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Some items were extracted from the Texarkana Papers that are on microfilm at the College Library.  Some are submitted from their files.  

I have broken these down by years in order to keep the page from getting to long.  If you know your family was in the area during a certain time period, you may want to check to see if they made the paper.  There is a lot of history and names on these pages, you never know when your ancestor showed up in the news.  Good or Bad we want to know.

Remember you will be reading some of the articles as they were written back in the time period of the article.  They reflect no views of the Society.  We just want to put these up for family researchers to find their ancestors.


When you see East Texarkana that is Miller County.
When you see West Texarkana that is Bowie County.


A boat worked the Red River as far as Clarksville T and Shreveport  La. and on Little River to Hoods Landing in Sevier Co. It was a
 freighter and carried ten tons. Capt. Pyatt and Mr. Draper named  the boat Texarkana because it served three states.


1850 Census of Red River Township, Lafayette Co. Ar. (now in Miller Co.) list Alexander C. Owen as Sheriff, age 41 born Va. has a wife, Susan A 43,  Minerva 15, Juliana P 9, James A 6, Mary 4, Eudora A 1.   ( Alexander died in 1850's, perhaps while sheriff) 


El Paso & Pacific RR was under construction near the Texarkana site but quit due to the war.


 The Cairo & Fulton Railroad had been laying track in the direction of Texarkana town site, but had to postpone until
  the end of the Civil War.

Submitted by Wayne Adcock



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El Paso & Pacific RR resumed construction and by 1870 came part of the Texas and Pacific (T&P) RR


1870 Floyd C Wood age 22 b. Ala, listed as Sheriff of Lafayette County in LeGrange Twp. census.

1870 Floyd C Wood age 22 b. Ala, listed as Sheriff of Lafayette County in LeGrange Twp. census.

1870's The first frame building erected in Texarkana was on West Broad St. the Apex Hotel, which was quit an attraction among the tents etc. that occupied the rest of the town. ( Kress Store was later located at the site)

1870 Atlanta Ga. Newspaper:  Texarkana is built at the junction of Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.  It received its name in 1819, when an enthuiastic surveyor, running the lines, blaze the tree fragments of the names of the new states on a tree, and predicted that a great city would be built there.  Three years ago, when the town was founded, the name, still to be seen on the old tree, was adopted, and the prediction seems in a fair way to be accomplished, as the little, burg has some three thousand inhabitants and is an important railroad crossing.


1873 - W.H. Fearing from Champion Hill Church, Near Camden, Worked on Gate City News in 1873. Published = 18 Oct 1908  Four States Press  

1873 The Cairo & Fulton Railroad track was to join the T & P RR linking Dallas to St. Louis. The junction was meant to be at  what is now Nash Tx. however a charter from the state was required and this delayed the completion. The decision was  then made to meet at the state line.

1873 Joseph Ferguson owned a sawmill where the Ark. viaduct is now located.


 Jan. 1874  The Cairo & Fulton RR sold town lots for Texarkana Ark.

1874 Miller County Arkansas is created from Lafayette County Ark. 1874  Miller Co. was created again, this time from Lafayette Co. This took place after the sale of town lots.

1874-1882 John A. Roberts assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until 1882.  John A. was a ex-Confederate soldier, and in addition to being Sheriff  he is a farmer and mill man. His wife died and Capt. Roberts remained a widower  until 1878, when he married Miss Tennessee Bowlin, and one son, Albert L., is the  result of this union.  Capt. Roberts was a member of the Missionary  Baptist Church. 

 1874  Rev. Charles Goldberg opened a private school on 3rd. St.

22 Dec. 1874  After the appearance of the railroad an act to establish  Miller Co. was approved. This is as known today.  Election precincts were located at Texarkana, Rondo,  McKenzie's Store, Wynn's School and Bright Star


J. A. Roberts assumes duty as the first Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until 1882

1875 N. J. Flint was hired as the first city marshall of Texarkana Texas, he served till 1877

1875 A dog tax was placed on dogs in the city, males 1.00 and females 2.00, it was the duty of the city marshall to enforce this tax

27 Feb. 1875  The county court organized at Texarkana, 27 Feb. 1875 under  Judge Edwin Bancroft, who was 35 years of age, married and had three children, Blanche, Sarah and R?dey? ages 8, 5 and 1.

 1875  The Cairo & Fulton RR and Texas & Pacific RR jointly built  a union station for Texarkana.

 1875  The family of Benjamin M. Foreman moved to Texarkana

1875  The Texarkana Democrat Weekly paper was founded by G. H. & F. G. Wooten.   Submitted by TU.  Info from Four States Living Aug. 2002

1876 - Ragland Firm

Ragland began as a book and stationery store early in 1876, by J. S. Ragland.  On May 14, 1932 he retired after 56 years of service.  He sold his business to A. Adkins.  Mr. Atkins started his career in 1919 as a serviceman for the Underwood Corporation.  Later he was appointed manager of the local Underwood office.  Early 1930's Underwood abolished company owned sub branches and Mr. Atkins was designated the Underwood Sales Agent for the Texarkana area, First distributor appointed in the United States.  The Underwood agency was merged with the Ragland firm .  J. A. Webster Jr. later became a partner in the business. In 1940 the Otto Moore & Son Printing Co., established by Mr. Moore in 1895 was purchased by Mr. Atkins and merged with the firm, adding printing as a service to Ragland customers.  Ragland became a distributor for A. B. Dick Company in 1941.  On the death of Mr. Webster in 1952 , partnership was formed between A. Atkins, Jerry Atkins, Bill Atkins and S. M. McAdoo Jr., Mr McAdoo joined the firm in 1944.  Sam McAdoo retired July 1, 1979 and A. Atkins did March 9, 1980.  Underwood became the Olivetti Corporation and the distrubtorship for both it and A. B. Dick were sold.


1878 James P Ashcraft appointed to serve as the first City Marshall of Texarkana Arkansas, he served until 1880.  James was born  in Sept. 1845 in Pa.   When appointed City Marshall he was a father of one infant dau.  Ella M Ashcraft. ( there were three other children born later; James E Ashcraft b. June 1881 Ala.,  died 3 June 1927 Rose Hill Cem., May Ashcraft born May 1884 Ark and George Ashcraft born May 1886 Ark. info from 1900 census) 


Dec. 16, 1879 Buhrman-Pharr opened.  W. J. Buhrman & J. L. Chatfield together opened it.  Submitted by TU.  Info from Four States Living Aug. 2002

Early street name changes for Texarkana
Olive was Vine St
Wood St. (AR) was Elm
3rd St. was Clinton St
4th St was Forrest ST
5th St was Moores St
6th St. was Drenned St
7th St. was Trigg ST
8th St was North St
 9th St was Locust St
Vinyard St. changed to ?
Estes St changed to ?
Walters St was Troost St
Marietta St was Wyandotte St
Seibert St was Travers St
Burton St changed to Grim and Scott St changed to Burton
Wooten Spring Park changed to Spring Lake Park (Texas)  

All were Submitted by Wayne Adcock, unless other name noted.

References: early Texarkana newspapers, Texarkana Gazette, Drew Co. Ar. newspapers, Texarkana minuets books, Miller County records. Notes in my files of unknown origin.  




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