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1886 - 1889


These will have the person who submitted them after the article.  WA, is Wayne Adcock, TU is Tresa Underwood.  Society will be from someone from the society, any other submitter will have their name or e-mail noted.

Society / Published in a back issue of the Society issue.  Abstracted by Elizabeth Wilburn and typed up for the web page by Elizabeth Brown.  

This page has so much by the society that only the other submitters will be marked.



10 Apr. 1886 news item, Pat Hardin was elected Marshall 1900 Census of Texarkana Ark. 403 Pecan St. gives this info. Hardin, Pat, Mar. 1853 Ireland, Mary wife Apr 1860 Ky md. 22 yrs 11 ch. 9 living, Katie dau Nov. 1878, Mary dau. Apr 1881, Michael son Oct. 1882, Edward son Mar 1884, Patrick son Nov. 1885, James son Apr 1888, Frank son June 1889, Daniel son Aug. 1891, Tom son Apr 1895. WA

APRIL 10, 1886:     Society

William Ferguson lives on College Hill.       

Mrs. F W Mullens and Mrs. T S Mullens's mother died in Magnolia, Arkansas

Capt J S Knox is visiting in Dallas.          

Capt West of the New Boston Herald is visiting in our city today.           

Celia Leathrman is ill.       

Pat Hardin is Marshal elect; his principal deputy is Bob Cooley.      

Miss Jenny Hays moved to Tennessee to join her relatives.       

Pete Ramseur is visiting here from Hooks, Texas.           

Judge Mitchell has a brother John, in Washington, who is ill.      

 APRIL 11, 1886:   Society

Jimmy Rodden of Perryville, Arkansas, age 16, eloped with Mrs. Rodden, a grass widow, about 25.

APRIL 12, 1886:  Society

Mayor elect J H Henderson spent yesterday in Atlanta.

Miss Minne Burke is visiting in Marshall.

Capt. Frank Ryan of Iron Mountain Road, spent yesterday in the city.

Mr. John Allen is building a handsome home near Miller county courthouse

Mrs J W Ronen (?) has returned home from Hot Springs.

Cella Leatherman is recovering from the measels.

Hon. Martin Forester is Mayor-elect of East side.

Mr and Mrs Solinsky - congratulations on the birth of another son.

Thomas Gordon died April 3, 1886.

Monsieur H. Karo Knox is expected home soon from Florida.

Cameron Station - he is buried at Cameron Station on the T. and St. I.  R. R.

L. J. Jones is an excellent contractor and builder.                               

12 April 1886 Hon.  Martin Forester is Mayor-elect of East side.( Texarkana Ark)  WA

13 April 1886 - 13 April 1886 - Marshall Larnergan will retire tonight, also Mayor C. C. Dorrian  WA

13 April 1886 - C. C. Dorian retires tonight as mayor  WA

APRIL 13, 1886:      Society.              

Marshall Larnergan will retire tonite.                                        

Tom Daley had his home broken into Sunday night.                                         

Malvern, Arkansas, Train Master Hall issued instructions to fire rebellious crews.                                         

Sam Small has quit the use of tobacco.                                       

Will T. Hudgins went to Jefferson yesterday.                                     

 Hon. O . D. Scott will go to Washington court tonight.                                       

 Mayor C. C. Dorrian retires tonight.                                       

 Miss Lizzie Watts of Nevada County, Arkansas, is soon to visit her brother Jno. C. Watts brother.

Jno. C Watts at his resdence beyond sunset. (School at 1520 Olive-Thomas Perry was principal, 1899 City  Directory.)                                    

Hon. A  L Ghio retires as Mayor of West side after 4 terms.                                       

Smith Cullom of Colorado, formerly of this city, is here on a visit to his old home.                                      

There was a social last night at Mr and Mrs E N Maxwell's.                                     

Ed Burke is in school in Jackson, Tennessee, and will return in June.

14 April 1886 - East Side aldermen listed as Mr. Bramble, Whittemore, Carloss, Lingold and Ed Schicker.  WA

APRIL 14, 1886:  Society  

Mr. Will D Kelley of Hooks, Texas and Miss Alice J Smith of Texarkana are to be to be married this evening.

Charles H Aiken is here.

Alderman of East Side are: Messrs. Bramble, Whittemore, Carloss, Lingold, and Ed Schicker.

Frank Varner wants Grand Avenue put in good order.

Jo Cook is atending circuit court in Washington.

Guy Schicker moved his family to residence recently vacated by Dr. Webster on Hazel Street.

Died on April 14, 1886, Steve Knight, treasurer of Bowie County.

Hon. Paul Jones and family returned home today. 

APRIL 15, 1886:  Society

Mrs. L V Hogane is principle of a select school for girls on State Line Avenue.

Two teachers in Center Point, Arkansas (Miller County), are Miss Allie Wilson and Miss Ida Matlock.

Mrs. Z H Gaither is principle of a private school on State Line Avenue.

Daniel Stevens former editor of the Workman, has returned to the East.

Mrs. J C Mason returned from Prescott.

J A Lightfoot is a pharmacist.

Mr and Mrs Charlie Reeves expected home Saturday.

C H Moores has returned from his trip West.

Miss Addie McCulloch of Bearden, Arkansas, returned home last night. 

15 Apr 1886 - L. V. Hogane is principal of a select school for girls on State Line Ave. Texarkana  WA

APRIL 16, 1886:  Society

Judge Thomas Orr is a candidate for Sheriff of Miller County.

Judge Bell came up form New Boston last night.

C E Beard went to Jefferson this morning, and Dr. Bendler returned from Little Rock, Arkansas, last night.

Miss Elsie Haywood is visiting her sister, Mrs. Frank Hiller, in this city.

Dick Arnold went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, tonight for treatment of rheumatism.

Miss Amanda Brown gives penmanship lessons at the Orr Oopera House.

Mr. O'Dwyer is sick.

Mr. O V Hays of this city is in other Texas cities on business.

Mrs. E D Lingold returned from Alabama accompanied by her sister, Miss Carrie Wright.

J H Hart of Pine Bluff, Arkansas,  is in the city .

Johnny Paup was over from Red River last night.

Sisters Thomisine and DeSales, teachers in St. Agnes, learned of the death of their father by telegram.

APRIL 16, 1886:        Society

 list of names on letters that were uncalled for in Texarkana, Arkansas, Post Office:                                   

 List posted by W W Shaw, Postmaster.                              

 MALES:                        MALES:                  FEMALES:

 Arnold, G H                  Jones, Walter          Barnes, Mrs S A        

 Allison, Mack              Kerr,Wm                 Churchman, Kitty      

 Allen, C H                     Kerr, W J                Carrell, L E           

 Atchison, Ned              Kernon, J M             Chitson, Liza       

  Austin, D P                 Kirkland, John        Chipman, Belle      

Baker, G C                    King, J H                  Cunningham, Malley           

Bates, J T                      King, Tom                 Dickens, D A           

Banks, Joe                    Langley, P P             Greenwood, Susan

 Barth, Richard            Lee (Loe), T J            Hall, Bella

Berger, Mark              Lochman, E C             Kelley, Mary

Bebel, W                       Long, H C                    Sanford,  L S

 Bisby, R L                    Long, J D                    Lollis, Elvirey

Blackman, Green        London, R                    Lawley, Lizzie

Bryant, Willie              Lucas, J                      Marvil, Annie B

Brannon, Bill                Mattox,??                   Murphy, Alice

 Brooks, Joe                  Mackey, M H             Nails, Emiline

Chandler, A F               Martin, W O              Young, Patience

Cowan, J W                   Melton, Wm               See, Matilda

 Caderwood, W H          McDaniel, J B           Scott, T J

 Doles, T A                     McMullen, Tom         Sexton, Susan

Dyer, J W                      Norton, Harry            Stamps, Annie

Edwards, J M                 Nunis, Geo.                Striclin, Laney

 Edmunson, Luke          O'Neal, ??                 Taylor, J M

Ellison, K                        Owens, Berry           Walginete, Nora

Elledge, R J                    Parker, J                  Johnson, Fannie

Endy, H D                        Park, Sidney             Williams, Adline

 Fall, A B                        Pomeroy, S E             McKay, S J

Farrar, R R                    Powell, Calvin           White, Marie

Flaisig, N W                  Pruitt, Reese             Orr, Bane

Flenders,D C                 Reed, Julius

Foster, Geo.                   Ray, Chas

Frank, R M                   Roberson, Robt.

 Gilbert, C W                Rodgers Alex

 Gillie, Henry                Russell, E J

 Gibbs, C A                     Scott, J B

Goodson, G B                 Seawood , Will

Goodson, W J                Stewart, Robt.

Hudson, James              Sutton, Chas.

Hickey, Luke                 Tallman, G W

Hoden, Wm.                    Red, James

Haugten, James             Thomas, Allen

Hellinger, J                    Turner, W M

Henry, Richard              Van, James

Hunter, T M                    Williams, Rev. W H

 Harver, B T                    Wilson, Ben

Herbig, W B                    Wilkerson, Armstead

 Jacobs, Sam                    Williams, J D

Jackson, W A                  Yager, Adam

Johnson, G W                       

Johnson, J M    

16 April 1886 - Judge Thomas Orr is a candidate for Sheriff of Miller County Ark.  WA

APRIL 17, 1886:     Society

Congradulatiions to Mr and Mrs S M Latier on the birth of a new son.  

 Hon. A Williams is candidate for Judge from Hempstead County, Arkansas. 

Minor Wallace from Columbia County Arkansas, is a candidate for State Senator.      

The wfe of Rev.G H Dannelly died at her home in White County, Arkansas a  few days ago.

Mr. Will T Hudgins has returned from Jefferson.

Jimmie Buchanan of Sulphur is visiting here.

Frank Spears has been on the sick list.

Dick Arnold has gone to Hot Springs for a rest.

Harry Sachs and Henry Mendell are visiting their girls.

Tom Miskell returned last night from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Rev.J E Wolfe, the evangelist at the Presbyterian Church has Robert Swain as a singer.

Jno. C Watts left for McNeil (Arkansas) last night to attend the funeral of his mother, who died from a fire.

Judge Elliott has a rare collection of old coins.

Welcome home to Henry Knox, after a trip to Florida.

APRIL 18, 1886:  Society

Missing from files.                         

APRIL 19, 1886:  Society

 Judge Askew of Magnolia, Arkansas, was in the city yesterday.  

 Marshall Hardin intends to clean the city.                              

 Mr and Mrs Dowsing have returned from San Angelo , Texas .        

 Col. S W McKneely and wife went to Dallas yesterday                            

Circuit Clerk Dave Dixon was over from Columbia County, Arkansas.

Ed Robbins - For County Clerk  of Bowie County. 

 Mrs. Ed Lingold and sister Miss Carrie Wright  are in the dress making business.

Mr and Mrs H C Ellis host a social tonight.                                 

L L Jones does woodwork.                                

Misses Tom and Lula Trigg, Misses Whitmore and Weed, and Messrs. Offenhauser,                

Hammond, Jas. Whitmore, and Lynch spent the day picknicking.   

Sheriff Connevey of  Lafayette County, Arkansas, is visiting here.               

Mrs. Kate Lumpkins, of Georgia has been visiting her brothers, J B and J A        Lightfoot of this city.

Mrs. J H Trigg returned from St. Louis this morning were she visited her mother.

 APRIL 20, 1886:  Society

Pony Ragland has his head shaved.

 A social was held last night at Mr and Mrs H C Ellis's home.

Mike Cassidy and Ed Donnelly went fishing today.

Pete Ramseur, the clever mill man is up from Hooks, Texas today.

 A . Fear is a salesman at Weinstein and Kosminsky's.

APRIL 21, 1886:  Society

Mrs. F  Leatherman and children returned last night from Louisiana.

Celia Leatherman is going to Colorado.

 Judge Elliott's daughter is Willie H Elliott of Arcadia, Missouri.

Miss Genie Lowe has a visitor, Miss Gardner of Gainsville, Texas.

Charlie Dillihunty, CountyTreasurer of Titus County (Texas) is visiting here.

E N Maxell has his old buggy painted.

L A Patillo is an officer in The Templers.

Ham O Williams was wounded in Railroad War & Strike.

Mr and Mrs D A Phillips will visit Palapinto Wells, Texas.

Mrs. S B Andrews has as her guest her Mother, Mrs. Buckman of Boston, Mass.

APRIL 22, 1886:  Society

Barney slimer, a switchman at Iron Mountain Railroad yards came near being    shot last night at work.

 Jo Cook is back from Little River County, Arkansas.

Ben M Hagey has gone to Alabama, he won't return alone.

Mrs. Dills, widow of General Dills, visited Judge Talbot family.

Mrs. R B Williams and daughter Jodie of Washington are visiting the Editor .

APRIL 23, 1886:  Society

 Albert Read had his tongue severely cut by a baseball.

G W Fouke had an old friend as a visitor - Major Newcomer of Illinois.  

H J Allen of Queen City, Texas, visited here this morning.                           

A list of names on letters that were uncalled for:                         

 MALES;                   MALES:                       FEMALES;                           

Bell,  L B                   McCoy, Allen             Adams, Nanie

Brannon, M H          McCullum, R             Arnold, Mary

Bryant, J B                McCartney, Frank     Austin, Josie

Caldwell, Hiram       McDonald, V E          Bagett, Rebecca

Croughtam, D J        Murphy, Richard        Bouy, Amanda

Cole, R B                   Meyers, Elie                Cushing, Sarah

Christian, H              Overall, N M               Coleman, Matie

Curey, T C                 Preston, T                    Cotton, Auga

Disker, Edward         Purdon, W F               ? Reg. A G

Garrett, L H                Radabaugh, C C         Rarris, Emma

Goode, W B                Richison, Wash          Jackson, Anna

 Gugg, J A                   Rogers, N B                Jackson, Belle

Hodge, Coleman       Rouk, J E                    Green, Mrs. B ?ate

Hackett, J H               Sexton, Phillip          Hart, Miss May

Halsey, Walter           Sechior, S R              Holt, Perciller

Haine, E                      Shatto, H S               Hicks, Mrs. L V

Harris, John                Shehee, Isom           Ingram, Miss Mary

Harrison, T E              Smith, M G              McDonald, Mandy

Jacques. John (colored)     Smith, J          Lawler, Mary

Jones, Tom                   Stickell, T G             Milton, Bettie

Jiles, Tom                     Stambaugh, H M      Murphy, E H C

Johnson, Levi               Smallwood, Moses    Parker, Dealy

Janes, L D                     Waren, David           Perry, Rachel

Kelpe, T H                     Ward, Michael         Poke, S M

Kelley, Wm B               Winner, J S              Owens, Etta

Lain, Wm                      Witner, J E               Young, Mollie

Manley, T R                  Wilson, R W            Sillman, Lizzie

Moses, Jery                  Wilson, R W             Taylor, Katie

Mills, W D                   Wilson, Ben               Turn, M A

Morron, H S                Williams, Mr. ?         Todd, Rosie

Morriscaux, H F          Smith, Wm                Turner, Lizzie

Morton, S A                                                      West, Mrs M H

McCalister, Andy                                            Waterlassie ?, Rose

McCurry, ? M                                                  Wems, Sallie

Willard, Ellen

Williams, Callie

APRIL, 24, 1886:     Society

Stuart Warren returned today.                             

Fannie Williams,, daughter of our popular physician is ill.                         

L. T. Edwards had a burglar at his house.                         

Misses Tom & Mollie Humphrey, out driving had an accident and tore up  their buggy.                             

Hon. B F Askew passed thru our city last night, returning to Magnolia, Arkansas,  from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Jimmie Buchanan is up from Sulphyr today , and is she  happy.

Capt. S D Hawes  is back from Dallas, Texas.

 APRIL 26, 1886:  Society

 Alderman Ed Schicker was surprised on his third marriage anniversary at home.

APRIL 27, 1886:  Society

Jo Marx is on the jury. 

Justice Hays married Mr. George Thompson and Miss M J Holland today, in     his office. They said they were from Texas on their way to Missouri.

J F Smith is off on a business trip to Texas.

Capt. R P Menard is expected back from Georgia tomorrow.

John Strange works for Tom's Exchange.

APRIL 28, 1886:  Society

Invitations are out for the wedding of A J Kizer and Miss Sue Estes, next Wednesday evening.

Lee Hitchcock died yesterday.  He was one of the cities oldest carpenters.

L A Pattillo went to Hughtes Springs, Texas recently, and says he left her in tears.

Miss Clyde Allen visited her uncles the Messrs. Patillo's. She is from Hughes Springs.

Mike Cassidy visited Prescott (Arkansas) .

APRIL 29, 1886:  Society

Mr & Mrs A M Hawkins had a guest from Camden , Ark. a Mrs. S W Mallory.

 Mr :& Mrs. C M Reeves, last night had a few friends in as the brides' cake was cut.

Miss Jennie Weed got the ring, and Miss florence Lasley, the nickel.

Jeptha Littleton, age 82, and Mrs. Rughey Ann Thompson, age 75, were married at Clayton, Georgia on the 18th. Their children opposed the marriage, so they slipped  off and got married.

Fred Offenhauser is in Dallas, Texas on business.

The mother, brother, and sister of Mr Young, the butcher, arrived from New York.

L J Jones is one of our best mechanics.

APRIL 30, 1886:  Society

Charles Wilkerson's family is visiting at Conway, Arkansas.

Mrs. J E Reilly bought 3 lots from G A Hays, and will build a handsome home

Mayor Forster and Hon. O D Scott returned from Camden, Arkansas today.

Married Wednesday evening (April 28) at the Benefield Hotel here in the city, ; by the Rev. J H Wiggins, Mr. E D Stocking of Gainsville, Texas and Miss Hattie L. Christian  of Atlanta, Georgia.

Miss May Young and Jeff Sanderson, and Sue  Ferguson and Will Kirby, and other friends fried fish on banks of Hick's Lake yesterday.

Ben Collins returned last night from a 3 day trip to Red River.

Mrs. & Dr. Wilder of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, are visiting her sisters, Mesdames Smithers  and Wyche in this city.

Ira Higgs went to Washington.

MAY 1, 1886:     Society

R D Speight - candidate for circuit Clerk of Miller County.

Ed Robbins - Candidate for County Clerk of Bowie County.

For Rent: A house by Mr. Ogden Bryant.

School election for new directors to be May 5th. Offices expiring for the following" J C Weed, Thomas Orr, W N Maxwell, F L Schuster, and E A Warren. Signed by Mayor Martin Forester and W H Arnold, Recorder.

Married on May 1, 1886, at 7:00 o'clock, at the residence of Rev. B. D. Jones, Mr. A. E. Jones and Miss Burrow, by Rev. Jones. 

The family of Rev. Mr. George has returned from New Orleans. 

Miss Emma Taylor, daughter of O. P. Taylor, is to visit St. Louis, soon. 

Miss Sallie, daughter of Dr. Read, returned last night from New Boston where she has been teaching. 

Judge Mitchell and J. D. Hall went to Paris, Texas this morning

Col. F. M. Henry had a visit from his brother, Mr. Henry, an assessor of Hot Springs, Ark.  Yesterday. 

Col. F. M. Duncan, President of Queen City Lumber Co., is visiting in the city.

Miss Mattie Morrow is visiting in Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Jo Cook is back from Richmond. 

Jimmy Buchanan is up from Sulpher today. 

Mr. & Mrs. D A Philips are at Mineral Wells. 

Dick Arnold will go to Hot Springs Monday. 

MAY 2, 1886:

Issue is missing.

MAY 3, 1886:  Society

Business Ads:     J. C. Whitener & J. N Mayher.___ Saloon.     

Ben Forman is to open an ice cream parlor.  

Harry Knox will open a confectionery store in the Byrne Block.  

Stuart Warren went to Buchanan's Mills this morning.  

Will H Tunnard will be Editor of Workman Newspaper in the city.

L. J. Jones is a good  mechanic and contractor.

Barry Mathews, former Texarkanian, is now Editor of the St. John's Herald in Arizona  Territory.

A H. Latimer - G. W. C. T. of Good Templars of Texas will speak here Thursday evening  at  State Line M. E. Church.

Ex-Mayor Ghio is expected hoe from St. Louis this evening.

Col. W. T. Steele, a prominent Mill man of Prescott is in town.

Elder T. W. Caskell of Greenville, preached here  yesterday.

Hon. O. D. Scott went to Little Rock yesterday.

Mrs. Sypert, sister of Mrs. Dr., Hawkins, is visiting her.

Claude Mc Corkle, Editor of Hope Mercury spent yesterday in the city.

Miss Stella Fowlkes a teacher at Richmond, will spend the summer here.

A baby girl was born to Mr. And Mrs. William Wright , May 1, 1886.

B. Williams  and family of Washington, and Mrs. W. B. Stuart passed through our  city yesterday en route for a visit to Capt. Ed booker and family , on Red River.   

Charles Wilkerson left this morning to visit his family at  Conway.  

Mrs. Helen M Edwards, relict  of Thomas J  Edwards, dec'd., died Saturday afternoon, May 1, 1886, at the family residence in city. Surviving her are one son and two  daughters.  Services were conducted May 2, by Revs. Mr. Smith and Mr. Wiggins Burial was in Rondo Cemetery, by the side of her husband.  

County assessor, J. G. Holloway left Saturday on a bridel tour to Ft. Worth.  

Married on May 3, 1886 at Benefield Hotel, Mr. B C. Williams and Miss Lizzie Formby, both of  Cason, Texas by Judge Bell.

List of letters uncalled for at Post Office as of April 30, 1886:      


Adams, T. J.                           Conwell, A. L.                   Howard, T     

Attaway, B. R.                       Collison, Robt. F.            Hollingshead, J W        

Cochran, Geo. A                   Houston, F B                     Anderson,Thos.        

Cravens, H H                         Jarrett, J W                       Anderson, Wm.         

Dallantman, R. L                 Johnson, J P                      Avery, Harry              

Deanes, Hew                         Johnson, C P                     Armstrong, Jno.            

Daividson, Jno.                    Johnson, G W                    Baxterm R. W.               

Demenico (?), Buccola       Justus, Arthur                   Baird , T.R.            

Doud, Will                            Kimball, Jno                      Battle, A. C.                 

Dixon, C F                           King, Henry                         Bedenfield, J.            

Dorrian, Con                       Lou, W O  (2)                      Bone (Bene ?), T W.     

Duffy, Peter                         Lewis, Geo.  (2)                   Berry, J. H                    

Ferguson, C E                    Lomax, Hall                       Bain, W N  (2)               

Falconer, Andrew F (2)   Lowry, Timothy                Beidler, Dr.HM(2)        

Fitton, J W                         Long, William  (2)            Black, A L                 

Frieley, John T                 Luxenbill, Jas.                   Broker, Parone          

Gensarn, W L                    Maddox, John                   Bramble, H L                   

Glover, Will                      Matthews, C F                   Briggs, J H                        

Goldman, A (blurred)     Matlock, E B                     Cella, Joe L                      

Goddard, W M                 Mass (Moss?), Louis        Carroll, W D                     

Goodson, J P                   Massey, Geo. R                  Chase, M C & Lady         

Gamez, Emilio               Miles, Edy H                        Close, Pat (3)                     

Grace, Tom                    Mitchell, Sam                       Cohens, H F                      

Gray, Tony                    Mitchell, E C                       Coleman, W W                  

Granbery, C B               Mitchell, C E                       Colwell ,  F E                  

Healy, P                        Cooper, Charley                   Hester, Wylie                    

Colomon, James         Henry, Jim

    Numbers in parenthesis are number of letters on hold.  

Mitchener, Clarence                  Tansy, Isaac                       Coble, Fanny           

Taylor, Jon                                 Campbell, Sade L                  Miller, J F                

Talbot, Dr. J W                          Cole, Fannie                          Miller, Stephen    

Thrasher, Donomore                Coper, Mintie                        Morton, E J   (2)       

Thomas, Jon P                            Cash, Juda                             Myrick, C R    

Travers, H                                   Cudjir, Matilda                      Nash, Ben          

Trimble, W H                             Chandler, Sarah M              Tolson (?), J W                          

Dell, Elizabeth                             Neely, D                                 Turner, Walter                           

Drucker, , _______                   O'Donnell,  H S                    Vane, Wood      

Daley, C U                                    O'Neal, J J                            Watkins, W W              

Elliott, Delia                                Overholster, Sam                 Watkins, W H               

Elmore, Daisy  (3)                      Parker, W E                          Watkins, Lee                    

Fleming, Nellie                         Parkins, B & Son                 Wagner, M M                 

Flanigan, Purthenia                 Peterson, Wm.   (3)              Wa (si ?) ;hold, Gustavo    

 Farris, E E                                 Peter, T H                              Walker, Rev J E               

Forest, Jennie                           Pilling, T H                            Waddy, W G                     

Glass, Mollie                           Price, J F  (2)                          White, W L                       

Green, Linay                           Wilson & Nelson   (2)           Gravett, Maria P              

Pugh, N P                               Wills, Lawson                         Hews, Mary Ann              

Ranstom Moses                     Williams, Andrew                 Henrach, Jane                  

Raymer, Senj                        Wittmer, H H                          Halsey, Annie                   

Reading, Jon J                      Wilke, William                     Higgins, Sallie                  

Reyne, Willie                       Wilburn, Elijah                      Hindman, Rose                

 Rigsby, George                   Williams, Carrah                  Hull, J P                            

 Redlow, S E                         Yeager, Jas. E                         Johnson, Silla                    

Rodgers, B A  (2)               Yune, Wan ( a chinaman)     Johnson, Percilla             

Rosenbaum & Fres           McClish, S M                          Johnson, Rachel

McDermott, A R                 Jones, Sallie                           Robberson, J G    

McCurry, M                        Key, Julia                                 Sanford, Clarence T  

McKay , A                            Kimbel, Nannie                        Seagravs, S                 

McKinnie, J                        Leach, Rachel                         Shandle, J E    

McCabe                                Leslie, G C                              Shupert, Jas. L (3) 

McKay, S  J                         Lester, Mary Jane                  Simmons, T S                

 McSlay, Rharlie                Lyes, Mandy                            Shelly, Geo W    

MacDemone, Caroline       Sims, W H  (3)     

                                               LADIES LIST:                                

McDonel, Archie                   Smith, W C                  Adgate, Mrs E B     

McKinney,Florrie                 Smith, Harry               Alford, Miss Eugenia   

McDowns, M                          Smith, Joe                    Appleby, Fannie    

McGary, Callie                      Smithson, John          Androwson, Alice     

Neaton, A                               Sokes, Charley           Aaron, Mary         

Newman, Mattie                    Sondgrass, B ?            Bayley, Ellen           

Newman, Rosie                     Stocker, H J   (2)         Bewly, Sarah                    

O' Donnell, Lizzie   (7)       Bowman, M J               Owens, Betsey   (2)                

Story, D F                            Brown, Mary  (2)          Preston, Clarissca               

Stout, Theo                          Stillwell, Geo                  Stevens, Wm. E       

Simon, Lizzie                    Wooldridge, M E             Steel, Lily I                       

Wright, Mollie L              Preston, Hattie              Strong, Percy                

Reveling , Annie               Sullivan, Lucy                 Swift, Angeline                 

Rayman, Ollie                  Smith, Lizzie                  Russell, Delia                  

 Washington, Fanny         Ryan, Vandelia              Walker, Cally                    

Scaldes, Lucresy             Wadkin, Mary                Seeton, Sarah                   

Wells, Clara                    Sera, Columbia              Weems, Sallie            

Numbers in parenthesis are the number of letters.   Signed by:  Willis Whitaker, Post Master  

MAY 4, 1886: Society


                Rev. J E Walker……………………….M E Church, South (State Line)

                Rev. B D Jones………………………..M E Church, Fourth Street

                Rev. G A Moffat………………………First Baptist  (Pine Street )

                Rev. J F Shaw………………………… Seventh Day Baptist  (College Hill )

                Rev. J C Mason……………………….Christian Church ( State Line)

                Rev. T M N George……………………St James Episcopal Church 

                Rev. J H Wiggins……………………..O S Presbyterian Church

            Rev. A Barbin………………………….Catholic Church

                Rev. J T Taylor…………………………A  E Church ( Colored )

                Rev. H Booth……………………………Mr. Zion Baptist Church   

 Parson Shaw is in Alabama. 

Ed McCorkle is up from Atlanta. 

H J Allen is up from Queen City today 

Pete Ramseur, from Hooks, is in the city today.

Hon. O D Scott has returned from Little Rock. 

Mrs. Block will give a picnic to the Jews of our city, at her farm, next Sunday. 

Messes. C E Mitchell, W A Kelsey, and J D Hall have returned from Paris. 

Mrs. R Bartlett and Mr. and Mrs. Jo Losminsky have gone on a visit to Wootten Wells. 
The body of Tom Farrell was found today. He was a section hand on T and P Road. He died from drinking, Dr. Hoffman, West Side City Physician states. He was buried today at city expense. 

Editor E A Warren is going on vacation . His brother, Will Warren, will be in charge of the paper while he is away. 

West Side Council met last night with Mayor Henderson presiding. Alderman Roach was absent. School trustees elected were: s M Hawes and Dr. R W Read, Dr. L A Hoffman was reappointed City Physician at the meeting.. Also, J W Hughes was granted privilege to cover outbuilding. 

W H Sweeney is now the police officer at the railroad. 

Mr. Hecht an family arrived in the city from Orange , Texas, last night, and will probably become citizens. 

Lucullus Winham announces his candidacy for assessor of Miller County. 

George Whittemore is now on duty in the office of Supt. 

Crumpton, of the Texas and St. Louis Railroad Passing up Broad Street this morning between the Bowie County Courthouse , and the West side calaboose, we saw three new brick stores in process of being built. One by Ben Collins; one by Pete D'Arrigo; and one by Mr. Kingsbury. 

C O Turner at Roger's Saloon on the West Side has two pet snakes he's training. 

Business Ads: 
Mrs. Dayton…………………Dress Maker 
Atkinson & Marion…………Photograph Gallery 
Mr. Kelley…………………...Water Works contractor 

MAY 5, 1886; 
Hon. T E Webber announces today his candidacy for prosecuting attorney of the 9th Judicial District. 

Fire destroyed several homes yesterday. They were: D V T Hannon's; Mr. C Block's on State Line; Mr. Dora Motz and Mrs. Jo Marx on Pine Street; J F Smith's home was saved (corner of 5th and Pine, as was Mr. and Mrs. W H Elliott's. James and Varner were there as fire fighters. They are old charter members of the fire department. Mr. Varner had three fingers badly burned. 

Miss Lavinia MaGee of College Hill, returned from Queen City yesterday. 

Col. Flippin is the author of the book "Chambermaid's Own, etc. : 

Heber Cullom's new residence is nearing completion, and will be one of the most handsome on State Street.

Miss Maggie Murphy is quite ill. 

Jo Cella is quite ill. 

Ed Donnelly is erecting a cottage on Vine Street. 

Mrs. Mary E Green thanks her friends for helping her in absence of her husband, during the fire yesterday evening. 

Dr. Ball of New Boston is in the city. 

Miss Ora Allen returned yesterday from a visit to Queen City. 

Capt. And Mrs. S N Hawes are enjoying their new home. 

Mrs. E C Williams of Tyler, Texas is visiting her brother, Rev. J H Wiggins. 

Miss Eva Shaw has returned from Queen City. 

L Kern of Monroe, La. Is in the city visiting his son Albert of the B & O Telegraph Co. 

Miss Sue Estes, daughter of Judge and Mrs. B T Estes, married Mr. A J Kizer, of Springdale on May 5. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Wiggins, in her home. They will live in Springdale upon their return from a honeymoon to St. Louis, Mo. 

The General Supt. Of the railroad is W R Crumpton. (Texas & St. Louis railroad ). 

MAY 7, 1886 

Sam H Smelser of New Boston is visiting today, in the city. 

Warren Willigham of Prescott is in the city. 

Mr. M Hecht and family have moved back to the city from Orange, Texas. 

R C Harrison, deputy county clerk of Bowie County has been ill. 

Jesse Smith, of St. Louis is visiting his brother, J F Smith, in the city. 

We regret that Maj. J W Brown, Supt. Of the M & A division of the narrow gauge, will sever his connection with the road on the 10th. 

E A Warren, Editor, and a near neighbor Mr. Lasley, had a burglar at their homes. 

A. Burrow (or is this A A Burrow ?) of Prescott, is in the city today. 

M J Plunlett thanks his friends for helping in putting out the fire yesterday. 

Mr. Mott has purchased lots on Pine Street opposite Dr. Rock's, and will build there. 

Peter Ivy had an ad in the paper denouncing KU KLUX committee for sending him a notice to move Nellie Fleming at once. He swore he was not her keeper an had lived in Texarkana since its discovery. 

On May 15, elections for 5 school directors will be held. Those whose office are expiring are: J C Weed, Thomas Orr, E N Maxwell, F L Schuster, and E A Warren. Signed by Mayor Martin Forster, of town of Texarkana, Ark., and Recorder W H Arnold.

