-x'd out A 1 Tex Cav
Neumann Albert   Pvt 15 Flonoy
Neumann John   Pvt D a Tex Cav
Neumann O. F.   Pvt B 2 Tex Cav
Patterson William D   Pvt B 1 Mich Inf
Rathbone George   Pvt-x'd out B 20 Miss Inf
Rihn Lonutz Mary Pvt C
Roberson John M.   Pvt H 3 US Inf
Saathoff Tocke A. (a. Emile Sothoff)   Cpl D 1 Tex Cav
Schaw W.   Sgt 19 Tex
Schmitt Frank H.   Pvt C 1 Tex Cav
Simmons B. M.   Pvt-x'd out 1 Tex Cav
Tillemann John   Pvt C 1 Tex Cav
Walker E. J.   Lt-x'd out 51 Tenn Inf
Wanz Xavier   Pvt 1 Tex
West Jonathan H.   Cpl C 192 Ohio Inf
Wetzger Fred   Sgt B 33 Cav
Wilson George T.   Pvt-x'd out H 10 Tex Inf
Wright James A.   Pvt D 4 Mich Inf
Young George      
Zimmermann Theobald      

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