Early Automobiles

Early Automobiles
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In 1907 the counties in Texas began the registration of its vehicles.  The law required that:

All owners of automobiles or motor vehicles shall before using such vehicles or machines upon the public roads, streets or driveways, register with the County Clerk of the county in which he resided, his name, which name shall be registered by the County Clerk in consecutive order in a book to be kept for that purpose, and shall be numbered in the order of their registration, and it shall be the duty of such owner or owners to display in a conspicuous place on said machine the number so registered, which number shall be in figures not less than six inches in height.  The County Clerk shall be paid by such owners a fee of fifty cents for each machine registered.

The registration number displays evolved into what we know today as license plates.  The following is a list of automobiles registered in Medina County.  The period covered by this is probably from 1907 when the Act was instituted to 1923 when all existing license plates were declared void and each person registering his vehicle for 1923 received a new pair of plates.

 (contributed by Doris and Jim Menke)

No. Name   Residence Car
1 (Not taken out)      
2 Horn J.H. Quihi Maxwell
3 Nixon J.P. Yancey  
4 Fletch Dr. J.H. Hondo  
5 McLaugherty & Horger   Hondo  
6 Bradley B.R. Hondo E.M.F.
7 Leinweber E.R. Hondo Hudson
8 Gilliam Claude W. Hondo Hudson
9 (Not taken out)      
10 Burgin J.E. Yancey  
11 Koontz Dr. L.A. Lacoste  
12 Wurzbach A.A. Rio Medina  
13 (Not taken out)      
14 Mofield L. Hondo E.M.F.
15 Clark E.W. Hondo Metz
16 Scott Mrs. E.E. Hondo Hudson
17 Meyer H.J. Hondo Studebaker
18 Smith W.H. Hondo Paige
19 Fohn Jacob Hondo Chalmers
20 Yancey Mercantile Co.   Yancey  
21 (Not taken out)      
22 Reitzer Robert New Fountain Brush
23 Kueck Henry Yancey  
24 Brown F.A. Hondo  
25 Merriman Henry Hondo Cole
26 Rothe Sr. F. D'Hanis  
27 Steinhardt J. Hondo Chadwick
28 McClaugherty & Horger   Hondo Hudson
29 Smith Mrs. J.D. Hondo Ford
30 Bowman W.H. Devine  
31 Garwood E.G. Hondo Flanders 20
32 Ketchum Dan Devine  
33 (Not taken out)      
34 Grimsinger Aug. Hondo Buick
35 Wurzbach Adolph Rio Medina  
36 Newton J.G. Newton  
37 Wilson H.G. Yancey  
38 Chancey M.A. Hondo  
39 Boehme Alex Rio Medina  
40 Newton J.C. Newton  
41 Wilson S.G. Yancey  
42 Howard R.C. Devine  
43 Christilles Geo. LaCoste  
44 Crow J.W. Hondo  
45 Odom W.B. Hondo  
46 Thompson J.C. Devine  
47 Redus J.O. Hondo  
48 Biediger Louis LaCoste  
49 Schmidt Geo. Biry  
50 Rothe A. Hondo  
51 Schmidt Emil LaCoste  
52 Gaines C.R. Hondo  
53 Butler J.O. Hondo  
54 Jungman, Jr. P. Hondo E.M.F.
55 Liles B.B. Yancey  
56 Burns Leo Devine Motorcycle
57 Burns J.F. Devine  
58 Meyers J.H. Hondo  
59 Balmos E.J. Devine  
60 Williamson J.A. Devine  