Business Ad: 
Atkinson and Marion…..Photographers 

Letters remaining uncalled for in Texarkana, Ark. Post Office in May

 MALES:                                                                                                      FEMALES:

Armer, T M                                Morron, John                                        Adams, Eveline

Barnett, Mike                            Norris, J G                                             Bell, Eva

Bird , Richard                            Oates, P E                                               Chipman, Mattie

Blue, W T                                    Owens, J P                                            Cashman, Mollie

Blankenship , A                          Patrick, Hillard                                   Chipman, Belle

Booker, L L                                  Pierce, S M                                          Copeland, Ann

Brower, Geo.                                 Randel, Sam                                        Dixson, Laura

Bropher, J J                                  Reynolds, Joe                                      Fisher, Mary

Burns, Louis                                  Rosengarden, M                                Franklin, Winnie

Byum, E W                                     Ross,William                                     Harrison, Harriett

Caplinger, R  F                               Saxon, Harry                                     Hill, Matilda

Clark, Mr.                                       Saxon Harry                                      Higgins, Ellen

Clemens, E M                                  (listed twice)                                     Knuffin , John  ( man 7 )

Cooper, H F                                      Scott, Tom                                        Kidd, Lucy

Collins, Mickens                            Shehell, Isam                                   Keller, Susan

Dodge, Fred                                      Simons, J                                         Morris, Jennie

Cumings, N C R                              Stuart, J A                                       Oneel, Mary

Crump,  Shack  ( 7 )                       Turner, Dock                                    Young  , Eliza

Gilbert, C A                                      Wadpell, J C                                     Young, Mattie

Braham, Moses                               White, Tuneil  (Tuncil ? )              Young, Alice M

Hochdeffer, Ant                               Wisseman, Harry                             Ramsey, Ophelia

Hughley, John                                 Strait, W S                                         Rodney, Annie

Hall, J W                                          Young, A J                                          Seewood, Mary

Hamerstine, John                                                                                         Stevens, Mandy

Herbert, P                                                                                                      Stubefield, Eugenia

Hardman, A R                                                                                                Suplin, M J , Mrs.

Hewy, Randy                                                                                                   Taylor, Anna

Hatten,  W A                                                                                                   Tample, M E

House, J M                                                                                                      Watson, N E

Hesterly, F P                                                                                                   Whitaker, Olles

Janningan, J W                                                                                              Walker, Ellen

Williams, D P                                                                                                  Johnson, Charlotte

Krahnell, John                                                                                                 Williams, Hattie

Oawrey, Chas.                                                                                                  Valandingham, M A

Lewis G D                                                                                                          Burgar, Geo.  (man ? )

Lyrity, Col.

Mitchell, A P

Mitchell, T M

Mixon, Jim

Mills, B C

Moone,(Moore ?), Willie

Macdonald, G D

MAY 8, 1886:

At our picnic at Old River, Dr. Wootten handled the picnic baskets, and Thos.. Lain sought to teach the ladies how to fish, and lost his balance, and fell in the water.

J C Mason is preaching at the Christian Church as usual on Sunday.

G A Hays sold his property where he has taught a school and has to close the school at once, as the new  owner wants possession.

Col. Bob Haywood’s residence is ready and he’s moving into it today.


Property for sale on College Hill - opposite residence of Wm. Ferguson.


W C (O.) Spearman is listed as an M. D


W W  Dillard and R. D . Harill are listed as attorney’s.

Jn. H Trigg is passenger agent,, and W M Freeman is ticket agent for Texas & St. Louis Railroads.

J. Deutschman is President of the Texarkana Hebrew Benevolent Assn.

Jas. McMaron is Commander and Hy Stichler is Secretary of Mystic Council, No. 264 A. L. of Honor..

O. S. Garrett is Director , and J. H. Bradley is Reporter for Bowie Lodge No. 1903 K of H.

John Mailer is Master, and Fitzpatrick is Sec. Of B. of L. F  Lodge No. 243.

J.  B. Hooks is Master, and B. F. Pinson is Rec. Sec. Of K. of L odge No. 3665

K. J. D.Cook  C. C. and w. H. Arnold is K. R. s. of the Knights of Pythias Lodge No. 16

L.  D. Latimore is H. P.. and C. E. Haydon is Sec. Of Texas Royal Arch Chapter No. 78

Jno. H. Trigg is E. C. and C. E. Haydon is Recorder for Knights Tempars No. 6

L. A Pattillo is W. C. T. and Geo. W. Dudley is Sec. For Texas Lodge No. 63  I. O. G. T.

Paul Jones W M  and J. E. Bramble is Sec. For Texas Lodge No. 341 A. F. & A. M.

Miss Kate Offenhauser entertained friends at her home Tuesday Night.

Mrs. Bartlett is at Wootten Springs for a week.


Miss Mary Rosborough will visit in Jefferson, Texas.


Misses Tom Trigg and Weakly spent a few days in te country recently.

Dick Arnold has returned from Hot Springs.

Colored Pastors:

               Rev. J T Taylor…………………………………….A. M. E. Church

               Rev. H Booth………………………………………Mt. Zion Baptist

Colored Lodges:

F. & A. M. Gate City Lodge No. 42 .  H. Gaither is W. M., and Sam Williams is Secretary

G.U.O of O. F. Texas Lodge No. 2198

B.  H Branch…………..N. G.                            J. A. Allen……….P.N.F.

G.W. Johnson…………..P. S.                           H. Gaither………..P.N.F

Present for the ESTES-KIZER wedding were:  Mr. L  Aubrey of Marshall, TX, Mr. Lee Preston, of Paris , TX.,

 Mr. Jesse Smith, of St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. Walter Jones of Sherman, TX.

Mr. E. R. Archinard of Dallas was here on business..

Ex-Mayor Ghio has returned from St. Louis, Mo.

Mr. And Mrs. Ghio, with miss Amboline are to sail from New York about the middle of June for Europe.

Miss Kate Figdor’s engagement to Mr. Morris Lacopsky has been announced for the 16th instance.

Hon Henry Moore of Moore’s landing is in the city.

Miss Mamie Roseborough leaves tonight for a visit to Jefferson.

Mrs. F. M Leathrman is ill.

Mr. And Mrs. Chas. Block thank their friends for help in the recent fire.

Miss Latona Moores, has been visiting the Misses Hooks; she will return home tomorrow.

Died-May 7, 1886 in this city, at 4 o’clock P. M., Mrs. Callie Crawford wife of J. G. Crawford.

J.  R. Attaway is very ill – little hope is held for his recovery. 

MAY 9, 1886: 

     Issue Missing 

MAY 10, 1886:

J.  W. Harris has returned from New Orleans.

Mrs. Dr. Briant, nee Mss Dee Culley, came down from Hope to spend some time with her father’s family,  near the city.

Ex-Mayor Dorian and Henry Platz are attending the meting of the Catholic Knights of American in San  Antonio.

Dr. D. S. Williams is back from St. Louis. 

MAY 11, 1886:

F M Murphy is up from Red River.

Judge Hervey is up from Lost Prairie.

J.    J. Vogel is publisher of the THE DAILY WORKMAN.

Charlie Reeves has opened a furniture store in the Kizer block.

Dr. J M Hill, the celebrated specialist from Little Rock is in town.

Eddie Warren went to Hope to se his girl last night.

Col. Ben S Johnson of Little Rock is I the city.

Messrs. Wootten & Son spent yesterday fishing.

 Bond of Warren Jones as treasurer of Bowie County has been approved by Commissioners Court.

George Schardon, living near the city, gave us a nice lot of new Irish potatoes. 

Mr. and Mrs. R B Williams of Washington, and their children and Mrs. W B Stuart,  came through our city  today returning from a visit to their family of Capt. Ed Booker on Red River.

Miss Amanda Brown will leave for her home at El Dorado tonight.

Miss Little Ball of New Boston is in the city as gust of her sister, Mrs. Arbuckle,

W S McRight is new Commissioner of Prect. No 2 Bowie County, since J E Anderson resigned.

R J Haywood was called to Jefferson by a telegram yesterday saying his brother had killed a man..

Miss E T Taylor leaves this evening for St. Louis to complete her education in shorthand.

Newly elected and installed officers of the Lode of Good Templars in the city are:

             A M Hawkins,…….W. C.

             Miss Sue Miller……R. S.

             Miss Ella Buhrman, W.V.

             B D Jones,………….West Chaplain

              L A Pattillo, ……….P. W. C

             Hugh Grafton, ……..R S

              E W tongue, ……….A. R. S

              Ira Higgs, ………….W. F. S

             Mrs. E F Mims,……….W. T.

              Miss Mattie Morrow, ..I.G

              A W Smith…………O. G.           

   MAY 12, 1886: 

 A committee of the following will meet and prepare a call  for a mass meeting:    Ben Whitaker, J T Rosborough, E A Warren, W A Kelsey, C E Haydon, R W Read, and S Lemly.  They will    discuss the attack upon Evangelist Wolfe by Marshall Edwards.   

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. M Kosminsky for an invitation to the marriage of their niece, Miss Kate Figdore to  Mr. Morris Lacopske at their residence next Sunday afternoon. 

Married:  Mrs. Nannie McMulen and Benjamin Lee yesterday morning at the Benefield Hotel, by Rev. Chas. Goldberg.  

Judge Orr had a well dug at Clear Lake yesterday.

‘Messrs. J S Ragland, W A Robinson, James Robinson, Mr. Nobel, and a J Purcell, accompanied by their wives, and Misses Lula Trigg and Kate Williams, and Mr. Robert Munday left for Clear Lake this morning on a fishing trip.  They will return tomorrow. 

Eddie Warren, son of e A Warren, the publisher of this newspaper (Independent) will canvass te city every morning for job descriptions and to collect for the newspapers. 

MAY 13, 1886: 

Stuart Warren is visiting this “duck” at Camden. 

( The bottom  half of this page is missing ) 

A lodge of Brotherhood of Brakemen was organized last Sunday named Viv E Buron  No. 208.  The following are the officers: W J Vauscots, Master;  W D Mazarie, Part Master;  C C Ferguson, Vice Master;  Geo. McDonell, Financier;  R W McTerr, Chaplain;  H Eisene, Trustee,  and M Carney, Conductor. 

Ticket agent Capt. W J Allen is a very polite person, we hear. 

Mrs. A A Anderson left this morning to visit Palo Pinto springs. 

Misses Annie and Tillie daughters of Mr. and Mrs. A Goldberg are visiting friends tin Pine Bluff. 

John Attoway, and old & substantial farmer & citizen of Miller County died yesterday. 

J E Reilly has moved to his new residence, recently purchased from Prof. Hays.

Mr. Northam, of St. Louis , agent for A.R.T. & Co. is in the city. 

Col. F M Duncan, President of Queen City  Lumber Co. spent last night in the city. 

Ben Whitaker, accompanied by surveyor Chase, leaves today to inspect a route for a railroad to Ft. Smith 

Rev. J F Shaw returned last night from a long trip to Alabama. 

MAY 14. 1886: 

A committee  of Aldermen Burke, Beard, and Wesel were appointed to confer with Judge Bell as to the feasibility of a poor house and hospital. 

Dick Arnold has a new hat. 

Messars. Noah Anderson and Ben Foreman will open an ice cream parlor on State Line Ave. 

Larry Klein, who works for Munzesheimer and Klein, as returned from Cincinnati. 

John Ronen can tell you how to have a lively time.

Mr. W A Robinson plays the calhope most beautifully. 

Capt. R P Menard has returned from Alabama. 

Col. W W Carloss, Master Workman of one of the Knights of Labor Assemblies n the city, was one of the first here to join the order. 

Letters remaining uncalled for in Post Office Texarkana, Ark., W W Shaw is the Postmaster. 

                                                                                        MEN’S LIST;

Allams, T T               Chandler, A F                             Fields, Elie                              

Jones, Walter           Collins, Bruce                           Golden & Co.        

Kankne, Frank       Allin, James                              Criss, l P                                      

Griffin, Ashley          Kelley, W D                              Armswrthy, H M               

Davis, J P                   Green, W J                               Lane, W O

Brown, Chas.             Deveny, Buck                          Hughes, P H                          

Lewis, C G             Brown, Wesley                       Drinson, H P                                

 Hofner,  W                Leon, Frank                     Carson, W H                      

Evans, W H                Henry, John                            Lee, Ben

Cary, Jack                  Evans, W F                             Hanady, J W                        

Lee, S A                 Chase, H L                           Farmer, T J            

Hooper, Jas. S            Lee, T J                                 Lowry, C W                       

Posey, T W                  Preston, J P                   Lunsford, S H                    

Rains, Luth            Moron, John                          Reynolds, H H

Morton, J T                Smith, J                         Moran, D H          

Watts, Kenry         McCabe, John                       Weller, J P

McKee, Thomas        White, Geo.                    Owens, A B                       

Wilson, C              Owens. W H                         Wilson, Elic

Patterson, G G          Wynn, Nelson                  Peavy , J A 


Allen, Mary                                        Harington, M J                           Ellis, Nellie

Caviness, Amey ?                             Hewitt, H E

Chase, Luna                                       Hall, Jennie

Chase, Sally                                        Holt, M J

Clark, Sallie C                                   Jones, Ann M

Cuningham, Nora                              Jordan, M W

Cockerson, Amanda                         Kenedy, Cassie

Edwards, Sallie                                  Lester,  J D

Sandridge, Amana                             Mo__ne, Letie

Simons, Eliza                                      Pherson, Mattie

Elliott, Leona                                     Perry, Rachel

Ford, Ellen                                          Riley, Nancy

Greenwood, Josie                              Richardson, Molinna   ( 2 )

Gray, Anna                                         Smith, Crecy

Herman, Allie                                    Smith, Crecy

Harley, Rebecca                                 Stubblefield, Jenie

Thompson, Fannie                              Wiggins, W N  ( 2 ) 

MAY 15, 1886: 

The firm of B F James and Frank F Varner has been dissolved, and Frank Varner assumes sole ownership. 

Miss Lizzie Tilson entertained friends, namely:  Miss Ora Allen, Miss Allie Allen, Misses Nellie and Mamie Eck,  Messrs. Prudhomme, Albert Read, Hugh Grafton, McDaniel, and others. 

Miss Callahan of Canada, is a guest of her sister, Mrs. Kiniment. 

Mrs. E Marx has gone to Dallas Texas 

Miss Mamie Ware, of St. Louis is a guest of Miss Amboline Ghio. 

Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Beard will go to Dallas nest week. 

Mrs. R I. Bartlett is expected home next week. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Daly will move to Dallas soon. 

Justice Bartlett is back from Wootten springs. 

Miss Allen, accompanied by hr uncle, Will Pattillo returned to Hughes springs last night. 

J C Herold is down from Little Rock. 

J F. Kirby has been on a trip to Little Rock. 

Elder J B Davis, a prominent minister of Christian Church, is visiting Elder Mason in this city. 

Mayor Hop Henderson will leave for  a two week rest tomorrow in San Antonio and Chicago. 

Charles Wilkerson has returned from a visit to his family in Conway. 

Mr. Bradley, arrested here a short time ago as a murderer named Bradford, and sent to Miss. For identification has returned, as he was not the party wanted.  He is preparing to prosecute the party causing his arrest for false imprisonment. 

Hon Paul Jones, chairman has postponed the meting of the Miller County Democratic Central Committee until May 29th

J F Smith has recovered his watch, which as stolen from his office.  Officer Williams found it in the possession of a colored man, who was arrested. 

Col. McKneely and his beautiful wife w4re among those at the picnic a t Clear Lake. He told us of his trip along Clear Lake 40 years ago.  Our College Hill friends at the picnic were:  Capt. Young and family; Messrs. Dillard, Smith, Matthews, and many others.  From the West side of town, we noticed Messrs. Eck, Murray, and others.  From the East side were:  Mr. Robbins, the constable of Garland township; Messrs. Fear and Winham, Judge Hamilton’s clever deputies; Mrs. Col. Kelly, Dr. Spearman, Mr. C E Wright, W H Ward, Dick Arnold, Jo and John Cook, Joe Rice, James Edwards, Prudhomme, Carloss, Sanderson, and a hundred others. 

MAY 16, 1886:

Pages missing 

MAY 17, 1886:

Trainmaster Charles Hall left for DeSoto, Mo. This morning, having exchanged places wit Capt. Green.

Mr. And Mrs. J R Barrow of Bells, Texas are in the city, the guests of their parents, Mr. And Mrs. W T Barrow. 

Parson Goldberg will sell his home. 

Willie spars and Howard Hobson go to work for the Cresent News company today. 

Mr. O P Taylor of the St. L.A. & T. railroad is absent frequently..  Mr. L Murray will be found in is office to attend to  business. 

Elected director yesterday, in the College Hill district was H N McLain. 

Mr. And Mrs. J H Arnold left for Hot Springs today. 

Maj. A C Allen left this morning for Ft. Worth. 

Miss Mary Rosborough is visiting friends in Jefferson, Texas. 

Mrs. Dr. Briant nee Mss Dee Cully, returned to Hope Sat. evening.. 

Messrs. John & Ed Allen went to Queen City on business. 

Past chancellors, N A McNealy, J D Cook, C S Todd, W T Hudgins, and other Knights attend a meeting in Little Rock tomorrow. 

Yesterday at the residence of the bride’s aunt, Mrs. Marks Kosminsky, Mr. Morris Lacofske and Miss Katie Figdore were married by Dr. Joseph Stoltz of Little Rock, in the impressive service of the Church of Israel.  

Attendants were:  Misses Lena Sandberger, & Carrie Erber; Messrs. Weinstein & Martin Levy; Misses Jessie Perkins, Dora Hecht, Rosie Sanberger, Camille Weinstein; Masters Maxcy & Meyer Weinstein, and Leon & Louis Kosminsky. 

Mrs. Mat White came down from Prescott, and spent yesterday with her daughter, Mrs. Will Warren. 

Jim Scroggy of Prescott was in town for an order to one of our tailors, a wedding suit. 

MAY 18, 1886: 

Capt. L B Fish is in St. Louis. 

Dr. Samuel Lemly returned from Clarksville last night. 

Ben Hall leaves for Mexico in a few days. 

N A McNealy will leave son on a tour. 

Col. F M Duncan, president of Queen City Lumber Co. is in the city today. 

Miss Era Shaw, of Jefferson, Texas is visiting her sister, Mrs. R C Carman. 

Mr. L E Baum of the T & St. L. Railroad is absent on a trip. 

Josephus Affatranger leaves for Desoto, Mo. to met his boss, Trainmaster Hall. 

Miss Mamie Ware is visiting Miss Amboline Ghio. 

Charles Allegory and his cohort, Francisco Claudious will visit Little Rock. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lacofske left for Fordyce, where they will live. 

Mrs. Mixon is visiting her sister, Mrs. J D Hall. 

George W. Pilier, lately of Williamson Co., Tex. & formerly of Texarkana, Ar., is urged to write to T. Marks, Sipe Springs, Camanche Co.., Texas. 

Frank P Rudolph & wife , of Nashville, are visiting Mrs. Rudolph’s mother & father Mr. & M rs. J M Burch. 

The two Misses Snyder of St. Louis are now with Mrs. O’Donnel of this city. 

J. G  Holloway, Esq. is assessor of school children of Bowie County, and reports that between 2800 & 3000 are from Texarkana. 

Officer Walker of the East side arrested a colored man, Will Curtis, and he attempted to escape.  He was shot in the shoulder, not serious though. 

N A McNealy, our handsome jeweler, and Miss Mamie Burke, who is handsomer still, and J. D Cook went to Little Rock this morning to attend the Grand Meeting of the Knights of Pythias. 

Jane Sevier, a colored woman died of an overdose of morphine, taken for pain, yesterday. 

List of Grand Jurors for nest Miller County court:

B R Attaway, F M Coe, T M Davis , T W Crow, Sr.,  D R Coleman, N.T.A. Hutt, B M Hendricks, J D Blanton, Richard Cawthorne, W W Carloss, S W McKneeley, , O Whittemore, W T Furguson, W T C Gardner, , J W Strange, and R Higginbotham.. 

Alternate jurors:

S G Watkins,  K Persons, Sr., J D Trigg, B B Ramsey, Henry Stephens, W B Allen , Odgen Bryant, , Joe Beddlingfield, James Goodwin. 

List of  petit jurors:

D M Henry, A H Vanderbilt, B Wilson, E R Cully, W B Scott,  J W Adams, S T Seagraves,  j Sewards, Nathan Bassett, W J corzine, M J Crank, F M  Dickut ,       G C Dickut, J E Shankle, J E Friday, J C Gerold, J I Gentry, J M G Gunn, G H S Higgs, J M B Jones, W e Kimball, W M Kemp, N F Jackson., J D Davis. 

Alternate petit jurors:

W D Kuvin, Frank Varner, J A Lynn, A P Lisserton, H C Lee, Dan W McKenzie, W T Meredith, J W McAdams, J A Maxey, E W McClure, N G Walls, P S Pate. 

Drs. B G Blackwell, of Greenville, Texas and Jones of Pittsburg, Texas are our new dentists. 

Mr. A Levy of St. Louis, is visiting the family of his son, W S Levy, the cashier in the Citizens Bank. 

MAY 19, 1886:

The West Side elected these en to the board of directors of shools:  J C Weed, & e N Maxwell, one year; E A Warren & J H Wootten, two years, and Thoz Orr & F L Schustr, three years. 


Mr. Jno. McCullah, Clarksville; Mr. patton, Dr. Jno. W Rainey, both of Clarksville; J R Taylor, Virginia; P H Sandlin, Fulton, Ark., Harry Bettis & wife, Joe Bettis, Miss Lee Mebath, H D McDonald, Dr. W E Daily, Jno. Daily, Dr. E Reup, W E Massenburg, Judge James Hubbard all of Paris; Jno. W Morris , Dallas, H L Panulu, and wife, miss Lucille hall, all of Balley Creek, Texas; Judge W a Lindsey, DeKalb, Texas; Capt. S B Allen and wife, of Bonham  and Mr. Norwood, Bennett. 

Will Patillo has returned from Hughes springs. 

Mrs. A S dodge will leave today for a visit to Hot Springs. 

J W Buchanan of the Lulphur Lumber Company is in the city today. 

Miss Annie Hunter of Queen City is here as the guest of Miss Minnie Burke. 

Judge  Mitchell still suffers from a painful carbuncle on his neck.

 MAY 20, 1886: 

Rev. J. C. Mason went to Lodi, Texas this morning.

John Jones , brother of Hon. Paul Jones, is in the city.

Col.. Will Whittaker returned from Jefferson this A.M.

Col.. A. S. dodge and wife went to St. Louis this morning.

Rev. Chas. Goldberg speaks of moving to Greenville, Texas.

Mrs. F. W. Swift left for Arkadelphia this morning.

Judge Gaines of Paris, Texas, will build a brick home on his lot near the TIVOLI.

A dime special for the benefit of the Baptist Church will be held tonight at the home of Judge & Mrs. Friedell.

Texarkana is proud of Judge Byrne.

Mr. Albert  Daum of the Klansman Brewery Company in this city, will be married to Miss Carrie Goldsmith  of Pine Bluff, on June 13th.

Dr. V. T. Hannon will move to Corley.

Miss Emma Church, youngest daughter of Col. Ira A. Church & Mr. Chester A Atkins were wed May 19, 1886  at the brides home by Rev. B. D. Jones (Texarkana, Ark.)

Tom Owens is back from a fishing trip.

Jo & Phillip Levy left for Red River this morning.

Doe Hicks, of Hope is in the city

Miss Alice McMillan went to visit friends at Ingersoll yesterday.

Judge Lowe has purchased two lots and will build a handsome residence.

Pat Cassidy of Prescott visited his brother, Mike, here last night.

Misses sue & Sue T Weakley, who have been visiting the Misses Triggs, will leave for their home at Smyrna, Tex., tonight.

Officer Walker (colored ) of the East side , was this morning arrested on a charge of kidnapping a prisoner on the West side.

Miss Dogie Lasley is real sick, we hear. 

MAY 21, 1886: 

Geo. W Treher went down the railroad this a.m.

Mr. Mrs. A J Kizer will reside at Springdale.

Will T. Hudgins returned from Marshall.

Capt. J C Ray and sons have returned from Arkadelphia.

F. B. Rudolph & wife returned to their home in Nashville today.

Mrs. LeBaum has gone to join her husband in St. Louis.

The remains of Mr. C. D. Paustain were buried yesterday under the auspices of the Knights of Labor.  He was a railroad employee and a good and worthy man.

Dr. Rush is up from Springdale.

Martin Levy left for Hot Springs.  He has a slight attack of rheumatism.

J.  M Kizer was made happy today by a visit from Mr. Temple, an old friend of his boyhood.

Eugene Polhaimius, son of Col. J .A Polhaimius, is down from Hot Springs to work at the Ice Factory. 


                                                                               MALE LIST;


Anderson, W. H.                                  Hughey, Leander                        Pearson, T M

Brown, R. B.                                         Hammerstine, John                   Phelphs, O Prof.

Boule, James                                        Harris, Wilson                          Phillips, H F

Bobo, Lem                                              Harwell, J W                             Pulker, E M

Boile, Davie                                            Howarth, John                          Reaymer, B K

Burnett, J. R.                                         James, Allen                            Richardson, I B

Burns, H      (3)                                      Kelley, A M                               Rice, J

Carrngton, J. W.                                   Kirkpatrick, Wm.                   Robertson, Hugh

Chorman, A. W.     (2)                           Kit, Yellowstone                      Runnels, Andrew

Copely, J. H.                                            Lane, W O                               Seekler, S C

coryne, J. E.                                             Loper, Chas.                           Sherman, Frank

Crosby, I. Jack   (2)                                Lyone, Joseph                        Stuart, A H

Curry, Ails                                               Lyon, Joseph                          Sharks, Jas.

Day , C. I.                                                  May, J R    (2)                         Stephen,  J W

Deem., T. M.                                             Mansfield, J T                       Taylor, A

Doud, W. C.                                              Meredith, E D                        Tompson, W L

Donigan, Ambrose                                  Morley, Pat                             Tong, James

Doud, Will                                                McCormick, P F                    Turner, Chas.

Forco, L                                                     McClure, A J                         Turner, I L

Gilbert, C W                                             McClenden, Green                Welsh, Robert

Brillett, EY                                               McGinley, James                   Willard, Riley (colored)

Grelette, Polete                                       McGrath, D                              Wolle & Bros.

Graham, R M                                           Murietta, John                         Williams, Sam

Graves, R H                                              Nelson, Lewis                           Williams, Pete

Hodge, Wm.                                              Peck, Lue                                  Williams, W A

Wilson & Nelson 

                                                                              LADIES LIST :


Anderson, Laura                                   Glass, Larty                                    Roland, Katie

Chipman, Belle                                      Glass, Mary                                    Sand, Mollie

Caviness, Amy                                        Hancock, B. B., Mrs.                    Sawyers. Mary

Cash, Judy                                               Kelley, Mary Ann                          Walker, Mollie  E

Curry, Henrietta                                     Morgan, Ann                                 Wells, M L. Mrs.

Castello, J S , Mrs.                                 Paxton, Rose                                  Vest, Alice

Fenley , Roxie                                          Powell, Millie                                  Grundy, Annie

  by: W W Shaw,


May 22  1886:

Parson Goldberg will sell his home.

J. J. Vogel left las night for Cleveland, Ohio to attend meeting of Knights of Labor.

J. M. Jones will move his family into the country next week for summer.  Daughter Pearl is a musician.

Rev. H. B. Pender, from Greenville, Texas , a former pastor, will preach at the Baptist Church on Sunday.

City Drug is owned by J. F. Smith & Co.

Mr. Pullen is assisting Captain Hawes of the East Texas Lumber Mills.

Dr. Lewis can extract teeth without pain.

J. D. Hall is back from St. Louis.

B. F. James and Frank F. Varner have this day dissolved partnership.

A petition to Judge L. A. Byrne requesting him to be candidate for senator at Democratic Convention.  Signed by: John C. Edwards, N. P. Sanderson, W. B. Crouch, L. Windham, F. M. Leatherman, John P. Kline, W. G. Cook, A. M. Garrison, W. H. Arnold, T. E. Webber, Joe Cook, Jno. H. Trigg, F. W. Mullins, Albert Jones, J. H. Wooten, G. H. Wooten, W. J. Smither?, John Cook, and Paul Jones.

Messrs C. S. Todd, N. A. McNealy, J. D. Cook, and Miss Miniie Burke returned from Little Rock, where they attended K. of P demonstrations.

J. S. Miller has been appointed district deputy Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias in this city.

Dr. G. H. Wootten has gone to visit his children and kinfolk in Clarksville, Texas.

Miss Fanny Aiken arrived this morning from Dallas.

Mrs. Will Hoffman came up from Waco this morning to visit friends and relatives.

Mrs. Judge Lowe, and her daughter Genie will leave for Dalby Springs tomorrow.

Mrs. Byars, relict of the late Dr. F. A. Byars, is ill at her home near the skating rink.

May 23, 1886:  Issue missing


MAY 28, 1937

Frank J Ruedel, Oklahoma A and M College horticulturist, wrote an article on how to “Build a Window Box”

AD:  Seville Lace Company, Orange, New Jersey.                     

D   P Trent, regional Resettlement Administration director of Dallas, is being transferred  to Washington.

Paul V. Maris of Oregon will succeed Trent who will d research and develop plans for improving leasing arrangements for 250,000 tenants financed by RA who are farming.  Congressman Lyle Boren of Oklahoma is one leader of a drive to oust Trent.

Grayson county wins dairy herd honors for April according to C G Gibson  at college Station.  High herd honors went to Mrs. Cal T. Freeman.

Clyde Haston, manager, announces a field day demonstration by planes on how erosion is being prevented on 36,000 acres in Muskogee soil conservation Project.

Ms. W R Thomson of Saskatchewan sent in a quilt block design she called “Star of the West.”


D Ingham, 77, died at home in Retreat Saturday night.  Survivors:  wife; sons: Sam H., Charles, Earl and  J D  Jr., sister, Miss Jessie Ingham, all of Corsicana.

Services held Monday for Benjamin A Currey, 76, interment in Cobb Cemetery, Grosbeck, Texas; citizen of  Limestone County 56 years; survived by wife and twelve children.

Funeral services Tuesday at home for Mrs. Bertha Schiwitz, 79, near Uhland.  Survivors; daughters: Mrs.   Rose Krause, Corpus Christi; Mrs. Loma Beckwith, Inez; Mts. Mamie Garbrecht, Hunter; Mrs. Emmy

Wick, Nixon and Mrs. Katie Schulzenberg and Mrs. Mary Cox of Uhland; sons:  John, August, Louis, Max and Ed, all of Uhland.

Retired educator and linguist Miss Sallie Sherrill, 81, died Sunday in home she occupied 50 years.  Survivors:   Brother, G L Sherrill, ; sisters, M iss Mattie Sherill and Mrs. W R Mays all of Denison.  Rev. Paul Cardwell  officiated.

Mrs. J A Bell, Sr., 68, died Saturday in Mofatt.  Born 29 July 1868, Atlanta, Ga., and lived in Bell County 42  years.  Survivors:  Joe and James Red and Mrs. J L Brown all of Moffat.

Services held 6 p.m. Tuesday for Thomas M Cobb, 81, native of South Carolina and resident of Corsicana for    55 years.  Survivors, wife and seven children:  Mrs. Edward McGehee, Alabama; Y J Cobb,  Massachusetts; Mrs. W E Speaker, St. Louis, Missouri; Mrs. Clyde Dyches, Corocco, New Mexico; Mrs.  J F Wright, Henderson; Mrs. J C Gamewell, Handly; Ms. Vernon D Howard, Christoval and sisters, Mrs.  Ben McKie, Waco and Mrs. Elizabeth Hadden, Florida.

Joe Treece, 65, died at home of daughter Mrs. Morris holder, Milligan community near McKinney.  Other  survivor, a son, Bill Treece of Denton.  Burial in Friendship Cemetery, Sherman, for Mrs. Maggie Vest, 59.  Survivors:  husband, Jack Vest; sons,     P L, Gerald and Charlie of Sherman and Darwin Vst of Rochester; daughters, Mrs. W O Smith of Sherman,    Mrs. Perry Blevins of Wetumka, Oklahoma and Mrs. Walter Pinkston of Bonham

Albert W Schulze, well-known farmer of Brynum Community near Hillsboro, died Friday.  Services Sunday  at Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Native of Brenham, came to Hill County 25 years ago,.  Survivors;   wife and children, Ruby, Edna,  Nelda and Marvin Schulze of Bynum, six brothers and six sisters.

Hon. Paul Jones went up to the state convention last night.

Lt. Bob Trigg is one of the delegates to the  Democratic State Convention.

Officer John Williams  left for Rusk last night having in charge a prisoner named Hatley.

Noah Sanderson is back from Lampassas where he grasped the hand of Frank James and fell in love with a Texas cowgirl.

Messrs. John McKenna, G J Skipwith, and J W M cCaffrey are delegates from the cit to the Grand conclave of  Workingmen to met at Linden, Texas on July 29.

F L Shuster spent yesterday in DeKalb, Texas.

We are glad that Mrs. Smithers is recovering.

J A Lightfoot speaks of going on the excursion to Toronto.

Editor Leatherman was quite sick last night.

Col. Ben Johnson of Camden chaperoned the Miller County delegates to little Rock last night.

Can anyone tell us what is the master with Jo Cook and Ben Foreman today?  What happened to them at the  sociable last night, anyhow?

Misses Genie Lowe and Leila Rogers came to bid us goodbye yesterday as they leave today, chaperoned by  Mrs. Lowe, for Toronto, Canada, where they will spend the summer.

Dr. Lide Dawson of Quachita County is in the city.

Mrs. Brownlee  speaks of visiting relatives and friends at Georgetown, Texas soon.

Elder E M Northam, an eloquent minister, will speak at the Christian Church tonight.

Col. Ben Johnson, of Camden, has issued a call for a reunion of his old regiment, the 15th Arkansas, to take  place at McNeill in Columbia County.

Mattie Vergnes is recording secretary of W.C.T.U.

Miss Ludie Turner returned this morning from a visit to her sister, Mrs. Addington, at Luling, Texas.


JULY 1, 1886:


W F Avera has been confirmed as Postmaster at Camden.

Jim Rochelle is at Marshall.

