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Grimes County, Texas
Census Records


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1850 Census

Index Surnames A - K

Index Surnames L - Z

Pages 725-747

Pages 748-769

Pages 770-780

Slave Schedule


1860 Census

Surname Index, Heads of Household

Pages 221A - 232B

Pages 233A - 245A

Pages 245B - 256B

Pages 257A - 269A

Pages 269B - 280B

1860 Slave Schedule, Part 1

1860 Slave Schedule, Part 2

1860 Slave Schedule, Part 3

Occupations listed on the 1860 census

Older Occupation Meanings

Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, etc. on the 1860 census

County Officials of 1860

Wealthiest Citizens of 1860


1870 Census

1870 Census, Heads of Household Index, A-K

1870 Census, Heads of Household Index, L-Z

Pages 183A - 208B

Pages 209A - 234B

Pages 235A - 259B

Pages 260A - 284B

Pages 285A - 309B

Pages 310A - 334B

Pages 335A - 351A


1880 Census

1880 Census, LDS Family Search Internet Site


1900 Census
Russian Immigrants in 1900 Census of Grimes County


1910 Census

Russian Immigrants in 1910 Census of Grimes County


1920 Census

Partial 1920 Census Listing for Grimes County

Russian Immigrants in 1920 Census of Grimes County


1930 Census


1940 Census

1940 Census Listing for Grimes County

1940 Census on Ancestry.com (search for free)


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Census Links


The USGenWeb Census Project

A USGenWeb Census Project Page for Texas






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