61 (Not taken out)      
62 Banks T.H. Devine  
63 Ketchum Dan Devine  
64 Ney Joe Hondo Hudson
65 Williamson W.M. Devine  
66 Fullerton J.W. Devine  
67 Teel R.N. Devine  
68 Ketchum Dan Devine  
69 Tilley Loyd Devine  
70 Mofield E.F. Hondo  
71 Finger J.M. Hondo  
72 (Not taken out)      
73 Halbardier A.E. Castroville Ford
74 Fohn Joe Hondo Hudson
75 Wurzbach H.F. Cliff  
76 (Not taken out)      
77 Price L.F. Devine National
78 Schuchardt Leo Cliff  
79 Rackley Bros   Devine  
80 Schmitt & Steinhardt   Hondo Commerce
81 Wurzbach O.J. Cliff  
82 Mass Rev. F. D'Hanis  
83 Fullerton J.C. Devine  
84 Crawford Mrs. Lou A. Devine  
85 Rothe A.C. D'Hanis  
86 Burell Louis Castroville  
87 Erck Emil Hondo  
88 Bradley B.R. Hondo Studebaker 20
89 Schuehle And. New Fountain Hudson
90 Briscoe Jno. T. Devine Buick Roadster
91 Muennink John New Fountain Hudson
92 Franger Joe Biry  
93 Posch Rud. Biry Cadillac
94 Briscoe J.F. Devine  
95 Haby Alois Rio Medina  
96 Haby Ad. Dunlay Buick
97 Miller O.H. Hondo Stoddard-Dayton
98 McClaugherty & Horger   Hondo  
99 Stein Jacob Cliff  
100 Heath L.E. Hondo Studebaker 35
101 Keller M.A. Devine  
102 Goff G.C. Hondo  
103 FitzSimon Louis L. Castroville Moon
104 Riley Jacob D'Hanis Hudson
105 Dilworth J.F. Hondo Hudson
106 Koenig August Castroville  
107 Kauffman Emil Rio Medina  
108 Bendele Edwin Hondo  
109 Rothe Louis D'Hanis  
110 Greigg W. LaCoste  
111 Muennink Fritz D. New Fountain Marion
112 Crutchfield U. Devine  
113 Bilhartz Jac. Biry Buick
114 Bradley Horace Hondo Buick
115 Christilles Paul F. LaCoste Ford
116 Schuchart Manuel Cliff  
117 Gross Henry LaCoste  
118 Roberts C.W. Hondo  
119 Decker Joe Hondo Hudson
120 Taylor H.B. Hondo Maxwell
121 Ketchum D.A. Devine  
122 Gilliam Claude W. Hondo  
123 Biry Jack Biry Buick
124 Haby Louis A. Dunlay  
125 Fusselman Jack M. Elstone  
126 (Not taken out)      
127 (Not taken out)      
128 Sauter T.J. Hondo Paige
129 Schorp John J. Rio Medina Buick
130 Brucks Ed. J. Hondo  
131 Haass H.E. Hondo Oakland
132 Bendele Hy. Devine Overland
133 Merriman J.C. Hondo Buick
134 Pledger J.A. Yancey Buick
135 Collier B.G. Hondo Chalmers
136 Wurzbach Hy. F. Cliff Truck
137 Bippert Otto LaCoste  
138 Schmidt Ed. LaCoste  
139 Rothe Louis F. Hondo  
140 Weynand H.C. Lytle Motorcycle
141 Vonflie Henry Castroville Ford
142 Reymann Adolph LaCoste Ford
143 Tondre Alex Castroville Hudson
144 Rogers C.C. Hondo Hudson
145 Scherrer Louis Castroville Studebaker
146 Wurzbach Hugo Rio Medina Buick
147 Windrow W.H. Hondo Studebaker
148 Schmidt August Biry Midland
149 Finger Joe D'Hanis Hudson
150 Rohlf C.H. Dunlay Maxwell
151 Haass H.V. Castroville Ford
152 Kirby H.S. Hondo Studebaker
153 FitzSimon Louis L. Castroville Avery Truck
154 Batot Felix Hondo Paige
155 Faseler Fritz Yancey Marion
156 Erck Emil Hondo Hudson
157 Finger Ed. D'Hanis Buick
158 Short D.W. Hondo Buick