John Graham is back from DeKalb.

Charlie Reeves has opened a repair shop.

Hon. C S Todd  returned last night from Lampassas Springs.

John Lightfoot rested pretty well last night------considering.

Mr. and Mrs. Gaither returned this morning from a visit with friends in New Boston.

R.   Sanbergrer is quite unwell today.

Dr. Williams’ office is over Smith’s drug store on the corner front rooms.

Mrs. Mollie Boyce of Boston, is to visit our city, the quest of Mrs. S W McKneely.

Pevy’s cut shingles are for sale at S M Latimer’s grocery store in Beidler Hotel block.

Thom. H. Jones, a leading Quachita County planter, gave us a pleasant call today.

Mrs. R. J. O’Dwyer left last night for a visit to her friends and relatives at Chicago.

Henry McCartney went to Boham today.

Mr. Miles, of the “Plucky Little Narrow Gauge”, has gone on a business trip to Chicago.

Homer Vaughan went down to new Boston today.

Col. H W. Dillard went to DeKalb this morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Collins left this morning for a visit to friends at Gainesville.

Will Spear went to the Junction today to prepare for a picnic at that place tomorrow. 

W W West, wife and little girl of New Boston spent 36 hours in our city this week.

Local Assembly No. 3663 K of L elected these officers:  John McKenna, M W; Tom Tierney, W. F.;  V.  E. Buron, R. S.; Thos. Batte, F. S.; Dr. Read, Treasurer; R.S. McFarland, W I; Thos Owens, almoner; W T Parker, Statistician; H C Murray, U K; R J Haywood,  J A; Dan Murphey, I E; Vance Crawford, O E; J H Burke, clerk; and P J Chisholm, J McKenna, G J Skipwith, Trustees.

We deeply symphthise with Mr. and Mrs. P Crow upon the death of their 2 year old son, which occurred  at their residence in the country, Wednesday night.

Mr. William  Kelley, a Knight of Labor, of he local Assembly No. 3663, was arrested Wednesday morning in  Texarkana, Arkansas, on charges of rioting during the great strike.

Mrs. Weinstein and children, and Mrs. Levy left yesterday for Waukeshau, Wisconsin, where they will pass the heated term.

Mr. Nathan Hecht, address Texarkana, Texas, can supply all with the celebrated Alabama lime.

Joe Cook has a large class in the College Hill Sunday School.

Capt. Kelly, of the West side water works, has gone on a brief visit to Georgetown, Texas.

The bridge across the creek to College Hill, having been repaired, our friend Jim Lightfoot has resumed him  regular pilgrimages in that direction.

Messers. Jo Cook , Noah Sanderson, Ben Foreman, and John Cook are peddling watermelons on college Hill this afternoon.

About noon today, Ton Hull was accidentally shot in the neck by Leo Houser.  The wound is not of a very serious nature though.  They are the best of friends.

Jim Scroggy of Prescott is now a citizen of Texarkana connected with the Texarkana produce Company.

Col. Carloss is visiting his plantation on Red River.


    Ben F. James (successor to G W Bottoms and Co.)------Groceries

    Trigg and Edwards-----dealers in fine confectionery, cigars and tobacco. 

JULY 2, 1886:



      Geo. Huffman--------------------dealer in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware

      Wootten and Son---------------fresh drugs, wines, and liquors

      Kizer--------------------------------dealer in lumber

      P Taylor----------------------------Notary Public and Real Estate Agent

J A Lightfoot and Co.----------Druggist and Pharmacists

Charles Wilkerson--------------all kinds of machinery

J W Hart and family now reside over the grocery store of Mr. Plunkett.

Miss Mamie Rosborough will go to Paris, Texas for the summer.

 Mr. .Garrett, of Atlanta, Texas, visited us this week.

Misses Genie Lowe and Lelia Rogers departed for Toronto, Canada, Wednesday evening to be absent till fall.

Miss Ludie Turner is looking well after her visit to Luling, Texas.

Master Wave Whitaker has become a favorite among the girls of his age.

Mrs. Jud Kizer is visiting her parents; she came up from Springdale Friday.

Miss Willie Elliott should give us a party.

J M Talbot went to Dalby Springs this a.m.

Col. Ben Johnson, of Camden, is in the city.

Will Ward is confined at home by sickness.

Mrs. Polhamius and daughter came down from Hot Springs last night.

H J Allen of the Queen City Lumber Company is in the city.

Mrs. J M Benefield left this morning for a visit with friends at Marshall. 

Hon. A B Williams of Washington, the Democratic nominee for Judge of this judicial circuit, is in the city.

Mrs. Hughes and her sister, Miss Rena Tornent came up from Texas this morning and will be the guests of  Mr. Hooks and Mts. Dean.

Miss Rosa Erber, of Little Rock, is visiting Mts. Erber in our city.

J H Mason, foreman in the Workman office, left this morning for a visit to his home in Arcadia, Louisiana.

Frank R. DeLoach of Longview,  Texas is visiting his brother, Dr. DeLoach, in the city.

List of Letters remaining uncalled for in the Texarkana, Arkansas P. O. for July 2: 

                                         MALES:                                                          LADIES:

Allen, J W                         Moody, Walter                                   Goolsby, Susan

Batti, John                        Morley, Pat                                          Hix, Mrs. W B

Batti, F                              Moone, Willie                                      Hixon, Julia

Bealie, John                     McCoy, M C                                         Johnson, Georgia

Brown, John                    McDaniels, J  H                                    Kellett, Lizie

Cook, F H                         McKinney, R                                        Love, Mary B

Dives, Jesse                    McQueen, Thomas                              Lyons, katie

Douglas, Peter                 McSlay, Chas.  (2)                               Moore, Tissie

Davis, Thomas                Mullen, J M                                          Moss, lizzie A

Dennegan, Alta               Nichols, A                                             Porter, Carrill

Forster, J M                     Parrott, Leo                                           Reynolds, Florence

Fogett, J N                       Pittman, Sam                                          Stephens, An

Gaston, E D                      Pierce, R                                                Tribo (?), Miss S

Gilbert, C A                     Rathbone, J W                                       Williams, Callie

Grossman, G F                 Samuels, Joe                                          Williams, Mollie

Homerstyne, John           Tumnal, Victor                                      Williams, Mattie

Hays, George                   Walton, Rufus

Jone(?), Alva                    Watson, W W                                      Signed by W W Shaw---

(above is Jones, ?)           Watson, N W                                                Post Master

Martin, Harry                    White, W L                      

Kratzingr, Dick                  Wilborn, J T

Laneri, J D                          Wise, W I

Lucas, George                   Williams, W H

Maloran, John                   Wright, Louis   

No paper printed on July 3 and July 4, because of holiday.  (This was on Saturday and  Sunday)   

Letters left in P. O. on July 3rd are printed in Friday, July 2nd issue. (I do not know how they did this)  


Adams, John                                   Griffin, A H                                  Richards, Dick W

Allmon, C V  (2)                             Graves, P B                                   Robinson, J A

Anderson, A                                    Grantham, L E                              Rowlett, & Ward

Antero, Henry                                  Hamilton, Jasper                         Rose, Geo.

Armsworthy, H M                            Harden, Patrick                           Rogers, J T

Bomer, B F                                        Hardy, J B                                     Ryan, Peter

Barkdale, N S                                   Hindman, D                                  Ryan, Wm.

Benchoff, D G                                   Hill or Nill, John  (2)                   Skellton, Ed

Blandnsburg, P S                             Hudgelton, Oscar                        Skellton, _____ 

Boswell, J R  (2)                               Hoffman, W H                                Simmons, A D

Brown, Sam                                       Harner, H                                       Sliter, B F

Brown, Richard                                Hollins, Wm                                  Shorter, H

Brandenburg, C C                            Huffman, G                                    Samuels, L

Bundy, John                                       Hughes, J R                                   Smith, C H

Calahoan, Henderson                       Jeckel, Ben                                    Smith, D B

Cavada,  D                                           Johnson, Ben                                Smoote, Chas. W

Carter, G W                                       Johnson, J J                                  Strong, Don

Carson, Bud                                       Johnson,, James                           Strong, H C & Co.

Carson, Thos. C                                Johnson, Jake                               Statler, Solomon

Carson, Wm. H  (2)                           Johnson, A J                                 Talbot, Dr.

Carlisle, C C                                      Kejou, H S                                      Tempel, Dave

Case (not clear), J A                         Keech, J . Di.                                  Taylor, H K

Collison, J W                                     Kanedy, Pat                                     Thomas, Wilson

Colins, T C                                          Kounts, A K                                    Trimble, John

Cook and Cook                                   Kubashek, Aug.                             Troupe, T W

Culter, Wm.                                        Marshaw, Sam                                Turner, Jno. S

Cremshire, M H  (2)                          McKee, T M                                     Verdell, J T

Crossett, J J                                        Mahoney, John                                Warner, F F

Curry, Wm.                                          Mathew, Perry                                Wagnor, , _____

Daniels, Mack                                      Mentzia, Jacob                               Wagner, M M

Domonico, Buccola                               Mitchel, T M                                  Wassnot, Chas.

Drurner, Dice                                       Mitchell, Jinst                                Washington, Henry

Ely, F C  (2)                                            Moffit (?), A M                                Washington, George

Furgurson, Thomas                             Murray, Jenereal                           Warren, P J

Finley, H F                                              Morris, Jno.                                    Wards, Samuel

Foster, Martin                                        Norris, Andres                               Welch, C S

Frost, W H                                               Neal, John                                        Weir, Isidore

Gates, Anthony                                       Painter, J M                                    Winnon, John

Gayne, George                                        Peyton, Ephraim                             Wilson, D W

Bigson, M E                                             Philips, Chas.                                 Wilson, Jack

Gorce, N D                                               Porter, J                                          Williams, P M

Graham, William                                    Puckett, F N                                   Williams, John

Graham, P                                                 Rivers, W W                                  Wiley, Prime

Graham. Chaf. H                                      Richardson,, Jno. P                       Wright, Edd

Gregary, J F                                              Richardson, Robt. 


Allman, Mrs. M S                                             McMillan, Mrs. N. C.

Alexander, __ane                                             McNeil, Emma

Anderson, J Henry                                          Mace, Ernesta

Ailen, Dave  (male?)                                        Moobale, Mary

Barner, Eliza                                                      Mabin, Abbie

Barnett, ______                                               Moore, Mary

Battle, Nannie I                                                 Moone, C P

Black, Susan                                                      Potter, Alice

Bowers, G W                                                      Ramzy, Astella

Bordne, H V                                                       Richardson, M L

Brack, Mrs. Geo.                                               Richardson, Molly

Bruckeller, Katie                                              Ripley,  Alice

Buchanan, Louise                                              Rodgers, Molly

Camp, Annie                                                       Samuel, Liza

Chappell, J W                                                     Shelton, R M

Colins, Ella                                                           Simmons, Lattie

Dudson, F                                                             Smith, Jennie

Edwards, E E                                                         Stevens, Mollie

Evans, Mrs. Jack  (3)                                          Stratton, Lou

Ferguson, Susan                                                 Stovall, Annie

Gaither, Sallie                                                      Taylor, Mollie

Graves, Catherine                                               Turner, Aggy

Hansom,Nettie                                                     Watts, Anna

Hardin, M                                                              Wells, M L

Hamilton, Caroline                                              Wells, Hatty

Hecht, Fanny                                                        Whitaker, Ollis

Hoover, Emma                                                       Whitlock, Diamond

Hunt, Ellen                                                             Williamson, Willie M

Haltman, Ada L                                                     Williams, Margaret

Hyson, Mattie                                                        Wilcox, Iana              

Ingram, Anna                                                         Wilcox, Mollie

Johnson, Anna                                                      Williams, Calina

Johnson, Charlotte                                                Williams, Hettie

Liner, Susan                                                           Wood, Almeda

Louis, Sarah

JULY 5, 1886 

Packages left at Post Office for:

Beard, Geo. R

Brooks, F S and Co.

Signed by Willis Whitaker, P. M. of  Texarkana, Texas post  office 

JULY 5, 1886: MONDAY

Ed Allen is up from Queen City.

Capt. Ed Booker is over from Red River.

Hon. Tom Lenox was in the city yesterday.

Miss Florence Meek, of Hope, is visiting fiends in the city.

Capt. B F Kennedy, of Hope , was one of our welcome callers today.

Alderman W B Kizer and J M Talbot and family are back from Dalby Springs.

Mrs. Mat White, of Prescott, is down on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Will Warren

Miss Eva Gill, niece of the editor of this paper, has been quite sick for several days.

M J Moseley, local editor of the Belden, Texas Herald, gave us a call.

F L Sebuster, jeweler, will go up to St. Louis tonight or tomorrow.

Col. W R Kelley starts out on his county canvass next Thursday and it promises to be lively.

Grand Ball by Bowie Hose Co., No. 1, at the Skating Rink tonight.  Reception committee:  C T Dennis

and lady; Nic Noble and lady; Max Munzsheimer and lady;  C C Burke and lady; Paul Joes (Jones ?)

and lady; W S Levy and lady; J. B Kizer and lady, Thomas Daly and lady.

Floor Manager:  F W Offenhauser, Jos. Marx, B F Pinson, Robert Munday, F P Hammond and V E Buron

The object is to buy hose and equip the company.

Mr. Vogel of Texarkana and Hon. Minor Wallace of Magnolia were speakers at a bar-b-cue at Buckner  last

Saturday.  Mr. Vogel is Editor of the Texarkana Workman.

Prof. Thurm was over from Lewisville yesterday.

Pat Cassidy, a leading Prescott merchant, is passing the day in the city.

Ells (?) Peaker, of Pine Bluff, is over on a visit.

Mr. Fear went down to Dalby Springs yesterday to see the “madam” , who is over there.

Charles Wilkerson, our wide awake dealer in machinery, has gone on a visit to friends and relatives in Windsor, Missouri.

Pretty little Miss Delia Eck entertained a large number of her friends Friday afternoon.

Our mother-in-law, Mrs. E S Carson, and friend Mrs. J M Pittman, are down from Prescott.

Dr. Briant and wife, nee Miss Dee Culley, and Misses Estella Read, Lou Briant, and Callie Boyett are from Hope

“Uncle Ben” Medlock, a farmer from Columbia County is in the city as guest of his granddaughter, Mrs. Will  Warren.

Ed Church, formerly connected with this office but now with Jennings Bros. At Marshall, is here on a visit to  relatives and friends.

JULY 9, 1886  FRIDAY 

Mrs. S D Lary and little daughter went down to Dalby this a.m.

Drs. Backwell and Jones come highly recommended as first class dentists.

Gilbert Reagan, a hardware merchant of Clarksville,  Texas, is in the city.

Manager Pullen has received the electric appliances with which he will fit up W A Kelsye’s magnificent new  residence.

The upstairs of Col. Tilson’s new brick, to be erected on the Bruhn block, will be converted into a large hall for dances, etc.

Miss Mollie Higgins, of Prescott, is in the city and guest of Mrs. Gilbert.

Mr. Bryson of Chicago is guest of his friend, Mike Cassidy, here today.

Mrs. Trillling, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Parkins, left this morning for Cincinnati.

Mrs. Flora Dayton left this morning for a visit with friends.

Judge Friedell was among the list of gentlemen that departed for Bright Star last night.

C E Wright left this morning for a visit to Beebe, Arkansas.

Mr. Kosminsky’s little baby, so sick a few days ago, is better today.

Tom Murray, the clever city clerk of the Westside , is now collector for the Texarkana Ice Company.

An interesting speech was made yesterday of the barbecue in Red Springs by W Thudgins, Esq. , a      candidate for Representative of the 17th District of Texas.

Deputy U S Marshall Campbell, of the Indian Nation, was in the city on business today. 

N A McNealy now deals in all kinds of musical instruments.

F L Shuster, agent in Texarkana, will repair promptly all watches and jewelry sent to him by Charlie Wise,

Postmaster of DeKalb, with whom persons having work to be done can leave to be forwarded.

Tom Owens has gone on a recreating trip North.

We acknowledge the honor of a pleasant call this morning from Capt. Todd, a leader from Jefferson, Texas,  who is in the city as guest of his brother, Hon. C S Todd.

Marries yesterday, July 8th, Mr. Walker of Red River County, Texas to Miss Jewell of Miller County, at the store f T H Humphrey, by the Rev. Mr. Alford. 


Lafayette County has much valuable land which will be sold cheap, in the neighborhood of Walnut Hill. 

Persons wanting information about our county should write:  Hon. Henry Moore of col. W P Parks at Lewisville or Prof. Robert S Thurston at Walnut Hill.

R D Dickson’s fine new home is nearly completed,  as is Mr. M Hyman’s.

We call Lewisville “Old Jerusalem” down here, and if we had a narrow gauge railroad we would go up there often.

Prof. Thurston will probably purchase the Lee steam gin.

Dr. Tom Dismuke is the popular physician here. 

Letter remaining uncalled for in Texarkana, Arkansas Post Office,  July 9, 1886: 

                                         GENTLEMEN:                                                             LADIES: 

 Abraham, W H  (2)                        Mitchell, Fred                               Barrett, Mrs. Ida

Arendal, Frank                               Mr. Kechins, A. O. F.                   Beehn, Beulah Mae  (2)

Balden, Walter                                McKenzie, D W                            Browner, Mrs. T P

Basil, C                                             McElroy, J                                      Brock, Mrs. S B

Baird, William                                Owens, Berry                                Bundren, Sarah 

Bailey, W B                                      Plant, G W                                     Bowie, Manda

Bales, Wesley                                  Ponder, Joe                                   Carter, Kittie

Brandon, W T                                  Roswell, Abe                                  Cabiness, Jane

Bredon, Otis                                     Shelton, J B                                  Carter, S A

Burns, S W                                       Spencer, Willie                            Cummins, Genie

Bynum, E W                                      Strong, Henry                               Coble, Josie

Calison, West                                   Treadwell, R T                               Dillingham, Kate

Carroll, George                                Tyler, Bell  (Bill?)                        Ferguson, Miss L

Christie, Charles                             Wardlon, H                                     Fisher, Mary A

Collins, James M                              Whitten, Jack                                Frost, Aggie

Collins, Matthew                               Wisham, Henry                             Greenfield, Susan

Deramus, Dan                                    Williamett, John                           Gray, Mrs. M F

Dodge and __ohnson                         Wooster, William                          Hayes, Kate

Haden W A                                         Williams, Rev. W H                       Hickey, Sallie

Hal, Joe                                                Wilson, E T                                     Johnson, Georgia

Holman, Peter                                     Young, Mr.                                      Johnson, Mannie

Harris, D C                                          Young, H M                                     Johns, M(E?)oty

Hawkins, J A                                       Young, J                                           Nichols, Lou

Jett, C H                                                                                                           O’Donnell, Nellie

Jones, R C                                                                                                        Owens, Etta

Kirk, T C                                                                                                          Rogers, Mattie

Kinnear, H L                                                                                                    Tucker, Mary

Kirby, T H                                                                                                         White, Emma

Lacel, Ernest                                                                                                    Walker, Meley

Maygin, R F                                                                                                      Wallar, Sallie

Mullex, J M                                                                                                       Walters, Mrs. M W

Mason, Chris                                                                                                     

Madlock, Anthony                       W W Shaw, Postmaster, Texarkana, Arkansas

JULY 10, 1886  SATURDAY 

Advertisements:  C E Dixon and Co.………...Telephone Exchange Saloon

                               Turner Bros…………….....Grocery and Produce

                                W H McCartney, Prop…....Cosmopolitan Hotel

                                Payne’s………………….. .Montour Barber Shop

                                Geo. Hoffman……………...Hardware Store

                                J C Whitener……………..Texas Livery & Sales & Stables

                                Osgood Whittemore………Railroad Men’s Store

                                H W Trigg…………………Dealer in Confectionery, Tobacco, etc. 

J C Herold is down from Little Rock 

Mrs. Cushing, we regret to learn is quite sick. 

Harry Sachs will spend tomorrow wit his jularkie at Jefferson. 

Judge Mitchell is still detained at Washington by the dangerous illness of his brother. 

Miss Lula Trigg, on of our prettiest belles, left this morning to visit in Gainesville, Texas. 

Mr. Homer Vaughn will act as city attorney pro tem, & W B Kizer, Esq., as mayor pro tem, of Texarkana, Texas during the absence of the regular incumbents on their summer jaunt. 

City attorney Leary & wife; J M Talbot, wife & son; J D Cook & wife ; Jas., Whitener, and Mayor Henderson left this morning for a trip to Toronto, Canada. 

Dr. J W Brown of Camden is spending the day in the city. 

R. S. Chaytor, county clerk of Little River county, is in the city. 

Mrs. S. B Andrews & daughter left last night to visit her parents at Peabody, Mass. 

Wanted:  Lumberman wants work –Address:  P G Hobbs, Sulphur Station, Texas. 

Charlie Reeves returned from Palestine, Texas this morning.  The “madam” will remain there sometime. 

S B Sloan has returned from Dalby Springs & looks much refreshed. 

JULY 11, 1886   SUNDAY…………..No Issue

JULY 12, 1886   MONDAY 

J D  Hall went up to Hope this morning. 

C E Wright returned from Little Rock this morning. 

Mr. & Mrs. J E Mallery returned home this morning. 

R J Mayer and family went down to Dalby this morning. 

R J Hancock, a big Virginia tobacco deafer, is in the city. 

F B Matlock left for Atlanta, Texas yesterday, for a month’s recreation. 

Miss Eva Gill, niece of the editor of this paper, is still very sick indeed. 

Miss Dantinet left Saturday night to spend a week with Mrs. Hermaiz, at Jefferson. 

Mrs. Polhamius & daughter left fr Wisconsin this morning, where they will spend the summer. 

Congratulations t Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thompson upon the arrival of a young “home ruler” at their home this morning.  He has been named William  Ewart Gladstone 

Messrs. Will Whitaker, Ben Whitaker, Jos. Marks, C C Galloway, and William Buchanan have secured a charter for an immense steam mill & planing factory to be erected, where Whitaker’s & Galloway’s planing mill now stands in this city. 

J C Herold went down to Texas yesterday 

Mr. & Mrs. Dowsing returned home Saturday. 

J L Tulllis, of the Nashville News, passed yesterday in the city. 

Mrs.  John Cook, Miss Jessie  , & the smaller children are visiting friends in Nevada County. 

Hon. A B Grace of the Internal Revenue Dept. was over from Pine Bluff yesterday. 

Judge Joyner passed through the city yesterday.’ 

Jimmie Buchanan, of the Sulphur Lumber Company, passed yesterday with his hosts of friends  in this city. 

Captain Swift has returned from Chicago, and we are glad his wife is improved. 

We regret to learn of the illness of Mrs.  Ellis, wife of Captain H C Ellis, one of the popular conductors on the T. C. Road. 

Misses Rachel Levy, Lena Sandberger, Carrie Erber, & Rose Erber (of Little Rock), accompanied by Messrs. Zollie Block, Jo Erber, Martin Levy, and Henry Mendels spent the day at Clear Lake yesterday. 

A lady friend tells us that Messrs. J A .& J B Lightfoot can eat more fried chick than any four preachers in Arkansas or Texas. 


Miss Wood Lewisville, is the guest of Mrs. Ed Schutt. 

Mr. McMahon & family will spend the summer in Canada. 

Miss Jennie Weed will remain in Wisconsin until Sept. 

Miss Eloise Haywood returned from Ft. Worth last night, from a visit with friends. 

Miss Lena Stamps of Lewisville is visiting the family of Mr. Bacon, in the city. 

Marshall Hardin was treating the little “marshalls” to a buggy ride yesterday afternoon. 

J S Knox, division freight agent of the T P Railroad, left for Shreveport last night. 

Mr. Brunazzi accidentally shot himself in the left arm this morning.   He is not seriously hurt. 

Capt. R P Menard, of the city Drug Store, is in feeble health. 

R L Trigg will fill the position of ticket agent until Capt. John’s  cut foot will permit him to resume work. 

Hon. C C Dorrian left last night to attend the funeral of his elder brother, J D Dorrian, who died da before yesterday at Montgomery, Ala. 

A pleasant hop occurred last night at the hospital home of Col. & Mrs. R D Harrell. 

Stuart Warren returned from St. Louis last night.  He is now representing James Beakey & Co., wholesale dealers in stoves & tinware. 

We met Mr. Ferrill, of Longview yesterday, who is visiting his uncle in the city.  His uncle is Dr. DeLoach. 

Conductor Halligan’s wife & daughter left for a visit to Dallas this morning. 


Wiley Allen & family have moved here to Queen City. 

Capt. W C Bradley  came over from Lafayette this morning. 

Dr. Rush is up from Springdale. 

Cr. Blackwell is back from Lewisville. 

Tom Owens is back from his “rusticating” trip. 

Col. L E Dawson, of Little Rock, is in the city. 

J S Know came up from Shreveport this morning. 

Pete Ramseur, of Hooks, is visiting friends in Cass Co. 

Miss Bettie Hooks is visiting friends in Cass Co. 

Miss Ollie Mobray left this morning to visit friends at Belden. 

Hugh Crafton has returned from a visit to relatives in Mississippi. 

Col. F M Duncan, President of the East Texas Lumber Mills, came up from Queen City this morning. 

Mr. & Mrs. J S Knox’s little daughter is very ill. 

B F Miller brought us a cucumber that was 15 inches long and 10 inches around this morning.  It was raised in Willis Whitaker’s marget garden 

Tony LoCastro, the popular artist, has moved his headquarters from F. LoCastro’s to the City Barker Shop. 

Mrs. George A Proctor & her daughter, Miss Bendette, of Camden, came thru the city this A.A., enroute to visit friends in Little River Co.


Teachers Institute lists these teachers:  Mrs. W G Cook, Mr. AM Garrison; Mr. Minor; Mrs. Gaither, Miss Maud Hawkins, Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Towery. 

Religious leaders and music teachers:  Rev. Chas. Goldberg, Mrs.Z.H. Gaither; H P Cleveland; Dr. Hammondtree, w N Butcher; C H Miller and J W Maxwell. 

Colored teachers Institute lists these:  Dr. Sims,  Prof. J F Miller; G W Gill; Prof. Doles; Prof. W H Dillard (Senior teacher of Miller Co. ); J M Muller, F K Howard; J W Laughbridge; L Mation,  , Mr. P G Titus, sighed by : J Franklin Miller, Sec. 

Bro. Rochelle, whose wife died last night, was on the streets taking up collections for funeral expenses. I desire to say that our own people have made all arrangements for her burial.  Signed:  H. Booth, Pastor, Mr. Zion Baptist Church. 


Hegyessy………………………Photo Maker

F W Coldwell ..  ……………….Carriage Painter 

M A Bassett, chief of auctioneers & intelligence office, will sell every thing pertaining to groceries. Headquarters in Taylor corner,, opposite Ghio’s. 

Tom Patman says the first time he went courting, he felt as if a pink angel had hauled him down the rainbow, with a piece of chain lightning, right smack into a pile of down 

Mrs. Eugene Jordan is said to be quite sick. 

A J Craig left this morning on a visit to Mississippi 

F L Schuster will return from St. Louis, this evening. 

Mrs. Sam Hiller has returned from a visit to Pennsylvania. 

Our friend, Ben Collins, is under the weather, we hear. 

Miss Mary Hoffman won an oil painting at Lemly’s.. 

Noah and Ben’s ice cream parlor  is a very popular place, these days. 

Bro. Tunnad  returned from Shreveport last night.  We sympathise with him upon the death of his little grandson, which occurred on Tuesday, last. 

Mrs. Ed Schicker and children, accompanied by Miss Julia Schuster returned last night from a visit to Clark and Howard counties. 

Henry Hirsh of vicksburg, comes to our city and connects himself with J C Herold, I the railroad ticket business. 

Mrs. Geo. Rector of Nashville, Ark. Came down last night, and is a guest of Dr. Hawkins and family. 

Sorry Mr. McNealy our clever jeweler, is on the sick list. 

A letter from Judge Mitchel, still at Washington, reports his brother worse. 

Jo Cella and family left this morning on a trip to Will’s Point, Texas t see his father. 

Capt. J S Knox went to St. Louis last night, his little daughter being much better. 

Mr. Montz, our friend, is up after a brush with “the fever”. 

Miss Carrie Burch is quite ill with fever, we hear. 

Officers of the Good Templers elected last night were:

       A M Hawkins ------------WCT

       Miss Florence Miller------------VWT

       Dan Collins------------------------WM

        J W Higgs-----------------------WS

        W A Barry----------------------FS

        Mrs. Mims-----------------------WT

        Miss Sue Miller-----------------WISG

        Ira Higgs--------------------------WOSG

        Rev. B D Jones-------------------Chaplain 

Miss Bright of Trinity Texas is in the city as guest of her sister, Mrs.. Grouch. 

Letters uncalled for in Post Office – Texarkana, Ark.  July 16, 1886

(Numbers in (  ), means number of letters in P.O.)                       

                                              MEN’S LIST:                                                   LADIES LIST: 

Apateka, Sam                               Henry, Will                                        Armstrong, S T

Barr, Walter                                Harris, D H                                         Auray, Magey

Beasley, Geo.                                Jones, A E                                           Brooks, Sarah

Bellows, G F                                  Jones, Mat                                          Cobbins, Jane

Briley, Jerry                                (?)xlingman, Marion                         Chase, Sallie

Brock, J M                                    Landers, C T                                      Channel, Rachel

Brown, All                                     Mathews, Geo.                                    Carter, Emily

Ardwell, J W                                 Manning, W J                                    Clark, Eva

Chalker, C A                                 Milllins, Gus A                                  Collins, Linnie

Christie, Chas.                              Morgan, Wm.                                     Cox, Lorena

Chapman, E                                    McAlexander, Eugene                      Cushing, Sarah

Coddr, Leire                                   Powell, James                                    Heir, Emeline

Colbert, Thos.                                Queen, Stephens                               Hill, Maggy

Crocker, T C                                  Rodney, Ed                                          Hillard, Della

Dillard, Geo. G  (2)                         Runnells, Dick                                 Lester, C Miss

Duncan, J L                                     Sexton, Paton                                    Johnson, Mary

Ford, Prince                                    Shelton, J G                                       Johnson, Percilla

Grant, Richard                               St. Clair, Thomas                              Remer, Miss

Green, Joe                                       Thomas, Henry                                  Sledge, Agnes

Hadden, Billie                                Traluck, T A                                      Young, Patient

Hodge, James                                  Waldon, R W   

Henry, J E  (2)                                 Washington, Geo.

Hanlin, H O                                     Wainwright, E H

Hopkins, L F                                    White, June

                                                    Signed by:  W W Shaw --- Postmaster   

Mrs. D S Williams is visiting friends in Clark County’ 

Capt. W C Bradley and wife of Lafayette County are guests of Col. And Mrs. McKneely. 

Miss Blance McKinney of rondo left this morning for a visit to friends in Texas. 

A dead man – white -  was found this morning under the Arkansas Oil Compress Company shed (which had fallen down last winter).  He was under there , no doubt, when it fell.  Mr. Caffrey, upon finding him, at once notified the coroners office.  I am sure they will soon identify him.    


Advertisement:       Daum & Hamilton ----------------------------Agent for a brewery

The home of Mrs. Ben Whitaker was the setting for the Athenian Literary Society.  Bob Burke, Pratt Bacon, Oscar Turner, Wave Whitaker, Lee Estes, and George Whittemore all are mentioned.

The Precinct Democratic Convention (No. 1) Bowie County met today and elected Gus Beard, T P Wagner, C H Moores, Hugh Sutton, Ben Whitaker, H C Hynson, Jo Marx, Lord Shipp, W E Fuzzell, Briant Holmes, W C Aiken, Jas., Burke, R D Harrell, and J M Benefield delegates to the county convention.  W T Hudgins was unanimously appointed representative.

The Democrats of Garland township, Miller County, elected Hon. J A Roberts as permanent chairman, and W H Arnold, Secretary.


Miss Mamie Rosborough in Paris.

Miss Tommie Trigg in Georgia.

Miss Lula Trigg in Gainesville, Texas.

Miss Jessie Cook in Nevada County.

Miss Lelia Rogers and Miss Genie Lowe in Toronto, Canada.

Miss Ollie Marbry in some place west.

Mrs. Demorse in Waukesha.

Mrs. Jas. Talbot in Toronto, Canada.

Miss Emma Ragland at Hope.

Miss Bertie Hooks in Paris.

Miss Amboline Ghio in Chiavari, Italy.


Those present at Mr. R D Harrell’s on Thursday night were:  Misses Ecks, Misses Elsie Haywood, Mamie Hooks, Ollie Marbry, Lillie Harrell, Ada Reade, Irene (?)ruitt, and Ida Holloway, Messrs. Reade, Daniels, Copeland, Prudhome, Will Patillo, and the Messrs. Henry’s and Haigg’s.

Mrs. W B Kizer has been quite sick but is better now.

Mrs. J S Ragland is expected home soon from Illinois where she has been sojourning.

Miss Bettie Hooks will return from Paris this evening.

A letter from Miss Ray Marx, states she left Waukesha last Tuesday in company with friends to partake  in the Knights of Pythias convivialities at Toronto, Canada.

Mr. James Buchanan of Sulphur  was here last Sunday.

Miss Elsie Haywood returned last night.

Silas Haigg and Albert Reade were responsible for the party at Mr. Harrell’s Tuesday night.

Mr. Willis Whitaker, Jr. Will spend tomorrow among us.  With him is Miss Della Whittemore, who will go to Dalby for a few days next week.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Leary left Monday for Toronto.

Charles M Reeves is at Dalby.

Mrs. D O Hicks of Hope is sojourning with Mrs. Ed McCorkle at Atlanta, Texas.

