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African Americans of Grimes County

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Coleman, Charlie, b, m, b. Oct 1870, 29, wid
Coleman, Charley, b, m, b. Oct 19 1895, 4
Boarders of Annie Dickson

Charles, Jr. married Virginia Hunt of Washington County, TX in early 1920. 

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William T. Floyd

Estate records, Jan/Feb 1855

To Joice V. McGuffin----------Betsy/Betty, age 70; Emily, age 24

To Joshua Hadley----------Nathaniel/Nathan, age 6
To James Floyd----------a woman Minika, age 20; a boy Gloster, age 4; Martha, age 2; Squire, age 6 months

Joshua Hadley

Will, 20 Jun 1845

To son Henry F. Hadley----------Bob, age 7 and William, age 4

To son Denny P. Hadley----------a girl Jean, age 11 and a boy Redic, age 6
To son Grantham H. Hadley----------Jack, age 38 and Nelly, a girl Elvira, age 8
To son Travis K. Hadley----------Sarah, age 12
To daughter Carolina Martin----------a girl Omanda, age 14 and a girl Sidney, age 6

Joshua Hadley

Estate records of July 1851

Hester sold for $445.50

Joshua Hadley

Inventory of property & effects of Joshua Hadley's estate for share belonging to Anthony D. K. Hadley
September 1855 

Negro woman Letty, 75 years old; Negro woman Celie, 42 years old; Negro girl Julia, 11 years old; Negro woman Betsy, 30 years old; Negro boy Wash, 18 years old; Negro boy Jack, 9 years old; Negro boy George, 6 years old; Negro boy Sam, 4 years old; Negro girl Kitty, 5 years old; Negro girl Mary, 3 years old

Given earlier to D. P. Hadley - Negro girl named June
Given earlier to Caroline Martin - Negro girl named Sidney
Given earlier to H. F. Hadley - Negro boy named Bob

John F. Martin

Estate records, Nov 1855

Thed, age 38; Alley, age 49; Hamp, age 26; Peggy, age 47; Gap, age 22; Haram, age 18; Sam, age 15; Jerry, age 13; Anney, age 11; Levy, age 9; Viney, age 8; Berry, age 6; Shed, age 4 and 1/2; Mary, age 18; Mariah, age 14; Tron, age 11; Harriett, age 8; Jane, age 5

Samuel McGuffin

Estate records, Dec 1853

Authorization for Negro man Lewis, belonging to minor heirs of Samuel McGuffin, dec'd, to be hired out for the year 1854