159 Koch John M. D'Hanis Studebaker
160 Huesser Eugen Hondo Case
161 Heckmann Rev. A. Castroville Ford
162 Meiser Rev. J. LaCoste Ford
163 Gerdes Geo. G. New Fountain Marion
164 Finger Wm. D'Hanis Paige
165 Koch M.S. D'Hanis Ford
166 Westfall Frank Hondo Ford
167 Wurzbach Frank Rio Medina Studebaker
168 McCaughan John Yancey Cadillac
169 Schmidt Louis J. Hondo Studebaker
170 Crow J.W. Hondo Ford
171 Rath Matt Hondo Buick
172 Bailey H.R. Hondo  
173 Kauffmann Mrs. M.A. LaCoste Overland
174 Keller Frank LaCoste Studebaker
175 Weynand Peter Hondo Ford
176 Fred M.K. Hondo Ford
177 King I.H. Hondo Ford
178 Boehme Ferdinand Rio Medina Ford
179 Fohn Nick D'Hanis Buick
180 Ihnken John LaCoste Ford
181 Seekatz F.P. Rio Medina Studebaker
182 Zuecher Hub. Castroville Studebaker
183 Sunrise Lumber Co.   Hondo Truck
184 Perron E.A. Devine Stoddard Dayton
185 Wurzbach Chas.   Studebaker
186 Haegelin Otto Castroville Studebaker
187 Schuchart A.L. Cliff Studebaker
188 Nehr Chas. D'Hanis Buick
189 Jagge Fred Castroville Ford
190 Huegele Otto Rio Medina Studebaker
191 Zueberbueler John & Bros Dunlay Buick
192 Callaham J.E. Hondo Paige
193 Hillard E.F. LaCoste Ford
194 Schott Eug. Rio Medina Studebaker
195 Burnett W.H. Devine Overland
196 Hollaway J.W. Hondo Stoddard Dayton
197 Reinhart Paul D'Hanis Maxwell
198 Wernette W.W. Castroville Paige
199 Newton Mrs. W.E. Hondo Paige
200 Hondo Auto Sales Co.   Hondo Paige
201 Brown C.B. Hondo Paige
202 Keller & Tondre   Castroville Hupmobile
203 Stiegler Louis A. Hondo Paige
204 Bendele Geo. H. Hondo Paige
205 Cole Wm. J. Castroville Mitchell
206 Haegelin Ad. L. Hondo Case
207 Haegelin Edmund B. Rio Medina Case
208 Groff Joe Castroville Ford
209 Bendele Armin Dunlay Paige
210 Richter Paul Hondo Paige
211 Meredith W.R. Hondo Hudson
212 Wurzbach Aug. Castroville Studebaker
213 Schott Robt. Rio Medina Buick
214 Fly D.H. Hondo Paige
215 Schott Jos. Rio Medina Hudson
216 Haby Nick Rio Medina Paige
217 Halliburton Dr. B.S. Devine Ford
218 Metzger Chas. Hondo Paige
219 Bader J.F. Hondo Ford
220 Williamson A.B. & Son Devine Overland
221 Schmitt Wm. A. Hondo Hudson
222 Hans Ed. Castroville Hudson
223 Kroeger Gus. LaCoste Ford
224 Bippert Dave LaCoste Buick
225 Gaines C.R. Hondo Buick
226 Harrell B.C. Yancey Ford
227 Jagge Armand Castroville Ford
228 Miller O.H. Hondo Truck
229 Burgin H.N. Yancey Paige
230 Koch Pete D'Hanis Ford
231 Thomas R.P. Hondo Ford
232 Weynand H.C. Natalia Buick
233 Hollaway A.G. Hondo Motorcycle
234 Jungman S.A. Hondo Ford
235 Peters A.F. Hondo Buick
237 Wurzbach Willie Rio Medina Cadillac
238 Wurzbach Louis Rio Medina Buick
239 Haegelin Chas.F. Castroville Avery Truck
240 Etter Aug. Castroville Avery Truck
241 Lacy E.W. Hondo Buick
242 Finger Chas. Hondo Buick
243 Carle Geo. Hondo Ford
244 Frerichs Harm Hondo Paige
245 Honegger Irving C. Hondo Ford
246 Bless C.J. Hondo Buick

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