Miss Estella Fowkles left for Dallas Thursday morning.

Mr. Hugh Grafton returned from Mississippi Thursday.

The little boys and girls will gather at the residence of judge and Mrs. W H Elliott’s tonight to celebrate the 16th birthday of their charming little daughter, Minnie.

Miss Mamie Ware of St. Louis is summering at Long Branch.

Col. W W Dillard is back from Jonesville.

Judge Lowe is visiting his friends at his old home, Gilmer, Texas.

W J Dill returned from Jefferson last night.

Capt. W J Allen has a new job in Lampassas, Texas with the government.

The dead man found under the fallen shed of the Arkansas Oil and Compress Company was named Neill Williamson, and he was a German or Dutch soldier, about 32 years old.

Capt. John Trigg’s foot is getting better.

F L Schuster returned from St. Louis lst night.

Frank Hamilton is spending a few days in the city with his family.

Rev. H G Benners of Jefferson will preach at the Episcopal church tomorrow.

Hon. T. E. Webber and family will leave tomorrow for a visit to their old home in Kentucky.  He will return in a few days and leave his family there for the summer.

Mr. Petit left this morning for the purpose of purchasing material for a new society paper to be issued by Beard and Petit so says the Workman.  We wish them success.

Mrs. Temple and Miss Stella Fowkles are spending time at Dalby Springs. 

We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Jordan upon the arrival of a baby girl at their home yesterday.

JULY 18, 1886   SUNDAY    No paper.

JULY 19, 1886 MONDAY

Mrs. Pice returned from Dalby Springs

Judge McLean was in the city yesterday.

Judge L A Byrne went to Little Rock yesterday.

J C Herold returned to Little Rock today.

Dr. Blackwell is a local Methodist minister.

Miss Eva Gill , we are glad to say, is convalescent.

Pev. J H Wiggins returned from Little River county.

Mrs. J W Mayer & children have returned from Dalby Springs.

Capt. Kelley, water works contractor, is visiting Sherman.

Mr. W D Barrow will leave tonight for a short business trip to St. Louis.

JULY 22,& 23,1886

Ads: Kelsy & Ofenhauser……Insurance 
O.P. Taylor……………………Notary Public,Broad Street, Texarkana, TX.
C. C. & W. W. DePrato………Dealers in Painter's supplies
Richard Barlett………………Candidate for Circuit Clerk of Miller Co., Ark.
William T. Hamilton…………Candidate for Sheriff of Miller Co.
W. T. Ferguson………………Candidate for Sheriff of Miller Co.
Lucullus Winham……………Tax Assessor of Miller Co.
Henry C Kelley………………Tax Assessor of Miller Co.(of SulphurTownship)
George W Edwards…………Sheriff of Bowie Co., Texas
Ed Robbins……………………County Clerk of Bowie Co.
W T Hudgins……………for State Representative from 17th district, Bowie Co.

Johnnie Paup is over from Red River, and reports crops are splendid.

Ed Bradshaw, a prominent Little Rock merchant, is in the city.

Our popular young friend is now working for DeMorse & Purcell.

Capt. W P Kelley, West Side water works contractor, has returned from Houston.

Mike Cassidy said he was going to see his girl at Prescott this morning. We guess he went.

Hon. C C Dorrian returned from Alabama last night.

Jo A Watson will canvass the city in the interest of the Independent news.

Mr. Bruhn left for St. Louis this morning.

Mr. Pullen is learning how to make light bread.

Miss Eloise Haywood returned from Atlanta last night.

We regret to hear Mrs. Leatherman is quite feeble.

Mrs. Sehan's large, handsome, new residence is nearly completed.

Jimmie Dowsing contemplates going into business at Hot Springs.

Col. H S Johnson is attending the meeting of the Republican State Convention, at Little Rock today.

Yesterday at his office, Justice Lary ;united in marriage Mr. George Nichols and Miss Hattie Frazier.

For sale: one pair of mules, 5 years old-A. J. Blankenship

Mrs. C T Denis and little son, left last night to visit friends and relatives at Buffalo, New York..

Mr. & Mrs. G W Fouke, left us a nice large basket of elegant fruit, last night.

W R Preston was seriously cut yesterday by the saw in Fouke's mill about 8 miles from this city.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Otto Perkins on the birth of a little girl yesterday, at their home

L A Petit returned last night from St. Louis

Miss Eva Barron is visiting friends at Hooks, Texas.

W G Barton, the leading merchant Emmet, is in the city.

Tom Owens & Mr. Batte went down to new Boston this morning.

Messrs. Chambless and Culp, leading Quachita planters, are in the city.

Sim Hartsfield, one of the popular bartenders of the Telephone Exchange saloon, is back from Hot Springs.

Evangelist Stevens returned to the city, from Hot Springs, where he conducted a very successful meeting.

Rev. J J Wiggins will leave for a ministerial visit to Texas this evening; and be gone about two weeks, Hence, there will no preaching at the Presbyterian church for the next two Sundays.

Miss Dantonet, sister of Mrs. Pullen, has returned from Jefferson. She says the bus drivers should be more careful in delivering their passengers to their destinations.

When completed, Mr. Kelsey's new residence will be one of the most handsome, and convenient in the city.

J B Hubler has groceries and produce at the Hanglin old stand near the convent, corner of Clinton & Oak streets.

Baldwin & Walsh of Paris, Texas………manufacturers and deals in iron galvanized cornices, etc.

Marshall Edwards told the Texarkana kid baseball club to order some bats and balls (not over $25.00) and he'd pay for them. This is indeed nice !

Our old friend, Walter L Bragg, , formerly of Camden, but now of Alabama, is spoken of very prominently for solicitor-General of the united States. I am delighted, as are his Arkansas friends..

Frank Ball is up from New Boston.

Ben Hall is back from Nashville.

F B Matock is up from Atlanta.

Mayor Henderson is in Washington City.

Prof. Sampson of Washington is passing the day in our city.

H J Allen Miss Ors returned to Queen City last night.

Misses Inez & Lizzie Tilton left this morning for a visit with friends in Queen City.

Mrs. Lewlyn & children left this morning for a visit with friends in Bonham.

Officer Williams last night captured a man charged with murder at Waco.

Dr. D S Williams wife returned from Arkadelphia last night.

Dr. DeLoach went down to Ingersoll this morning for a in response to a telegram.

The charming Miss Rosa Erber will leave soon for her home at Little Rock. No doubt she will be missed by many.

Mrs. Hamlin & accomplished daughter, Miss Cora, are down from Hope today. Miss Cora has applied for the position of music teacher in the East side school. Madison Aquilla Bassett, the discoverer of New Boston, the owners of Baseett's station; ex justice of the peace of Bowie County, and chief actioneer (?), also notary public at present, is advertising his wares at prices far below any ever known in Texarkana.

We had a nice call yesterday from "Uncle Lewis" Alexander, the popular district clerk of Bowie County. He has served for nearly 30 years very well. 

Mrs. H C Ellis & niece left this morning for Clinton, Mo., where there will spend the summer.

Col. Polhamius left this morning for a few days visit to Hot Springs.

We regret to hear of the illness of Mrs. Brownlee.

Miss Willie Elliott, is spending the day with Miss Glass.

List of letters remaining in the post office (uncalled for), Texarkana, Ark. July;23rd . W W Shaw, Postmaster.

       MEN’S LIST                                                                         LADIES LIST

Alexander, Geo.             Woolmer, Chas.                Brown, Millie              Lewis, Jane

Bryant, Will                   Conner, James                 Crabtree, Mrs. G W         Logan, Emma

Cornell, W J                   Crawford, M                     Ga-ffer-t, Mattie (?)         Nelms, Winnie

Ferguson, J G                 Dickerson, R M               Johnson, Charlotte          Scott, E E *

Hubbard, A                      Gentr?ym C J                   Kyles, Sallie              Stricklin I

King, J P                          Hawkins, Shavena ?        McClure, Mrs. J A       Tracy, Mollie

McClure, A J   (3)           Merchant, Frank             Thompson, Philia          White , Emma

O(k)le, John ?                 McFatton, James              Booker, Sarah

Thomas, Joe W               Ross, J S M                        Baker, Mary

Woolers, J A                   Townes, S C                        Bloom, Lillie       

Walters, J M                   Worley, J A                         Daughtery, Katie        

Collins, J V                      Davis, James                       Dixon, Mainda

Cox, S M                           Davis, Wes                           Glass, Sallie

Clair, T F                          Edwards, Joe                        Harris, Mary M

Fields, Elic                       Gregory, Tepe                      Harris, Cythia

Hopkins, M L                   Huey, Harry  (2)                  India, J M 

Kenedy, Mike                   Me(l)ins, G W ?                  Johnson, Georgia

McClure, pat                    McSloy, Chas.                       Johnson, Sarah

Ponder, S M                      Tall , Fred                             John, Oealy

Thompson, Dave               Wainwright, E H (2)            Lawson, Mattie

Williams, W H

The following are names on a petition, urging Hon. W R Kelley to reconsider his decision not to run for reelection for Clerk of Miller County, Ark. 

These citizens are of Homan and Garland Townships:
R W Walker, M P Parker, E Wade, L W Walker, Geo. Walker, J W Walker, Geo. Manson, Chas. Manson, C W Wade, S B Brown, Issacpopp, Jessie Day, T H Hawkins, A H Hunter, R H Hill, M H Hill, M G Gilbert, L C Curry, R H Houston, H K Kell, J M Marshall, S L Lois, Andrew Thompson, John Fuller, Martin Walker, Dick Walker, Silus Houston, Henry Mokey, L K Keel, G C Cardeal, _____hert Walker ,Eki Steal, J B Douglass, Henry Hix, R M Miller,___oston Loslie, John Taylor, Hunt Loslie, Clabe Willis, ___s. Willis, W B Dorrain, ____hed Carr, W Tisdel, William Smallwood, Willie Keel, Walace Bush, John King, R B Coal, Andy Eperson ,Jessy Prewe, Gray Coal, Davis Moore, Bit Love, Alic Wilson;, Thomas Whitlow, Miles Washington, Edwin Davis, Henry Neslson, Henry Walker, Frank Moore, Willis Houston, Staycy---, Worm Richmond, Manuel Conway, George Byrd, Wash Thomas, R B Byrd, Harfea Ligans, John Williams, Andrew Carr, Chas. disol, Levy Marshall, Andrew Whiton;, Elic Lewis Henry boles, Wiliams Lesiw, Alford Richard, Henry Flowd, James Whitlow, Edmon Taylor, Henry Jones, ___-all Williams, Smith Simpson, Simon Goasoon, Jearry Washington, Ned Thomas, Peter Harris, Cahs Hen---, Wm. Hayes ,Bill Denells, Jiles Forster, Naithorn Dorsey, Bob Jsic(?), Henrson Wom___, John Turner, Frank Hicks, Jef Goodlake, Stewart Smallwood Perry Smallwood, Gabe Roland, Riz Hays, _smiths Manson, Miles Miller, Ed Crittont (?), John Davis, Eli Walker, Bill Hicks, Aaron Walker, Tim Coal, Bill Edmunds, Jasper Jefferson, Chess Williams, S A Williams, Garey Brown, Guss Williams, Jas., Walker, Gary Richard, Budfore, Lennox, Thomas Houston, Guss Jones, and George Washington.

The following citizens are from New Zion Township:
Frank Griffin, Chas. Rose, Sam Williams, Henry Sanders, Will Smith, Jim Thomas, H Edwards, Ike McCulthum?, C H Hawkins, A T Griffin, Geo. Haris, M W Watson, F Smith, d J Johnson, M E Hawkins, Daive Fulse, Chas., Adkinson, Chas. Murphy, Geo. Carrison, Sol Smith, Wm. Barlow, Bob Jackson, Churvey, M M King, William Curry, Wm. Bosh, Ed Johnson, Allen Cox, Bob Davis, Tom Hiller, F Miller, H Smith, D Smith,H. Read. 

The following are Booker Township citizens;
Gale Green, Geo. Green, C Bead, Ben Bead ,Sam Firkins (?), A S Pinter, R M Works, W Finley, Thos. Books, Will Barlow, Gus Packson, John Parson ,R Woston, Landa Sustton, A Sulton, Sherman Black, Joe Garacare, Jack Ranel, Geo. Washington, Tobe Scott, Ford Leaper, S Leaper, John Leock (?), Joe Lock, Tom Miler,.

The following are Red River Township citizens:
Nelson Wind, D Mitchel, West Rods, Green Edwards, Frank Johnson, Ben Shelton, Henry Maxwell, Sam Henry, Sam Walker, Wahs Hill;, Harvey Cage, E Smith, Ben Cage, Frank Cage, Oscar Reader, Nelson Tramvel(?), Geo. Mitchell, William Pri-s, Sie Sulton;, Aloi(?) hart, Peter Coleman, Clay Johnson, James Wind, Bob Nelson, John Jackson, Harvery Woods, John Butcher, and J F Fuller,

The following are men who will attend the Confederate Reunion at McNeill, next Wednesday:
Col. Sam W McKneely, Texas Veteran War………….3rd Texas
Judge Thomas Orr……………Co. I 21st Ark .Inf.
A S Blythe……………………Capt. Co. F 2nd La. A N Va.
M V Flippin……………………Pvt., Co. C 1st Art, A N Va.
F M Leatherman……………….9th La. Inf. A N Va.
J G Holloway…………………..32nd Texas Cavalry,
William Whitaker……………Co. A 1st Texas A N Va.
Charles Hooks…………………Co. K 11th Texas Cavalry
H P Sutton………………………Co. I, 11th Texas Cavalry
K W Ball………………………Co. .K, 11th Texas Cavalry
W A Stacy………………………Co. G 4th Texas Inf. A N Va.
G W Tyson………………………Co. F Crescent Regiment La. Vol.
W A Beard……………………….Co. B 2nd Ark. Inf.
T E Hewitt………………………..Co. G. 20th Ga. A N Va.
J T Hogane………………………Major, Engineer Corps, Price's Army
Andy Meyer…………………….Co. C 2nd La. A N Va.
B T Estes…………………………Co. I 32nd Cav. Texas Vol.
A M Moss……………………….Co. D lst Texas A N Va.
M A Bassett……………………..Co. G lst N C Cav. A N Va.
W H Bush
W R Jester…………………….Co. E. #rd Ark. A N Va.
E A Warren………………………11th Ark.
A J Mathews…………………….Co. C 2nd Tenn. A N Va.
Peter _____ey …………………..Co. B 2__st Texas Inf.
J. J. J.Ferrell……………………Mexican and Confederate Veteran
J M Hall………………………..Co. I lst Tenn.
B W Cullum………………………Co. C 24th N C A N Va.
Capt. H L Grigsby………………..Collins Battery, Shelby's Brigade
P Moss…………………………Co. K 11th Texas Cav
Capt. H C Hyn__son?……………Pratt's Battery
J W Markham…………………….Co. A 12th Miss A N Va.
John Graham………………………Co. B 2nd Ky. Inf.
M Cassidy, Ed Donnelly, J H Wootten, col. G H Wootten - all in lst Texas Partisans,
J W Strange……………………….Co. A (6th) La. Cav
H S Johnson……………………… Medical Department
Z T Few & John Wtalbot………….Texas Battery
W M Blackburn……………………___th Ark. Inf.
D____ Williams……………………Surgeon ____d Ark.

JULY 24, 1886    SATURDAY

It was falsely reported that W A Kelsey, cashier of the lst National Bank, who is now in St. Louis, had been arrested on charges connected with cotton transactions spoken of elsewhere in the paper. We are glad it is not true, and arose from a misunderstanding of a talk had with the operator of the B. and O .Telegraph Company, by Mr. Monday.

J D Hall, a prominent cotton buyer of the city, well known all over this section of the country, was arrested yesterday evening on a requisition from the Governor of Missouri, presumably for matters connected with cotton buying , which we have already referred to. He promptly gave bond, and did not try to dodge the law. It is a ;mystery to us, why he was arrested, Mr. Hall says he can readily prove that instead of dealing unfairly, the very parties that now seek to annoy him are actually heavily in his debt.

Young Democrats of Bowie County met at the courthouse Friday night and proceeded to organize "The Young Men's Democratic Club of Bowie County". The meeting was called or order by R L Henry, who motioned that R D Harrell be appointed temporary president, and J B Prudhomme, secretary, pro tem. S J Henry was elected to the office of vice president, pro tem. Then s J Henry moved that a committee of five be appointed to draft by-laws and regulations. Motion carried. The chair then appointed R L Henry, Horace Vaughan, F P Hammond, and R W Rodgers for said duties, and asked them to report back at next meeting. They adopted four resolutions. Among the noted visitors were Maj. W W Cameron of Clarksville, Tex. Candidate for Lt. Governor, and Col. W H Ward of Ark, Col. Ward was admitted as an honorary member.

A judgment against Mattie King was rendered on July 24th. A truck of hers was sold to pay cost. Signed: P Hardin, Marshall, Incorporated town of Texarkana, Ark.

Misses Inez and Lizzie Tilton left Thursday for Queen City to visit relatives.

Miss Mamie Hooks in company with her guest, Miss Rena Truitt, is visiting Mrs. Rachel Moores of Rondo.

Mrs. Sam Hiller returned from Kitanning, Pa. Last Friday, where she went to tend a sick parent.

Mr. Albert Reade will sign a social abstinence contract on the 1st of Sept. Don't Mr. .Reade!

Mr. Wallie Henry ;made a mash at the party, her stepped on a spider (original).

Mr. Horace Vaughan is badly maimed.

Mrs. Tom Temple accompanied Miss Estella Fowles to Dalby.

Mr. Brian is the mockingbird of the Presbyterian choir, ;Miss Lena Hoffman is the canary.

Mrs. James Robinson is visiting in Jefferson.

Miss Bessie Whitaker will leave for Westfield, N. J. the middle of August. She goes to school.

Dan Hewitt has a new hot western, Union stock has risen.

Mr. and Mrs. W M Robinson were hostess Wednesday night to an elegant hop for the little folks.

Little Miss Abbie Haywood will leave to go to Ft. Worth to attend school.

Charlie Dawson says "he ain't fired yet."

John Mitchell is still improving.

Capt. Ed Booker is up from Red River.
Mrs. Buran ;has purchased the residence of Mr. Duan.

Miss Mamie Burke has returned from College Hill.

Judge Lowe came in on the Iron Mt. Train this morning.

Col. J J Haden will leave soon for Kentucky

Capt. O C Porter and Officer Lawler went to DeKalb this morning.

W H Patillo is agent for the most durable buggy ever bought.

Mrs. Vandyke and Miss Lola Brownlee, daus. Of Mrs. .Brownlee of this city, came down from St. Louis last night. Mrs. Vandyke resides in St. Louis, and Miss Lola has been attending school there.

The Democratic Convention of Miller County, met at the courthouse this morning. Geo. W Allen was elected temporary chairman, and Jeff Sanderson, secretary. More on this later.

Hon. O D Scott, a distinguished citizen of Texarkana and able lawyer,was nominated by the State Republican Convention for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Ark. We do not yet know if he accepted this honor.

Hon. J C Tyson is up from Bright Star.

The little son of manager Reilly is real sick.

Prof. Sampson has returned to Washington.

Mrs. Will Kelley, of Hooks, is dangerously ill.

Alex Wilson, of the house of DeMorse & Purcell is sick today.

Prosecuting attorney Webber is expected back from Kentucky tomorrow.

Mr. Jones will move his news office today to No. 102 Broad St., West Side.

The frame is up for Mr. Kingsbury's new two story corrugated iron building.

Dr. .Jones, of Memphis, is in the city, the guest of his brother, Hon. Paul Jones.

We regret to learn that Mrs. Petit is very sick.

Ralph Costa, formerly a saleman for Sanderger, will spend Sunday in the city.

Capt. Hawkins, of Little River Co., is visiting his brother-in-law, Dr. .Hawkins.

Albert Daum will leave for St. Louis this evening. His wife will accompany him as far as Pine Bluff.

A number of our citizens, attended the school exhibition of Prof. Maxwell, two miles from the city, l ast night.

B F Mays went down to Bonham today.

Rev. Chas. Goldberg went to Waldo yesterday.

Larkin Weaver was down from Prescott yesterday.

J F Kirby returned from Little Rock this morning.

Mrs. Orr and children left for Hot Springs this morning.

Mrs. J T Smith and children are visiting friends at Hope.

Will Clark, one of DeMorse & Purcell's employees, is spending a few days at Dalby.

Mr. J T Roseborough will be hostess to the Ladies Sewing Society of the Episcopal Church on the 26th.

For sale: One pair of mules - well broke.- Apply to A J Blankenship.

Mr. and Mrs. G W Bottoms will leave Monday morning for San Francisco.

We are sorry to learn that our friend Henry Sin, who was hurt by the cars, is not doing well.

Alderman W B Kizer and wife will leave Monday morning for a summer visit to Cal.

Mr. Ginnochio returned from Saratoga last night, where he met Mr. Hoxie……..

A dog bit Mr. .McKeever's little son, yesterday, on the hand and lip.

Thanks to Mr. Bruzazi for the grapes from Mr. Ghio's vineyard.


JULY 26, 1886 MONDAY

Hon. W P Armistead is up from Jefferson

Mac Kizer returned from St. Louis last night

Mrs. Kate Blackburn returned from Hot Springs last night.

Albert Daum is back from St. Louis. His wife stopped over in Pine Bluff.

Miss Willie Rooks left this morning to visit friends at Hooks Station
Dr. Cabeniss was buried at Buckner today, from injuries inflicted in jumping from a train.

Frank Finley is up from Texas to attend the reunion of the 15th Ark. Regt., C.S.A., at McNeill next Wednesday.

W T May, one of our old friends, now has the street sprinkling contract,andwe have know him long enough o justify us in saying that he will faithfully do his work.

The Democratic Convention of Miller County met last Sat. and called to order by Hon. Paul Jones, chairman of the Central committee. Capt. Geo. W Allen was elected temporary chairman, and Jeff Sanderson, secretary. Messers, J A Roberts, J W Keester and E J Wilson were appointed to a committee on credentials . Delegates from Garland, Cleveland, Lost Prairie, Homan, and Day's Creek were present. The temporary officers were elected permanently. A committee of Messers, Keister, Allen, Wilson;, Mitchell, Arnold,and Roberts were appointed to confer with delegate not joining from SulphurBeech, Cut Off and Red River towneships. J H Wooten was nominated for representative. The name of E F Freidell was placed in nomination for county and probate judge, but a motion to adjourn came before the vote was taken. Next meeting is on Saturday.

Daum and Hamilton are agents of Klausmann Brewery Company.

Col. Dick Johnson of Little Rock is very ill.

The following children of Mr. and Mrs. Rabun, of Augusta, Ga. Are listed as:
(1). Mary Ann Elizabeth Rabun
(2) Cornelia Ann Miranda Jane Rabun
(3) Effie Ann Savannah Rabun
(4) James William Theophilus Patrick Rabun
(5) Sarah Ann Melissa Vanduzen Iantha Rabun
(6) Drucilla Ann Francis Rowena Rabun
(7) Lanie Lucinda Liza Willie Ann alive Rabun
(8) Margaret Amazon Archibald Roxie Ann Rabun
(9) Mozelle Jerusha Ann Ce Syvira Rabun
(10) Anjanette Sophronia Martha Ann Arastus Rabun
(11) Elrora Matilda LouisaAnnie Pilcher Rabun
(12) Pilcher Wicker Brinson Franklin Lee Jackson Beauregard Swain Rabun
(13) Ella Ann Stacil Virginia Theodocia Willianta Lugenia Bigson Rabun
(14) Lovia Ann Stella Belle Callie Donia Dessie Linda Lucretial Borgia Neal Rabun

This article was taken from "The Chicago Tribune

Capt. Ike Adair, of Garland, was mixing with the "Colonels" last Saturday.

Miss Fannie Aiken, the daughter of Col. James Aiken came up from Dallas yesterday, and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. M (?) C Thompson.

Miss Maggie Hamilton is still quiet sick.

Road Master McGrury is down from Hope.

Miss Aice Simmons went down to Ingersoll today.


Glad to see Mr. Purcell up today.

Gen. Mallory is over from Camden.

Phil Hanglin has been appointed city plumber on the West side.

Miss Kate, youngest du. Of the editor of this paper, is 7 years old today.

Dr. A B DeLoach received the appointment as local surgeon of the T & P and Trans-Continental railroads. Dr. Hawkins, his partner, holds a similar position on the Iron Mt. Railroads.

Mattie Vergnes is recording secretary of the W.C. T.U. at the Christian church.

Candidate for Circuit Clerk of Miller Co., Ark. ..Richard Bartlett and R D Speight.
Candidate for Prosecuting Atty. , 18th Circuit of Miller Co. ….Hon. T E Webber
Candidate for Senator, 21st District of Miller Co. , ………Hon. L A Byrne
Candidate for re-election to office of County & Probate Judge of Miller Co./Calvin M Hervey
Candidate for Sheriff of Miller Co. …………Judge Thomas Orr & W T Ferguson
Candidate for re-election of Sheriff of Miller Co. ……..Wm. T Hamilton
Candidate for Tax Assessor of Miller Co.…………Lucellus Winham & Henry C. Kelly
Candidate for Judge 13th Circuit of Hempstead Co., Ark. ……Hon A B Williams

Bowie County Candidates:
W T Hudgins for State Representative, 1`7th district
Ed Robbins for County Clerk.
George W Edwards for Sheriff

An editorial of Judge Frank M. Thompson of Hope, Ark. Says he was called a "carpet bagger" by the Nevada Co., Ark. Newspaper, "Picayune". The Hon. Frank Thompson came to Ark. Long before the editor of the "Picayune" was born; while the "Picayune" man only reached here from Ga. , a year or two ago.

Judge Thompson is a fine man of integrity pluck. He was a member of the legislature of 1870………, although a Republican, he was non-conservative It really amused us to see that an Ark. Editor had dubbed the Judge a "carpet bagger" when in fact in 1843 he was born in Missouri , and came with his father to Ark. in 1849, settling near Mineral Springs, in Hempstead Co. He entered the Confederate Army as a private in 1861, before he was 18 years old, served faithfully during the whole war, and after the war, lived at Magnolia from 1865-1875,when he moved to the Hope, where he now resides. He has invested liberally, now owning much valuable real estate there; perhaps as much as is owned by all the relatives of the "Picayune" in Ga. Thompson a carpet bagger !! The idea will make all who know him laugh, and none ;more so than the citizens of Hope, who know what he has done to improve their town. The charge against Judge Thompson is made because he dares to run against a democratic nominee, and we have referred back to the Ark. "Dispatch" a paper published by us at Hope, two years ago, from which we make the following clipping: "To Judge Frank M Thompson" Our citizens recognize that you have made the best Judge that Hempstead Co. has ever had, and we the following want to run for re-election:
P F Finley, ET Parks, Sidney B Wood, J R Atkinson, W F Clardy, T M Humpreys, C N Riggan, Chas. White D H Martin, W H Quarles, WG Wood, Benj. Beard, H J Haynes, Jas, R Givson, J B Wilson, E Y Williams, TJ Boyette, Louis Murray, Jno L Levinson, M T Jones, C A Bridewell, J H Dobdbin;, J F Saner, Wm A Thodes, H Watson, O P Halsey, S W Brudnice, J Wallis, B M Wood, E A Warren T J McWilliams, J T Barr, A S Martin, T B Hughes, F T son (Tison?), M W Wilson, E Triba (?), Thos. Boyet, Ed Mendenhall, H T F Maklin, W M Pennignton, S W MacFadden. L S Vance, W Foster, J T West, S W White, J M Kaiser, C L Mayne, Al L Johnson, T E Luvas, M C Boyce, W H Huddleson, M W Smith, O W Murray, Ike Borg, E B Black, B B Schwarzkepf, J T Finley, J T Atkinson, Sam F Ryan, R L Heaton, W R Fort, J H Robison, W T Bowdenk J S Meadors, J F Martin, Patrick Donnelly - Ark "Dispatch"- May l, 1814, Alson, W E F Jones, J J Haynes, t J Garner, Alex Bailey, SJ D White, A B Jones , Jas Odeneal, N Acker, P L Baker, J W Chris(?), R E Cornelius, W N Hanegan, John Mouser, F F Hesterly, N B Rust, J M Garner, M C Porterfield, J H Jones, G G Jones, P H Swinney, E T Richards, W C Barron, Wm Aubrey, J E Acker ,EB Black, H H Cornelius, J M Hanegan, z T Houston,; T J McWilliams, Hamp Watson and others,. ……Ark Dispatch, May 22, 1884.

W C Spearman, Physician & Surgeon, office at Ark. P O , upstairs. Residence on State Line Ave., in front of the Christian Church.

Churches and Society Directory: 

M E Church, South - Rev. J Clark Smith, Pastor on State Line Ave. ; 4th St. 

M E Church - Rev. B D Jones, corner Hazel & Forest St.; 

lst Baptist Church - Rev. G A Moffat, Pastor, Pine St. near Forest; 

Seventh Day Baptist Church - Rev. J F Shaw, Pastor, on corner north of College Hill St. fronting T & St. L Railroad ; 

Christian Church - J C Mason, Pastor, on State line Ave. St. James Episcopal Church - Rev. T MN George , Recto (no location given ), 

O S Presbyterian Church - Rev .J H Wiggins, Pastor (no location given), 

Catholic Church - Rev A Babbin, Pastor (no location given.

List of Lodges: THB A (Texarkana Hebrew Benevolent Assn.) at Kosminsky's Hall. J Dutschman, President; A H L Mystic council No. 264 A L of Honor - Kosminsky Hall. Jos. McMahon, Commander, ___hy Stichhler, Sec.; K of H , Bowie Lodge No. 1903 at Kosminsky's Hall, O S Garrett, Director, J H Bradley, Reporter; b of L F - J H Sebly Lodge 243, John Mailer, Master, ______ K Fitzpatrick, Sec. Meets at Kosminsky's K of L , Victor Assemby, No 3665 (Knights of labor) at Kosminsky's Hall, J B Hooks, Mastor, B F Pinson, Sec .Knights of Pythias, No 29 meets at Conductors Hall, A J Purcell, C C & G A Hays, K of R S; Texarkana Royal Arch(Chapter No 78, K D Latimeuse, E C Trigg, Ec, C E Haydon, Recorder; I O GT Lodge, No 63, meet at Kosminsky's Hall A M Hawkins, W G T ___Hugh Crafton, Recording Sec. ; A F & A M (meets at Rondo, Miller Co., Ark.) S A Simmons, W M and J J Peavy, Sec.

A well authenticated case of leprosy has been discovered in N Carolina.

Col. Bob Newwell, of Little Rock, was elected to the position of Inner Guard of the Supreme Lodge of Knights of Pythias, at Toronto, Canada, Last week.

Mr. Converse is back from St. Louis

J S Know left this morning for Shreveport.

Mr. Bruhn is erecting a new residence of Elm St.

Dr. Lovett returned from Hot Springs last night.

Mrs. Chas. Wilkerson is summering at Conway.

Mrs. J F Smith left for a visit to St. Louis

Hon. O D Scott wears his honors with dignity. He says he will accept the republican nomination for supreme judge.

Mrs. Leatherman is still quite sick.

Miss Lationia Moores, of Hooks Stateion, is in the city as a guest of her sister, Mrs. Heber Cullom.

Ben foreman has an interesting class in college Hill Sunday School.

A newsy little paper gotten out by Messrs. Read & Higgs, is now being published.
Member of Bowie Hose Co., No. 1, meets tonight. Jos Linginoiiiiitti, F M N , and Will H 
Tunnard, Sec.

Arrivals at Commercial Hotel, ;J W Davidson, Manager; M McGray, Texas; L Phelps, Clinton, La; J P Carrel ,M A Carrel, L J Carrel, M J Bushing , Paris, Tex.; H C Lee, city; J E Pfeiffer, Corey; C McLean, Mr. Pleasant; W J Hines, Wife & Child, Roanoke, Tx; A L Campbell, Dallas; H F Price, San Antonia; S H Young, Chicago; J Wtisdale, M N Kilgrove, Hooks, Tx; and H C Wilson, Pine Bluff, Ark.

F C Garner has quit working as prescriptionist at Lemly's drugstore, We wish him well where ever he may go.

A S Glascow, of the Bridge Co., on the T & P, railroad was run over by a train today, while crossing the track in this city, and had his right knee crushed down to the ankle. Dr. Williams amputated it just above the knee.

$100.00 reward for any old sore that W H Elliott can not cure.

Go to Blackwell & Jones for lst class dentistry.

Mr. Dougherty is the clever proprietor of the Sherman House.

Married at the residence of Judge Smither, b;y him, Mr. S R Riley to Miss M E Floyd, at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. All of Miller Co.

Rev. Charles Goldberg is 66 years old today.

Mr. & Mrs. John Ford have a new baby boy at their home.

We are glad that John Mitchell is better today.

Capt. M P Kelley went down to Sherman today.

Mrs. Vandyke, dau of Mr. Brownlee, will return to her home in St. Louis, next Sat.

Geo. Wheat, a former employee of this office, is in the city today.

F W Swift & S B Andrews are running in a gang to themselves, since their wives went up north, but we promised not to tell.

Harry Sachs tells up that Phil Stichler has accepted a position as advance agent for the most popular circus to travel net fall.

Rev. Mr. Smith, pastor of M E Church, south, has gone to Dalby Springs, He is in feeble health, and will remain ;until September.

Col. .J J Haaden left last night for a visit to his old Kentucky home.

Bowie Rifles meet tonight at West side court house. Jas T Rosborough, Captain,

Trunk for sale on Wed., Aug 4, 1886 before the Mayors' office, in the incorporated town of Texarkana, Ark. to hightest bidder, for cash, all contents, levied on by ;me to satisfy a judgment for a fine and costs in favor of said town, against Mattie King………….Signed P Hardin, Marshall of said town

If the condition of his brother will permit, Judge Mitchell will go to Little Rock tonight.

The many friends of Hon. A L Ghio & family will be glad to learn that on the 10th (July), they landed safely on the shores of Italy.


Dr. J B Humph, an old resident of Ouchita Co., died near Camden last week.

It is estimated that J B Johnson, of Benton, Ark., who has an apple orchard, will produce 7,000 bushels of fruit this season.

A colony of about 100 families from Pennsylvania & West Virginia, will arrive and settle in Ashley Co., Ark. next month.

Ross Moores left for home today.

Fred Church is back from Chicago.

Rev. James Lowry is down from Hope.

G W Sims was up from Dallas yesterday.

Coot Leatherman has accepted a position at the Trivoli house.

Mike Cassidy & his band of silvery voices were serenading last night.

Fine millinery goods for sale: Miss Irene Wells.

A Republican convention of the 9th Judicial Circuit has been called to meet at Hope.
7 Aug. 1886, to nominate a candidate for Judge & Prosecuting Attorney. By order of committee, R C Scharzkopf, chairman, and T S Bryan, Sec.

Jack Evans has resigned his job with us, to accept a position as brakeman on the T C Railroad.

Ed Duncan & Mac Arbuckle's lady friends are making them some "mother hubbards" so they can keep cool this summer.

One of the most enterprising men in Texarkana, is our friend Ben Hagey. Last night, his flag pole was decorated with chinese lanterns , from top to bottom. 

Hage,Varner,& flippin are "rustlers" and always make things lively in their beat

Friend Sweeny, watchman at the Iron Mr. depot, is being complimented for the manner in which he does his duties. A lady was overheard to say, "did you ever see such a handsome accommodating little dutchman!"

Mrs. Rudolph came down from Nashville last night to visit her sister, Miss Carrie Burch who is ill..

Mrs.. Anson D Hartwell of New York, nee Miss Jennie Godfrey of Paris, Texas. Spent last night in the city wit her life long friend, Mrs. Lizzie O'Donnel.


Fred Wilson, city ; A L Moores and W Fleming, Bassett, Texas;W F Richardson, Garland City, Ark; F Cremier, C Fisher, & E Hamlin, Ingersoll, Tx., ; Chesley, Mehean, H C Lee & J C Pfiefer, Charley, Tx; W J Pessan, Jefferson, Tx; John Corey, Chicago, Ill; H Beaver & wife, San Antonio, Tx; A L Campbell & G D Brady, Ft Worth, Tx; W R Myers, J H Dickson, C B Allen, W D Donaldson, Dallas, Tx; R F Record, Matton, Ill; J W Warlick, Alabama; ;Mrs. H Smith & child, Lipton, Mo. ; H Gould & wife; Rome, Texas; F G Joiner, Richmond, Ark.

Cofield Wootten has gone to Florida to live

Col. Polhaimius has returned from Hot Springs.

We regret to hear that Elder Moffat is quite ill.

Frank Garner left for Hot Springs this morning.

Mr. Ogilvie, of the Shreveport Times, is in the city.

Miss Fanny Aikin left for Little Rock this morning.

Dr. DeLoach was called professionally, to Ingersoll, today.

We are glad to learn that John Mitchell is much better today.

The J D Hall habeas corpus case will come up for hearing next Friday.

Jo Watson is on the ailing list, and we miss him.

The young folks will dance at the residence of Mr. Mrs. Spear tomorrow night.

Mrs. John Cook & daughters, will return from their visit to Nevada Co. .this morning.

The "kids" (not the political "kids") will have a sociable at Judge Smither's tonight.

It was a mistake about 2 children being lost on Clinton yesterday. They were only hid in the weeds.

Mr. Farrier, a leading merchant of Omaha ,TX., spent yesterday in our city.

Mr. Glasow, the railroad employee, whose leg was amputated yesterday, was sent to the hospital at Waco this morning. He was doing very well.

Sheriff Worthen of Pulaski Co. passed through the city this morning, having in his charge, Dr. Driver (one of the murderers of Justice Flake) who was captured near Trinity, Tx. George, the associate, was killed in the effort to capture hi.

Alexander White, of the Stearn Manufacturing Co. of Erie, Pa., is the guest of F A Flelton, who is showing him all around Texarkana. Mr. White predicts Texarkana will soon be a city of considerable importance.


Will Reed, one of our carrier boys, lost his subscription collection book.

We regret to learn J B Lightfoot is ill, and hope that he gets well soon, to be at work, while his brother John is in Toronto.

Bowie Co. Democratic convention met at West side court house today. Col. F M Henry called the ;meeting to order. J C Tyson, of New Boston, Tx, was elected chairman with Ben Whitaker seconding the motion of R D Harrell. The convention adjourned until I o'clock this evening at Ghio's Opera House.

Miss Mable Chrisman, of Little Rock, is here visiting Mrs. Phumer.

Miss Alice Jones went to Hooks station this morning for a visit.

Judge Hooper, who was sent to the penitentiary for forging Monroe Co. script, died in Little Rock last week.

Mrs. Albert Daum has returned from Pine Bluff.

Elder Parkinson went to Prescott last night.

Mrs. Charles Block left today for a visit to St. Louis.

Hon. J H Crawford, of Arkandephia, was in the city last night.

Mrs. Sam Ragland, of San Antonio, is visiting friends in the city.

T H Humprey & wife left for a visit to Shreveport this morning.

West Side City Attorney Dan T Leary & wife returned last night from Toronto.

Mrs. George Hoffman & two little daus. Left for a visit to Jefferson this morn.

Mat Levy will leave tomorrow for Waukeshau, to join his wife, who has been there for some weeks.

Alderman McKenna is acting as Major Pro Tem of the West side.

Dr. James McMahon & family left last night for a visit to Kingson, Ontrio. He will return in two weeks, but his family will remain the summer.

A part of young people will meet at Mr. Eck's next Tuesday night to organze a social club.

We learn thaat Messrs. Beard & Petit have leased the States printing office and material upon which they propose to issue a literary paper.

We are glad that Bro. Tunnard, of the Workmen newspaper, is able to be out today.

Mr. Henry Brown, of Farmersbille, la., is in the city as a guest of Geo. Sherer.

Mr. Brown comes here wit the possibility of locating.

Phil Stichler, informs us that Harry Sachs, contemplates spending the sumer in the lunatice asylum at Little Rock.

The young folks will dance tonight at the residence ofMr. Mudford , on College Hill.

Everett Bell is over from Camden/..

Mrs. C A Hooks is said to be quite ill.

Hon. Alex Byrne is over from Lewisville today.

J S Know came up from Shreveport this a.m.

City Attorney Grisby attended the reunion at McNeill yesterday.

Ex-Judge Maples of Kaufman, Tx. Passed last night is in the city.

Misses Millie & Katie , sisters of Eugene Jordan, came over from Camden and will remain his guests for several days.

Owing to the serious illness of Mr. Jones, there will be no issue of the Evening News this week.

Little Misses Valle & Katie, daus. of the editor, will leave tomorrow for a visit to friends & relatives at Prescott & Washington.

We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Alice J Kelly, which occurred at Hooks station yesterday. Just a few weeks ago in April , we noticed the happy marriage of the deceased, and predicted for her & herself and happy husband, long lives of happiness. We sympathize with him, and the decease's relatives. The funeral will be at 10 o'clock tomorrow from the residence of J. C. Smith, is in this city. Interment will be in State Line Cemetery.

Our young friend Charlie Palmer will entertain a number of his playmates at the elegant home of his mother, this afternoon. It is his birthday.

When our friend Ed McCorkle & Miss Linda Mack were married, the editor gave them a little rocking chair, and advised them it would keep. This morning , we received from Mr. McCorkel the following letter, dated Atlanta, Texas, July 26: "I have the honor of informing you that the "little chair" has become useful, and he is a "rip snorting" big gal, born today at 10 o'clock a.m. She weighs 9 lbs.


W R Myers & J Dickson of M K & T R R ' David Robinson, Montreal, Canada; W Snargrove & wife, Lewisville, Ark.' John Carey, Chicago, Ill; W J Buckley & Frank Cole, Stepher, Ark; A Gleeson, Raleigh, Ill;  R Whiteney, W F Whitney, J W Wallick, D robinson, M A McCray, F Record & A M Harris, city; d Wathoe, Pine Bluf; W H Hagen, Wm Fisher, Waco, Tx.; J C Jones, Corsicane,; M Walsh, New Orleans,; A Paterson & S Hightower, Vernon, Tenn. ; s McCowan, T J Seth, Paris Tx; H C Meton, Hubbard Co.,, Tx; J W Suttatt, Mr Pleasant; E H Wainewrigt, T L Sambelair, Shreveport; L Harden, Corley Tx; J C Maples, Haufman, Tx.; J W Long, Atlanta; William Martin, Houstong , Tx; j A tidwell, Queen City, Tx.


Sorry too hear Harry Knox is ailing today.

R D Harrell is temporary chairman of Young Men's Democaractic Club of Bowie Co. 
More Arrivals at commercial Hotel::
J W Law, Tx; L A Chambers, Rusk, Tx; A D Fowlkes, Mr. Watson, Geo. Wood, Nic;k Myers, City; W J Pegram, George Smith, Dallas, Tx.; J B Earp, Otto, Tx.; A St. Clair, Shreveport; Mrs. A Bird & children, Walnut Hill, Ark; R L fuguson, coloradeo City; Wm Prewitt, St. Louis; Wm Porter, Waco, Frank Csswell; Pa; N O Pittman, Jacksonville, Fla. Miss suest, Bennett.

Bowie County Democratic Convention has these delegates:
Precient No. 1……H C Hunson, R D Harell, Ben Whitaker, Earl Tisdale, J Marx, J M Benefield, Gus Beard, C H Moores, silliam Aiken, Bryant Holmes, Lord shipp, T P Wagnor, Hugh Smith & Jim Burke (they are entitled to 6 votes)>

Prescient No. 2……..W N Atwood, W aAtwood, J J Schrimshire, Robert Haley, A A Minton, F M <cLemmoce. R M Wppdward. Tp, <prros. W B Cooley; J C Tyson, W T Whitenhurst; W A Havenr, M McDuffy; W S McCright & Bair McGee (entitled to 4 votes, the Ingersoll delegation has 1 vote, the New Boton delation has 3 votes.)

Precinct No.3………Wesley Johns, John Mills, W E Lemons & A G Wheeler (2 votes)

Precinct No. 4……..A B Johnson, G Dsims, R Wdalby SJ Lee, TA Harvey, A O Howell, J W Linnsay, W L Tidwell, James Sweet, J C Boston, Alex Perry * S W Braley (entitled to 2 votes)


Will T Hedgins & Mr. Parker were nominated for representatives. The conventionwas instructed to vote Judge McLain for Supreme Judge and col. W T Armistead for State Senator. J Marx was elected assistant secretary on the 2nd day of the convention. R J Haywood is one of the working delgates. Secretary Ben Whhitaker works well ane proptly. Mr Hynson is temporary chairmen toda. Col. Bob Harrell is the "wheel horse" iin the convention. Col. Will whitaker, president of the Texarkana & Northern Railroad, is a constatnt spectator. Bro. Tunnard , of the Workman, occupies a table on the platform and takes full reports of the proceedings. Hon. Paul Jones & Capt. C E Bramble, chairman & secretary of Miller co. Democratic Central Committee were present and taking notes last night. 

We regreet to report the death of Rev .G A Moffat, Baptist pastor of this city, at his residence yesterday evening. We etend sympathy to his wife & his children. Rev. John Winham coducted funeral services this evening. Interment was in Texas Cemetery.

Yesterday, Judge Callwell, dismissed the sit by J F & J C Kieby against Dr. H M Beidler and ordered $6,000 to be turned over to Beilder. Money recovered from the railroad.

Co. Dan W Jones, Attorney General for the state of Arkansas, was in the city today.

Col. J C England, an attorney from Lonoke, was here last night.

Mr. Rector returned to his home at Nashville this morning.

The young people danaced at the home of Mr. Mudford, on College Hill, last night.

Charles Wilkerson ewent to Arkadelphia today.

Sorry to see friend Maxwell, manager of ice factory, on sick list today.

We thank our friend Paul Hamilton, of Little River Co., for the basket of peaches. They were raised in his orchard.

Leters remainig uncalled for in Texarkana, Ark. Post Office, July 30:
by W W Shaw, Postmaster


Buck, John               Glover, N J              Mosley, Scott 
Beck, John               Gold_ng, A T            Moore, Henry
Bell, L B                   Graham, John           Moore, E B
Bishop, Louis           Grisby, Bro.              Murphy, Geo. H
Briscoe, Geo. H H    Haird, Edson (2)       Perry, H B
Brooks, J C              Hainey, Albert          Ray, T F
Campion, Michael   Hamilton, C C           Rees, J T
Calderwood, W H    Hines, Jack                Richard, Dick
Cariker, J H            Harris, Joe                 Robins, J. J_el
Christie, Chas.        Keller, Frank            Setler, J B
Collins, Perk           Kirk, James M          Shipp C A
Cook, G C                 Li_ersburg, Aaron   Smith, Chas.
Cotton, C B              Lister, F A                  Stricklin;, Stephen
Davis, Josh              McCormac,                 Kount Taylor, A 
Davis, Wes              Martin, Wm. O.         Warren, Johnson
Dodge Jim               Millard, Jay                Webb, Grant
Duke, Wm.             Miller, Ben                  Williams, Frank
Edwards, J W        Morris, Mike               Wright, S H


Bonner, Eliza             May, Lena
Dixon, A E                   Morris, Mrs. J F * Letters in ( ) means how many letters in P. O. ---
Fleming, Nellie          Moran, Mary 
Haregan, Mrs.            Pemnewity, Lena E. W.
Hawkins, Martha       Randler, Nancy
Hughes, Mattie          Roberson, Mollie
Jones, Jennie            Sport, Hattie
Johnson, Lee             Smith, Gordie
Lightfoot, Mrs.          Williamson, Jane (2)


J C Tyson, Chairman of the Bowie Co. convention, was robbed of a fine diamond pin at his boarding house last night.

About 11 o'clock last night, Wm. Chappell, of Urbana, Ohio, who had been sick at Mrs. Parkin's boarding house for some time, committed suicide by cutting his throat. 

Miller county Democratic Convention met this morning again. Mr. Allen, the chairman, not being present, F M Leatherman was elected chairman and Jeff Sanderson, Sec. Paul Jones moved to adjourn, as the township of Beech, Bright Star, etc. failed to have representatives. Motion wa for convention to proceed. They then nominated the following candidates for county office: 
Representative: J H Wooten
Sheriff…..W T Hamilton,
Circuit Clerk…….R D Spright
County Judge……E E Freidell
Assessor……….A B Little
Treasurer……….James Lynn
Surveyor……..AB Matson, 
Coroner……..Geo. Sherer.

Mr. & Mrs. J D Ingram, last Tuesday, had a baby boy.

William Boles, a colored employee of the Iron Mt. Railroad, was fatally scalded last night by the accidental turning on of the escape valve to an engine under which he was at work. Dr. Hawkins is giving him every necessary attention.

There is still living at Spring Creek, Roane Co., West Va., Thos. Simon, age 94, who was a butler for Gen. Taylor in the Mexican War. He is blind, but has a clear mind and loves to tell sties about the Old Warrior. He takes great pride in telling how he used to carry letters from Jefferson Davis to Miss Taylor, dau. Of Gen. Taylor and how often drove Miss Taylor in a carriage to meet Jefferson Davis, who afterwards married her. (Our readers should take note, that on July 28, this newspaper reported a large colony people from Pa. And West Va. Settled in Ashley Co., Ark. ……E.W.)

Texarkana, Ward 1……J W Mayher
Ward 2……..J F Smith
Ward 3…….G. Traher
Old Boston……J O Battle
New Boston…..John Anderson
Ingersoll………T W Fagan
DeKalb………..L Stewart
McCrary's……Francis McCrary
Sand Hill………Berry Tidwell
Dalby Springs…..A B Johnson
Buchanan……….Mike Whelan
Holmes School House…..Wm. Snodgrass & T P Wagnon

Wesley Johns, B F Morris, H M Burrows, F M Henry, B Whitake, J S Todd, J Terrel, J Marx, R M Johnson, A W Braley, J H Smelser, R D Harrell, H C Hynson, W Thudgins, W L Whitaker, Warren Jones, W T Fagan, J H Henderson, S J Henry, John King , WC Aken, GBEllis, J C Tyson, S P Parker, W Arbuckle, H Sutton, B Holmes, F D Sims, S Smelser, R Peters, J Mills, B G Johnson, W Johnson, R L Henry, O C Porter and J J Bell.

B T Estes, F M Henry, R J Haywood, J W Braley, A G wheeler, WH Harris, R L Henry, W T Fagan, W H Tilson, J Marx, C E Oliver, R T Woodard, W B Crowley ,W H Havner.

Messrs. F M Henry & H C Hyson.

John Edwards is back from a trip to Texas.

President………………S J Henry
Vice President…………Horace Randal
Treasurer………………R L Henry
Secretary………………Robert Mundy

Col. R D Harell installed the officers. Executive committee members are M D Tilson, R D Harrell, Jno. J King, James Lightfoot & W A Havener. Also a committee to suggest amendments to constitution and by-laws were elected. Composed of Messres. M D Tilson, Horace Randall & Rollin Rodgers. New permanent members were Warren Jones, E L Tidwell & J W Lindsey.

W S Mc Right & Blain McGee.
Orators for the next meeting are Messrs. Vaughn & Prudhomme.

FrankGarner returned last night from Hot Springs.

Sheriff Stafford of Cass Co. was in the city yesterday.

Hon. C C Dodrian sold to a gentleman from St. Louis the house now occupied by the Turner Bros. For $3000.   Verily, Texarkana property is worth money.

Miss Agnes Moffat returned from Mineral Springs yesterday but did not know of her father's death until her arrival.

Nick Myers, O J King, Mrs. E Hunter, B A Treadway & Joseph West, city; H Melon, Memphis; Mrs. Barton & child, Beebe, Ark; Mrs. &Miss Williamson, Prescott; Miss…………….

C A Bestal, Savoy, Tx.; G L Clanton, Utah, Ala. W Hahan, Alexandria, La.; Chas. .Daniels, Ingersol; H M Linty, Basett; and L W Pauman, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mr. B Diamant, of St. Louis, arrived last night and will spend 4 or 5 weeks in the city as a guest of his son-in-law & dau. W S Levy.

Mrs. Henry Williams, who has been visiting her brother-in-law, Dr. D S Williams & family here, returned to Little Rock this morn.

Mrs. Williams, mother of Hon. T C McRae, and her dau. Were guests at the Commercial Hotel yesterday.

Miss Fannie Aiken returned from Little Rock last night.

John Allen & dau. ,Miss Ella, went to Queen City today.

Mrs. Vandyke, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Brownlee & sister, Mrs. O'Donnell returned to her home in St. Louis this morn. She was accompanied by pretty little Maggie O'Donnell.



Morning arrivals at Commercial Hotel:
C R Graham, W H Wright, W T Dill & D C Hayes of St. Louis; W H Christian & H M Horne, Mr. Pleasant; W S Douglass, Bassett; O McMahan, John Mack & A Armstrong, Louisville, Ky.; M C Radcliff, Atlanta, Ga.; T J Adams, Wills Point; Albert Carter, Marshall B F Kirkwood, Terrell; Chris O'Connor M Haywood, Ingersoll; T Burgen, Canden; J W Mock, Lewisville, and J Armstrong, Buchner.

E P Meagher, Sec. ; John Flynn & W J Hancock for Justice of Peace; Frank Spear, Constable. Committee of 5 was appointed to select delegates. They were: H S Johnson, R C Mitchell, A P Meagher & A Tennyson, They reported the following as delegates: H S Johnson , W J Hancock, A P Meagher, R C Mitchell , C C DePrato , Judge C E Mitchel, J C Ray, A Tennyson & Robert Cooley. A township central committee to be selected by these 7 men: R Mitchell, C C DePrato, Martin Forster, Ira Church, H S Church, H S Johnson, John Flynn and W S Hancock. Those who were selected re: W J Hancock, John Flynn, R C Mitchell, Martin Forster, & Ira A Church.

Mr. Leatherman was elected chairman, in absence of Col. Allen. Townships represented were: Garland, Cleveland, Lost Prairie, Homan & Days Creek. Unrepresented were: Sulphur, Red River Cut-Off & Beach. Mrs. W H Sweeney moved to take up order of business. Mr. Paul Jones moved to adjourn. Mr. Paul Jones reviewed past troubles in the party and pleads for unity and a new convention. Mr. J F Kirby supported his plea. Messrs. Arnold, Cook, Gray & Sweeney opposed Mr. Jones, then declined to participate further. He left the hall, followed by Messrs. .J F Kirby, R H Higginbotham, R L Trigg, N P Sanderson, S G Watkins, J Beddingfield R Towery, J A Roberts, W T Roberts & Kirk Bramble. Already nominated for representative was J H Wooten, E F Friedell for county Judge, W T Hamilton for Sheriff; R T Speight for Circuit Clerk, A B Little for Assessor; J A Lynn for Treasurer; A B Matson for County surveyor; Geo. Sherer for coroner. Executive committee members are; T E Webber, Chairman; Joe Cook, Secretary from Garland, Jno Whinham from Mt. Pleasant; Pete Crow from Rondo; F M Coe from Trigg; ;C M McBride from Days Creek; M Collins from Cleveland; Dr. J W Smith from Beach; A D Little & R Pool of Sulphur; J G Gray of Lost Prairie; T W Crow, Jr. of Homan; J B Crier of Cut Off ; H A McCants of Red River.

Dock Hicks is down from Hope

R Sandberger is in Hot springs

"Uncle Dave" Phillips is much better today.

Capt. M P Kelly came up from Houston last night.

Miss Lucy Hunter has returned from Hot Springs.

M H Trimble is passing the day with friends in the city.

Mr. Weinstein, of Jefferson, spent yesterday in the city.

Mrs. C H Moores and children have been spending time in the city.

Mr. Gillingham, shorthand reporter for Supt. Crumpton, died yesterday morning of slow fever.

Mr. & Mrs. J M Talbot have returned from Toronto.

R W Marcus a salesman in the house of S Corey, died Saturday night, and was buried yesterday. He was an unmarried man and a good citizen.

Jo Kosminsky & family are at Waukesha.

Mr. Jones of the "Evening" news is well again.

John Mitchell is much better today.

Mrs. Flora Dayton returned from Shelbyville, Ill. Last night.

Walter High left this morning for a week trip in the Choctaw Nation.

Miss Eve Gill is almost recovered from her illness.

W T Mullins is quite ill.

An unknown man died at the Tremont Saloon Saturday night, cause of death is not known.

Mrs. E W Byars is much better.

Mill Joe Dollarhide of Rocky Comfort, Ark. is to visit the T H Humpreys family this week.

Messrs. Porter & Howler are very good detectives, as evidenced by their quick recovery of 2 watches stolen by a negro from a law office.

Our young fiend Rollin Rodgers is now behind the counters in Applebaums' popular Bazaar.

Yesterday was our marriage anniversary. Just 9 years ago the "old lady" took charge and is still in charge.

Two little children, Walter Carroll, age 9, & Francis Carroll, age about 6 yrs. , were put on a train at Kansas City, Mo., and sent to this town. They say their mother & father live here and give Nannie Carroll as their mother's name. They say they have forgotten their father's name. They lived in Kansas City with their aunt and her name is Amanda Menters. They were sent from here to Kansas City, and from there back to this place. They are at Miss Millie Jones' Col'd. Signed: W H Sims.

Prof. G H Hays is at Garden City, Kansas and writes that he is well and will be home by the 10th.

W J Wickham, a prominent citizen and millman, died at Queen City yesterday.

Hon. H L Grigsby, city attorney for the East side, left last night to visit his parents in West Texas.

Col. Will Whitaker, president of the Texarkana & Northern Railroad, went to Dallas last night.

Ground is being graded for the erection of Mrs. Kinney's new brick block on Vine Street.

Married in Jefferson, Tx. Yesterday ;morning at 11 o'clock, Mr. W K Pugh to Miss Bayne Orr, daughter of Judge Thomas Orr. Both of Texarkana.


Mrs. A A Anderson is at Mineral Wells.

Hon .Minor Wallace is over from Magnolia today.

Ben Whitaker came in from Texas this morning.

Mike Cassidy will go down to Galveston tonight.

W B Weeks came over from Pine Bluff this morning.

N W Weeks came over from Pine Bluff this morning.

N W Randolph is on the sick list.

Jo Reeves, a leading Camden merchant, passed the day in the city.

Will McCartney went up to Little rock to attend the bicycle race.

A new colored peoples paper, The Advocate" has begun publication at Forest City.

Hon. B G Askew of Magnolia, Judge of the 13th Judicial circuit, is visiting here

Mr. & Mrs. J W Harris returned from Columbia co. this morning.

In the Democratic primary election in Hempstead co. , Ark. last night, Sheriff Jett was defeated by W P Powell,; H J Trimple was defeated for Co. Clerk by E B Black and more of the old officers shared the same fate.

Mrs. L V Hogane is one of our most experienced school teachers and will open a school for girls in this city on the 1st Monday in September. She is well known and liked.

The East side school board hired Mrs. W G Cook to take charge of the music class. She is a fine musician & teacher.

The West Side City Council adopted a resolution that dry goods and clothing stores kept open on Sunday be fined. Members are: Mayor Kenderson, Alderman Burke, Wessel, Beard, Roach & McKenna. A resolution of thanks was sent to Mr. M P Kelly for the faithful and honest manner he has discharged his contract, in the construction of the water works at this place.

J B Hubler……………Groceries at Clinton & Oak St.
N A McNeally………..Jewelry and instruments.
F E Colwell…………….Painters of carriages.
A M Hawkins………..General contractors.

Wanted: A good cook……..apply to J W Farrier at Dalby Springs.

Col. John Cope, a leading businessman of Prescott, is in the city..

W T Mullins is much better.

John Boddie, a clever commercial pilgrim, was in the city this morning.

Mrs. Geo. Rector of Nashville, is visiting Dr. Hawkins & family.

Evangelist Stevens is back in the city from Sardis.

Read "Clarett's" (Miss Amboline Ghip) letter today.

Jo Cella is on the mend, we are glad to report.

Mrs. Brownlee is visiting friends in Georgetown, Tx.

Mr. Odeyer left for the East this morning.

Rev J F Shaw has returned from his preaching tour in Texas .Jo Watson, of the house of T H Humphrey, is ill.

Mr. A Ebber returned this morning from a half year visit to Europe.

Mr. Brackman, of the Miller Co. Clerk's Office, left this morning for Bright Star.

W J Dill of the firm of F A Felton & Co., is expected back from Cairo this eve.

Rev. C Mason's wife is improved, we hear.

Miss Rosa Erber returned to her home in Little Rock, after a visit here.

Newly elected teachers for the East Side schools are Principal Prof. C L Simpson, is about 30 years of age, unmarried, and has been teaching the past 3 y3ars at Washington, Ark. Mrs. Gaither is very well known and liked. Miss Whitcomb is also very well liked here. Miss Read, dau. Of Dr. Read of the West Side, is also most talented and recently graduated with highest honors in the Sam Houston Normal Institute at Huntsville, Texas.

Mrs. Hunter wants to rent her boarding house, as she is going to Europe for one year .

Colored school officials of the East Side school have elected J F Miller as principal and Mrs. H C Dawson as assistant.

W E Clark, Wm. Dunlevy,, city; Ed Burk &M Haywood, Ingersoll; H Lagrange, Corsicana;'M Grant, Bettie; David Wilson, Chas. Bennett & J McElroy, Corley; J Fuhr, Pine Bluff; Geo. Andrews, McNeil; Wm. Hayes, Joseph Watson, Manuel Freil .St. Louis; J R Schneider and son ,Mrs. E Bain & Albert Bishop, New Port; M L Bail, Hope; W G Lemon, Iowa, H O McKnight, Gloster; Miss; J L White, Kingsland, Ark; Wm. McKinney, Cheyenne, W T (Wyoming Territory?); C W marshal, T & St. L Railroad; M C Radc…., Sunflower, Miss; and J Smith, Little Rock.

The "Workman" newspaper announced the retirement of Mr. Vogel, leaving Thomas Batte as sole proprietor, with Bro. Will H Tunnard as editor.

Letters Remaining Uncalled for in Post Office, Texarkana, Texas, July 31:


Alliwas, P P              Gutmann, Sam                 Foris, Jas.
Armstrong, Lee       Henderosn, R L               Noble, Gus
Hefferniah, Jolin     Northcutt, Wm. (3)         Barker, Chas.                                                       Heeps, John             Oliver, Jno.                      
Baldwin, W L           Heins, Louis                     Paul, J B (2)
Barlow, Frank         Hamilton, Jasper             Pipkins , H S
Bent ,Geo. (2)           Hardin Pat (2)                  Parker, Geo.
Bartliff, Fred            Hays, J A                          Beck, H M
Beck, Capt.
Carleton,J G             Holoway, W H                   Pattillo, T J 
Caviness ,Dick         Holt, Willie                       Platford, G F
Christian, John R    Hughes, M H                     Purcell, Robt. 
Carrell, Geo.             Hegatt, F                            Quarles, Jno. L
Cantets, Wm.            Hurley, H F                        Reed, Julius
Ingram, John            Right, Adam
Cothran, Fewt.          Jones, Bart                        Rhodes, J R
Cantrell, D S             Jones, C                             Russell, Eugene
Clay, Henry               Jones, Jas. M                    Ryan, D F
Cronen, John            Johnson, L A                     Sam, Albert
Cencom ,Jim             Johnson, Hall                    Sargent, A L
Davis, Isaal                 King, M                              Sayers, Frank
Davis, Bill                   Kear, J W                          Scott, Major S T
Dorris, John              Kirkwood, J C                   Shelby, Geo. W
Brown, E J                  Shelton, Eddie
Brown , R C                Kelley, W R (2)                 Smith, W H
Brown, W J (S?)        Knight, J J                         Smith, F J
Campbell, Thos. (2)    Leach & Swartz L Co.    Speight, R W
Corbet, Thos.               Lone, Grentry                  Sorrell, Adam
Comancher, Jas. S     Levy, Peter                        Steele, Jno. A
Conley, S J                  Levy, J J                            Stanton, G C
Cobel, H A                   Lasefield, Dim                  Strickland, W R
Divan, J F                    Larnbern, P G                   Stone, Sam
Dorrian, Con.              Lowe, E F                           Thomas, Wm.
Elmert, C G                  Lindsay, J W                    Trimble, W H
Evans, J E                     Long & Co.                       Wallace, Joe
Frazier, Amos            Massey, Bolie                    Walkes, J E (2)
Fynn, James                Marsh, D                            Walkes, J J
Ford, Marvell              Martin, Harry                   Weed, J A
Finley, H F                  Melcar, R H                       White, J P
Furguson, Jack         Mitchell, C D (2)              Williams, A M
Gardner, W S C        Moore, B B                        Winns, James
Gardner, Willie        Mudford, _______(2)       Wartham, James
Gallagher, M D          Moffat, W                           Weed, J A
Ga__ce, N G               McLung, W J                     White, J P
Gilliland, John H       McKee, Thos.                     Williams, A M
Gillman, J Mc            Reynolds, J M                    Winns, James
Goodwin ,H H             McKay, M C                        Wartham, James
Glasgow, A C             McKinley, J J                     Wood, C A
Grant, Jack                McBriad, R A                     Wright, J C
Green ,Sam                McCutcheons, Sims
Grim, Charley           Nash, Wm.
Gurlely, W A             Newton, Eustace
Guong, A                     Nickels, Sam


Aaron, Mary                        Hamilton, E F                      Weaver, Mollie
Ashley, Martha                   Henderson, Annie              Willson, Nellie
Baker, Lucy                        Haskell, Sophy                    Willson, Jordan (?)
Bailey, Mrs. Wm.               Hyde, Dora                           Williard, Edna
Bloom, Carrie L                 Holt, ________                   Mayspemeyr, Calley
Booker, Bell                       Huddleston, Ora                   Morpeces, Rener
Butler, Martha                   Hicks, Mamie                       McDowell, Willie
Butcher, Nannie                 Ivy, Maria                              McClarty, _______
Burk, Irene                         Jewell, Francis                     McMillan, N C
Burt, Sarah                         Johnson, Grace                    Milliagan, Jane
Brows, Sarkanioh M         Richerson, Nellie                Moore, Rena
Brown, Kate                        Rutledge, Blendy                 Montroy, Flaza
Cashmah;, Mollie              Samson, Nellie                     Palmer, Ida
Carter, Mrs. Allen            Shaw, Mary                           Payne, A L
Calagan, Hadin                  Stevens, Wm. (?)                  Pullen, Anna
Cooper, Mary                     Turner, Agnes                      Jones, Patience
Crawford, L W                   Thompson, Sue                     Jones, Lucinda
Dodd, Priscilla                   Temple, Jane                        Jones, Melvin (?)
Duke, Lula                         Turner, Lizzie                      Jones, Mahala
Edwards, Pollie                  Turner, Ludie                      Thompson, Jessie
Edwards, Cora                   Turpin, Sarah E                    Terrell, J A
Evert, ______                   Wall, Learner (2)                 Tate, E D
Ellison, N M                      Webster, Rosie                     Swooe, W A (Shope?)
Frazier, C C                      Watson, Emma                      Mathis, F R
Fiendly, (?), Roxy             Wallace, Maria                     Matson, A B
Green, Physis (?)             Mayne, George

Signed: Willis Whitaker, P. M. Texarkana, Texas 

AUGUST 9, 1886

H. Wilcox, J. H Wilcox from Lewisville; David Rogers, W. J Cardinal, James Cardin, E Clark, J H Hutchinson, all of this city: Thomas E Boyd & son, Ft. Worth; David Loyd, Kansas City, T E McMannus , Henderson, Ky. A M Landis, Cincinnati; E Edwards, l. Little, C C Teal, Pine Bluff; B Thomas J. A Johnson, Cleveland, Wm Cassidy, DeKalb; Geo. Clark, Pilot Point, R L Shellers, Greenville, La., Mrs. Andres, Atlanta, Ga., M C Fleming, Mt. Pleasant; W D Adams, W D Ames, Hope; B Dilling, Ingersoll; Geo. Bowman, Palestine, C D Fisher, Cummings Ark. G F ??Good, Beldon; Geo. Newton, New York; Lee Mayhal, Garland, Ark. F M Owens, Mrs. Aldridge, Thornton, Ark. J M Johnson, Boston, Mass.; P C Harbrock, Minden, La; Smith McNeal, J B Hart, St. Louis, H E Head, Camden; and F Hedgecock, Dallas.

C E Wright went to Dalby today.

F C Cross is over from Camden.

First Church went to Dallas This a.m.

Mrs. R W Chappell is quite ill.

Hon. T C McRae returned to his home at Prescott yesterday.

Mrs. Dayton came from Dalby and spent a day in the city

Mr. &: Mrs. A J Kizer, of Springdale, spent yesterday her.

T L Temple, a prominent merchant of Temple, TX.. is in the city.

R B Schwarzkoph, chairman of Republican Judicial Committee, is down from ???
Jo Cook is spending time in Nevada Co. We hope he hill soon be sell.

One of our butchers, Mr. Frank Kuhn is said to be selling crippled and diseased (a whole column is devoted to this subject.

Dr. MaGee called this morning and requested us to say he is not a republican he was not nominated for assessor, nor is he a candidate for any office. Our informant was in error in stating that a brother of Attorney General ?? had been nominated for assessor in Hempstead Co. The nominee is Bernard ??, no kin to the Attorney General.

Jimmie Buchanan spent yesterday in the city.

Glad to see Phil Handlin able to be up

Sister Thomassine, at the convent, is quite ill.

Miss Jessie Nealy is much better.

Constable Glasscock of Pilot Point, TX. 

Arrested here today. Androff H Patrick was charged with seriously cutting a person at Pilot Point.

Sister Eugene, music teacher at St. Agnes Academy, died Sat. Eve and was this ?? interred in the Catholic Cemetery, after ceremonies by Father Barbin.

Dr. Bright is over from Lewisville.

Mrs. I Silverberg is in the city as guest of her relatives, Mr. & Mrs. Reing

Mr. Prudhomme will leave Wednesday for a visit to Detroit, Toledo , etc.

He will accompanied by Miss Bessie Whitaker, who will go on the W4stfield, NJ

Judges appointed to hold 6 Sept. election for Miller Co., Ark. are Garland township, Texarkana precinct, J F Kirby, E C Donnelly & J T Dillard, Rondo, E R Culley, Peyt9on & Thos. Sewell, Homan, Roy Nash, Nick Schoolfield & Sandy Harrison, Garland, J B Stewart, Jno Crocker & N A Johnson, Booker; W E Booker, J B Cryer & ?Green, Beech twp. Liberty Hall prect; S G Williams, N F A Hutt & Lee Philyaw, Independence Church prect.'; Hy King , C C Turner, & R B Ramsey, Cleveland , Collins Mill prect; M T Colliins, Jim Hensley & Alf Littleton. Days Creek; H R ??, Ben Mitchell, & Jo Robison, Trigg Twp, Macedonia Church; Jno D Trigg, Alonza Adams, Shiloh Church; A H Vanderbilt, D M Henry & J J Pevy, Mr. Pleasant; J D Armstrong, E W Frost & John Miller, Sulphur twp. Sand Hill; W J ??, F C Crand & J Y Lamar, Bright Star; James Patterson, Henry Stephens & Wm. ??

Missed Valle & Katie, daus. Of our editor, returned from Washington last night

Prof. G A Hays will return from Kansas soon and engage in a big enterprise.

Miss Alice McMillan was out for a drive Sunday, after 6 weeks, confinement in the house. We all know how bravely she has stood side by side with her widowed mother in the struggle to educate & maintain the younger children. We hope she soon is restored to health.

O P Taylor's house is near a dangerous crossing at the corner of Olive & Trigg Sts. What is the remedy?

A M Wilson is well enough to return to work at DeMorse & Purchell's.


S S P Mills received an open-faced silver watch as a reward for bringing in the first bale of new cotton, raised in Bowie or Miller Counties.

Miss Wood of Honey Grove, is guest of Miss Sue Ferguson on College Hill

Mrs. Judge Hervey and granddaughter, little Mamie Brown left ;yesterday for Armstrong Springs.

Mr. Plunkett is at Dalby

Zan Williams is back from Galveston

Will Stucky came down from Hope.

Bob Donal came down from Emmet today.

J D Cook & wife are expected home from Michigan tonight.

The "Tuesday Night Club" will meet at Mr. & Mrs. J B Hooks.

Sam Ragland, bro. Of our popular bookseller, is up from San Antonio.

Ben Snodgrass, a first class mechanic, who has been working with Contractor L. J Jones, died at his residence in this city, this morning. His remains will be sent to Prescott tonight for interment. He leaves a wife, and two children who are quite small.

Miss Doogan Oasley returned from Bonham last night.

Miss Lizzie Preston of Preston springs is quite ill.

Silas a Pope & wife of Camden are spending the day here.

Mrs. McFarland of Sherman, who has been visiting Mrs. Kinnenment here, has gone home.

City Attorney Grisby returned this morning from a visit with his parents in Western Texas.,

Noah Sanderson says the dust & sand is almost unbearable on the College Hill streets.

Mrs. Geo. Rector, of Nashville, who has been the guest of Mrs. Dr. Hawkin, returned home this morning.

W B Weeks, has shaken the dust of Pine Bluff from his feet, and returns to Texarkana, his first love, where he will permanently live.

Capt. G W Tyson, today received from Mims & Moores of Richmond, the lst bale of cotton coming from Texarkana.

Mr. & Mrs. Will Whitaker, Mr. Prudhomme, Misses Mamie Rossborough and Bessie Whitaker will leave for the Western Lakes tomorrow.

Little Myrtle , daug. Of Mr. & Mrs. B F Caperton,died in this city yesterday.

Frank Hooks has returned from Paris. He has been living there for a year, but the boom of Texarkana has brought him back to his old home town.

Little River Co., Ark. Democratic nominees: County Judge: Bates, Representative H C Head; Sheriff: Jessie Deloney; Clerk RS Chayton; Treasurer: W E Joiner and Assessor;:Dollarhide

Mrs. M H Oglesby died at her home in the city yesterday. The husband and other members of her family have our sympathy.

Just 25 years ago today, occurred the battle of Oak Hill, in which many of our readers participated m among whom is Judge Mitchel.

Messrs. Swift & Andrews, two of our most dashing widowers, still chum together

Arrivals at Commercial Hotel:
James McGinnis, Modest, Ark. S Burns, Ed Cuming Wm. Foster, Gus Smith, Tyler, A C Mitchell, Cookville, Ark. Frank Record, Mattoon, Ill; d Robison, New York, R J Langlin & wife, Libbysdale, Ark.; P Edross, Gilmer; W L Crawley, R L Eaton, Belton; J B Clar, Bassett; W A Young , J S Curtis, of St. Louis; F James, Lampasas, Wm. Tole of Henrietta; Wm. Hayes, this city; D W Blooming White Beard, S D Daniels , Mr. Pleasant, A B Montgomery, Prescott, Wm. Ross, Marshall; John Schied, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Hempstead Co., Ark. Republican Convention Committee elected to a permanent position. N B Robinson as chairman and F W Dixon as secretary. County ticket for Sheriff: H B Holman; Circuit Clerk: Sam Gibson; county Clerk: Joe Scott; Representatives: R G Samuel & Lee McClow; Assessor: Barney Jones; Treasurer; Thomas Mitchell; Chairman of Judiciary convention is R B Sscharzkepf.

Ed Roe is quite sick

Ben Hall will leave for Mexico is a few days.

Mr. Jones, of the Evening News, will raise a company to go to Mexico.

Dr. Butler, representing the Little River Pilot, is in the city.

Mrs. Ed DePrato left this morning to visit relatives at Mr. Pleasant.

Jim Kirk, engineer on the switch engine, is back from Clarksville, Tenn.

Mike Cassidy leaves today for Pine Bluff, to attend the funeral of his cousin James Dowd.

Mr. Dill of the machinery house of F A Felton & Co. is ill.

Glad to see Harry Preston well again.

W B Crouch & family left this morning for a visit to friends in Sevier Co.

Col. Iverson a Jones, the best politician in Ark, is in the city.

Miss Minnie Bradley is ill, we hear.

Miss Fannie Williams left for a visit with friends in Clark Co.

F W Mullins left yesterday for Hot Springs. Hope he is soon well.

East Side City Council met last night. Mayor Forestal presided. A Committee composed of Alderman Bramble , Carloss & Lingold were appointed to see about construction of water works on East Side.

H S Johnson requested someone inspect the Dorrian building , now occupied by C E Wright.
Treasurer of Bowie Co. Warren Jones has done a good job.
The Governor of Texas (in the matter of J D Hall) has revolked the warrant which was based upon a requisition of the Governor of La., and today Mr. Hall returned to him home on the West side.

The candidates for circuit judge of Camden, Ark. are : Askew, Barker, Smith & Landford

Frank Kuhn, accussed of selling bad meat, asked to print this announcement: "When he asked me, the editor of the Independent who was the author of the article signed "citizen", he stated that it was brought in by one of the Messrs. Lansdale and that at the time Mr. Landsdale & Bros. Were equally responsible."

Hon. C W Smith of Union Co. won the democratic nomination for the 13th Judicial Circuit for Circuit Judge.

Judge Jas. Burrow, age 96 is the oldest citizen of Little Rock. As a result of youthful recklessness, he carries over 20 shot in his body.

Ode Nance is down from Hope.

Glad to see W J Dill up today.

Mr. Granton, of Hooks, TX. Was here yesterday

C H Aikin of the Pacific Express Co. was here today.

Jo Levy is on the Red River, looking after his farm

Hon. T E Webber has purchased the store recently occupied by Jo Jacobs.

Mr. & Mrs. J W Harriss's little baby is ill.

Miss Mamie Halligan is visiting friends at Bonham

Mrs. Mike Hardin received news her brother of Chicago had drowned. She and husband left for that city last night.

We regret to hear Mrs. B F Hargett is ill, as in Miss Maggie Baker.
Mrs. Harrington, from Prescott, is the guest of Mrs. Will Warren
Walker Trigg left for Virginia this morning . His wife will return with him.

Luther McDaniel, who has been sick, is improving.

Mr. Leatherman will leave Sunday for San Antonio, where he goes to take his invalid wife. We wish her good health soon.

Mrs. T J Lowe died last Monday in Toronto. Judge Lowe & Daughter will arrive with the remains tomorrow, and the funeral will take place from the residence of Rodgers, near the Catholic church tomorrow eve. At 4 o'clock.

Dr. W R Crossett, a leading druggist at Hope , is in the city.
We regret to learn that two of Mr. & Mrs. W H Windield's children are ill.

Little Miss Olivia, dau. Of Mr. P H Hanglin, is much better, we hear.

Capt. S N Hawes, who has been sick, is much better.

On the 6th of August, R S Flippin, father of our townsman, M C Flippin, died at his residence in Nottoway Co., V. He was born June 9, ????, was the father of 6 girls and 7 boys. M V is the youngest. Twelve are still living. 6 of the 7 boys followed the Army of N. Va. From Bethel to Appomattox. The father voted for every democrat from 1820 to date. He aided & abetted in the Rebellion, and was sorry he was too old to shoulder a musket.

We are sorry Rev. J H Wiggins, the Presbyterian Pastor, is sick again.

R L Ferguson, Ed Parkins, J A Alleck of Colorado City, C Casey, S A Pope & wife, of Camden; W M Ross, C Cassady, T G Hodge, O Weymer, of city; W C Nolan, Washington; S D Hays, F G Stinson, of Corley, G G Grant, Austin,; R C Rogers, Erie , pa; Henry Alcorn, Nevada, Mo.; A Rode , Lewisville; Mrs. Lester, Miss Wadill, Springdale; W R Jameson & wife; Pine Bluff; W G Dalton, Pittsburgh; Bob White & wife, Cisco; S R Ruple, Kansas; and C W Karnes, Greenville.


Results of examinations of applicants for the nomination to West Point are: Mr. Kelso of Magnolia, 80; Mr. Wood of Wallaceburg, 701/2; Mr. Matlock of Texarkana, 77 5/8.

Mohn Daugherty is back from Galveston.

Messrs. Foster & John Finley are down from Hope.

Christian Diehl, one of our non-resident property owners, is down from St. Louis.

Dr. E M Williams left this morning for a visit to his old home in Nevada Co.

Mrs. S M Latimer left this morning for a visit with relatives at Altus.

Hon R M Wallace, of Magnolia, is in our city.

Sol Solinsky was over from Lewisville yesterday.

Dr. & Mrs. J W Taylor have returned from Galveston.

A new well was bored in front of the Ivy Dillard block today.

R B F Key, a prominent mill man from Gurdon, is in the city.

Missess Annie and Tillie Goldberg have returned from a visit to Galveston.

Capt. Ed Booker & family are guests of the editor. Mrs. Booker & Master his crops. Mrs. Booker will visit relatives.

Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. P S Ramsour for an elegant ham.

J W Smith, city; E A McRain & lady, Hot Springs; W R Nassett; Miss A E Ferguson, Hope; J Baker & wife, Boydsville, Ky.; A T Brown, Bassett; J B Brown, Gainesville, W T McCuen, S R Stiles, Clarksville; L M N Baker, Bagville; E O Barton, Paris, A B Montogomery, Waco; J F Sirlim, St. Louis; J T Fitzgerald, Magazine, Ark. ; G T Hall, Lewisburg, Ky.; F H Jones, J Bradshaw, of Glasgow, Ky.; J R Carroll, Riverton, Miss; Mrs. G Kennedy & son, Bonham; Dr. M B Drake & wife, Ladonia, TX

Letters remaining uncalled for in Texarkana, Ark. Post Office, August 13:

Anderson, Andy
Batte, R K
Barker, F L
Brooks, N A 
Brooks, W H 
Burghar, August
Chabliss, Wm.
Clements, Frank
Everett, W J
Hall, L R
Hill, G W
Hamilton, Graman
Millwee, Wm.
McClure, A J
McDenra, Sam
McKillion, John
Nelson, Bob
Norton, Asa
Patterson, James
Phelps, J P 
Porter, T G
Chester, R W
Sargent, J C
Spearman, John E (3)
S?lo?s, J L
Taviers, John
Tyson, J C W??hwood, A
Works, J S
Williams, J W
Williams, J K
Williams, W J
Young, Abe
Smith, A J
Stokes, C H


C?l?er, Delitha
C??th, Dora
Harrison, Herriett
Low, Kate
P?ge, Molly
R?gg, Anna
W?st, M H
Williams, Callie

W W Shaw, Postmaster. Give date in calling for letters. (Some of these names are impossible to read. Where there is a blank that indicates letters I could not be read. 


As stated in our paper before, Mrs. Eliza F, wife of Judge T J Lowe of this city, died last Monday in Toronto. Burial is this morning. Two daughters, Mrs. Mings of Gatesville and Miss Genie Lowe are also survivors.

Miss Lizzie Miller is on the sick list

Mr. Jess Estes is confined to bed from an attack of fever.

Miss Bertha Marx is longing for Texarkana

The Terpishonean Club met at Mr. C E Beard's last Wednesday eve.

Mrs. C M Reeves will visit St.Louis in September

Mr. T H Griffin of the Wilson & Ober Grocery Co. is in town

Mrs. Clara Robinson of Pittsburg, TX is visiting her sister, Mrs. Kelsey

Mr. Gabriel Toombs, formerly of this city , was in Dalby last week.

Miss Minnie Burke has returned from Queen City.

The little babe of Mr. & Mrs. James Doyle died yesterday eve.

Chas. M Reeves & Co. city undertakers, ordered a fine white hearse.

Mrs. W L Williams left this morning for a visit with relatives in Clark co.

col. R L Henry & son S J have returned from Galveston.

Capt. Charlie Dixon is sick today.

Col. F M Duncan, president of Queen City Lumber Co., is here today.

Mr. & Mrs. Mings came from Gatesville to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. Lowe.

Miss Lelia Rogers returned home from Toronto yesterday.

Capt. Freeman, agent of the St. A & T Railroad, is on the ailing list.

The remains of Mrs. Hughes, sister of Mrs. G W Treher, were brought from Trinity, TX. For interment in this city.

Phil Hanglin is city plumber.

Mrs. A H Gaither has resigned her teaching position.

Mesdames George & Ed Ribbins are visiting friends in Little River Co.

J M Smith
G W Brown
A D Mongomery & F B Matlock,city
W M McMoran
C Crawford
P Chandler of Buckner
Mrs. S Englis, Pilot Point;
A S Delaney, Sardis, Tenn.
James Toais, New Orleans
John Ferguson, Beldon
Thos F Howk, Jefferson
Mrs. E Harey, Joseph Harvey, Ennis TX
Fred Hoffman
E C Driver, Dallas
H H Haris, Kington, Tenn.

Garland Township Convention was called to order by C E Bramble. Col. T B Trigg was temporary chairman and N P Sanderson was secretary. W T Ferguson was asked to preside as permanent chairman, but declined. Committee consisting of R L Trigg, Dr. McGee & Richard Bartlette appointed to select 13 delegates. These were named: H N McLain, C C Dorrian, Pat Lonergan, O Whitemore, J F Kirby, Noah Sanderson, J H Trigg, James Matthews, Dr. McGee, Ben James, T B Trigg, J Doherty & Eugene Callahan.

Lafayette Circuit Court warning order: John Webster, plaintiff, vs. James Webster, defendant, to appear in court Aug. 14, 1886. Signed: Clerk D I W- eat.



Mrs. Will Wadley, of Queen City, is visiting relatives here.

Mr. Leatherman is in receipt of a telegram announcing the death of a sister and a nephew.

There will be a dime sociable at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lingold.
Mrs. Sheritt, of Ky., is in the city, the guest of her brother, Hon. T. E. Webber.


E Cummins, Ft. Worth' Ed Thomas & wife, Marshall, Chas. Burnside, Gilmer; William McMahon, Chas. Crawford, D Miller, of Buckner; John Ferguson, Corley, J E Garven, Pete Brown, Paris; D V Worsham, Henrietta, TX; Lawrence Williams; Holland, TX; A E Kholl, St. Louis; William Salson, Bonham; E A Blanton ;& wife, J H Young, St. O A & T railroad; Geo., Newton, NY ; B B Baird, Minneapolis, ;Minn.; A 
Felder, Albany, N Y ; R J Zanglin & wife; McNeill, J A Miller & wife, Burnett; G S Hawkins, Michigan City' John Hart & wife, Sulphur, T G Hodge, Pine Bluff..

Reunion of the lst Ark. Cavalry & Witherspoon's Battalion. We need a time and place to meet, and have a reunion. We want Ely McDaniel of Arkadelphia; Maj. Tirule, Sevier Co., Ark; and Capts. Albert Alexander and Wiley B Stuart of Washington; Signed: B P Haynes, Hope, Ark.

Mr. Elsner is down from Hope. J B Whitfield , from Bennett, TX., is here also

Will Ellis went to Bonham this morning.

Mrs. Dr. Webster is at Whiteboro, TX.

Rev. Charles Goldberg preached at Waldo yesterday.

T A Volentine, a leading merchant at Buckner, & Mr. Heasley are in the city 

Miss Ella Allen returned to Queen City today. She was accompanied by Miss Ora, who will visit friends and relatives.

We have a new dentist in town. Dr. W G Jones in the elegant offices, upstairs in the Byrne Block.

Mrs. H C Ellis is in Missouri, visiting relatives. She is improving

Miss Lula Trigg has returned from Gainsville, TX.

James B Lightfoot is back from Dalby, also C E Wright and Jake Biggers.

Hon. C S Todd is back from Galveston.

Jack Smith, of the Triangle saloon, left for Coney Island this morning.
for reasons of my own, I have severed business connections with Dr. B G Blackwell, and am on my own, Dr. Blackwell having returned to Greenville.---W G Jones.

Conductor Galagher & Mike Cassidy left for Hot Springs, in quest of relief from rheumatism.

T H Humphrey has a six room house for sale


W D Busick of New Boston, is in the city.

P Taylor has moved his office to the new brick building of Dr. Taylor, near the narrow gauge depot.

F Taffinan, Dallas
Geo. Hoods, Omaha
N S Henry, No
C C Sanderson, St. Louis
J J Johnson, Washington
R S McFarland, City
A Fielder, New York
WA Smith, Hope
E D Henderson, Bassett
G B Sanderson. Ark
W C Caurbesm , Hope
James Morrrow, Sulphur
Kit Keith, Little Rock
W R Vance & family, Malvern
A Gooch , Jonesboro
J L Hardin, Corley
T L Tompkins, D C

Isham Mack is down from Nevada

Dan Long is back from Mr. Pleasant

E T Page was up from Ingersoll yesterday

E W Lightfoot returned to his home at Nashville, Ark today.

R B Harrison, of New Boston, spent yesterday in the city.

A Hochdeffer, formerly of this city, died last night in St. Louis.

Mrs. B F Kennedy came from Hope last night for a visit to relatives.

Miss Lottie Warren , of Longview, Texas, is here on a visit to Miss Julia Managan

Mr. Walter, cashier of Mo-Pac roads here, is seriously ill.

Senator J K Jones will be in the city tomorrow

Jim Tom Story, the spicy editor of the spicy Malvern News passed through the city enroute to visit relatives in Columbia County

Isidodre Sherer has left the employ of A Goldberg, and formed a partnership with Albert Kern of the Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph company, and will open business Sept. 1 , in the Taylor Building , West side.

The residence of Pete Ramseur, at Hooks, caught fire but little damage occurred

Mrs. Eliza Ellen Phillips, formerly of Hempstead County, but now of New Orleans, is the guest of Judge Mitchel, and family, and will go to Garland City this evening to visit her daughter, Mrs. John Stuart.

Our thanks to Senator James K Jones for 3 large volumes of the census reports, books almost invaluable, which we greatly appreciate.

Mrs. James Crooks
Miss Fannie Worthan
J P Record & wife
W A Conner
Prof. Cooper, wife and children
Miss Fanny Tomas
Miss S M Henderson
W A Collins, Paris
Stuart Warren
Harry Ridgewqay, St. Louis
T M Speplin, Bonham
J S Wilkes, Dallas
B Kone, Dennison
A H Plumkett
E R Robins
C M Collins, Texzarkana
t W Gaines
T B Murphey and wife
G Ragan
J McCullah
Miss Estell Syms
Mrs. McCullah, Clarksville
Mrs. H Behren and daughter, Waco
Capt. Lacy, Houston
L Steline, N Y
Wm. Brown, Austin
Mrs. P T Norwood, Jefferson


Capt. J S Know and family will leave tomorrow for Beaver Dam Wisconsin, will return in a few days, but his family will spend the summer there.

AD: Attorneys Estes, Henry & sons (B T Estes, F M Henry, S J Henry, R L Henry)

Eugene Elder is on the sick list.

Dr. F B Lewis is at home again

Bob Dollarhide has moved into the city.

Miss Carrie Burch is better.

N W Bechtel returned last night from Dalby Springs.

Ben Forman is on the grunting list today

Col. Bob Newell is down from Little Rock.

Judge Orr, the Republican nominee for sheriff, went to Garland City yesterday.

Miss Emma Taylor returned to St. Louis to complete her education.

A little child of contractor Wells died this morning.

Mr. R L Dollarhide has gone to Rocky Comfort to spend some time for her health, which has been poor for sometime.

Mrs. J W Adair was expected home from Garland City last night.


W Thomas
S H Horne, Prescott
S Smith
James Moran, city
P McKinney, Bassett
J L & E H Frazier, Sherman
J W Flynn, Corsicana
G V Gerald & wife, Hot Springs
P Shannon, Leadville, Colo.
Chas. Dunn, Pine Bluff
J B Franklin, Waco
C J & John Foster, Dalton, Ga.
W D Barton;, Roanoke, Tex.
T A Dipan
J S Morgan, Garland City
M A Wagner, Russellville, Ky.
P Smith, Glassgow, Scotland
Theo. Hyatt
Dwight, Ill
S H Bradley, Cincinnati
James Osborned, Memphis
L B Dobling, Malvern
G B Miller, Pittsburg, TX
J W Peacock, Corley
W Havershill, Tyler


George W Childs, is going to Newport to build a summer home

East Side council members are: J H Henderson, Mayor, Aldermen, Beard, Burke, Wessell & Roach

(all townships)
J C Tison, Chairman
Kirk Bramble, Secretary
Nominees are: Representative W F Cawthorne, Bright Star; 
For Clerk: Col. W R Kelley, Garland
For Sheriff: Hon. J A Roberts, Garland
For Assessor: A B Little, Bright Star
For Coroner: A C Stuart
For Surveyor: Capt. Hogan
For Treasurer: Dr. Williams of Beech.
For County Judge: Hon C M Hervey, Lost Prairie

J C Filey, Pittsburgh
Dan Buford
Edward Favern
Nick Mires
C A Dixon
John Jones, City
W R Harrison, Paris
Henry Hernecke
B E Guin, St. Louis
H N Atkinson, Gatesville
M B Harris, Franklin, Tenn.
Albert Mayers & wife, Buckner
Robert Halton, Arkadelhia
Geo. B Jackson, Lockesbury
Sue Jackson
W W Watson, McNeil
A B :Montgomery, Waco
R T Hogan, Bassett

Mrs. Jud Kizer returned to Springdale this morning

Mrs. Flora Dayton has returned from Dalby Springs.

Charlie Barry went down to the mills of the Sulphur Lumber Company

Mrs. Biggs has been visiting her brother, Mr. skinner, in this city.

Dr. P H Candler & Capt. I L Adiar are delegates to the county convention today.

Miss Cora Miflin is quite sick today.

Frank Spear is Republican nominee for constable in this township.

Mrs. Belihoff & Daughters, accompanied by Miss Kate Longinotti, who have been visiting their uncle, Jo Longinotti in this city, have returned home to Texas.

L B Manson, late of Louisville, Ky. has located in our city, and opened Life and Fire Insurance offices over the Citizens Bank.

Miss Lillie Ball, of New Boston, passed through the city this morning returning from a visit to Hope. She was accompanied by Miss Maggie Bell.
W G Buchanan, of St. Louis, is in the city.

We are sorry to hear that little Alsey High is quite sick today.

Glad "Uncle Dave" Phillips is nearly well.

Mrs. Maumenee left last night to attend the funeral of her mother at Macon

G w Bottoms & wife returned from California last night, in the best of health

Oscar High & family, who have been visiting his brother, Walter High here, left for their home in Little River County today.

Maj. A A Anderson,, who has been on sick list, is much better.

Mrs. Pullen says has learned the "old ;man" how to make bread.


Postmaster Black of New Boston is in the city, as is W B Busick.

We deeply sympathize with Hon. C S Todd, upon his bad luck last nite. He told us that the winning of the furniture at the raffle, was a requirement to his marriage, but having failed, the happy event is postponed.

Pat Lonergan was the winner of the furniture at the raffle last night. It is now in order for our friend to get married without delay as one piece of the furniture is for two.

P J Benton, Bonham
J T Correll, Denson
J A Reynolds, Ft Worth
T A Doodley, Garland City
A C Runnell 
R L Eaton, City
J Gammon
C Johnson
John Lowe
D A spoon
J T Hammond
James Barnes
Tom Moore
John Mathews
Jack Smith
J B Auburn
Jno. A Feifer, Corley, TX
Will Jackson, Ft Smith
J W Johnson, Leadman, Tenn.
K Semner, St. Louis
James O'Brian, Denver, Co.
E L Presley, Prescott
R Hogan, Bassett
F J Brown, Bassett

Ed McCorkle, Atlanta Merchant is spending the day here.

Mrs. J W Shankle, who has been quite ill, is much better

Mrs. Brownlee has returned from her trip to Texas, and is much improved.
Miss Mary Reagan went up to Hope today.

Misses Lou Mathews & Edna Glassgow have gone to visit friends in Tenn.
N A McNealy is some what better today.

Capt. J C Ray's little son went to Hot Springs to visit his grandmother.

West Side Free School will begin on Sept. 13. Principal is Prof. .Johnes of Valparasio, Ind. And Mrs. Pete Wooten & Misses Sallie Reed and Mabry as assistant.

Mrs. Wittle of Georgetown, TX. Accompanied by Miss Smith, is in the city , as a guest of her sister, Mrs. Brownlee.

Judge R R Gaines, of Paris, democratic Nominee for Associate Justice of Texas, passed yesterday in the city, and let a contract for the erection of a handsome brick block on his lots on Broad St.

Capt. W H Freeman, station agent for St. L A & Texas railroad, is still quite ill, and Mr. Lynch is in charge.

C A Hooks, accompanied by his sons, will go to visit his aged mother at Myrtle springs, TX.

Additional names added to list on Miller Co. Democratic Central Committee;
C E Bramble, Garland
R L Trigg, Sulphur
J C Tyson, Cleveland
J A Inabnett, from Days Creek
Noel Robinson , from Beach Twp
G H S Higgs, from Cutt Off
W E Booker, from Red River
Dr. P A Candler, from Lost Prairie
Chas. M Hervey, from Homan
J W Kiester, from Rondo
S G Watkins, from Trigg twp
W T Roberts from Mr. Pleasant
Dr. S S Few


Allard, Eugene
Anderson, a H
Barret, Frank
Balle, Chas. (Batte?)
Batte, R K
Belhlic, ?????
Beck, J H
Clark, W E (4)
Conger, J W
Covington, C
Cronin, John
Crunkleton, Albert
Damson, M T
Dickerson, Rev. R M (2)
Dillard, Prof. Col.
Doles, T A
Davis (?) (Day), Moses
Easley, R H
Ervin, J W
Golden, T
Goodson, B F
Griffin, E F
Hall, L R
Haig, Wm. T
Lee, H C
Lee, Dart
Lewis, Jackson
Lipscomb, J M
Lord, Oscar
McClure, Mr.
McCoy, Allen
Mayer, F E
Mortenson, P F
Moons, Ed
Moore, D H
Morrs, T B (Moore?)
Norton, D C
Parker, T H
Phillips, Burgard
Rice, A F
Richey, M S
Rodgers, D M
Spiva, A N
Smith, Joe
Trust???, W T
Trobler, ????
Turner, Henry
Union News Co.
Vansant, R L
Williams, M A
Williams, Calvin
Williams, Frank
Wilson, T J
Wright, Jeff

Bates, Emma
Dean, Mrs. M J
Davis, Fanny
Ellis, H J
Elliott, Leona
Jordan, Daisy B
Lott, Joanna
Marshall, Roxie A
Mills, Miss N T
Moore, Delia
Scott, Jennie
Turnsbridge, Mrs. C W
Turner, Nellie
Tucker, M A
White, Julie


AD: College Hill School - Principal, W H Butcher, Rates of tuition: l Month - $2. For Primary and intermediate. L month - $4 for high school.

Mrs. John Graham is visiting friends at Hot Springs.

Mrs. Kate Mixon went to Hope last night.

A Goldberg left for New York last night.

L R Throntham, Honey Grove
J J O'Grady, Corley
Gus Johnson, Corley
W A Douglas, Bassett
C E Eitson, Bassett
Frank Dems, Cresent New Co.
Henry Rowe & wife, Hot springs
James Wolf, Charleston
G C Stublefield, city
W C Anderson, St.. L A and T Co
John Green , Dallas
S Dalph

Jeff Weeks is said to be dangerously ill

Roadmaster McCrury of the I. M. is in the city. (Iron Mountain Railroad?)

sorry to hear Frank Wyche is ill

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Bramble were host to a dance for the young folks last nite

Died in Homer, La. Aug. 18, Annie May, infant daughter of M H & F L Gladden, age one year and one month died, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn at their home.

Mrs. Parish, daughter of Judge Wilder, who has been visiting relatives here, returned to her home in Texas

A N Maumenee has been offered an excellent position in a jewelry store at Dallas.

Capt. Bob Menard will leave soon for Macon, Ga. To try to regain his health.

Alf Bright of the big machinery house of Baird & Bright, has to go to Texas

W S Levy, cashier of Citizens Bank, accompanied by his wife, will leave this evening for St. Louis to visit friends

No regret to learn that F W Mullins is very ill, at Hot springs. His brother, T S Mullins, will go see him tonight.

AUGUST 22, 1886 SUNDAY EVE No edition for today


Scott ????? one of the business men of Paris, is in the city.

Miss Kate Hawkins is still very ill, as is Mrs. Avondino, and Miss Eve Barron

N A McNealy is a lot better we hear.

C A Hooks and Children are back from Myrtle Springs.

J A Hutsell, the country teacher, spent Saturday in the city.

Miss Mabel Hemphrey is spending a few days in the country with Mrs. Cora Burton.

Messrs. J M Kelso, R M Wallace and J H Pollard, of Magnolia ; spent yesterday in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. R J Haywood will be hosts for the Tuesday night club.

AD: W J Gallagher and Co., Dry goods Store, is in the new house of Maj. Tyson, corner of Broad and Vine St.

Jo Wile will deliver papers during the absence of Eddie Warren

Mr. Jack Phelan is one of our nice city policemen

Married : At Atlanta, Tx yesterday (Aug 22), Mr. John McWhorter to Miss Eddie Wilmer.

Our young friend Jamie Lightfoot, missed the train yesterday to go to a wedding Atlanta.

Miss E T Taylor came home to spend a week with her parents.

Last Saturday, one year ago, the big fire occurred that burned the Arlington Hotel, and other buildings up to the East Side Post Office

Gabe Toombs, of Bonham, is spending several days here.

The new newspaper, Sunday World, Beard & Pettit publishers with L A Pettit as editor , made its debut yesterday.

Geo. Basford, city
F Carroll, city
Joe Bonds, Colorado City
A Rogers, Hope, Ark
Mrs. S C Sarsbrough, Anona, Tx
M C Radcliffe, Atlantic, Iowa
J W Reid, Hope, Ark
W H Sims and lady, St. Louis
G W Coy, Bassett
C Coker, Bassett
A Spoor, Corley
Wm. McNeal, Ft Worth
J C Spearman and wife, Little Rock
S Eaton and wife, Bennett
J B Bell, Scottsboro, Ala.
J B , Henrietta, Tx
P Hartman, Bonham
W C Hartman, Bonham
John H Walker, Bonham
R S Hood, Mt. Pleasant
C W Brown, Mt. Pleasant
C Crews, Mt. Pleasant
D N Ribley, Wills Point

W B Crouch and family have returned from their visit to Sevier Co.

Charlie Barry has returned from Dallas and is now employed at Sulphur Lumber Company

Mr. Harriss had a letter stating that F W Mullis is at his home in Colombia Co., Ark. now and quite feeble.

Jo Bacon , of Baird and Bright of Little Rock, returned from business yesterday.

Prof. Mook is the new teacher of dance here.


Miss Florence Lasley left to visit friends in Whitesboro, Texas

The Good Templars had a benefit social at Mr. Buhrman's and many donations were given to benefit the family of their deceased brother, Elder Moffat.

Miss Lelia Rodgers, the talented daughter of Mrs. F J Rodgers, has resumed teaching music

Mrs. Martin who has ;been visiting Mrs. Halligan, returned to Dallas today.

Our friend, John W Ronen, gave us a choice box of cigars yesterday, for our birthday (the Editor).

Officer McDonald this morning captured W Watson in the T & P yards, and suspecting him to be the party that robbed Geo. Hoffman's store last night, turned him over to Officer Few, who carried him before Justice Hays, and he admitted the fact, was bound over for a court appearance. But he jumped from a window and ran and then Officer Few shot him. Dr. Webster treated him and it is thought he will recover. He is the same party who has been running a wheel of fortune here.

Congressional convention of the 3rd District met at Camden, Ark. on August 18. DELEGATION PRESENT:
J L Massey, Clark Co
Adam Clark, Polk Co.
A B Morgan, Sevier Co
Geo. B Jackson, Miller Co
Jim Tom Story, Hot Springs Co
J T Story; Little River Co
Dr. J W Brown; Lafayette Co
H G Bunn; Howard Co
W Brooks; Quachita Co
W K Ramsy; Union Co
A S Morgan; Union Co
D E Armstrong; Union Co
T C McRae was nominated for Democratic Congressman of the 3rd District
**Several delegates were absent

Ashley Co, - W S Hawkins, of Hamburg
Bradley Co, - W H Wheeler, Warren
Calhoun Co, - R H Cone of Thornton
Clark Co - C O Scott, of Arkadelphia
Columbia Co - Dave Dixon, of Magnolia
Dallas Co - Dr. A M Meadows, Fordyce
Drew Co - J T W Tiller, Tiller Station
Hempstead Co - J S Meadows, Hot Springs
A Curl of Malvern
Howard Co - W S Bloch, of Nashville
Lafayette Co - Alex Byrne, of Lewisville
Little River Co - N A George of Rocky Comfort
Nevada Co - L P Ross of Prescott
Miller Co - W R Kelly , of Texarkana
Quachita Co - T W Hardy of Camden
Pike Co - W B Thomason, Jr. of Murffreesboro
Polk Co - Joe Bell of Cove
Sevier Co - L (J ?) S Steele, of Lockesburg
Union co - D E Armstrong of El Dordado
Col. H G Bunn was elected chairman.

Mrs. Myra Clark Gaines left 5 wills. It is pretty hard to get along with a woman who has but one.

Dr. Rush is up from Springdale

Capt. C E Bramble went to Little Rock last night.

Mrs. Inez Tilson is visiting friends at New Boston

Frank Wells, a former employee in the "Vindicator", nee "Workman Newspaper" office, died last Saturday (Aug 21)

Mr. Motz and family have returned from Chicago and all are much improved.
Miss Ora, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H J Allen, returned to her home in Queen City.

The bookkeeper at Munzihiemer and Klein's, S B Andrews is suffering with a very sore finger, poisoned by an iron penholder.

Differences ????? between the Democrats of Miller Co, are:
1). W T Hamilton and J A Roberts withdraw from Sheriff's Race and C E Dixon be the only candidate.
2). That Col. W R Kelley withdraw from the race for clerk of county, and have R D Speight as only candidate.
3). That J H Wooten and F M Cawthorn withdraw and name another candidate or one withdraw in favor of the other.
4).. That E F Friedell withdraw as candidate for county judge, and leave C M Hervey as the only candidate.
5). That Dr. S C Williams and J a Lynn, candidates for treasurer, meet and one withdraw in favor of the other.
6). The Central Committee selected July 31, shall be the committee for Miller Co. for the next 2 hears: W T Hamilton, John A Hoberts, Wm. R K Kelley, J H Wootten and E F Friedell..
SIGNED: Chas. E Bramble and T E Webber, Chairmen of Dem. Central Committee and R L Trigg and J E Cook, Secretaries

A colored man named Ed Williams had his foot badly crushed at the Gate City Lumber Co. yesterday eve. But under the care of Dr. DeLoach is O.K.

Wanted: A good ??awer at once - J D Elliott, Paris, Texas

Col. E M Duncan, Pres. Of Queen City Lumber Co., is in the city.

Misses Perry Jaques and Tillie Block accompanied Mrs. Chas. Block on her return home from St. Louis.

The Tuesday night club will meet at Mr. and Mrs. J H Arnold's and Miss Addie Burk will entertain.


Little Miss Hallie Colwell is quite ill.

Robt. Lansdale, one of our butchers, is quite ill; also Mrs. Pete Crow.

Misses Molly & Olivia Hauglin left this morning to visit friends in Prescott.

Miss Sue Ferguson, one of the College Hill belles, returned last night from a visit to Honey Grove.

Mrs. E Weber returned from a visit in Hempstead County, and has as her guest, Mrs. Doup.

The name of Kirk Bramble appears this morning at the mast head of the Vindicator as its editor.

Col. Jas. Aiken, Supt. Of Pacific Express Co., came up from Dallas to see his many friends here.

S B Seward, of St. Louis, is in the city & Mr. Alexander, of Paris, Texas, is here .

Miss Addie Burk left for Edar Bluff, Ky. To attend school.

Dr. J O MaGee went to Waco to visit a brother who is quite sick.

Mrs. Lightfoot, mother of our handsome young druggist, is expected home soon.

Mrs. Addie S Warren, wife of John Warren, died last night, and will be buried from the Christian Church tomorrow.

Miss Etta Sharman, a pretty belle of Magnolia, attended the Tuesday night club.

W W McNeil, Ft. Worth
Peter Masonskey, Clarenden
Dan Kirby, Fordyce
Joe Cahill, Malvern
Charles Smith, Texarkana
A Johnson, Texarkana
A C Kernell, Texarkana
Jack Fix, Texarkana
J H Makepiece, Texarkana
W W Watson, Texarkana
B F Coy, Texarkana
James Moran, Texarkana
Pat Kennedy, Texarkana
W W Woodard, Texarkana
James Williams , Brinkley
Pete McGorgan, Brinkley
C H Harper, Big Sandy
Frank Dems, Cresent News Co.
M F Malony, Trenton, Kansas
W M Hemphrey, Mineral Springs
M D Brooks, San Antonio
J H Ward, Boston
P Aartman, Bonham
C D Duke, Tierney
W S Klein, Belden
C McClesky, Belden
B J Dillard, Belden 
Wm. McDaniel, Home Grove
Rev. B F Moody, Home Grove
Joe Dint, Corley
W R Yancy, Jerseyville, Ill
L L Smith, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
Miss N L Green, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
Mrs. Crawford & daughter, Pilot Point
G G Capicut, Jefferson
Conlin Walker, Greenville
Mrs. Callahan, Bosen (?)
Jno. Morgan, Tyler


There are still 1800 Cherokee Indians in Western N. Carolina, where they hold 73,000 acres of land by deed of trust. They are being urged to go to the India Territory, and are considering it.

Since the death of Col. Edward Richardson of Miss., Mr. C. M Neil of Pine Bluff, Ark. is perhaps the largest cotton planter in the south. He was born in Alabama and is only 38 years old. In 1860, he went to Ark. penniless and went to work a farm. He is now president of lst National Bank, Pine Bluff, and has 12,000 acres of cotton in cultivation. He owns 3 large stores, and a railroad, 26 miles in length, all of which runs through one of his plantations. His wealth is estimated to be $3,000,000.

Mrs. Frank Church is visiting her parents at Hope.

Dr. W G Jones left for a visit to Pittsburg, Texas

Miss Algie Simmons left yesterday for school in Ky.

Capt. W W West, of the New Boston Herald, is in the city.

Miss Inez Tilson returned from a visit to New Boston.

The infant child of Col. W H Tilson died this morning.

Mr. Lutz received a telegram announcing the death of his brother in miss.

For rent: l six room house - T H Humphrey
For sale: Gaming devices by A A Anderson

Walter High is proprietor of the Texarkana & Richmond hack line.

Ed Deprato returned from Mt. Pleasant, Texas last night. His wife is much better

Dora, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C B Wills, died at the family residence, about 4 miles from the city, day before yesterday, and was buried yesterday afternoon. Service by Rev. Charles Goldberg.

"Shanks" Watson has been sick ever since he returned from his visit to the widow in Camden. Dr. Phil Bope is treating him.

Mr. & Mrs. Moroe Watts came in from Camden, this morning, and are guests of the brother, J C Watts and family of this city.

Mamie, daughter of Mr. Riley, section boss on the St. L A & Texas R R died, last night. The funeral will be at the residence just beyond the railroad crossing on College Hill Street tomorrow.

Everette Bell is over from Camden.

Johnnie Paup is over from Red River today.

W E Snow, of Gatesville, Texas, is in the city.


Jo Bacon is the local agent for Baird & Bright of Little Rock, with headquarters in Texarkana.

M Sutton, Liverpool, England
W C Nichols, Pulaski, Tenn.
Geo. Robinson, Dallas
R L Furguson, Dallas
J H Miller & wife, Woodland
J N Norris, Pickett
John Cody & wife, Sulphur Springs
John Harper, Lewisville 
T J Blackburn, Palestine
J Mack Lewisville, Ky.
John Stone, Lewisville, Ky.
H Quinn, Belden
W J Williams, Prescott
J N Adams, Breckenridge
J A Wilder, Waldo
I C Greenfield, Whitesboro
B O Wylie, Mr. Pleasant
W J Hoots, Malvern
J Nohr, Minden, La
Spencer Roane, Ft Worth
W D Reese, Ft Worth
R Williams, Huntsville, Ala
E J Wilson, Blakebury, Ky.

A J Purcell is expected home from Dalby Springs tomorrow

Jeff Lamar of St. Louis, nephew of Secretary Lamar, is in the city.

Miss Eva Shaw, daughter of Elder & Mrs. J F Shaw, is quite sick

We regret to learn of the serious illness of one of the little sons of E N Maxwell.

Mrs. Smith, of St. Louis, is in the city, the guest of her brother , G W Treher.

Charles H Burch, formerly cashier of the Mo. Pac. Roads, in the city, was married a few days ago, to a young widow in San Antonio, Tx. She has 2 children.

O P Taylor will do all the notary work.

Miss Emma Taylor, who came home from the stenographic school in St. Louis for a week long vacation, has been employed to take the evidence in the Kuhn beef case.

Mrs. Wm. Arbuckle, who has been visiting her sister at Dallas, returned home last night, accompanied by Miss Clyde, the sister of our friend, Maclyn Arbuckle.

Hon. Henry Moore is over from Lewisville.

Miss Jennie Weed, one of our popular young ladies, is expected home Monday from her visit to the Great Northwest.

T J. J. Pattillo called while we were out of the office. He left for Beaumont.

Prof. C L Sampson has been hired as principal of the high school at a salary of $125. Per month. This news if from the Little Rock Gazette. He has been teaching at Washington for 2 years. He will have 3 more assistants.

Rev. B D Jones's little son who has been quite ill is much better.

C C Crowell, leading mill man of Waldo, is in the city.

Letters remaining uncalled for in the Texarkana, AR. Post Office, Aug. 27:
Anderson, J H
Beard, M A
Bloodwell, C
Blake, John
Bryant, Johnny
Calments, D J
Cornell, Billie
Chamblis, Wm.
Clendening, T D 
Cody, Willie, J (3)
Conerson, Milton
Coleman, ???
Dick, Jim
Dickerson, R M
Drum, Chas.
Gilliens, W
Goldsmith, A
Green, Geo.
Hull, W A 
Hall, L R (2)
Hooker, Owens
Harmon, Manuel
McMullen, T
Patrick, H P
Post, Dallas
Reynolds H D
Rutler, Ed
Russell, E W
Reethsba, Arthur
Sheldon, D C
H-ligey, W
Honbreck, James
James, D V
Jackson, Emet
Johnson, A H
Lamerin, Frank
Lear, J
Mason, H D
Morgan, W S
Mosley, Chas.
McAtee, J R W
McCurry, Gaines
McKinzey, M M 
Street, G M
Wakefield, W J (2)
Watson, Squire
Warlick, john 
White, James
Winela-id, Tom
Whitaker, W H
Williams, John

Berry , Rosa
Black, Susan
Carrington, Mrs. N
Collings, Virginia
Craig, Mrs. M A
Cole, M S
Davidson, Sarah
Diminous, Amandy
Hendricks, Lottie (2)
Harris, Mary M
Hesson, Katie
Hoskins, M
Jones Amie
Knolhe, Nettie
Little , Matilda
Little, Dora
Matthews, Anna
Matthews, Sallie M
Pierson, B P
Randall, Matie
Rexroad, Sallie
Skinner, E
Thompson, W J

The remains of the little child of Mr. and Mrs. W H Tilson were carried to New Boston for interment this morning.


Groceries - J B Hubler. Also lunch counter and beer saloon
Fire and Life Ins. - L B Manson.

Mrs. Smith and her mother, Mrs. James who is one of the teachers in Gainesville, Tex.
Mrs. Cloud and her children 
Mrs. Capt. Russell, formerly of Galveston, now of Gainesville,
Mrs. Barto of the Waco Daily Examiner and his wife, the accomplished artist
Dr. G H Wootten and Mrs. Z H Gaither, Texarkana

J C Tison is up from New Boston

Miss Cora Miflin is much better today

Byce Waltlington, of New Boston is in the city.

Mrs. And Dr. Spearman and children went to Atlanta this morning.

Water pipes are being placed in the bowie County Court House.

Miss Georgie Meek from Hope is the guest of Mrs. King at Park Beidler.

Sheriff Hamilton and Judge Friedwell went to Bright Star last night.

Prof. Cleveland, on e of Miller county's best school teachers, was here today.

Henry Hawkins, Jr. , of Rocky Comfort, is the guest of his sister, Mrs. M V Flippin Henry is a Jefferson Democrat.

Burglars entered Col. S W McKneeley's home and stole $2.50 from his pants. They left his pants, guess they didn't fit.

Mrs. Rogers of New Boston, is visiting the family of her brother -in-law "Uncle Lewis" Alexander, the district clerk of Bowie County.

Mrs. E A Estes is much better, we are glad to learn

Pete Ramseur will soon erect 2 one story brick buildings on his lots, next to Texas Produce company.


Pastor of the 4th St. M E Church, Rev B d Jones is quite ill.

Rev J H Wiggins is expected home this week

Col. M C Flippin, agent for Milne, Mitchel & Tennessee wagons.

Mr. Boswell left for a short visit to Hot springs; John Doughterty went to Boston, Mass. And F B Matlock went to DeKalb today.

Sam Solinsky came over from Lewisville to see his best girl

Supt. ??erigan, Wheadon and Fleming of the Iron Mt. Rd were here yesterday

Mrs. Geo. Hughes, dispatcher of the T & P will leave shortly to assume a similar position with the same company at Palestine.

The Rev. Thos. Lain came in this morning to order newspapers sent to his brother in Kansas & Mo.

Officer John Williams & Sweeney captured Geo. Phillips, an escaped prisoner from Upshur Co., Texas , charged with murder.

Mrs. J W Harris, accompanied by her sister, Miss Nettie Smoote, returned from Prescott Sat. night and the "old man" is happy.

Our friend, John Graham, gave us a keg of superior oysters, just like those he sells at his Broad Street restaurant.

Burglars entered the home of Jno. Allen, and robbed the pants of Mr. Skinner of all his change.

Felix Smith , once bookkeeper for Mr. Ghio, is here from Tyler.

Miss Minnie Pitcher left last week to attend school in Lebanon, Tenn.

Charlie White is down from Prescott visiting his sister, Mrs. Will Warren.

Felix Wadley, city editor of Hot springs news, spent yesterday here.

The jury rendered a verdict of not guilty in the case of Frank Kuhn.

Misses Ray Marx and Jeannette Munzeshimer returned Sat. from Waukeshau.

Mrs. W L William returned Sat. from Clark Co. and yesterday the "Old gentleman" resumed charge of his class in Sunday school.

Mrs. Swift, and children returned from Ill sat. night. They were accompanied by Miss Mamie Bead. Mr. Andrews will now have to "go it alone."

L W Gilchrist, Prop. (over Whitemore's store)

T B Murphy, wife and child
J P cooper, wife and children, Clarksville
Mrs. J P Russell and daughter, Gainesville
Mrs. I Cloud and children, Gainesville
Mrs. V E James, Gainesville
C R smith and wife, Gainesville
V A Howeth, Gainesville
J L Barton and wife, Waco
Mrs. E R Gaither, Texarkana
W A Carrell, Honey Grove
Mrs. H G Evans and son, Bonham
Mrs. Dabney and son, Bonham
Mrs. Thurman and children, Bonham
Deputy Sheriff Ed Hood of Nevada County, was in the city yesterday
Capt. Bradley of Walnut Hills, Lafayette co., was here yesterday
Jimmie Buchanan of Sulphur spent yesterday here with his friends
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Trigg returned home Saturday
Messrs. J H Wooten and Cawthorn are off the track and Rev .Mr. Winham is the Democratic candidate for the legislature.AUGUST 31: TUESDAY EVE

Mr. and Mrs. W S Levy returned from St. Louis and he is at his post today as Cashier of the Citizens bank

Bowie Hose Company meets tonight. J Longinnotti, foreman, and W H Tunnard, sec.

Jo Levy is out looking after his cattle

Mr. Elie is expected back from the east today

Mr. and Mrs. O'Dwyer have set up housekeeping in the residence of Dr. Tipton

B F Pison has returned from Tenn. He returned alone. He is bookkeeper for Weinstein and Kisminsky

Yesterday, Rev. B D Jones tied the matrimonial knot between Mr. Hiram Smith of Tyler, and Miss Josie Gray of this city.

Mr. J D Lingold and Miss Kate Brentana were married also, ;yesterday, by Judge Smithers , at the home of Mrs. Lingold, all of this city.

Mr. Johnson, one of the leading merchants of Fulton, is in the city.
Brad Scott, of Prescott, has fine stock for sale

Kirk Bramble reties this morning from the newspaper, the Vindicator and Bro. Tunnard steps back in his old job.

Little Miss Daisy Jordan who has been visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Brownlee, returned to Rearden, Ark. this evening

West side City Council met last night. Present were: J H Henderson, mayor aldermen, C E Beard, C C Burke and H A Wessell. Messrs. McKenna, Beard, and Wessell were appointed to a committee to look into bids for lease of Water work Co. for 25 years from M P Kelly, W Behan and agent L Petit. Mr. Ben Copeland will continue as superintendent at present.


J.M Kizer informs us that his father and Buff are in Kansas City and feeling fine.

A wife poisoner, John Sorts, was lynched in Searcy Co. recently.

Everybody has heard of Oscar Wilde, but not many know his full name is Oscar Fingall O'Fiahertie Wills Wilde

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lingold are having a sociable tonight.

Eugene Schuster is ill, we hear.

W M Syker, deputy sheriff of Little River co., Ark., visited here.

Noah & Ben have sold their ice cream parlor to C E Beard, Jr.

Charles Phillips, with the Pacific Express, has resumed work after a three month long sever illness.

Murphy & Jones sold their grocery store to B H Davis, of Hope, whom we welcome to our city.

Maj. A C Allen was up from Jefferson last night.

Mr. Gianoch-- has purchased the property of Mrs. Moore on the corner near the sire where once stood the Marquand Hotel. He also wants to buy Ben Collins's property, but he has no Texarkana property for sale.
We congratulate Rev. and & Mrs. B D Jones, pastor of 4th St. M I Church, upon the arrival of another member to their household, yesterday. It was a girl.

John Lightfoot received 2 pairs to beautiful slippers from his lady friend. One pair did not fit, he gave them to his brother, James.
We sympathize with Mr. & Mrs. Jo Cella on the death of their baby boy, Joseph Taylor which occurred at the home of Mr. I W Taylor, yesterday. Joseph was nearly one year old. Funeral is this eve. From Mr. Taylor's place.


Will Ward is in Hot Springs

Tom McCaughy is over from Camden

Bob Dollarhide went over to Rocky Comfort.

Father Babin went to Jefferson this morning.

W D Kelly went to Queen City today.

J M Talbot is building a handsome home on Maple St.

Sam Ball left this morning to attend Medical College at Memphis

Road Master McGrury of the Iron Mt. Road was here today.

Miss Carrie & Ida Ball of New Boston are visiting Mrs. Arbuckle

Ex-Sheriff, G W Dobson of Lafayette Co. is visiting here today.

Mr. Hill and wife, hotel keepers at New Lewisville, are visiting here.

Miss Mabel Humphrey and Miss Mary Crawford left this morning for Millersburg, Ky. Where they will attend school. 

Glad to welcome Reese Davis ,late of Hope, to our town. He has purchased the grocery store o f Murphy and Jones. (Note, he's called B H Davis in Sept. 1st issue of paper)

J M Millaway, merchant at Buckner, visited us today.

Hon. M M Murray, the colored representative from Lafayette Co., is in the city.

At the residence of the bride in this city, last night, Mr. J A Caffrey to Mrs. Ida Palmer by Rev. Benners.
Also married last night, Sept. 1, at the bride's father's home, near Ingersol, by County Judge John J Bell, W. R Batrhrop to Miss A F Elliott.


Mrs. Harris of Waco is visiting her relatives, Engineer Lasley and family, here.

J S Ragland went up to Iron Mr. railroad today.

The wife of Judge Sam W Williams, of Little rock, died last night.

The infant son of Rev. B D Jones and wife, died yesterday. It was but a few days old. Earlier paper said it was a girl.

Mr. S B Wells, left yesterday for a trip to White Sulphur springs. Va.
Mrs. J D Latimer returned today from Pulaski, Tenn.

The newly weds, Mr. and Mrs. J A Cafrey, received gifts from these:
Mrs. And Mrs. Thos. P Sullivan, St. Louis
P J Manning 
Mr. and Mrs. O C Porter
Mr. and Mrs. M V Flippin
Master John Richardson
Master Fred Palmer
Mrs. A C Allen of Jefferson, Texas
Mrs. Virgil Boullemet.

Prof. A c Jones, principal of West Side public school, has arrived from Valpariso, Ind.

Donnie Warren went to Prescott for a week long visit. We let our children enjoy themselves before school starts in 2 weeks.

Joseph H Hand , formerly of Oquawka, Ill., will learn something of importance by writing to L H Hand,, Oquawka, Ill. State papers. Please coy.

Mrs. F B Rudolph, of Nashville came to with her sister, Miss Carrie Burch, who is still quite sick.

Finnie Tilson and Ed Rochelle left this morning for the Military institute at College Station, Texas

Married, Sept 2 at the Benefield hotel in this city by Rev. A W Wilson of Farmington, Mo., Prof. T D Graham, principal of Douglassville high school of Cass Co., Tx. And Miss Jennie Hays, of Nashville, Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hiller will host Tuesday night club.

SEPTEMBER 4: Saturday Eve:

Mrs. Harris and daughter, Annie, left for their home in Waco today. They have been visiting the family of Engineer Lasley.

Lost 2 mules - reward offered by J C Whitener.

Dr. F B Lewis is back from the country.

Miss Alice McCillan is able to be out for a drive

Ex-Mayor Smythe, of Prescott, is visiting here.

Miss Inez and Dave Tilson went to camp meeting in New Boston.

Miss Eloise Haywood and little brother Bennie left for a visit to Columbus, Ark.

Mrs. Golding, residing near Sunset, was hooked by a cow yesterday, receiving serious injuries to her face and nose.

It is removed that Homer Byars, formerly of this city, died yesterday at Hot Springs. We hope it is not true.

Mrs. E W Byars is very ill again.

Bro. R L Greene, one of the editors of the New Boston Herald , was here today.

Miss Lucy Apperson, sister of Mrs. Walker Trigg, has returned to DeKalb.
Mr. Rush, a clerk in the office of Capt. Freeman, station agent for the St. I A and T railroad, died last night.

John N cook, attorney, Horace W Vaughan, attorney; J McMahon, Physician; Hugh De-is assisting me in my dray and transfer business - Signed by A S Blythe.

Card of thanks from Rev. B D Jones to Dr. DeLoach, Mrs. Cooley, Mrs. Lea, Mrs. Orr Pryor, Mrs. Batt, and many others for their kindness.

Frank and Jimmie Hooks left today for school at Paris, Texas.

Mesdames J L Hargrove and Robert Elliott, of Shreveport, a., who have been visiting relatives on College Hill, returned home today.



Judge Byrne will open the Lewisville circuit tomorrow. Messrs. Scott, 
Mitfhel, _ _ _ _ and other attorneys will go from this city.

Bob Trigg and family will leave Wed. for Tenn. In search of health for their little boy.

Mr. Willis Whitaker died today. He leaves a wife and three children. 

Mr. Hagey's flag flies at half mast today, as a tribute of respect to the memory of Postmaster Whitaker.

Capt. H C Ellis left last night for St. Louis. His family will come back with him.

A Goldberg returned from the East last night.

Dr. James McMahon and family returned Sat. evening from a visit to Kingston Ontario.

Capt. O. C. Porter is home again.

Mrs. Louis Murray returned to Hope this a.m.

Miss Inez Tilson is visiting friends at Mt. Marshall, Texas.

Mrs. Carloss and daughter are both very ill with fever.

Miss Agness Sugnet has charge of East side P. O. General Delivery.

Mesdames Schuster and Ed Schicker and Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards are passing the day at Clear Lake.

S B Andrews, bookkeeper for Munzesheimer and Klein, left yesterday for a visit to his old home at Conway, N. H.

Capt. S N Hawes, who is very ill, has had a telegraph, sent to his brother in ???

Edward Atkinson and Miss Jeanette DeFee, a runaway couple from Camden, were married yesterday by Justice Lary at the residence of Mr. Chapman in this city. Col. Ben Johnson was the chaperone of the occasion.
Robert Lansdale and Robert Burke testified at Frank Kuhn's trial recently on charges of butchering unhealthy cattle. They say the charges were true, even though Frank was acquitted. G H Lansdale is bother to Robert and both are in the butcher business. Boney Leach, Louis Vought, John Baley, who works for Peter Ivey, Young and Wrightley, and Ben Pillow also testified. Wm. Dederick of Texarkana, Ark. works ??? Mr. John and said he helped kill the steer. Chas. Wilson testified that on Aug. ?? which was his birthday, he refused to buy any of this meat as it looked bad. W M Shaw said he bought some of the meat and ate it. Dr. D S Williams, denounced Kuhn for his act, and said much of the sickness in the city may be attributed to such acts as his.

Hon. Jason Tyson of Nevado Co., passed yesterday in the city.


Rev. J H Wiggins in much improved in health.

Mr. Wheeler a leading mill man from Fulton, is in the city.

Henry Clifford, an old citizen of Camden, is in the city.

Postmaster Bayless was down from Hope last night.

Miss Florence Lasley has returned from Whitesboro.

Col. J M Montgomery of Prescott, is in the city.

R W Davis, corner of Broad and Vine St., has fresh eggs.

Frank Parker, a business man from Nashville, Ark. is in the city.

Tom McCaughery and family will move here from Camden, Ark.

Hon. Geo. P Smoote, of Prescott, came last night to visit his daughter, Mrs. J W Harris.

Col. Francis Johnson, attorney for Iron Mt. R R passed thru the city today.

G W Johnson died at Bonham, Tx. Yesterday. Funeral at his residence here, corner of Elm and Forest St., tomorrow.


C E Wright went to Hot Springs today.

Mr. Brummet, of the Camden Tobacco factory, is in the city.

Capt. Jack Weed cam hoe this morning. They are with the Texarkana and Northern R.R. surveying party. Col. Gus Knobel also came in.

Sheriff Bragg, of Quatica Co., was in the city lst night.

Mrs. F M Leatherman died at 9 a.m. this morning. She is survived by her husband, one daughter and 4 sons. She was a member of the M E Church, South. Funeral at 10 tomorrow at the State Line M E Church.

Messrs. J M and J B Kizer and families are home from a visit to California.

Willis Todd is over from Columbia co.

the young folks had a dance at Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carroti's last night.
Mrs. Gus Schicker is visiting relatives and friends in Hot springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Trigg and children left today for a visit to Nashville, Tenn.

Judge C E Miller won in spite of the burning of 2 ballot boxes in Lewisville, Lafayette Co., and l box in Cut Off, Miller Co. Miler is a republican. Thompson ran for State Senator. In Miller Co., the sheriff's race is not settled yet, between Thos. Orr and Doxon. Carloss won for State Senator in Miller Co.


Mrs. McDaniel, of Drew Co., Ark., having her house remodeled, found $500. In gold, her mother had hidden during the Civil War.

R L Henry will go to Austin, Texas to law school tomorrow.

J M Kizer was elected city treasurer to fill the unexpired term of Willis Whitaker , deceased.

Dies, Willie , age 17 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McArthey, at their residence on Hazel St. this morning. Burial tomorrow.

Ham Woodward died in Little Rock yesterday. He was well known in our city.

AD; E J Dally and Co. Cigars and tobacco.

J B McCraw, of Henderson, Tx., called on us yesterday.

Will White, of Prescott, is in the city visiting his sister, Mrs. Will Warren.

East side school board paid S B Wells for fixing backboards and Mrs. Gaither for seats and cleaning out well.

The Southern Cottage is under the management of Mr. S b Shutt.

Mrs. Dawson, assistant teacher in the colored schools, as returned from a visit to Chicago.

The remains of Mrs. Leatherman were interred in Texas Cemetery this morning.

Mike Cassidy left last night for St. Louis. Friends say he will go to Chicago and get married.

Miss Abbey Whitcomb, teacher in East side public school, will arrive tomorrow.

After next Monday, Howard Hobson will have entire charge of the circulation department of the Independent News, as six of my kids go to school, the rest remains at home with the madam.

Judge Byrne defeated Col. W W Carloss, for state senator from this district, dispite the stolen ballot boxes.

AD; Ed Shutt - undertaker and embalmer.

Will H. Tunard, long connected with the press of this city, left for his old home at Shreveport, where he will remain. We regret to see him go.
Charlie Owens, the sweet singing nightingale from Pine Bluff, is here.

C E Mitchell, elected judge recently, says he has been here 40 years.

Messrs. L C DeMoAredrse and Paul Jones are expected home Sunday from Waukeshau. Mr. and Mrs. Jo Kosminsky have already returned.

Hot. T E Webber will leave this eve. For Ky. Having received a telegram there sickness in his family who are visting there.

Bro. M J Mosely, editor of the Belden Monitor, Belton, Tx., paid a visit to the W.C.T.U. reading room.

Today, Drs. Hawkins and DeLoach operated on Mrs. Higdon of Big Sandy, Tx, and removed a tumor from her lower jaw. She is doing well.

Miller Co., Ark. Teacher Association will give the program on the first Sat. in Oct. They are: W. H Butcher, Miss Ada Reed, Miss Abbie Whitecomb, J W Maxwell, Prof. C L. Samson, A M Garrison and Z H Gaithers.

Jessie Joiner was over from Little River yesterday.

Gen. Mallory was over from Camden this morning.

AD; L B Manson - Fire Insurance. Located over the Citizens Bank

Mrs. Marx and daughter Miss Ray left this morning for a visit to Hot Springs. 

Misses Ella Young and Dora Levy left for Jacksonville, Ill. To attend school.

Ad: Druggist - J F Smith and Co., S Lemly and W A Robinson, wholesale agents.

Hon. J. H Henderson, mayor of W4st Side, paid us a visit today.

Letters remaining uncalled for in Texarkana, Ark. P. O. - Sept. 10:


Arendall, A L              Ardis, W D                   Bohen, John
Bramble, J N              Bouldin, Jas. W           Black, J E
Bissell, H C                Beck, John H               Barltett, John C
Cashmor, Ed               Cottonm Richard        Cotton, Charles
Cox, W B                     Coble, H A                   Crosset, J J 
Collins, A J
Cranson, W J
Cuckler, John
Cummings, Charles
Dillon, Geo
.Davis, Z F
Evans, W H
Edwards, L M
Edwards, J M
Edwood, Sullie
Foulk, I Geares
Fisher, ????
Fuller, Wm.
Furgason, Thos.
Hughes, Willie
Hale, G W
Hunter, Laines
Hilton, W H
Hutchison, H L
Howsrd, Jas. F
Hathorn, L B
Johnson, West J
Jones, Peter
Lingold, W M
Little , Rolley
Lary, J 
Flynch, Robt
McLure, A J
Martin, Wm.
Merrill, Frank P
Minor, Charles H
Moss, A L
Mosburg, John
Patrick, Hillard
Pennigtin, J C
Penfield, E P
Powell, W R
Porter, Wm.
Ransom I H
Rodgers, Cornelius
Rumsay, Frank
Sanders, W L
Shell, R
Shackelford, Walter
Smith, G H
Simmons, Wesley
Stanley, A B
Turner, Roben
Trefford, John
Trotter, George
Walker, J D
Wells, Columbus
Wamer, F S
York, Elouisas
Young, Gilbert


Aaron, Mary
Butler, P
Brooks, Hester
Clifford, Emely
Colmatt, Mary
Claton, M P
Carrington, H
Cass, Lennie
Danax (Lomas?) Jennie
Davis, D
Earle, Blanche
Flemming, Nellie
Gibbons, Mollie
Garrett, H J
Houston, Lillie
Holden, Maggie (2)
Buckins, Joseph (Mrs.?)
Hinkle, Belle
Harris, H
Harmon, Margurd (?)
Johnson, Charlotte
Jones, Emer
Keeles, Isabel
McClure, Sallie
McCormick, A M
May, Lena
Payton, Kate
Roy, Dora
Stone, E
Stephenson, Emma
Simpson, F
Silliman, Rose
Wallson, Maranda (Wattson?)
Young, Alice

Signed: W W Shaw, P. M.

Rev. J C Mason will conduct services at the Christian Church.

Ode Nance returned to Hope today.

T M Higgins went to Hope today.

S M Latimer went to Center Point today. Mrs. Latimer is visiting in the country.

Jo Winter was here from Fulton this morning.

Capt. Fulton Wright, of Little Rock , is in the city.

Mr. Judge Edwards came from Marshall today.

A G Lourey was down from Little Rock last night.

Miss Mary Brandon returned to her home in Hope.

W S Brian has purchased Dr. Lovet's lot, next to Texas Produce. Co.
the school on College Hill opened Monday and Prof. Butcher is a fine teacher.

E T Page, a prominent mil man from Ingersoll, is in the city.

W H Trimble returned from a drumming trip this morning.

M A Johnson was one of the judges of the Miller Co. election where the ballot boxes were stolen. Other judges were Jno. Crocker and Jno. Stuart. Johnson is a republican, the others are democratic. It seems as though Capt. Dixon is the new sheriff, having defeated Judge Orr. When Dixon was sheriff, he was said to be in the state of Ark.

the partnership of L E Rowe and DS Collins is this day dissolved. Mr. Collin will continue to full contracts of the pottery business.

C D Sinwall,, of Covington, Ky., has been called to this city, by the sickness of his brother-in-law, Capt. S N Hawes.

D: Judge John T Mitchell has a wagon for sale at his home on College Hill St.

Donnie Warren returns from Prescott this eve.

J M Hunter, of Kizer Lumber Co., leaves tomorrow for St. Louis to visit.

H J Allen and Daughter, Miss Ora, from Queen City came for a visit today.

West Side City Council met last night and agreed to pay these people their bills:
C G Beard, Jno C Watts, Jas. Gaffney, Kizer Lumber Co., G W Edwards, J A William, J A Lawler, L A Hoffman, Mrs. Levy, Erie Telephone Co., Whitaker and Co., and T L Murray.



Mr. & Mrs. Whittemore left for St. Louis, Sat. eve

Miss Smith, who has been visiting Mrs. Brownee, returned to her home in Georgetown, Tx. Yesterday.

Ed Finley is baggage master of the Mo. PAC. R R as Ed Robbins has retired, after 12 years of more.

V E Buron is back from St. Louis

Mrs. Cushing is said to be quite sick.

S Heilbron returned from New York last night.

John Alexander, a big mill man of Stevens, is in the city.

Hon. E F Freidell has returned from Lewisville circuit court .Mr. Hawkins, brother-in-law of Col. Flippin, is in the city.

Mrs. L J Jones is visiting relatives in St. Louis

Miss Sally Talbot and Miss Bettie Hooks have been visiting friends in New Boston.

Mr. and Mrs. Mat Levy are back from their summer visit to Waukeshaw.

W J Ferguson of Hempstead Co. spent yesterday visiting here with his brother-in-law, Judge Mitchel. He may move here soon.

Judge Mitchel has purchased the elegant residence of G W Fouke near Park Beidl

Hon. George Smoote of Prescott was in the city yesterday.

Col. Huckins formerly proprietor of the Marquand Hotel, came down from St. Louis yesterday.

Mrs. Spearman has returned from Atlanta, Tx. And the Dr. is now all smiles.

We has a visit from Dr. Lain of Kansas City who is here as guest of his brother, Rev. Thomas Lain.

Misses Dora Levy and Ella Young will attend school at Jacksonville, Ill this year.

Capt. J S Know will heave for Beaver Dam, Wis. And bring his family home
Harry Marks, of Cincinnati Ohio, is in the city, the guess of his brother-in-law, Larry Klein.

Mrs. Judge Orr came down from Hot springs Saturday eve. And is much better.

C C Buckner will start a steam laundry here very soon.

Leon Blum, successful businessman of Galveston, spent Saturday visiting Messrs. Munzeheimer and Klein.

Mrs. W G Cook has charge of the music department in East Side School.


Mme. Littick, a French dress maker, from Vandervoolts, St. Louis, is not working at Mrs. O'Donnels.

John H Hawkins of Little River Co., purchased the grocery store of Frank F Verner

Mr. Hawkins is the brother-in-law of Col. M V Flippin

J F Kirsy's elegant new home of College Hill St. will soon be finished.

W J Dill will apply for the job of Supt. Of West Side water works.

Sheriff of Lafayette Co., Ark., W L Connevy, is a democrat, Judge Mitchel told the Gazette and not a republican.

John Mitchel returned to Washington. He is much improved.

R Sandeberger and daughter Miss Lena have gone to visit in St. Louis

A J Hoffman returned from the East last night.

Jeff Weeks and his mother are visiting in Dalby Springs.

Employees of Weinstein and Kosminksy are: Mr. Fear; Mr. Webber; Mss Minnie Bradley; Mr. Jacobs, Harry Mendels, B F Pinson, Mrs. Dayton, J Weinstein and A R Lipstate.

Sheriff Evans of Calhoun Co. has returned home.
Hon. Sam Q. Sevier, representative elect of Quachita Co., was visiting here yesterday.
Prof. and Mrs. Cleveland visited us today. He will take charge of the school at Ingersoll, while she visits relatives in St. Louis.
Sevier Jett was down from Fulton yesterday.
Hon C England , attorney from Lonoke, is in the city.
Conductor Bennie Parker came in this morning , after a long vacation.
Hon. Frank M Thompson, senator elect of Nevada and Hempstead Cos. And wife visited us, on their way to 
visit his old home in Magnolia.
Tony Locasto has purchased the city barber shop of Tony DeGrazier
Miss Irene Ferguson of Washington, Ark. is visiting her aunt, Mr. C E Mitchel
Henry Trimble, ex county clerk of Hempstead, visited here yesterday.
Mr. Candler, father-in-law of F M Leatherman, died at his home in La. A few days ago.
Rev. Mr. Dodson of Longview Baptist Church visited s yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. C M Reeves are boarding at the home of Capt. And Mrs. Hogane, on the East Side.


F M Leatherman, owner of the Daily Public Opinion newspaper, has suspended publication because of the death of his wife. He will be back in business Oct. 1. He suspended publication Sept. 3. 
We had a letter inquiring about the death of R J Sanders sometime ago, in this city. Can anyone help with information?
Miss Jennie Weed,daughter of Conductor jack Weed, and Mr. James H Whittmore to marry next Thursday eve. At the St. James Episcopal Church. Mr. Whittemore works for Pacific Express co.


Henry Vickers is in the city.
Maj. Grace , of Bonham, is in the city.

Joseph P Vinson and B M Foreman are authorized to find the lost boxes and records of the Sept. 6 election in Garland township, Miller Co, Ark. Signed by Clerk of Miller Co., Wm. R Kelley. 
Those interviewed were judges of said elections: N A Johnson, J B Stuart and John Crocker. They did not find them.

W H McCartney was allowed to connect on the water work main.
Miss Ora E Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram J Allen of Queen City, will wed Mr. P J Honaker , of Abington, Va., this evening at her home. They will go to Va. to live.
Gus Munzesheimer, was here from New Boston last night
N W Randolph won the buggy oat the raffle at the United Bowie Saloon
J O Howell, druggist of Prescott, spent the day here.
E A Wilson wants a job as filler, sawyer and engineer. Address Box 153, Texarkana, Ark.
Ed Schicker is in St. Louis to have his lame foot operated on
Capt. W W Freeman, agent of St. L A & Railroad, left for a few weeks rest in Trenton, Mo. We trust he returns fully recovered.
Ogen Bryant has two houses he wants to rent.
Harry Daniel, from Bonham, is now working at Pattillo's drug store.
Miss Susan M Brown and Mr. J M Carmichael, both of Little Rock, were wed yesterday eve. At the parsonage of M E Church by Rev. J Clark Smith, pastor.


Carroll Burns, son of E A Burns, cousin of the Editor of this paper is spending the day here on his return from Annapolis, Mo. Where he went to attend the Naval Academy, but was rejected n physical disability.

East Side City Council paid bills to these people:
V A Oats, Jno. Mangan, R Cooley, W H Arnold, Thos. Orr, P T Hardin, Price Kennedy, Geo. Hoofman, Josh Long and W G McCurry. A Committee report approved the building of C C Dorrian (Wright's saloon). Petition by L A Bryan to Water Works, granted.

James G Blaine, Jr. was married a few days ago to Miss Marie Nevins of Columbus, Ohio.
Silas Pope is over from Camden
Bob Penny and F M Hatch are down from Hope
Glad to see Frank Wyche nearly well again
Mrs. Kate Mixon is expected from Hope tomorrow
R L Trigg returned from Tennessee last night.
Official vote of Miller co. Governor: 
L Gregg , defeated SP Hughes and C E Cunningham
Treasurer of State , Louis Altheimer defeated W E Woodruff
Secretary of State, H A Millen , defeated E B Moore
Audit D B Russell, defeated W R Miller and O S Jones
Attorney General, Dan W Jones, defeated D D Leach
Commissioner State Lands, P M Cobe defeated A W Stone
Supt. Of Public Instruction, a H Boles, defeated O D Scott
Judge 9th Circuit, C E Mitchel , defeated a B Williams
Prosecuting Attorney, . 9th Circuit, T E Webber (no opponent)
State Senator, 21st District, W W Carloss, defeated, A Byrne, 
Representative, C C DePrato defeated John Winham and Frank Washington
County Judge, Ira A Church, defeated C M Hervey
Clerk of Circuit Court, Martin Forster, defeated R D Speight
Coroner, George Sherer defeated, Joe Norris
Sheriff C E Dixon defeated Thos. Orr
Co. Treasurer B R Attaway, defeated S G Williams
Assessor J G Meagher defeated A B Little
surveyor J T Hogane defeated R B Hazel and A B Matson
Justice of Peach , Garland Township W J Smither, J W Hayes and Jno Flynn
Mt. Pleasant, Joseph Bedingfield and P P Allens
Day's Creek, b M Mitchel and J B Frost
Cleveland, W C McClure and Bill Doran
Homan, Robert Byrd and L T Thompson
Lost Prairie, R B Nash and N M H Duke
Cut-Off , O G Davis and Robert Wallace
Sulphur, Adolhus Bickham and J D Blanton
Trigg Township, Brooks Douglas and M G Glass
Constable, George Robins of Garland Township
Mt. Pleasant Township, W T Thompson
Day's Creek, W L Davis 
Cleveland, Joseph Hensely
Beech, Issaac Roberts
Rondo, Eph Wade
Rondo, Step Bell
Lost Prairie, Henry Davis
Cut-off Watt Roland
Sulphur, Thos. Allen
Trigg, Dick Richards

Capt. Hogane, new surveyor, and Martin Forster, new circuit clerk and also Mayor of East Side, are said to be two of he first men to "break brush" in Texarkana, Forster is a native of Little Rock.

Oscar High and Pink Hawkins, farmers of Little River Co., are in the city today.
Harry Sachs left this morning for Shreveport, where he will live
Adam Roth of St. Louis is in the city
Pete Ivey sold his homeplace yesterday to Mr. Ruckman and Ivey will build a new home on his lots on State Line


Jno. T Bearden, formerly of Ark. now of San Angelos, Cal., writes to Hon. C E Mitchell to congratulate him on his recent victory.
George Gould, son of Jay Gould, was quietly married lst Tuesday t Miss Edith Kingdon, the actress.
The Little Rock Democrat said T P Pitt, Jr. was nominated at Prescott, Ark. for congress. Further info reveals it is L H Hitt, Jr. (not Pitt). Hitt is a most worthy Baptist minister of Nevado Co. The Independent suggests that he stick to preaching. So we hope he stay out of the slime of Ark. politics. We never did bank on preacher -politician, "no how".
R E Snow was over from Camden yesterday.
Mr. E C Greene, of the New Boston Herald paper , was in the city today.
G L Cella, father of Jo Cella and Mrs. Tony DeGrazier, died at his residence at Wills Point, Tx. Last Friday. Jo and Mr. & Mrs. DeGraz went there. We extend our sympathy.
Miss Mattie McKneely from Point Coupee, La., is in the city, the guest of her uncle , Col. Sam McKneely.
Mr. Corman, foreman in the Iron Mt. Yard, had his band badly mashed while coupling cars yesterday.
Mrs. Mary Hunter will leave for a 6 month trip to Dublin, Ireland.
Hon. G M Barker of Camden , was in the city today.
S M Latimer returned from Howard Co. last night, and Miss Lula Talbot of Center Point is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Latimer.
Ed C Smith, of the music firm of Smith and Co. of Little Rock, will establish a branch music house here.



AD: W S Brian and Co., store adjoining the Texas Produce Co.

Prof. F B Matlock has been hired to help teach in East Side school
Dick Walsh, brakeman of the T & P railroad, died this morning , at the Cosm9politian Hotel, from injured received yesterday, falling from box car at T C Junction. His remains will be sent to his home in Tennessee.

W D Brady of the Klansmann Brewing Co., is over from Pine Bluff
Tom McCaughey was called Camden by the serious illness of his wife.
Railroad Boy's Register at J A Lightfoot and Co., W F Blocker, Joe B Paul,, Dick W Richard, Will Ogden, Art N Kellogg, James Elliot, J L Griffin, H P Farmer and W H Sweeney.
T B Trigg , E A Schicker, C E Bramble, L B Byrne, J H Trigg, C E and Mr. Dixon and Miss Kate Williams went to St. Louis to attend Knights Templar Demonstration.
The census of the population of Texarkana, Ark. just completed by Mr. Bush, gives our side of the city between 3,300 and 3,500, The Texas side has very nearly the same maybe more. We are growing faster than any other place in Ark. or Texas. We are on a "big boom".
Uncle Zack Barker, the sweet singer of Benton has been returned to the Legislature from the Searcy Beacon Newspaper. Well, for the Lord's sake , don't tell it ! The fact of his election is disgrace enough without blowing about it.
N W Randolph is on the sick list.
Hugh Crafton went to Richmond today.
H J Boswell is back from Hot Springs and Jack Smith from Coney Island.
J O Howell, druggist of Prescott, speaks of locating here.
George Robinson of Little Rock is in the city.

Died Miss Carie Burch, yesterday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M Burch , of this city. She had been ill for a long time, with consumption. We have known her since childhood. Rev. Smith conducted services after which she was buried in the cemetery this morning.

Mrs. Levey had letters from her daughter, Miss Dora and Miss Ella Young saying they are pleased with school in Jacksonville, Ill.
H J Trimble ex county clerk of Hempstead co. Ark. came over last night, from Washington. He will probably settle here.
Mrs. Brown and daughter, Miss Edith, have arrived from Chicago to live here.
Rev. , Mr. Tearne, of Batesville, Ark. has accepted the call as rector of St. James Episcopal church, in this city.


Hon. W P Parks and daughter, Miss Mamie, came over from Lewisville this morning. She is on her way to Monticello college in Godfrey, Ill.
Jeff Weeks is back from Dalby; Jack O'Keif from Hot springs, and Otto Parkins from St. Louis
L E Rowe has been employed in the St. L A & T depot.
Ed McCorkle was up from Atlanta today.
The gin house of Capt. Hunter, near this city, burned yesterday.
The little child of Mr. & Mrs. .Frank Purifoy died yesterday at their home , in this city. Funeral this evening by Elder J C Mason.

AD: Fine photos made by J W Hillman, of the Star Gallery, over Charles Reeves furniture store. We hope his health remains good.

Reeves furniture store. We hope his health remains good.
Mr. C C Drake's wife and little daughters arrived yesterday from McGre??. We welcome them to our city.
Peter Williams and L D Thomas, our two best barbers opened their shop in Buron's new building n State Line.
Capt. S N Hawes, quite feeble and ill, will go to his old home in Ky. To spend some time.
Pat Lonegan will leave tonight for Jacksonville, Ill. To visit his mother, and not to get married, as stated by Sweeney this morning.


.Will Barry will start work for us tomorrow
Mr. .and Mrs. F Beck hosted the F ?eck hosted the Tuesday night club.
Miss Bettie Hooks has returned from her visit to new Boston.
Capt. H B Holman will contest the sheriff's election in Hempstead Co.
Chas. W Whyte, our friend and employee, will start publishing a paper at Camden next week.
Mrs. Daniels, mother of L F & Harry Daniels, is spending the day in the city.
Dr. Tipton and wife came up from Queen City today.
There will be a dance at Mr. Mudford's tonight, on College Hill.
Sorry to hear, Josh Whealdon, photographer, is ill.
Will, son of Mr. and Mrs. W H McCartney, has returned to school is Ill.
Ed Scheddlebar, of New Boston, spent last night in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rudolph have returned to their home at Nashville, AR.

NOTICE: No hunting on my enclosed farm - A J Blankenship

James Arbuckle of Dallas, is here visiting his son, Maclyn.
John H Hawkins has bought out F F Varner Grocery.
J W Higgs and Johnny Estes, our young friends, have assumed editorial control and management of the Sunday World.
We welcome home, F W Mullins, who though feeble, is greatly improved.


Jimmie Buchanan is here from Sulphur.
L McKlemurry, architect, has recently come to our city from Corsicana, Texas to locate here.
Glad to see "Uncle" Dave Phillips on the streets today. He is some better.
Mr. & Mrs. James H Whittemore will visit relatives in Galveston.
Miss Nona Weidermann, of Washington, Ark. will entertain us at Ghio Opera House, Wed. evening, Oct. 6. She has spent many years under the teaching of the best musical talent of Europe.
Mrs. W E Booker and Master Paul are guests in our home. They are enroute to their home on Red River, coming from Washington.
Douglas Stephen Blackburn, son of Col. W Jasper Blackburn, died at Little Rock last night.
Mr. G G Matts, of Waco, and Miss Mattie Sibley, of this city, were ;yesterday by Justice Smither.
Mr. Bigby and Miss Watson were wed this morning at the residence of John Nix by Justice Smither , all of Miller Co.
Miss M Dantoner, will make dresses for the ladies, in the latest fashions.
John P Kein will make freshest and best breads and cakes at his bakery.
:Uncle" Lewis Alexander has no opposition for district clerk, Bowie Co.
Dick Chaytor, circuit clerk of Little River Co., is visiting friends here.
Mr. Patterson, lawyer of Memphis, Tenn., is a guest of his relatives, Dr. and Mrs. DeLoach.
Mr. McFarland, of Corley, is quite ill. Dr. Read went to see him'
Mrs. Ben Collins went to Chicago this morning to attend a sick sister

AD: Dr. J F Lain, recently located in our city, coming from Kansas City.


Ab Lowry is down from Little Rock
R W Davis has a lot of fat hens for sale

AD: Messrs. Boman and Turner will open a grocery store in alderman Lingold's building.
James H Whittemore and Miss Jennie Weed were wed on Thursday, Sept. 23, by Rev. Mr. Bonners, of Jefferson, at the St. Jams Episcopal Church.
Bro. Tom bowers, of Paris, Texas, is in the city, negotiating for the publication of a daily newspaper.
Mrs. Anna Leach, at Cleveland, tried to kindle a fire with coal oil.
After the house had burned , her charred remains ere found.
Deputy Sheriff Whiteman, of Cass Co, is in the city.
Misses Gracie Felton and Susie Ferguson have returned from their Texas visit. With this issue, Vol.2 of the Weekly Independent Newspaper, closes.
Hon George H Tompson is on his way home to Lewisville.
Hon W G Cook was in Hope yesterday.
Glad to see Sam Hiller is nearly well again
Marshall Hardin's family, wife and children are all much better.
Mr. Petit says he will go to Tyler and start a morning paper
Willis Whitaker, Jr. has been appointed acting postman of the West Side and will have charge until a permanent appointment is made.
Al Garvey is in the city.
Our former townsman, Mr. M Thurm is permanently located in Magnolia, ark. in the jewelry business.


:Bomar, H C
Baird, Gus
Bard, J
Bryan, T C O
Baten, Sam
Boyd, J D
Buel, C
Chapman, G B 
Crossett, J J
Derose, T B
Delony, W L
Day, R H
Dawson, Jas.
Davis, J F
Dilion, Geo.
Douglas, P D (2)
Edwards, R
Flandeie, F (flanders?)
Gum, T W
Graves, R B
Guther, H
Harris, D 
Hatton, A
Janiday, J
Johnson, B F
Keeles, L
Lv??n, J J
Leary, J F
Loves, W H
Lowery, A G
Martin, J M
Martin, W O
Mahoney, P
Mi?l?ard, J
Morrow, H S
Nash, Wm.
McDonald, F
McBride, R
Ottway, C T (2)
Phillips, D I
Pattern, W T
Peyson, A A
Randal, D W
Silman, G
Stevens, Geo.
Stevens, M T
Smith, C H (3)
St. Clair, Mc
Vance, W R
Vanden, Jas., M

Brown, Mary
Boamer, Jennie
Brewer, J J 
Carson, Mattie
Clements, Jenie
Daily, Lizzie
Damp, Lizzie
Desoto, Lizzie
Dixon, Hattie
Eliot, L 
Frost, Claud (Mrs.??)
Hamilton, M
Hicks, Sarah
Johnson, Queen
Jones, Millie
Kernell, Julie
Lingley, Addie
Lomasx, Jennie
Martin, Jennie
Magee, Lavenia
McBride, Eliza
Nance, Rose
Norris, V B
Randal, Ellen
Ragsdale, Georgie
Rethwith, Elle
Smith, Duck
Smith, Katie
Williams, Alline
Williams, Jane
Whitaker, Olls (2)


Hon Cecil Bobo, former state senator of Monroe Co., died at San Antonio, Texas, a few days ago.
The widow of General J E B Stuart is principal o f the Episcopal female seminary at Stanton, Va. It is a fine institution.
Following is a partial list of transfers of property made through Taylor, real estate agent, Texarkana, Texas, 1886:
J J Clemts and Wife to W W Moores
W M Moores to Mrs. Susan Keller
400 acres to J E Jones, headright
L Kingsburry to Jos. Deutchman
Los. Deutchman to L King Burry
R S Brandon to Jos F Kirby
W B Kizer to Rasmus Peterson, 40 acres of J E Jones, headright.
J C Whitnener to A J Purceli? 
R F Caplinger and wife to E M Williams
A J Hoffman to George Johnson
· P Taylor and F W Offenhauser, trustees to Mrs. Delia Whittemore (block ??, Texarkana, AR)
· Jos Deutchman to Frank Kuhn
· Jos Deutchman to Susan sullivan
· M A Bassett and wife to Ca and A J Deutchman to Billy Bizzle
· H E Moore to Emile Mayers
· Pete Ivey and wife to Amos Ruckman (Jenk's headright)
· J Marx to Robt Jackson
· W E Massenburg to G D Laneri
· H M Trumhart and CO to Ben coins
· J H Smelser to P S Ramseur (320 acres, bowie Co., TX)

Shreveport, La news - Sept 22, 1886 - Yesterday morning Rev W C Dunlap, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, died age 69. He came to this city in 1868 and has continuously resided here. In 1870, he began the now present church, seating for 1000. He was a deeply loved citizen of Shreveport for 17 years. All races of people attended his funeral service here, in his church, conducted by C F Evans, of the Methodist Church. Events connected to his life were related by Rev. Dr. W K Marshall of Marshall, TX and Rev. S A King of Waco. Closing prayer was by Rev .Cyrus Harrington of Mansfield, la. Pall bearers were:
R H Lindsay
O Caspari
R H Howell 
W I Bumer
· The city council attended in a body , headed by A curie, Mayor. Your correspondent will fill the editorial chair of C McD. Puckette who is now in New Orleans. Signed W .H. T.

Dr. Rush is here from Springdale: Dr. Hannon was up from Corley today
Mr. Weeks, editor of "Vindicator" is quite ill. During his sickness Capt. Henry S Johnson is editor.
Capt. H C Ellis and wife returned from St. .Louis today.
Mr. N P Kelley and daughter Miss Jennie, father and sister of Mrs. J C Mason, arrived last night from Pana, Ill, for a visit.
L A Petit is down from Tyler.
M H Trimble, commercial tourist, came in to get his washing today.
Charlie Owen's melodious voice will be heard at church tomorrow, he reached the city last night.
The United Bowie Saloon is presided over by Mr. Mayher
Mr. Kuhn has sued Langsday, Bro. Young and Wrightly and Pete Ivey for libel.
Miss Gertie Uden, who has been visiting the family of Dr. Read, returned to her home in Jefferson.
Jo Bacon returned this morning from Little Rock
H Gallis, stockholder in Little Rock Gazette and the St. L A and T Railroad, is visiting here today.
Judge Friedell and family returned from Jackson, Tenn. Today.
AD: - E Saffroi - dry cleaner and repairer, headquarters in rear of Frank Lo Casto's barber shop.
Jimmie Doyle works at his old job now, at Tremont Saloon, owner Mike Hardin.
The new rector of St. James Church, Rev. W A Tearne, will arrive from Batesville, next Thursday.

SEPTEMBER 26 SUNDAY EVE No issue today


Mrs. F A Byars is seriously ill.
Hank McCartney, host of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, is well again.
Hon. D B Culberson, Congressman, will speak today at Bowie County courthouse.
Price Williams is working for Hy Stichler now.
Messrs. T B and J H Trigg, C E Bramble, O D Scott, and Capt. . and Mrs. Geo. Bertram has returned to work at the barber ship of Tony Degrazier.
Mr.. Burke, of Portsmouth, Ohio, comes t our city to work for J H Hawkins.

Ad: O P Taylor, candidate for Justice of Peace, Prct. 1 , Bowie County, Texas

C E Wright is back from Hot springs.
Jay N Faust, Eylau, attended church 3 times yesterday.
Messrs. J M Keso and Jno. E Boring, from Magnolia, visited yesterday. W J Blackburn is foreman of "The Independent News" while "shanks" Watson is the printer.
Mrs. A A Anderson returned from Mineral Wells and is greatly improved.
J M Millawa, of Buckner, came over today.
Will Warren left today t attend medical college at Memphis, Tenn.
M J Plunkett has leased the store room, lately occupied by the Tivoli Restaurant.
Mrs. C A Hooks went to Paris , Texas, to see her 2 brothers, who were shot on Saturday.


Pretty little Miss Carrie Eck is ill.
Capt. J S Know and family returned from Beaver Dam, Wis. last night 
C A Hooks heard from his wife, now in Paris, Tx. Wit her 2 brother who were wounded last Sat. and says their recovery is doubtful.
Harry May, the converted Jew evangelist, was married a few days ago t Miss Jennie Roberts of Nacadoches, Tx.
W E Nutt in the southern part of Howard County, made 250 gallons of syrup from one acre of orange sugar cane.
Mrs. General Hanck has about finished her volume of reminiscences of late husband, and expects to publish it this winter.
Con. Art Kellogg is sick
Dick Richards is resting
Joe B Paul went out his morning
Mr. Forester is sick
W B Busick, of New Boston, is in the city



S B Andrews and family have returned from New Hampshire.
They are all in most excellent health. Mr. Andrews is the bookkeeper at Munzesheimer and Klein.
Mrs. Martin foster won the raffle of a fine sofa pillow made by Miss Mollie McMillan.
Messrs. Semblar and Walker have completed the brick work on the new building of Messrs. Tilson and Domica.
Capt. W W West, of New Boston, is in the city.
Deputy U s Marshall Faulkenbury , of Little Rock, is in the city.
Tom Bowers, newsman of Paris, Texas is in the town. H H Echols is here, too.
A L Black, of New Boston is in the city.
Alderman of East side, Messrs. C E Bramble and Osgood Whittemore resided, and Messrs. Geo. W Fouke, W H Sweeney and W G cook were elected. Mayor Schicker also resigned.
Our young friend, Jimmy Draughon is at the Naval Academy at Oxford, Maryland, and wrote us to send him the "Daily Independent Newspaper."


E. N. Maxwell and J. A. Polhamius built a small 10 ton ice plant where Waterworks Pumping Station was later built and in 1887 they built a 15 ton ice factory on the Texas Side. This plant had Texarkana's first electric lights.
1886 - Joseph Huckens Sr. built the Huckins House at the corner of Pine and Front Street. On 26 March 1887 the structure was completed and opened for business. The structure did not have electricity but was added later. It was three stories and had 60 rooms but by the time the it was 25 years old it had 150 rooms. In 1912 a large 25 year celebration was held involving over 150 guests to reminisce about the history of the hotel and it's founder, who died in 1908. Upon the death of Joe Huckins Sr., the hotel was left to his four sons: Joe Jr., Paul, Leon and Marquand. They managed it until the
early 1930's when it was sold to Dr. E. L. Beck then several others owned it within a few years including Sol Feinberg who purchased the building March 3, 1934.  In 1975 the building was purchased by the Downtown Improvement District for 75,000 and was torn down to make way for a parking lot, at that time it was the Savoy Hotel.  WA

Wed. 17 Nov. 1886 Alderman Fouke returned from Little Rock last night where he had been as defendant in a suit in Federal court charged with cutting government timber. He was defended by Judge Mitchell and after hearing the evidence Judge Caldwell ordered the jury to return a verdict of not guilty without retiring from the box. ....... will add that all who know Mr. Fouke think it will be a cold day in August before he intentionally violates any of the laws of his country.  WA

16 Dec 1886 - James Howard, charged with branding his wife - James Howard Hanged by mob.  WA

Thurs 16 Dec 1886 

AN UNFORTUNATE AFFAIR.  James Howard Hanged. 

Yesterday Justice Cannon on the West side was engaged in the trial of James Howard, charged with branding his wife with hot branding irons. The testimony showed that in July last Howard was married to Miss, Mary Minchew, aged 13, residing in Cass county, Texas. Since November he treated her most inhumanely, hanging her up by the toes, and a few days ago he braned the letter "H" upon her person in two places with a hot iron, whereupon she made complaint. The testimony developed a terrible state of affairs, and fully sustained the charges, when Howard asked this morning to get up his witnesses, which request the court granted, and Howard was committed to jail. Fearing violence upon the part of the people, who felt Justly indignant at such .barbarous treatment of a woman, officers Edwards, Lawler, Williams, Parker and Hargett determined to guard the jail which they did until about midnight and observing no one on the streets, and all quiet, Edwards, Parker, Lawler and Williams went to get a lunch, leaving the other on guard. As soon as they had left unknown parties rushed upon the jail, broke in the door, overpowered the remaining guard, and took Howard out, carried him to the railroad trestle and hung him, and when found by the guard, he was dead. This is an unfortunate affair, as all such transactions are, and we regret its, occurrence, but think that if mob law is ever justifiable, this case was certainly that way. Up to the hour of going to press no clue had been discovered as to the parties who did the hanging. WA 

1886  Ben Foreman founded the Texarkana Street Railway Co.  WA



Fri. 21 Jan 1887 Just one year ago to-night the magnificent Telephone Exchange Saloon of C. E. Dixon was thrown open to the public, and within the past year under the judicious and courteous management of J. W. Ronen, it has become one of the most favorite resorts and is well known from Galveston to St Louis. for the excellence of it's cigars and liquors.  WA

1887 C. E. Dixon once again assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.  WA

1887  Ben Foreman and Maj. Deutchman  Opened a real estate & loan office.  WA

1887 March 26, 1907  The popular Hostelry was opened to the public on March 26, 1887 at present Stand.  Page from Register.  Article appeared in paper March 26, 1907, but refers to 1887.  Submitted by TU.


1888 Texarkana Texas formed it's first police force with John Taylor as chief. four patrolmen served under him. WA


1889 A. S. Blythe assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. WAFeb.1889  Ben Foreman organized Inter-State Land & Building Co. WA




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